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Violent Jezebel had her back arched & belly up, a torrent of evil from her mouth…

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

It’s nearly 2:30am and I am very joyful at this early morning hour! 

God has been very good to me and His blessings are upon my life and my family. 

Twelve hours ago, I just completed a series of private meetings where thousands of evil spirits were cast out in Jesus name! It was about 6:30am when I finally got home to bed to get some much needed sleep! After sleeping some, I got up refreshed and took my two little boys –Ford and Ranger– to play mini golf! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. I just love being with my family and in this case with my two boys. As many of you know I have numerous hobbies –I like sword fighting. I love jet skiing and sailing. I immensely enjoy riding my motorcycle. I love getting out on the water for some white water canoeing. However, all of these things are nothing compared to spending time with my family. Seeing Ford’s and Ranger’s eyes glisten as we spent the day together is priceless! I’m very thankful to God for my family who support me as I battle the powers of darkness throughout the globe. 

Then after playing golf and the arcade we headed over to my favorite coffee house –White Rhino– for some Iced Sebastian drinks! What a awesome day. It started off seeing Jesus defeat demons and ended with me with my kids thoroughly enjoying our fun day! It was funny after getting back home Ranger shouted from the back of the van: “Daddy, let’s go back and have another fun day!” 

Truth to be told I also had fun driving out demons earlier.

I started the meetings at 6pm the previous day. For nearly 12 hours thousands of evil spirits were confronted –Legion, Jezebel, Fear, Leprosy, and many others– and they were forced to bow before the Lordship of Jesus Christ! These meetings were marked with great power but also great resistance from the powers of hell. In one instance, a spirit named, Legion, with murder in his eyes declared to me: We hate you! We want to destroy you! We were sent by Satan himself to destroy!

Legion revealed his hate. Jesus revealed His power!

Legion was sent to the pit!

Another demon immediately surfaced, Jezebel. I inquired: Jezebel where did you see Legion go to?

“He went down south.”

That says it all!

God truly graced me with supernatural strength and power. In many of our recent meetings throughout the world we are encountering an unusual amount of Jezebel spirits. In nearly every meeting Jezebel surfaces and wars with me. On this night it was no different. Jezebel fought me viciously and violently. In fact, I still feel the scratches and the bruises she left me with as she fought me physically. She kicked me, she punched me, she scratched me, she lunged at me, she sought to devour me. The Lamb though sustained me and protected me.

“I have been waiting for this moment to confront you,” Jezebel revealed to me as she pointed her finger at me, “I have been waiting for this meeting.”

Jezebel is a arrogant demon that is desirous for a fight with the men of God. I am an apostle. She abhors apostles. I have Jewish ancestry. She hates the Jews. She especially sought me out. This one was truly waiting for me. She revealed that she had been waiting. She knew that this private meeting was scheduled and knew I would seek to drive her out. She planned her strategy. She lost! 

However, she did fight. She drew some blood with some minor cuts. 

For more then 13 generations she had been within the family blood line because they participated in great evil. Jezebel also confessed that I was the first minister of the gospel in more then 13 generations to actually confront her. No wonder these spirits have such power as they have been left untouched for many generations. Again where was the church all these years? Why didn’t the church intervene? I know why? The western church is fearful and powerless. 

I’m determined to join with other disciples of the Lord Jesus and act! I will force demons out in Jesus name. I will continue to perform public exorcisms. I will continue to preach Jesus and Him crucified until the day I travel to be with the ascended Jesus. 

As I confronted this vile Jezebel spirit. She threw her victim down to the ground and moaned like a wild beast. She then positioned herself in some very gruesome forms including arching the back in a bizarre position with belly up as she spewed out evil. 

“She’s mine, she’s mine, she’s mine!” Jezebel cried out!

This evil spirit was within a dear woman who is a missionary. Her husband and another family friend came to this meeting seeking relief not knowing Jezebel was present. Their world has been turned upside down as we discovered not only Jezebel but a host of other demonic spirits. Furthermore, this dear lady suffers from dissociation. for hours we communicated the love of Jesus to these parts of her broken heart and many were healed on this night. 

The demons were releasing the heart and they were furious because of this. So they fought me aggressively. At one point, Jezebel took my crucifix and slammed it against my body in an attempt to harm me. Though she was hitting me hard. I didn’t feel any pain. Jesus prevailed!

Jezebel and all of her kind were cast to the pit and this precious missionary cried out: Jezebel is gone. I can no longer feel her!

God is amazing! I’m seeing so many powerful victories. I rest in the Lord Jesus!

