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Signs and Wonders Followed the WORD in Deliveranc‚Äče Meeting!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The Biblical pattern for signs and wonders is found in Acts 14 where it is written, “So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders.” The preaching and teaching of God’s WORD is to come first and God will confirm His WORD with signs and wonders. In Mark 16 it is recorded, “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.”

Two nights ago I preached the gospel to many thousands and last night, at our Church of the Cross public deliverance meeting in Waco, I taught from the Scriptures and God was pleased to confirm His WORD with miraculous signs and wonders. As often the case our small conference room was filled with capacity (actually a few more chairs were brought into the room to accommodate) and families and individuals traveled long distances to attend our service.

After praise and worship, for about an hour I taught from the Scriptures and led the Body to participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion. After leading the group in Communion we began the public deliverance session and many demons manifested within those in the meeting hall. One evil spirit named, Sorcery, was quite aggressive and strong. He surfaced within a young man who traveled with his mother and sister to obtain liberation from the powers of the devil. God did not disappoint.

This demon of sorcery was violent right at the beginning pushing my friend pastor James Beason into the wall. As James restrained this man the demons growled at me with murderous intent and rage. His teeth were clenched, his fists closed and his body tense, he lunged at me a few times attempting to kill me. With the use of our authority in Jesus, holy water, anointing oil, a crucifix, and the Scriptures we weakened the satanic spirits hell bent on destruction. It is remarkable to see –the demons, at first, were quite arrogant and strong but by the time we utilize the spiritual weapons against the spirits they simply faded into weakness. Though at the beginning the spirits were vicious and fought against us. It was extremely physically but within a few minutes the demons were sitting in a chair defeated. Yet, they mustered enough strength to war against us one final time by not revealing their rights to the man.

I called forth the holy angels of God and they immediately surrounded this young man’s demons and I asked the holy angels of God to draw their swords and to strike this vile spirit. As the angels pierced the demons, the demons screamed in agony and collapsed to the ground in utter defeat as they could feel numerous swords striking their very being! As we helped this young man up in his chair, we led him into some prayers of repentance and we commanded the demons to repeat these words: “WE NOW, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, TO THE PIT.”

As those words were repeated the demons quickly departed and the young man smiled with a beautiful joyful smile. He had been delivered by Jesus!

He shared with everyone, “I’m very surprised that these demons were within me.” He was surprised as he had been faithfully serving Jesus but he was vulnerable to the spiritual attacks of some sorcerers that were operating in a church that he had been attending. He has since left that church. He now wants to help others find deliverance in Jesus!

His precious 17 year old sister was also present and she manifested demons that caused her into her convulsions and the demons spoke out of her. There were spirits of trauma and anger residing within this teenager and confessed to holding onto parts of her broken heart! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded the demons to let go her heart and we spoke to a little girl heart part that was extremely hurt, sad, and fearful. However, our holy Savior visited this little broken part of her heart and brought deep healing. We then proceeded to deal with the demonic beings that had been enslaving this little one. They battled James and I but eventually they too were cast into the pit! Not only was this teenager free but also experienced deep healing from a broken heart! Jesus heals broken hearts! Amen!

Another woman in her 60’s manifested evil spirits that had traveled through her ancestral bloodline as a result of Native American Indian rituals that her ancestors had participated in. The spirits even spoke in what sounded to be like a Native American Indian tongue. After the commanding the demons to speak English, the spirits ceased from speaking in this other language.

“We’re Infirmity and we are in her blood,” the demons revealed to me as they spoke out of her in English.

Not only were her ancestors involved in raw paganism they also delved into human and animal sacrifice. They confessed to having brought arthritis (as they confessed this they began to twist and disfigure her hand), mind control and bringing various other infirmities. I commanded the demons to take upon all of the infirmities upon themselves and to release this dear saint. Not only were there spirits of infirmity but they were also spirits of fear and murder residing within her body. All of them were cast out in the name of Jesus. This dear lady who had been called by our Lord into ministry testified of feeling much better and we thank God for His mercy in her life!

