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Seeing Jesus in Silicon Valley

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

I am sitting here in a high rise hotel in Silicon Valley stunned at the heavenly experiences individuals are encountering in our meetings throughout the world. One of the most special aspects of our work is the astounding number of people who are seeing Jesus, holy angels and other extraordinary heavenly things during our ministry events. Staggering when you consider the mass number of individuals who are sharing their incredible experiences with the Holy Trinity.

Last night, here in the San Jose, California, area, during our seminar, I was able to minister to a young woman who came at the invitation of a friend (who received deliverance and healing in a previous meeting). She was open to receiving from God. As the meeting went on, she began to come under satanic assault as she started to feel various kinds of pains and afflictions throughout her body. She was bewildered and yet curious to discover what was behind these strange attacks.

I also discovered this precious woman had experienced some recent tragedy. Her baby boy died. Still grieving. Wanted to be able to see her little boy one more time. Wanted assurances he was in Heaven. God, in His mercy and grace, visited with my young sister in Jesus, during the seminar.

As I began to pray over her, many demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. I warred back in the name of Jesus and called forth the holy angels of God. They swiftly arrived and assisted me in battling these spiritual wicked beings. They struck the demons and poured fire from Heaven over these beings. They were greatly weakened and began to cooperate with my demands.

The demons released her heart and her mind. Moreover, they removed all of the pains, ailments and oppressions she had been experiencing for a long time. Spirits of death, Jezebel, witchcraft, who had been in the bloodline for thousands of years were shocked that I was able to locate them and confront them.

“We have been forever,” the evil spirits boasted to me, “You are the very first one to ever confront us. Her ancestors participated in witchcraft and when she was 12 she purchased a Ouija Board!”

Interesting. Obviously, the demons had generational rights but they also invaded her as a result of her purchasing a divinatory device –the Ouija Board! I wonder how many young people have received demons as a result of this cursed object? Millions, no doubt.

As I battled the demons and commanded them into the pit. I asked Jesus to appear to her with her little boy. Almost immediately, she was able to SEE Jesus and her little boy. Both were in Heaven and were smiling. Her little boy was moving around, very much alive with the Lord Jesus! Such beautiful healing took place.