Jesus Wins: Ancestral Demons from Ethiopian Paganism Driven Out!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

I’m currently in Waco, Texas, conducting our monthly Church of the Cross meetings, praying for those afflicted with evil spirits in the name of Jesus. It was a very unusual day for me. Though as I type this message out to you it’s really not that strange after all. I go through these tests often and see the hand of Jesus sustaining me through it all. 

I board a flight from the Miami, stop in Houston then onward to Waco for our meetings. While in transit the general manager of the hotel where we utilize their conference rooms for our ministry meetings calls me and notifies me that our group is no longer welcomed on their property. Here I am just hours from our meeting and he tells me the hotel –without even inquiring with me– made arrangements for our group to be at another hotel. I was furious especially since I’m one of their Diamond Elite members (due to all of the extensive global traveling I do) and have been utilizing their facilities for years. I don’t even get a courtesy call prior to these arrangements being made. The decision was made. This was a satanic attack upon the mission –directed towards in dismantling our meetings. I press onward for Jesus!

I was more then an hour late to the meeting and precious souls were already waiting –a few traveled in as far as from California and Louisiana– who needed deliverance and healing. Mind you, I had little sleep the night before, traveled all day, and now quite discouraged because we had been banned from our usual location. God granted me strength and I briefly taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion which brought forth demonic activity in those in the meeting. One man was terribly vexed by evil spirits to where the demons were reacting violently as he convulsed just as he was partaking of the Holy Communion. At one point I had to excuse him from the meeting hall as his demons were affecting others.

During our ministry time, a precious Ethiopian believer, was being attacked by demons and was needing some relief. I began to pray for her and some mermaid sex spirits surfaced that revealed they had been having sexual relations with her for many years. This precious lady shared ever since from childhood she had been approached and assaulted by these mermaid like sex spirits. These were cast out in the name of Jesus. We also encountered untold numbers of ancestral spirits within her body that had been there for more then 3,000 years. Her ancestors delved into raw paganism. The demons had every right to this family due to the sins of idolatry, blood sacrifices, erecting pagan altars, and their embracing pagan religious ideas. I led this precious saint to renounce the generational curses and these spirits were driven out in Jesus name. As many of you know Ethiopia is a ancient culture and these demons were deeply rooted within her ancestral Ethiopian heritage. Last year I traveled into Ethiopia on my around the world mission trip and could feel the ancient demonic spirits hovering over this nation. These are the demons I battled on this night.

Not only were there many generational spirits there were also many Jezebel spirits within her life that we systematically dismantled. These spirits had placed some jewelry around her neck and and we battled these spirits to remove it. However in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ these necklaces were dissolved. I might add not only did we remove these Jezebel like paraphernalia we also commanded various pains and afflictions out of her body in Jesus name. She was healed from these quite quickly –pains in her stomach, head, chocking pain, chest, etc– God was pleased to show His power in her life. After sometime of battling these spirits these Jezebel spirits were forced out of her and she collapsed dropping a cross I had her holding unto. Jezebel was gone and her freedom from these spirits had arrived as she even exclaimed, “I’m FREE!” Now after the public meeting a minister friend of mine and I continued to pray and minister to her and a few others. In Jesus name many more evil spirits were expelled and sent to the pit in Jesus name!

Miami: Saints See Jesus, Souls Saved, Millions of Voodoo & Santeria Demons Expelled

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m in awe of the grace and love of Jesus. Not only in my own life but in the others we minister to throughout the globe. Our God so desires to bestow His holy love, peace, joy and blessings in our lives. Tonight we witnessed this reality firsthand in those who attended our recent mission to South Florida. Hearts were healed, demons cast out, afflictions expelled, minds restored, and souls saved by the power of the blood of Jesus. I’m so encouraged.

I’ll be honest I have been horribly attacked, spiritually, the past few days. I have felt legions of demons have been unleashed upon me. Especially on the way from Orlando to Miami. I did get a reprieve when I stopped for a brief break in West Palm Beach and walked near the harbor allowing the beautiful cool ocean breeze fall over me. I have always enjoyed the water. I find it quite spiritually therapeutic–refreshing to my body, soul, and spirit.

About an hour ago, around 1:30am, we ended our public meeting here in Miami. It seems like these meetings go by so quickly at times. It could be said time flies when you are having fun. Well, my friends, I truly have fun expelling demonic spirits and sending them to the pit in Jesus name! For a few hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Then we began to minister to those in demonic bondage. As generally the case I was only able to deal with two doorways out of more then 25 doorways I would have liked to cover. By the time I got to closing the door to witchcraft and the occult –demons started to surface within those in meeting hall. The first family we ministered to was originally from Haiti –a nation that was formally dedicated to Satan– who was desperately needing liberation from the powers of darkness. Their precious 29 year old daughter even shared how she still vividly recalls a gruesome blood ritual that occurred near her home that involved the killing of a goat. This family revealed they had been a victim of voodoo curses and spells that were being sent by those in their homeland. You could easily tell that this family had been tormented by demons and they were ready to end it all. They just didn’t know who to turn to and how to escape. They read my books, watched my YouTube videos and read my teachings. They had been preparing their heart. But more importantly God had prepared their hearts as my books and videos planted that gospel seed.

