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Extraordinary Signs & Wonders in Pasadena, CA!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

I’m stunned with the amount of astounding signs and wonders we witness, consistently, in our seminars and meetings. Last night, here in Pasadena, California, during our weekly Jesus Church service, more staggering supernaturalism. Just in the past several days, we have watched on, as multiple souls, have been supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and have encountered the most thrilling otherworldly experiences.

  • Face to face with the Holy Trinity –Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Entering into the highest of Heavens –the Throne Room of God
  • Encountering the deepest of loves one can experience
  • Meeting holy angels
  • Eating and tasting of the most wondrous heavenly treats and drinks
  • Encountering the unique powers of the heavenly realms that stun
  • Experiencing sounds, smells, sights and sensations that mystify and cause wonderment
  • Riding heavenly rides and heavenly creatures
  • Being introduced to animated trees, leaves, waters, fruits, flowers, atmospheres, that touch ones core in deepest manner
  • Encountering loved ones, friends and others who passed on (who are now in these heavenly realms)
  • Receiving heavenly directives, instructions and information that empower, encourage and bring joy
  • Receiving heavenly gifts
  • Obtaining new powers, new capabilities that will empower ones service to God on earth
  • Encountering biblical saints

I could go on and on. I’m in awe. Our last night, in Atlanta, GA, multiple souls entered God’s heavenly home. One disciple (watch the video below) encountered the most astounding of miracles –Face to face with the Holy Trinity. Experiencing His love, peace and joy in a deeper way. She actually entered His Throne Room.
Speaking of the Throne Room of God. Another disciple (this mother & wife, pictured above, with her husband) entered His Throne Room. This couple attended, last night, desperate for deliverance and healing. She shared of the terrible pains, sicknesses and afflictions. The enemy tried to kill her. Witches (some whom we encountered while ministering to her) were plotting for her destruction but God sustained her and prevailed. I’ll share more in my next email update. God rescued this woman ( and her husband surrendered his life to Christ and was born again), the demons were expelled, the curses were broken and her broken heart was guided into the heavenly realms.
While in the heavenly realms she met God! She encountered His amazing unfailing, unfathomable love and healing powers. Watch the video below to hear more. I’m astonished to see so many souls entering into the heavenly realms. More to come. God has spoken so clearly.