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Miracles of Deliverance and Healing at the Church of the Cross Deliverance Service

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

Miracles of Deliverance and Healing at the Church of the Cross Deliverance Service

Conducted 1 Public and 3 Private Meetings where Thousands of Demons were Driven Out!

Many Jezebel Spirits Confronted and Expelled in Jesus Name!

Saint See Jesus and Angels

Spirits of Incubus, Rape, Witchcraft, Lust, Greed, Sodomy, and Many Others Defeated by the Cross of Jesus

Holy Communion, the Scriptures, the Commands of Jesus were Too Much for the Powers of Hell

Saints Experienced FREEDOM while Conducting Mass Deliverance Prayers

Satanic Jewelry and Objects Destroyed During Meeting

Generational Spirits of Eastern Mysticism Cast OUT!

Skeptic Surrenders Anew to Jesus, Gets Delivered and Baptized by the Holy Spirit


I’m currently in Waco, Texas, conducting public and private meetings with those tormented by evil spirits. I was finally able to get to sleep around 3:30am as even after the conclusion of our service there were souls waiting for ministry. At our Church of the Cross deliverance service last night we were honored with the presence of the Holy Spirit and thus souls were healed and liberated from thousands of evil spirits in the name of Jesus! Pastor James Beason and I –for more then 9 hours– ministered to those who traveled great distances to be equipped and to receive prayer. In fact, one precious believer traveled from New Jersey to be present at the meeting. Again, this is a common occurrence for our public deliverance meetings where precious souls will travel from all over the continent just to receive spiritual intervention. As always I heard one testimony after another from those who assembled in our small meeting hall who revealed that they had been having great difficulty finding anyone within the church who would help and believe. I’m extremely baffled by this as we the Body of Christ have the spiritual answers to those enslaved to demon powers! This just reveals how spiritual blindness and apathy had gripped the church at large. 

We are determined to intervene and not standby as Satan’s atrocities continue. We will fight in the power of the Holy Spirit and declare: Jesus is Lord!

One believer who showed up to the meeting was a believer in his early 30’s named Dave. For as long as he can recall he had been tormented by demonic powers and with uncontrollable rage, anger and lust. It was destroying him, his wife, his marriage and his life. In a sense we were his last hope as he tried everything to get relief and freedom. He was repentant and humbled as he had no where to turn. After nearly several hours of teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to minister to those in need. We ministered to the demonized and many demons were cast out in Jesus name. Within seconds of praying over Dave an evil spirit surfaced –spirit of anger– it was furious that it had been exposed to the light of Jesus Christ. I demanded the spirit to tell me if he had any more rights to stay within his body.

“NOOOOO!” the demon screamed loudly at me, “We are trying to KILL him, his wife, and their marriage.”

Because they in submission to the Lord Jesus, their torment was quite obvious.

I then asked the demons where they wanted to go as they obviously didn’t want to stay within a body that was now sold out for God (and being tormented by ministers of the gospel). 

“We want to go home!”

“Where’s your home?”

“HELL” the demons screamed again.

Because Dave was repentant, humbling himself before God, he was no longer an appealing home for demons. So, they were literally begging to leave.

Then in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded the demons to depart and to enter that PIT!

Dave then collapsed to the ground FREED from all of the evil that had been haunting him. Moreover, while praying over him he instantly began to speak in new tongues as he experienced a filling of the Holy Spirit. 

Now, allow me to share something about Dave. All of this was completely a surprise to him as he came to this meeting as a skeptic. That’s right a skeptic. After experiencing the liberation power of Jesus he shared a testimony to everyone in the meeting that clearly touched all. He first thought that all of this deliverance ministry was completely fake but then he gradually realized it wasn’t fake but quite real as he came under attack during the meeting, which he didn’t previously thought was possible, since he was believer. Knowing that demons were manifesting from within him he asked that we would help him and we did. Dave is now free in Jesus!

The tears of joy, the smile, the relief, the inner peace, the release was beautiful to behold! 