To my amazement, during this ministry time of the meeting, it was discovered that this family had never opened their lives to the Lord Jesus as Savior. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with these 3 Haitian ladies. They were very receptive to the gospel and readily received Jesus as Lord and I was so happy. Joy was so radiant on their faces. The holy angels were rejoicing in heaven. This mission is about fulfilling the global need to allow the fullness of the gospel –the preaching of the gospel, the casting out of evil spirits, mending broken hearts and healing bodies. This is my heart. In this Miami mission we saw this come to pass and leading these souls to Jesus was just the beginning.

Minutes later the precious 29 year old daughter manifested demons. The first group was named resentment. There were more then 43 of these. We also encountered more then 38 demonic spirits named violence within her. Each of these spirits held captive broken pieces of her heart. The spirits were commanded to release the heart parts and one part of her broken heart I spoke with was only 14 years of age. This precious hurt part was led to experience the healing power of the risen Savior. Moreover, this part of her heart was honored to actually see Jesus in His ascended glory (an sacred honor I experienced last year in Pakistan). This was only the beginning as there were tens of thousands of evil spirits residing within her that manifested on this night.

One demonic force that surfaced was Jezebel –more then 800 of them. They warred against me but the holy angels assisting me were too great for them. The blood of Jesus was too powerful and she was expelled. Prior to her leaving for that pit she revealed that the demons above her –the voodoo spirits were the ones orchestrating all the torment in her life in an attempt to destroy her.

Because of her ancestral background there were many voodoo spirits including Erzuline Freda (more then 200 of these spirits), Ogon (12 of these demons), Nago Shango (more then more then 800 of these demons) and others. Some of these evil spirits revealed they had traveled through the bloodline as far as Western Africa to Haiti to the United States. Some of these demons have been traveling through the bloodline for more then 1,000 years. I battled these powerful voodoo spirits all night long with the cross, with Holy Communion, with the Sword and the name of Jesus! I also confronted more then 30,000 demons named Legion within her. They confessed to having brought cancer, an itching plague and so many other afflictions. These were all driven out as was these tens of thousands of demons. Not only was there was a powerful deliverance but also a deep healing as many parts of her broken heart was healed. Immediately my dear sister in Jesus testified of felling so much better, lighter, and peaceful. The smile of joy said it all!

Also manifesting spirits in this public meeting was a 39 year old lady, whose family is from Ecuador, South America, who was brought up in a family deeply involved in Santeria. In fact this dear lady (Maria) was forced to attend these Santeria ceremonies constantly as a young child. At one point she witnessed her mother, while visiting Santeria priestess in South America, being bathed in animal blood during a pagan ritual. It so traumatized her that her young heart fractured deeply resulting in numerous parts being held captive by demon powers. In Jesus name, we commanded the demons to release the heart and spoke to a little girl part who was 5 years of age. Not only was was this part released but also had the wonderful opportunity to see Jesus! After this awesome encounter with the Savior we were able to communicate with numerous parts of her heart who were ready to unify thus a deep inner healing took place.

Interestingly enough while I was ministering to this family and Maria others were experiencing freedom from the demonic spirits as they testified of feeling demons departing. Often times, those attending these public meetings will find a measure of freedom by simply attending due to the fact that you are in an environment of faith and the atmosphere of authority. I am just excited to see deliverance take place irregardless how it occurs.

It was revealed during the exorcism that many Jezebel spirits and millions of Santeria spirits that were within her that went back thousands of years, within Maria’s family, that have been passed down to her, via the bloodline, to destroy her. Over the course of the night we battled the powerful Santeria spirits that fought me. Jesus was simply too powerful for them. As Maria renounced the Santeria ceremonies and sacrifices these millions of spirits were expelled from her body in Jesus name! Jezebel was driven out also along with her cursed jewelry. To the pit they were sent and immediately my dear sister Maria testified of feeling so much better –peaceful, healed, whole, and delivered!

Esther 9 Miracle: 1,500 Year Satanic Curse Broken, Healed from Cancer!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I am quite excited about the miraculous works we are seeing before our very eyes in every meeting we are conducting throughout the world. Jesus is empowering me and we are witnessing stunning wonders!

You might recall in my last email report me mentioning someone being healed of cancer. Well, I’d like to share with you what transpired in that home meeting in Holland, Michigan. 

