Amazing Miracles of Healing and Deliverance in Atlanta

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Thus far in Atlanta we have held numerous private and public meetings where we have witnessed dozens of precious souls experiencing phenomenal healing –of the body and soul. There were so many miraculous wonders it will be difficult to chronicle all of the works of the Holy Spirit. Such great and mighty healing took place. Many demons manifested on this night¬†–they convulsed their victims, they cried out, they twisted bodies, they battled us– but they lost. Jesus prevailed and overcome the enemies of the cross.

As I mentioned in a recent email report we are seeing increasing number of precious souls hungering for the liberating power of the Holy Spirit and last night was no different as we conducted another public meeting here in downtown Atlanta that was enthusiastically supported. I wasn’t expecting a large crowd as it has been some time since our last ministry event in Georgia but I was proved wrong as our meeting room was jammed packed with families (many children were brought for healing and deliverance) and individuals desperate for a miracle. God did not disappoint as dozens were delivered from evil spirits and healed.

In fact, so many were at the meeting that James and I had to constantly bring in more chairs into the meeting hall. We could have easily filled up another conference room as there were that many people. This is a spiritual positive that encourages my heart. We are seeing that God is blessing our efforts despite the enemy’s attempts to hinder and oppose. I’m also seeing that more and more children are being brought to us for prayer. Again, a number of little ones experience spiritual release including one little boy –perhaps 4 or 5 years of age– that approached me while we were casting demons out of a woman that said, “Please pray for me, my stomach hurts real bad,” I bent over and rebuked that spirit of pain and immediately it left. I’m really deeply touched when little ones are inquiring about ministry. I blessed and ministered to many young children –many of them oppressed by the devil. Many were freed. One little boy came up to me during the time of ministry¬†and said, “Sir, I want to be a pastor.” His humble and sweet spirit truly humbled me. Here was a little boy –perhaps 6 years of age– who felt the divine call of God upon his life already. Isn’t this amazing or what?

In Jesus name we commanded untold numbers of evil spirits to leave the souls and bodies of those attending the public meeting. For many hours, deep into the night, we battled the powers of darkness. So many broken hearts were healed. So many bodies were released from various pains and demonic afflictions. So many souls freed from demonic torment. One lady experienced such deep freedom that she began to laugh and laugh like she had not been able to for such a long time. The joy of the Lord so deeply touched her! Many tears were shed. Many marriages were restored and renewed. So many decisions were made to follow Christ. I’m in awe that I get to participate in this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit.

One family traveled in from Alabama. With four little daughters. I was deeply moved by their story. Though they had only –$4.00 if I recall in their personal bank account– they decided to load up the kids and travel to this meeting to get help. Trust me I understand traveling with little ones isn’t easy. Most of the time 1 hour is a tipping point for kids in a cramped car however here was a family who traveled hours from in from another state and I was deeply impressed with their fight.

Not only did the mother receive deliverance from a spirit called lies. She also experienced deep inner healing as we commanded a evil spirit to release a 3 year old broken piece of her heart that was held in captivity. The 3 year old was released and was honored to see Jesus and experience His holy love. This 3 year old was integrated and wholeness took place. Then later on in the evening the husband was ministered to. He was a broken man. He lost his job that he held for more then 10 years. He had willfully rejected the call God had placed upon his life. He cursed God. He blasphemed God. He ignored his 4 beautiful daughters. He rejected his wife. But I saw beyond all of this pain and hurt. i saw a man that truly wanted to serve Jesus and love his family but was being held back by these vile demons that sought to destroy.

James and I began to pray and immediately an evil spirit surfaced and he was furious with me!

“I’m Destroyer! There’s 30 of us. We are here to destroy him and his family,” the demonic spirits revealed, “We entered 4 generations ago because his father’s ancestors indulged into destructive things.”

I had such holy anger towards this demon. How dare this spirit try to attack this man of God, his beautiful little girls and wife. Just typing this makes me angry. I’m so mad at the devil. I’m mad that those devil are attacking you my friend and in the name of holy Jesus I come against the devil destroying you, your health, your financial health, your means to support the family, your marriage, your relationships, your children. In Jesus name I command that devil to release you NOW, right NOW in Jesus name. I break those spiritual chains in Jesus name right now. Come out of them in Jesus name!

In the power of Jesus we commanded the spirit of destroyer out of him and he was sent to the pit!

He testified of feeling like a new man! What really touched me was his four little girls rushed over to their daddy and loved upon him! In fact, during the deliverance his four little girls joined me in telling the monsters to leave him alone. What power there is in the faith of little children. Such purity and power!

We dedicated this family to Jesus. Afterwards they planned to jump back into the car and travel all the way back to Alabama. This is crazy. With four little ones who were hungry and exhausted. No way was I going to allow that to happen. So we decided to pay for their night at the hotel and bought they two large yummy pizzas. The kids were jumping up and down so happy. This family was literally on the brink of total destruction but Jesus prevailed and provided. All of this will speak to this family for years to come! God is a gracious God and He wants to be provided for.

Another precious lady traveled in from Maryland to attend the meeting. This is not unusual as we witnessed many who attended this public meeting came in from various locations throughout the nation. People are desperate. This lady waited for more then 6 hours to receive prayer. God answered her persistence with a great deliverance. Having been abused, raped, and deeply hurt she was broken. I’m so glad we were there to intervene. During the ministry session with her a little 2 year old part of her broken heart surfaced and the pain that was released was astounding. It was very deep pain. With deep intense cries, groans and moans the pain was released. In Jesus name we commanded the demons to release this heart part and again Jesus came to this little one and healed her.

I can recount dozens of miracles on this night but suffice to say Jesus is LORD!

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