There were others that experienced liberation including a young woman who was involved in the occult. This deliverance was also quite physical. Many satanic spirits were cast out of her. Pastor James and I also ministered to a young family that testified of feeling spiritual release including one teenager whose father was involved in Hinduism.

For many hours –deep into the night– we ministered to those whom assembled and the Holy Spirit prevailed! Unfortunately, there were other spiritual needs to be met but we literally ran out of time and we were only able to get through, perhaps, one doorway that leads to demons out of more then 20 doorways I wanted to discuss. I wanted to get everyone to close these doorways but because of the immediate needs of the people were not able to get to the list of doorways. Irregardless, souls were healed and delivered by the power of God.

Many Thousands Hear the Gospel, Despite Demonic Threats!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night, I was in Austin a city known for it’s New Age and witchcraft influences. One of the largest universities in North America –the University of Texas– is located here also. This is obviously a city that needs the transforming power of God. I was initially scheduled to visit Houston however the Holy Spirit directed me here to conduct open air gospel meetings.

Earlier while reading the Holy Scriptures I was reminded once again of the apostle Paul’s admonishment to young Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13, “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.” There is an absolute need, as in all ages, for the public proclamation of the WORD! With this encouragement I traveled to Austin where I proclaimed the gospel in 7 different meetings reaching the multitudes with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Armed with my powerful audio equipment I presented the good news in seven different venues in the area known as “6th street.” This area is filled with dance clubs, bars, concert venues and other underworld establishments. On some weekends crowds can easily swell up to 100,000 people that gather in this multi-block area. Click here to view a picture of the street I proclaimed the gospel on:

I was right in the middle of this street proclaiming God’s love! You would think a message of love, hope, and peace would be accepted? NO! I was opposed at every preaching point.

It started early on. I placed myself in front of a concert venue where thousands assembled. As the concert ended I preached and the masses of people gathered around me to hear the message concerning Christ. I would estimate a few thousand gathered in astonishment. As soon as I began to proclaim Jesus, a young man, perhaps in his late 20’s, quickly approached me with intense rage. He shouted at me and threatened me. He opposed the gospel at every opportunity and tried to stop me from preaching to the masses.

My friends, he was not alone. Many others, filled with blasphemy towards the Lord Jesus, shouted obscenities too perverse to even remotely describe. These were directed at our Lord. This is a phenomena I have come across quite often in the Western World. Those in the West tend to be much more hostile to the gospel. If it was not for the police presence in the area (incidentally the police did not hinder my preaching) I would have probably caused an riot and would have been in danger of getting killed. There was that amount of hostility to Jesus! It’s sad but very true.

This young man who opposed me was vile and downright evil. He referred to Jesus as a “whore” and shouted to the people that I was merely promoting “fairy tales and fantasies.” He told me that he would oppose me as he didn’t want the people to hear what I was proclaiming. Now mind you, my open air preaching centers on the love of Jesus for sinners. I was presenting a message filled with hope and promise of eternal life for those who would repent.

I wasn’t speaking on any socially controversial subject but simply sharing Jesus with great love in my heart to those who gathered. My battle was NOT against this man but rather against these dark forces of Satan that seek to hinder the public proclamation of the gospel. I simply ignored the man and continued on. It was amazing that while I preached there were many who attentively listened in and only God knows how many turned to Jesus. However, one African man approached me at this venue and in public called upon Jesus for salvation!

As I left this venue the young man who opposed followed me and continue to verbally assault me.

“I will see you in hell you mother %$#@$%^&,” the man shouted at me. He not only opposed me but he energized others to do the same. Others so willingly mocked and ridiculed Jesus. In another preaching point, another young man fell prostrate before me, in some form of false worship, mocking the Lord Jesus. In yet another preaching point, a woman filled with the spirits of Jezebel, approached me angrily and attempted to shut down my audio equipment. She failed and I continued on proclaiming Jesus as the only way! Many more thousands heard the gospel.