As soon as I saw her I just knew God was going to perform a powerful miracle on her behalf. After partaking of Holy Communion together I read from the Scriptures from the Book of Esther:

On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, the edict commanded by the king was to be carried out. On this day the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but now the tables were turned and the Jews got the upper hand over those who hated them. The Jews assembled in their cities in all the provinces of King Xerxes to attack those determined to destroy them. No one could stand against them, because the people of all the other nationalities were afraid of them. 

I told Michelle that her enemies as in the days of Esther had hoped to “overpower” her with various kinds of strong satanic attacks but that God’s child will get the “tables” turned and will obtain a upper hand over those who hated her –the demonic spirits. This WORD came to pass on this very late cold night in Michigan.

Michelle had been through years of various kinds of therapy to treat the cancer that the doctors told her she had. In reality, though, she didn’t have cancer. She had demons of cancer.The evil spirits even laughed how they used the doctors to speak lies to her –to make her believe she had cancer. After years of chemotherapy the demons remained and waited for an opportune time to afflict her with another kind of sickness or disease. These demonic spirits were determined to destroy her.

“We have been here more then 1,500 years as her great, great, great, great, great grandfather participated in sexual immorality. They had sex with devil idols. They committed adultery, they practiced paganism. We are here to stay. We are here to bring the cancer and the pain,” the devil spirit boasted to me, “In all of these many generations, nobody came into their lives to drive us out, so we stayed.”

For more then a thousand years these devils have remained in the bloodline –from generation to generation to generation without anyone coming along to confront these generational powers of darkness. One wonders where was the church all of these generations? Surely someone at some point could have intervened with someone down through the generations and offered deliverance from demons through the power of Christ. Apparently not…as these demons had been working relentlessly with virtually no hindrance.

God rich in His mercy and love towards her brought me to intervene. For hours I battled many evil spirits within this woman –Lucifer, devil spirits, Judas, Christopher, Death, Jezebel, and many others. They all boasted and laughed how they had been systematically dismantling her life, primarily physically with various kinds of cancers and pains. This precious woman was vexed with incredible pains. 

During the exorcism we discovered there were numerous mind controlling devices and mechanisms in place within her soul nature –ensuring she would believe lies about herself. Those were removed and she could immediately think more clearly. We also discovered there more then 7 layers of blindness over her eyes.After removing them –her partial blindness disappeared as I took off her glasses and asked if she could see me –she said she could and she was surprised as normally she could not see that far without her glasses. We also cast out numerous spirits of pain and death. Again almost immediately she testified of feeling zero pain! She was more then astonished as she had been in pain –throughout her body– for a very long time with no relief. Jesus healed this woman! To prove the healing she did some things she could not normally do –physical movements that normally resulted in intense pain. She moved around and she testified: NO PAIN!

Jesus supernaturally healed this woman of cancer, of pain, of blindness, and various other infirmities. These demons had brought it all into her life and because she was willing and humble in heart we proceeded in ministry resulting in a powerful deliverance and healing (Jesus healed numerous parts of her broken heart also)! The 1,500 year satanic curse had been broken and she was healed from cancer! She was so excited that she readily agreed to testify on video. Click here to view this amazing miracle testimony!

After the deliverance, she picked up her closed Bible and opened it. Guess what chapter she opened too?

Right to Esther 9:1-2

On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, the edict commanded by the king was to be carried out. On this day the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but now the tables were turned and the Jews got the upper hand over those who hated them. The Jews assembled in their cities in all the provinces of King Xerxes to attack those determined to destroy them. No one could stand against them, because the people of all the other nationalities were afraid of them. 

It was as if God wanted to remind her what He promised and that He indeed delivered on His promise –as He turn the tables around on those who hated her (the demons) and got the upper hand (victory of healing and deliverance). 

Jesus Delivers Despite the Concerted Attack from that Wicked Witch Jezebel

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

This is my fifth day in a row having to stay up deep into the night to assist those enslaved by demonic powers. Our days have been filled with intense ministry and teaching as we have been traveling to various cities in Georgia and Michigan, in this most recent mission, to proclaim freedom to the captives. This most recent mission has been marked with intense battles with the powers of darkness in particular with the spirit of Jezebel. In the ministry of deliverance I have encountered this vile spirit hundreds of times and have seen the Lord Jesus drive her out however she is a pesty, persistent, and a prideful demon that enjoys fighting the servants of God.

This was the case in Atlanta, in Grand Rapids and in Holland. There is something very strange occurring in our ministry. We are being targeted by Jezebel. She desires to destroy this mission. As you might recall in my last report, just a few nights ago, in Grand Rapids, we were infiltrated by a small group of lesbians, controlled by Jezebel, hell bent on disrupting our public meeting. They did disrupt, hinder, and mocked. However this did not prevent Jesus from working in setting numerous souls free from evil spirits –including many Jezebel demons.

