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Spiritual War in New Zealand: Lucifer, Witchcraft & Jezebel Defeated!

Monday, October 31st, 2016

As many of you know as I travel across the earth, across six continents, some of the most common demons I come across are named witchcraft, torment, Jezebel, death and Lucifer. Demons do not differ that much as I travel the globe. All of them are destructive and need to be confronted and commanded into the abyss in the name of Jesus.

Earlier tonight, here in Auckland, New Zealand, we conducted a powerful “Supernatural Jesus Seminar” where individuals and families traveled great distances to be present. While battling the demonic powers we encountered 4 young ladies, who incidentally sat in the front of the hall, who were being oppressed and afflicted by Jezebel, witchcraft, torment, death and spirits of Lucifer. All of these demons were expelled in the authority of Jesus.

One young lady that was manifesting while I was teaching the WORD, was Johanna (pictured with me above, post deliverance). Strong and aggressive demons surfaced and placed her onto the floor and the demons surfaced. The first one: JEZEBEL!

“There’s 56 of us!” defiant Jezebel informed me, “We cause headaches, physical pains, addictions, torment! We have been here a very long time because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices.”

While confronting these evil spirits we discovered there were many other demonic spirits within Johanna including witchcraft and spirits named Lucifer. They had been enslaving little heart parts. I commanded the demons to release them. They obeyed and little inner children surfaced. I spoke to them. So much hurt and pain. I guided them to Jesus and they were able to SEE Him and were healed by Him.

“We desire to kill her!” spirits named Lucifer boastfully revealed to me!

In the all-powerful name of Jesus, I spoke LIFE over this young lady and commanded all of the demons, destruction, witchcraft curses and pains to release her. They left her body and she was set free by Jesus!

It was beautiful to behold. After her deliverance she testified of feeling no more pain or ailments. God supernaturally healed her and freed her. She shared how she desires to serve Jesus for the rest of her life.