With holy boldness I went in the middle of the street (the police had closed down 6th street) and preached Jesus. I literally walked right down the middle of the street preaching for a long time. I felt no weakness or fear. If you viewed that picture above you will see that these streets are crowded with many thousands and yet in the midst of these crowds I preached and MANY listened in. I just love these near midnight hour open air meetings as the Holy Spirit uses these meetings to touch many thousands of unbelievers with His love! Another African man approached me and surrendered his life to Jesus and testified of feeling the power of God move in his life. Many were also encouraged and strengthened!

I would estimate at the very least more then 5,000 unbelievers were given the opportunity to hear the gospel. I rejoice in those sinners that, in public, repented and surrendered to Jesus as LORD!

I love casting out demons and praying for the sick but nothing in the world excites me more then sharing Jesus in public!

Battling Eastern Russian Demons in Michigan!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus!

Yesterday afternoon I arrived and have been busy –conducting 3 meetings, spending nearly 10 hours ministering to those afflicted by the powers of Satan –many demons were cast out and many hearts were healed in the name of Jesus!

One family that arrived to the meeting had been searching for a church to assist them for years! No one made themselves available so the Holy Spirit sent me and a minister friend of mine to pray!

Within minutes of praying with the mother, an evil spirit surfaced by the name of Noking. He was so angry at me! He growled and fully manifested from within her and spoke to me. The weird part of this was when he spoke to me, he spoke to me in what sounded like Russian (my wife and I spent many weeks in a Russian village in Germany conducting public meetings some years back and recognized the language).

These Noking spirits went on and on speaking in Russian. It was truly unusual. I commanded the spirits to speak English and after some struggle they finally did though with great difficulty at the beginning.

“There’s 12 of us and we go back many generations,” the demonic spirits boasted to me as they looked at me with murderous intent, “we will kill her, destroy her family.”

The reasons were varied of how these 12 spirits gained access into the ancestral bloodline: fornication, molestation, rejection, adultery, and many other sins. The demonic spirits also revealed that this lady’s (Michelle) great grandmother was involved in an organized witchcraft group that participated in satanic rituals.

“We are here to stop her from obtaining her inhertiance and blessings as a child of your God,” the demons confessed.

Wow! Think over that a moment. How many of you reading this feel like you are not fully obtaining the blessings due to you as a child of the King? Remember the apostle Paul teaches we have blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ (see Ephesians 1). But many believers are not walking in these blessings. I believe there are demons hindering and these demons must be confronted. They must be expelled in Jesus name!

At one point the demons stood her up on the sofa she had been sitting on and towered over with me satanic glee. He was about to lunge at me with all of their fury! I called forth the holy angels of God and they immediately came and restrained the spirits and forced them to sit back down. The holy angels of the Lord on many occasions struck these vile spirits with their swords and brought upon them great judgement. Their ministry enabled me to effectively help this dear woman!

Many other demons were within Michelle including a group of Jezebel spirits hell bent on destroying the family. What was remarkable was when Jezebel surfaced he immediately spoke utilizing many Christian cliches and verbiage that you would often hear many Christians use. But the tone was sarcastic and fake. Jezebel laughed and laughed. He confessed he loved going to churches (does not the Lord rebuke the church in the Book of Revelation for tolerating Jezebel among themselves?) This kind of spirit enjoys entering churches to bring havoc and seduction. All of us need to be on the watch of this spirit within the Body of Christ (Jezebel has no respect for the people of God. Recall, historically, what Jezebel did to the prophets of Old?)

“I came into her,” Jezebel arrogantly told me, “because she made a inner vow when she was 15 years of age that she would never submit to a man.”

Inner vows can open your life to demons! I led Michelle in repentance (and renouncing generational curses) and drove Jezebel and NoKing (which I had bound together) out of her in the name of Jesus! As soon as the evil spirits left she felt immediate peace, relief, and joy! She shouted at the top of her lungs: I AM FREE IN JESUS.