We are coming across many thousands of Jezebels in our most recent meetings in the UK and North America. We are seeing this demon manifest in a variety of ways. We are on guard and reject her work in Jesus name. She is specifically targeting this mission right now. The Lord has warned me. As a result of the great victories we are seeing by overcoming her –she is furious with me and is seeking to destroy me and the mission. I will not back down but will move forward to the call of the Lord Jesus to drive out demons.

I believe it was around 3am when I finally ended my last meeting in Michigan. I was in the small town of Holland ministering to a precious family and their friends. One lady that attended the meeting was healed of cancer (more on that extraordinary story soon) and a number of other physical afflictions. She was liberated from many demons on this night. After ministering to her a dear lady arrived to this private meeting –after having driven all night to be present. Within minutes of her arrival Jezebel surfaced within her.

Some of my dear ministry partners –Jeff & Lally– joined me in battling Jezebel. There were more then 9,000 of these spirits within her body and soul. I had been up all day. The previous night I was up until 3am  and here I was again in the midst of another all-nighter to set a soul free. God truly gave me supernatural strength to battle these demons and to cast them out!

Not too long ago, a Methodist pastor friend of mine remarked to me that he found it astonishing that I am even able to conduct such a ministry as he confessed that preaching a Sunday sermon once week wore him out and couldn’t imagine having to travel –spending nearly 6 months on the road– to teach, to minister to the sick, to preach, to cast out demons that we do every year for Jesus. In recent meetings a number of pastors and ministers are attending our meetings and are being inspired at our commitment to the full gospel and this greatly encourages me to know we are divinely inspiring and equipping so many. 

During this late night ministry session we encountered thousands of these Jezebel demons that were destroying this woman’s life but they were no match for Jesus. Under great power of the Holy Spirit we drove out more then 9000 spirits of Jezebel and they howled quite loudly out of her into the PIT!

This lady immediately testified of feeling free and peaceful!

She wrote me this beautiful email today:

“Jay –Thank you so much for your persistence and perseverance to cast out my demons!! Jezebel no longer has that grip on my life! This family are wonderful also. They are so supportive. Christ revealed himself to me this morning!! So amazing. He was sitting in front of me with his hands hovering above mine. So incredible! Thank you again for everything.”

I also received this powerful testimony from a lady who just a few nights ago was delivered from Jezebel in our public meeting:

“Hello Jay, I just want to say, thanks be to God for your ministry and your heart for God.  Meeting you last night was amazing, seeing mostly your fruit of patience.  With small children God has been developing this fruit but your love for people is genuine….. And now that the wicked witch Jezebel is gone… I am looking like a new girl, new lady.  My eyes are glossy round and vibrant.  I don’t feel her chocking me anymore, I can stand erect without her criticizing me.  Now I know I still have other work to do.  But we met the objective with getting rid of her. Last night I returned home at 2 am and my oldest child awoke and kept kissing me and I laid there thinking how Jezebel has stolen so much even intimacy….too busy for love.  There was much more that happened but I wanted to thank you for making this sincere but fun.  I can’t explain it but although I cried I felt very supported and that this was the healing power of God.  WOW. I feel like I may run out of room but anyways thank you for expelling Jezebel. Even on the phone I felt more confident….It is weird how I used her to give me confidence but yet the cost was extremely high (my mind, will, emotions, and body) and now that she is gone I have 100 times more confidence and there is no cost only eternal love of Jesus.  Thanks for your website with the knowledge this is definitely what prepared me and my obedience to our Lord. Hope to see you again!”

We are receiving so many email reports! Amazing! We are seeing mighty miracles. I appreciate all your prayers for my family and for the mission!

Great Miracles in Grand Rapids Despite Lesbian Obstruction

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I’m currently in cold Grand Rapids, Michigan conducting private and public meetings and we have seen some incredible miracles take place. I have truly been sustained by your prayers, as this has been a grueling mission to Georgia and Michigan, as every night we have been ministering deep into the night, driving out evil spirits and healing the bruised.

Last night we conducted a public deliverance meeting here Grand Rapids, in a small conference hall, where again many more people showed up then expected. In fact, we moved to a larger hall as our smaller meeting room was completely filled (again extra chairs were brought in to accommodate). It never ceases to amaze me to hear families and individuals driving from all the nation to attend our public gatherings. Last night a dear lady drove more then 10 hours to be present. Think about that for a moment. Ten hours! I’m humbled to serve you. 