Many other miracles took place in our small meeting –of demons being forced to release parts of broken hearts, saints seeing Jesus and angels, cursed objects destroyed, exorcising demons and other signs and wonders. God truly blessed our meeting however even after more then 9-10 hours of ministry there were others needing help. In one private session, early this morning, we were were able by the power of God to call up the “core” of an individual that had been locked up by demons for more then 6 months. Think about that for a moment. This dear man was so terribly demonized that the demons were basically in control of his daily life and were up, so to speak, every moment of his existence for the past 6 months. So whenever someone spoke to him at his workplace, his home, or any other places they were not speaking to him but rather an evil spirit. Since he was a victim of horrific abuse and evil at the hands of various sadistic cults he was opened up to ghastly demonic forces that ravaged his entire being. It was these beings we forced down and were able to call up the core. The core was happy, peaceful and extremely grateful to be up after for so long in a inner dungeon. 

Aztec Spirits Defeated in New Mexico Home Church

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s 2am here in Farmington, which is nestled among the San Juan Mountains in Northern New Mexico. Pastor James Beason and I arrived yesterday, got off the plane, got in a car and traveled more then 3 hours to be here passing through some amazing terrain –from desert land to rugged mountains– and while heading up in this high altitude environment there were a few times I felt like I was about to go unconsciousness. Very strange feeling that I had not experienced before. Not only was I battling a form of high altitude sickness I was also at war with these evil spiritual forces that dominate New Mexico, which is considered a New Age mecca of sorts for people from around the globe. I know when I arrived early yesterday morning into Albuquerque my spirit was greatly disturbed to see the vast array of New Age occult stores that were found everywhere in the city. It is truly a dark area of North America.

It is here in this spiritually oppressive environment God sent James and I to help those whom are demonized. We were invited by a home church to to minister deliverance and we gladly accepted their invitation. For more then 6 hours we taught from the Scriptures and battled many thousands of evil spirits including many that were enslaving a 40 year old Native American Indian, by the name of Randy, who just three days earlier gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ! It was his first time visiting this home church and we had the wonderful opportunity to cast out thousands of generational Aztec demons that had entered his ancestors. The Aztecs, who were the ancient people of Mexico and Central America, was found to be quite pagan in their religious traditions. It was reported, during “the reconsecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed 84,400 prisoners over the course of four days…” The Aztecs opened major doorways to the demonic realm. Over the past year in Mexico and in Central America we have encountered many Aztec spirits and have driven them out in Jesus name!

Within minutes of praying over Randy a number of powerful Aztec spirits surfaced and battled us. With groans and moans they attempted to stay within his body. For a extended amount of time we battled these powerful pagan spirits and forced them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! He was set free by JESUS! It was truly amazing to behold! The smile, the inner joy, and peace said it all! Randy testified of not only feeling the demons depart but also testified of experiencing some miraculous healing –his kidney pain disappeared, his back pain ceased, many other physical afflictions vanished! God healed our brother in Christ and was greatly excited about sharing with others of the miracle working power of Jesus!

James and I ministered to others including a young woman who was terribly demonized. We encountered many spirits of mind control, confusion, fear, loneliness, and other kinds of spirits. These were commanded to leave in Jesus name! One spirit of fear even held captive a broken piece of her heart that was only 5 years of age. This precious part was healed and was released from satanic bondage. Others were ministered too also. Jesus truly performed great wonders in our midst!

In Arizona: Souls Saved, Hearts Healed, Demons Expelled and Lady Sees Jesus!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It has been 105F/40C here in very sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, where pastor James Beason and I have been battling legions of evil spirits within those who attended our small group public meeting last night. Here in the Southwestern region of the United States there is a great need for the ministry of liberation among the Native American people group. A family that came to our meeting was from the Yaqui tribe with Aztec ancestral roots. Members of the family were delivered on this night. But more importantly, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a few of the members of the family to the Lord Jesus Christ as they had never been born again and was quite receptive to the presentation of the gospel. It was powerful to witness!

This is our heart –to not only set the captives free but to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus to the lost. This has been something I have been doing for more then 25 years around the globe –from the street corner to the mass crusades– we are dedicated to preach Jesus and to proclaim deliverance to the captives!