Many other demons were cast out including spirits of incest and vindictiveness. One demon revealed he had traveled within a Russian immigrant in the 18th century to the United States and when he landed on the shore he looked for openings and found Michelle’s ancestors who were given into sin and Satan. He then traveled into one of her ancestors in 1721 and had traveled through the bloodline since that day. Where is the church? Why didn’t someone intervene and shared the ministry of deliverance so future generations could be spared of pain, suffering, and demonization?

Many of these spirits held on to pieces of her heart and these spirits were commanded to release her heart and I spoke to these broken pieces and one little one was even honored to see the risen Jesus! Beautiful healing took place as all of these pieces of her heart were merged back together and there was wholeness in Jesus name!

Not only was Michelle was delivered from many demons but her 15 year old son (Cory) was also healed and liberated! There were others called, Amantheed, Negathon, Ramsheed, Instaid, and various other ancient demonic entities that had brought YEARS of torment into his life! This family was so desperate for deliverance that they turned to alternative methods such as “light therapy,” where this young man had to, for hours, at a time, glare into a light that was suppose to bring harmony. It didn’t bring harmony, it simply opened up more demons to enter within his body. This is a spiritual crime where a church going family had to turn to this kind of silly means in attempt to bring liberation. He needed an exorcism! He conducted one and he is now free from many demons and his heart was healed too. Many young parts ranging from 5 to 10 years of age were communicated to and healed in the name of Jesus! This young many also said he feels a call from God to the deliverance ministry and is ready to cast out demons!

As you can see I could easily go on and on sharing the victories we saw as Jesus set hearts FREE! Another man was set free from a scorpion spirit that was literally stinging his head. This spirit was cast out! Another lady was set free spirits of death and suicide.

Legions of Anti-Christ Demonic Spirits Sent to the Pit!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a very interesting day for me!

Earlier today, while outside playing with my kids I noticed someone parked across the street, from our home, acting very erratic. Minutes later two Dallas police cars approach the driver of the vehicle (I proceeded to walk in front of the home to listen into the conversation) and DPD actually placed him in handcuffs for questioning…it was determined he was a threat (he claimed to have a shotgun in his vehicle). Moreover, he attempted to gain entry into a nearby home. I truly believe the blood of Christ prevented him from entering our land. I also believe the fence and such was a deterrent too. Remember he was parked directly in front of our home! From listening into the conversation with the police officers it was very evident that this man was demonized! Makes one wonder what was truly being plotted knowing our history.

Fast forward 7 hours. I try to keep in shape (with all the intensive travel and ministry I’m involved in) by doing my power walk, up the hills, late in the evenings, and after the hour and half walk I work on some free weights. Well, I never got to the weights tonight. God had other plans!

While checking my emails on my phone before getting into the house….an urgent email came in from New York City, from a 60 year old lady, by the name of Linda, who requested urgent help. In her words she was emailing a “911” emergency email! For years this dear woman had been tormented and constricted by satanic powers. In fact, these spirits literally physically assaulted her earlier in the evening hence her urgent request for spiritual help. God immediately prompted me to call her. I did. This was nearly midnight.

Mind you, it was nearly midnight, still outside and yet when the Holy Spirit speaks –you obey! I call and she picks up the phone. Linda heads up a prayer ministry and has been serving Jesus for more then 40 years! She was so thankful I called.

While she was sharing with me on the phone….the Holy Spirit spoke to me about two main things that needed to be addressed –there was some form of satanism in the background and her heart was terribly broken and was in need of deep healing!

I interrupted her and shared with her, she simply broke down in tears! The Holy Spirit is always spot on!

I began to pray and immediately a demonic spirit named, “Anti-Christ,” surfaced and spoke to me in a different voice.

“She belongs to us, we are too many for you, there’s Legions of us, we have special powers!” the demons boasted to me.

I confronted the spirits, “The blood of Jesus drains your special powers right now!”