At the onset of the meeting I could feel the satanic opposition. The enemy did not want precious souls to find freedom and healing. As I began to teach and equip the saints 4 ladies entered the meeting hall and sat at the very back. Immediately, I sensed these 4 ladies were sent to infiltrate and hinder. As I was teaching from the Holy Scriptures a few of the ladies –perhaps in their 40’s– started laughing. A spirit of mockery within these ladies surfaced and mocked. I asked one of the ladies why she was even at the meeting and she replied, “I’m wanting to check things out.” One wonders what exactly they were checking out. As I tried to continue to teach the ladies continued to laugh and mock among themselves. This was a form of spiritual obstruction. The enemy were using these ladies to interfere, to disrupt. Were they aware of being used in such a manner? Were they formally sent to disrupt and to report our ministry activities to someone? Who knows. However I know this: spirits of mockery were using these ladies, who were also clothed in the spirit of lesbianism, to hinder and to attack the ministry. I was already physically tired and now I was facing a spiritual assault. 

While this was occurring precious saints were manifesting evil spirits in the room as I continued to teach. Though the enemies of the cross were present, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ was tangibly present and restrained the demonized lesbians. In fact, within an hour these ladies quickly exited the meeting. No doubt frustrated that they could not stop the meeting from taking place. During our public ministry session a number of precious souls manifested evil spirits. Bodies were twisted and demons fought us. 

One lady we ministered to was involved in a form of prostitution (she stripped at night clubs when she was younger) and strange spirits surfaced that horribly twisted her arms and torso. In Jesus name we commanded many demons out of her body, they departed. We also ministered to her broken heart and a little part of her broken heart surfaced that was healed. Another lady was present, who had generational ties to Nazism, surfaced serpentine spirits as a result of her participation in the occult, the New Age movement, false religions, Shamanism, spiritualism, and others forms of witchcraft. This precious lady who was perhaps in her mid-50’s had a long list of occult activities that she admitted her was involved in at one point ranging from New Age teachings to yoga to involvement in the Christian Science sect to witchcraft. It was beautiful though to see this woman renounce these practices and embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She had quite list –perhaps 30 different forms of the occult– that she readily renounced before all. Jesus freed her from many occult spirits on this night. 

Another lady who was a satanic ceremonial trauma victim was freed from many demonic powers as was a woman in her mid-30’s who had a Masonic/secret society background. When we led everyone in the meeting hall to remove the noose and hood from their bodies she immediately felt a dramatic spiritual release as did another lady (she immediately testified of being able to breathe better and move her neck more easily). These spiritual nooses and hoods are causing respiratory problems, allergies, sleeping disorders, claustrophobia, and a host of other difficulties in millions. We have the power of Jesus to rescue these afflicted souls. 

For nearly 6 hours while in the meeting hall we ministered to those afflicted to evil spirits. We could have easily gone another 10 hours assisting those with evil spirits. Jesus prevailed and many demons were cast out!

After the public service some good friends of mine –Jeff and Lally (they have been powerfully used of the Lord in the ministry of deliverance as recently they expelled more then 2 million demons out of a demonized individual)– assisted me as we ministered in a private meeting with a 36 year old lady who had traveled more then 10 hours for deliverance. She was seeking healing from a strange disease –Delusional Parasitical Disorder– Science Dailydescribes this disorder:

“The sufferer typically reports parasites to exist under the skin, around or inside bodily openings, in the stomach or bowels and may include a belief that the parasites infest the sufferer’s home, surroundings or clothing.”

This dear lady –for more then 4 years– had been afflicted by this strange demonic affliction. She had traveled to the world renowned Mayo Clinic spending thousands of dollars seeking some treatment and relief. The doctors there were baffled and incapable of helping her. She then sought out an exorcism and located our mission work and we arranged a time to minister to her. 

One of the spirits that surfaced and who spoke to us was named Damon. 

“I’m here to ruin her relationships and to afflict her with delusional parasitical disorder,” the demons boasted to me, “I am the one causing all of these problems.”

We also discovered that because she brought home a very strange plant from a local garden a door was opened for demons to invade her as there were spirits attached to the plant. She felt weird about having the plant in her home and eventually rid herself of it. However it was too late as the demons had already invaded her life as a result of her bringing this plant into her home.

Another spirit surfaced by the name of Stanley. It turns out when Michelle was in 3rd grade she connected on a soulish level with a boy who was possessed by a spirit of perversion (his name? Stanley). Another demon surfaced named Dan that brought fear. Yet another spirit that manifested was named Micah who “corrupted her soul.” One spirit by the name of Levi held on several parts of her broken heart including a 7 year old, a 19 year old, and a 26 year old. When she was 7 years of age her daddy was in a horrific car accident that deeply traumatized her heart. All of these heart pieces were communicated with and were healed and integrated by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Another demon that surfaced was named, Jezebel, who was afflicting her with great spiritual torment. Systematically we demolished this defeated spirit. She battled us. We utilized an enormous amount of holy water –representing the blood of Jesus– baptizing Michelle with is. This greatly weakened Jezebel. Yes she fought us furiously for hours but at the end of the day (nearing 2:30am) she was defeated and sent howling into the pit in Jesus name!

