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Santa Clarita, CA: Crushing Witchcraft & Visiting the Abba’s Throne!

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

I’m amazed at the sheer numbers of souls, we see consistently, being supernaturally transported into the Third Heaven and meeting the Holy Trinity –the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is my focus in ministry — freeing and healing souls so that they can have a personal encounter with the living God. A vast majority of souls we minister to end up being caught up into the Third Heaven ( just like the apostle Paul experienced in 2 Corinthians 12 ).

While in God’s heavenly home, the disciple gets to experience the most glorious heavenly realities –meeting the Savior, encountering holy angels, tasting of heavenly foods and drinks, and seeing the most astounding supernatural wonders.

Furthermore, disciples are actually able to enter into the very Throne Room of Abba and experience His indescribable lovingkindness. Can it get any better than that, my friends? Is that not the pinnacle of the Christian faith and experience? Can you encounter anything more glorious than that? Is not meeting the Heavenly Father, in HIS THRONE ROOM, the greatest of all experiences? I’m humbled and honored we get to see so many souls enter into the heavenly realms and encountering the one and true God.

Often times, however, spiritual warfare needs to be conducted, because the enemies of our souls, do not want us to experience God’s heavenly realities or taste of the powers of the age to come. For the enemy knows these powerful experiences will only strengthen us in spiritual warfare to defeat devils and witchcraft that is prevalent in our day.

Speaking of witchcraft, these kinds of wicked forces, were in the way, of a young woman, we ministered to last night, here in Santa Clarita, California. Legions of witchcraft, Santeria and voodoo spirits were trying to hinder and oppress her –trying to stop her from having a heavenly encounter with Abba. But, God prevailed, as the demons were expelled and she was able to enter into the heavenly home of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

More deliverance needs to take place, however, what she experienced last night was remarkable –numerous witchcraft ancestral curses broken, evil spirits expelled, soul invaders removed, and heart parts healed by Jesus! Moreover, she was able to visit with the Heavenly Father in His Throne Room! Beautiful healing took place as a result, as you can imagine!