“Ok, Ok, Ok, you can have her,” the spirits conceded after being confronted with the blood of Jesus.

I proceeded to find out if these legions of demonic spirits had any rights to her.

“No, no, no, no, we came in because her ancestors practiced vile things,” the demons informed me, “we came in 4 generations ago.”

I find out that these demons had entered Linda’s mother’s and father’s ancestors because of their participation in the occult, black magic, witchcraft, and Satanism. Linda testified there was Freemasonry, Jehovah Witnesses, and sorcery in her background. I led Linda in a prayer to renounce these curses and sins in the name of Jesus which she readily did!

“We hold her heart, her WHOLE heart,” the demons confessed as I called for legions of holy angels to descend upon these evil spirits that had been afflicting this dear woman and her husband for years. Linda had shared that her husband, under control of demon powers, gave her a ultimatum recently: Either follow me or follow your God. Linda chose to follow God but obviously her heart has been shattered with all the pain and rejection!

I commanded the demons to let go of the heart and they did!

“You can have her, Jesus will set her free,” the demons now inform me!

Remember I’m outside of my home, around midnight, confronting these spirits and all of a sudden a man comes around my fence and stops and looks at me for several minutes. I simply ignore him. Again I trust Jesus! This was no doubt an attempt by the enemy to stall the deliverance.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I told these many thousands of Anti-Christ spirits to leave and they immediately left! They repeated after me and they were sent to that PIT!!!

Linda was amazed how good she actually felt! She testified of feeling all of these demons leave her body at once when I was commanding them to go. She said she never been through anything like this before. She was so happy to be delivered! She testified that recently the spirits had been speaking into her mind: “You really curse Jesus” and being a Godly woman she rebuked the spirits: “I do not curse Jesus, I love Him.” She just didn’t know how to rid herself of these blasphemous spirits as for forty years, as a believer, she never experienced anything of that nature before!

In God’s providence, I was made available by Him to help my dear sister to find freedom! She exclaimed: “I now know how to help others and will now! I just didn’t know how to.” I also prayed for her heart to be healed and she was completely surprised how good her heart felt! God in His love healed and liberated this woman!

To top off the night, this precious 60 year old saint spoke encouraging words to me that were no doubt from the Lord as there were some things I was recently going through and I needed the encouragement! Thank you Jesus for LOVING ME!

It’ nearly 2am here and I’m going to sleep in the peace of Jesus! Amen!

My friends –He loves you! He is not angry with you. He is abounding in love, slow to anger and does not treat us as our sins deserve so says Psalm 103. He desires to use you for His Kingdom. This is His heart!

Attacked in Public Deliverance Service, Jesus Wins!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Last night was another amazing service at our Church of the Cross public meeting in the Bellmead/Waco, Texas area! Many were openly delivered from demonic bondage in the name of Jesus! Many demonic spirits were expelled, healings took place and families restored! The night started off though with some spiritual fireworks!

After a brief teaching from God’s Word and leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began the public deliverance prayers! Almost immediately a young demonized man, sitting in front of me, lunged at me with extreme hatred, rage and murderous intent! The evil spirits within him cursed me and physically attacked me with viciousness as I was shoved back to the Communion table. I have to admit I was kinda shocked by the sudden attack and force of the demons. I did not hesitate though to walk right back at the demon that wanted to kill me. I placed the Holy Scriptures on the top of his head weakening the demonic energy within this young man. Furthermore, a pastor friend of mine, Joey Guess, assisted by placing a crucifix upon the demons weakening them even more so.

As I write to you reporting this I am truly filled with joy. I truly am. I am not fearful or scared. Sure, nobody likes to be threatened or physically attacked but I rejoice in my Savior who has counted me worthy to face such persecutions. This really motivates me to serve our Lord even more. I am making an impact for the Kingdom of God thus the hatred from the enemy! I just keep on and keep on. For over a quarter of a century (25 years of service to the King this year) I have faced many hundreds of attacks but not discouraged one bit. I am pressing onward to the call of God –to preach the gospel, to cast out demons and heal the sick!