As you can imagine this spiritual conflict was intense however at the end Michelle came out looking like an entirely different woman. She exhibited a beautiful inner spirit, peaceful, and FREE! Jesus set her free and healed her! 

Amazing Miracles of Healing and Deliverance in Atlanta

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Thus far in Atlanta we have held numerous private and public meetings where we have witnessed dozens of precious souls experiencing phenomenal healing –of the body and soul. There were so many miraculous wonders it will be difficult to chronicle all of the works of the Holy Spirit. Such great and mighty healing took place. Many demons manifested on this night –they convulsed their victims, they cried out, they twisted bodies, they battled us– but they lost. Jesus prevailed and overcome the enemies of the cross.

As I mentioned in a recent email report we are seeing increasing number of precious souls hungering for the liberating power of the Holy Spirit and last night was no different as we conducted another public meeting here in downtown Atlanta that was enthusiastically supported. I wasn’t expecting a large crowd as it has been some time since our last ministry event in Georgia but I was proved wrong as our meeting room was jammed packed with families (many children were brought for healing and deliverance) and individuals desperate for a miracle. God did not disappoint as dozens were delivered from evil spirits and healed.

In fact, so many were at the meeting that James and I had to constantly bring in more chairs into the meeting hall. We could have easily filled up another conference room as there were that many people. This is a spiritual positive that encourages my heart. We are seeing that God is blessing our efforts despite the enemy’s attempts to hinder and oppose. I’m also seeing that more and more children are being brought to us for prayer. Again, a number of little ones experience spiritual release including one little boy –perhaps 4 or 5 years of age– that approached me while we were casting demons out of a woman that said, “Please pray for me, my stomach hurts real bad,” I bent over and rebuked that spirit of pain and immediately it left. I’m really deeply touched when little ones are inquiring about ministry. I blessed and ministered to many young children –many of them oppressed by the devil. Many were freed. One little boy came up to me during the time of ministry and said, “Sir, I want to be a pastor.” His humble and sweet spirit truly humbled me. Here was a little boy –perhaps 6 years of age– who felt the divine call of God upon his life already. Isn’t this amazing or what?

In Jesus name we commanded untold numbers of evil spirits to leave the souls and bodies of those attending the public meeting. For many hours, deep into the night, we battled the powers of darkness. So many broken hearts were healed. So many bodies were released from various pains and demonic afflictions. So many souls freed from demonic torment. One lady experienced such deep freedom that she began to laugh and laugh like she had not been able to for such a long time. The joy of the Lord so deeply touched her! Many tears were shed. Many marriages were restored and renewed. So many decisions were made to follow Christ. I’m in awe that I get to participate in this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit.

One family traveled in from Alabama. With four little daughters. I was deeply moved by their story. Though they had only –$4.00 if I recall in their personal bank account– they decided to load up the kids and travel to this meeting to get help. Trust me I understand traveling with little ones isn’t easy. Most of the time 1 hour is a tipping point for kids in a cramped car however here was a family who traveled hours from in from another state and I was deeply impressed with their fight.

Not only did the mother receive deliverance from a spirit called lies. She also experienced deep inner healing as we commanded a evil spirit to release a 3 year old broken piece of her heart that was held in captivity. The 3 year old was released and was honored to see Jesus and experience His holy love. This 3 year old was integrated and wholeness took place. Then later on in the evening the husband was ministered to. He was a broken man. He lost his job that he held for more then 10 years. He had willfully rejected the call God had placed upon his life. He cursed God. He blasphemed God. He ignored his 4 beautiful daughters. He rejected his wife. But I saw beyond all of this pain and hurt. i saw a man that truly wanted to serve Jesus and love his family but was being held back by these vile demons that sought to destroy.

James and I began to pray and immediately an evil spirit surfaced and he was furious with me!

“I’m Destroyer! There’s 30 of us. We are here to destroy him and his family,” the demonic spirits revealed, “We entered 4 generations ago because his father’s ancestors indulged into destructive things.”

I had such holy anger towards this demon. How dare this spirit try to attack this man of God, his beautiful little girls and wife. Just typing this makes me angry. I’m so mad at the devil. I’m mad that those devil are attacking you my friend and in the name of holy Jesus I come against the devil destroying you, your health, your financial health, your means to support the family, your marriage, your relationships, your children. In Jesus name I command that devil to release you NOW, right NOW in Jesus name. I break those spiritual chains in Jesus name right now. Come out of them in Jesus name!

