Great Miracles in Grand Rapids Despite Lesbian Obstruction

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I’m currently in cold Grand Rapids, Michigan conducting private and public meetings and we have seen some incredible miracles take place. I have truly been sustained by your prayers, as this has been a grueling mission to Georgia and Michigan, as every night we have been ministering deep into the night, driving out evil spirits and healing the bruised.

Last night we conducted a public deliverance meeting here Grand Rapids, in a small conference hall, where again many more people showed up then expected. In fact, we moved to a larger hall as our smaller meeting room was completely filled (again extra chairs were brought in to accommodate). It never ceases to amaze me to hear families and individuals driving from all the nation to attend our public gatherings. Last night a dear lady drove more then 10 hours to be present. Think about that for a moment. Ten hours! I’m humbled to serve you. 

At the onset of the meeting I could feel the satanic opposition. The enemy did not want precious souls to find freedom and healing. As I began to teach and equip the saints 4 ladies entered the meeting hall and sat at the very back. Immediately, I sensed these 4 ladies were sent to infiltrate and hinder. As I was teaching from the Holy Scriptures a few of the ladies –perhaps in their 40’s– started laughing. A spirit of mockery within these ladies surfaced and mocked. I asked one of the ladies why she was even at the meeting and she replied, “I’m wanting to check things out.” One wonders what exactly they were checking out. As I tried to continue to teach the ladies continued to laugh and mock among themselves. This was a form of spiritual obstruction. The enemy were using these ladies to interfere, to disrupt. Were they aware of being used in such a manner? Were they formally sent to disrupt and to report our ministry activities to someone? Who knows. However I know this: spirits of mockery were using these ladies, who were also clothed in the spirit of lesbianism, to hinder and to attack the ministry. I was already physically tired and now I was facing a spiritual assault. 

While this was occurring precious saints were manifesting evil spirits in the room as I continued to teach. Though the enemies of the cross were present, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ was tangibly present and restrained the demonized lesbians. In fact, within an hour these ladies quickly exited the meeting. No doubt frustrated that they could not stop the meeting from taking place. During our public ministry session a number of precious souls manifested evil spirits. Bodies were twisted and demons fought us. 

One lady we ministered to was involved in a form of prostitution (she stripped at night clubs when she was younger) and strange spirits surfaced that horribly twisted her arms and torso. In Jesus name we commanded many demons out of her body, they departed. We also ministered to her broken heart and a little part of her broken heart surfaced that was healed. Another lady was present, who had generational ties to Nazism, surfaced serpentine spirits as a result of her participation in the occult, the New Age movement, false religions, Shamanism, spiritualism, and others forms of witchcraft. This precious lady who was perhaps in her mid-50’s had a long list of occult activities that she admitted her was involved in at one point ranging from New Age teachings to yoga to involvement in the Christian Science sect to witchcraft. It was beautiful though to see this woman renounce these practices and embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She had quite list –perhaps 30 different forms of the occult– that she readily renounced before all. Jesus freed her from many occult spirits on this night. 

Another lady who was a satanic ceremonial trauma victim was freed from many demonic powers as was a woman in her mid-30’s who had a Masonic/secret society background. When we led everyone in the meeting hall to remove the noose and hood from their bodies she immediately felt a dramatic spiritual release as did another lady (she immediately testified of being able to breathe better and move her neck more easily). These spiritual nooses and hoods are causing respiratory problems, allergies, sleeping disorders, claustrophobia, and a host of other difficulties in millions. We have the power of Jesus to rescue these afflicted souls. 

For nearly 6 hours while in the meeting hall we ministered to those afflicted to evil spirits. We could have easily gone another 10 hours assisting those with evil spirits. Jesus prevailed and many demons were cast out!

After the public service some good friends of mine –Jeff and Lally (they have been powerfully used of the Lord in the ministry of deliverance as recently they expelled more then 2 million demons out of a demonized individual)– assisted me as we ministered in a private meeting with a 36 year old lady who had traveled more then 10 hours for deliverance. She was seeking healing from a strange disease –Delusional Parasitical Disorder– Science Dailydescribes this disorder:

“The sufferer typically reports parasites to exist under the skin, around or inside bodily openings, in the stomach or bowels and may include a belief that the parasites infest the sufferer’s home, surroundings or clothing.”

This dear lady –for more then 4 years– had been afflicted by this strange demonic affliction. She had traveled to the world renowned Mayo Clinic spending thousands of dollars seeking some treatment and relief. The doctors there were baffled and incapable of helping her. She then sought out an exorcism and located our mission work and we arranged a time to minister to her. 

One of the spirits that surfaced and who spoke to us was named Damon. 

“I’m here to ruin her relationships and to afflict her with delusional parasitical disorder,” the demons boasted to me, “I am the one causing all of these problems.”

We also discovered that because she brought home a very strange plant from a local garden a door was opened for demons to invade her as there were spirits attached to the plant. She felt weird about having the plant in her home and eventually rid herself of it. However it was too late as the demons had already invaded her life as a result of her bringing this plant into her home.

Another spirit surfaced by the name of Stanley. It turns out when Michelle was in 3rd grade she connected on a soulish level with a boy who was possessed by a spirit of perversion (his name? Stanley). Another demon surfaced named Dan that brought fear. Yet another spirit that manifested was named Micah who “corrupted her soul.” One spirit by the name of Levi held on several parts of her broken heart including a 7 year old, a 19 year old, and a 26 year old. When she was 7 years of age her daddy was in a horrific car accident that deeply traumatized her heart. All of these heart pieces were communicated with and were healed and integrated by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Another demon that surfaced was named, Jezebel, who was afflicting her with great spiritual torment. Systematically we demolished this defeated spirit. She battled us. We utilized an enormous amount of holy water –representing the blood of Jesus– baptizing Michelle with is. This greatly weakened Jezebel. Yes she fought us furiously for hours but at the end of the day (nearing 2:30am) she was defeated and sent howling into the pit in Jesus name!

As you can imagine this spiritual conflict was intense however at the end Michelle came out looking like an entirely different woman. She exhibited a beautiful inner spirit, peaceful, and FREE! Jesus set her free and healed her! 

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