As the spirits were placed in submission we began to deal with the demons.

“We are NOT going anywhere,” the spirits of murder, rage, and suicide bluntly and forcefully told me, “we will kill him first.”

This young man had shared with us that for years he’s been struggling with constant thoughts of committing mass murder, rape and other unspeakable evils. This was a young man who had been tortured by demons for years! He sliced his own body, dabbled with the occult, and participated in other deep sins. However, some time ago he had surrendered his life to Jesus and was now wanting freedom but was having great difficulty locating someone to assist him so he ended by taking a busy for more then 13 hours to attend this public service! Where’s the local church? Why have they not intervened in his life and expelled these murderous demons before they drove him to committ mass murder as he was on he way to do so, I can assure this was the devil’s plan for him to committ mass killings, if these demons were not cast out in Jesus name!

While the church stood it’s ground in Jesus name, we commanded many spirits of murder, rage, and suicide out of him. They were ordered to go to the pit! One dear intercessor, actually saw, while we were combatting these spirits, these devils were crying out in agony as they were being forced upon command to the fiey pits….she actually saw the fire, the demonic entity’s essence being engulfed ever so gradually by the fires!

The young man testified of feeling great relief and release! This was but the beginning! Many others experienced liberation from demon powers! I would estimate nearly 70% of those in the meeting was demonized and in need of an exorcism. So, we continued on through the night!

A young lady sitting near to the front also manifested demons. A spirit named, Darkness, surfaced. He held onto a little part of her heart that very young. This little one surfaced and spoke to me. She shared how scared, how fearful and terrorized she was. I led her into some prayers and this little one almost immediately was honored to see the Risen Jesus in His glory! This little heart part embraced the Lamb and the Lamb held her with such deep love and comfort! Again this is a beautiful aspect of the ministry I do not take for granted….many people in our public meetings are seeing the Risen Savior! This is really remarkable. We finally led this healed part to rejoin the core and awesome healing took place deep within her heart! It was astounding to see! Moreover, these vile spirits of terror and fear that enslaved this part and young lady was commanded to go to the pit!

Another young lady in the crowd also surfaced spirits named, Massacre, who had entered through her mother as a result of some satanic blood rituals she had participated in many years ago. These demonic ceremonies opened the doors for demons to enter the family and therefore traveled down the bloodline into her daughter. As soon as I placed sacred oil upon her forehead the demons caused her to collapse to the ground. I proceeded to drive out many Massacre demons from her!

Another woman, in her 40’s, while I was leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers began to experience sharp pain in her side. I confronted this pain and a spirit of abortion surfaced (the lady shared she had undergone an abortion many years earlier) and these demons were forced out in Jesus name!

Her husband also surfaced spirits, named Incubus (they told us there 17 of them within him), during the meeting, my good friend, Joey Guess, battled these demons. These sex spirits were confronted and were expelled in Jesus name! He was so happy after his deliverance, the smile said it all! He shouted and praised God for his mighty liberation!

Not only did this precious couple experience deliverance they also received powerful words of knowledge from a dear sister in the Lord that had attended the meeting. The words that were given were spot on, very specific words. The couple were amazed as they did not know this lady! The Holy Spirit however knows all and revealed what needed to be heard! Both of them rededicated their lives and marriage to Jesus! The tears of joy, the healing, the liberation brought everyone to applaud the power of God!

An African lady manifested powerful generational spirits towards the end of the evening. She was freed from many Masonic and Eastern Star spirits. With loud cries, moans and groans these demons were told to leave! They were so angry that they been exposed to the light of Jesus! The loud cries and with vomiting the demons departed!

A young boy, only 12 years of age, was also liberated from demons of anger and destruction! So many more miracles occured through the night of inner healing –parts reuniting to the core!

What a great honor to serve Jesus. What an honor to serve His church! What an honor to serve you! Again, thank you for praying. Your prayers sustain this ministry!