In the power of Jesus we commanded the spirit of destroyer out of him and he was sent to the pit!

He testified of feeling like a new man! What really touched me was his four little girls rushed over to their daddy and loved upon him! In fact, during the deliverance his four little girls joined me in telling the monsters to leave him alone. What power there is in the faith of little children. Such purity and power!

We dedicated this family to Jesus. Afterwards they planned to jump back into the car and travel all the way back to Alabama. This is crazy. With four little ones who were hungry and exhausted. No way was I going to allow that to happen. So we decided to pay for their night at the hotel and bought they two large yummy pizzas. The kids were jumping up and down so happy. This family was literally on the brink of total destruction but Jesus prevailed and provided. All of this will speak to this family for years to come! God is a gracious God and He wants to be provided for.

Another precious lady traveled in from Maryland to attend the meeting. This is not unusual as we witnessed many who attended this public meeting came in from various locations throughout the nation. People are desperate. This lady waited for more then 6 hours to receive prayer. God answered her persistence with a great deliverance. Having been abused, raped, and deeply hurt she was broken. I’m so glad we were there to intervene. During the ministry session with her a little 2 year old part of her broken heart surfaced and the pain that was released was astounding. It was very deep pain. With deep intense cries, groans and moans the pain was released. In Jesus name we commanded the demons to release this heart part and again Jesus came to this little one and healed her.

I can recount dozens of miracles on this night but suffice to say Jesus is LORD!

In Atlanta: Freemasonry Demons Sent to the PIT!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

 Jesus is KING!

 Earlier today, I received this email threat:

 “Remember when we covered that cross  with a blood stained top? Haha well we are gonna cover it again but this time with your blood! I’m going to sacrifice you with a kitchen knife by slitting your wrists, ankles and neck! We will hang u upside down on that cross and let your blood drain out slowly hahahahahahahaha!”

 My response? Travel and cast out demons in Jesus name!

 I’m currently in Atlanta, Georgia, ministering to those bound by evil spirits. It is nearly 3:30am and we just finished praying for a family who has been terribly afflicted by demonic powers. For more then 4 years this family endured a near daily satanic assault upon their lives as a result of living in a haunted home they have here in the Atlanta area. Prior to purchasing the home a German family -whom were symphasizers of the Nazi movement- lived there for many years. Herein lies the problems. Because Nazi spirits were welcomed into the home by this German family –spirits of death, rebellion, mind control, Illuminati, Freemasonry and a host of others were given the rights to invade and possess the home. When this family purchased the home and moved in –the powers of hell began their destructive work. In the first year this precious lady (Jenny) came down with a mysterious illness, the children began to experience night terrors, voices were heard, monsters appeared and so much more. These evil spirits were terrorizing this precious family. Out of desperation the family reached out and we intervened. 

 Pastor James Beason and I for many hours today counseled and ministered with those enslaved to the powers of Satan. As we began to pray for Jenny a number of Luciferian spirits surfaced.

 “My name is Lucifer. We curse you and hate you,” the demons forcefully told me, “We are here because she lived in OUR home.”

 Because Jenny lived in a home that had been dedicated to them they were given the right to torment. 

 “We are not leaving, we are not going,” they reminded me a number of times.

 However they were no match for Jesus who overpowered them!

 In the name of Jesus I drove out countless Luciferian spirits and through some horrific vomiting they were expelled. It was disgusting to witness the expulsion of these kinds of devils in this manner. All that mattered, however, was they were departing quickly in Jesus name and off to the abyss they went and Jenny was being liberated.

I also led her in a series of prayers to renounce generational Freemasonry and the various blood oaths, rituals, and ceremonies. Specifically, I targeted the spiritual noose and hood that had been transferred to her through the bloodline. The heavy noose had caused a number of physical aliments –respiratory problems, allergies, sleeping disorders– and the hood had brought claustrophobia into her life. In Jesus name, we led her into a process whereby she removed these spiritual devices and she immediately testified of feeling release and healing.

 (note: I’m quite concerned with the sheer numbers of people now coming to us with the Masonic noose and hood on them. So many are afflicted. My heart yearns to see souls enslaved to Masonry liberated. Masonic spirits are surfacing quite frequently in our meetings. It’s amazing. I personally escaped 400 years of ancestral Masonic participation –at the very highest levels– and am glad to be able, to be used of God to assist so many thousands find deliverance in Jesus name)

It was amazing to see the aftermath! Her face truly lightened up and her facial disposition was incredibly clear and peaceful!

She testified of feeling so much better!

 Again this is why I travel to see souls FREE from demons!