One dear lady we ministered to was a 37 year old by the name of Maria. For years she was involved in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, the New Age movement, spiritualism, and a number of the Native American religious groups (including the participation in Sweat Lodges). After leading everyone assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray with Maria and almost immediately a demon spirit that had been harassing her for more then 34 years was driven out in the name of Jesus! She could feel the demon quickly exit from her body!

Many other demons surfaced within her including a spirit named Tikal. I’m quite familiar with this spirit as I have spent many months in the country (Guatemala) that this spirit originated from. We currently oversee several churches in Guatemala and have seen many set free from ancient Mayan spirits. Tikal is a name of a Mayan village which is a few hours north of Guatemala City. In this village pagan temples were built where countless people were sacrificed to demonic spirits. Here is a picture of one of the temples: This particular spirit spoke in a number of Native American languages and was quite angry that it had been exposed. I commanded the spirit to speak in English.

“We have been here for more then 400 years in her blood because her ancestors practiced human sacrifice at the Temple. We have brought Hepatitis C and many other diseases within her body. We are not leaving,” the spirit declared to me.

For more then 10 generations these Central American spirits had been trafficking within the family because their ancestors were steeped into satanic blood ceremonies. What was interesting about this encounter with this particular spirit is that it was named after a village –Tikal. Immediately the Holy Spirit reminded me of something. I had bought, innocently enough, a shirt for my wife from Guatemala that had Tikal printed on it. I contacted my wife and amazingly while I was dealing with this demon it turns out she was wearing that same shirt I had given her with that name of the village on it. She immediately destroyed it.

Tikal was persistent but eventually confessed Jesus was indeed Lord. He contorted and twisted her body in a very grotesque manner. There were 13 others of his kind within her. There were also a number of Jezebel spirits that reported to Tikal. There were also more then 6,000 spirits named Legion and a demon spirit named, Schaquina. Because of her ancestral sins and her involvement in idolatry allowed these thousands of unclean spirits to enter her body. For hours we battled these demons as they fought against us. They were commanded to release more then 24 broken pieces of her heart that they had been holding captive. We spoke to a very young 3 year old part of her heart who actually got to meet the risen Savior. The Lord Jesus held her hand and spoke words to her and to us, reaffirming His love for everyone! This is truly remarkable. In many of our public and private meetings people are sharing testimonies of seeing Jesus! Amazing!

These little parts met Jesus. He healed them and her broken pieces were put back together. Maria’s heart was supernaturally healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We also dealt with these many thousands of demons and they were driven out of her in Jesus name! She was so extremely joyful in her new found freedom in Christ! She also agreed (though she did not want anyone seeing her face) to have her testimony videotaped.

Her mother was also delivered from many generational spirits. Her boyfriend was also set free from many satanic spirits. God performed wondrous miracles in our midst and we give Him praise!

Michigan Meetings Filled with the Miraculous​: Nearly 500 Year Human Sacrifice Curse Broken

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Mighty Miracles: Michigan Mission

More then 5 Meetings in 2 Cities in Michigan

Thousands of Demonic Spirits Cast Out In Grand Rapids Public Meeting

Many Disciples Equipped in Meetings to Cast Out Evil Spirits and Heal the Sick

Standing Room Only Public Meeting: Many Lucifer Spirits Cast Out in Jesus Name

Families Traveled Great Distances for Deliverance and Healing

Jezebel Spirit Attempts to Throw Young Girl Over Balcony but Fails, Jesus Wins

Miraculous Healing: Woman Set FREE from Pain, Arthritis, Migraine Headaches and Other Infirmities

Palestinian Lady Set FREE from Islamic Spirits

Native American Lady Experiences DEEP Healing of the Heart!

Numerous Souls Liberated from Jezebel Demons

Many Legions of Holy Angels Assisted in Numerous Exorcisms

Zulu, Horus, Satan, Shiite, and Many Other Strong Demons Defeated by the Blood of Jesus!

Led Husband to Expel Demons from Wife

Nearly 6 Hour Public Meeting Followed by a Nearly 4 Hour Private Exorcism Sessions!

As you can see from above we have been quite busy the past several days in Michigan proclaiming the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ! One of my ministry partners, Robert Boldt and I held a number of private and public meetings in the Grand Rapids and Holland area. In each meeting God displayed His mighty power!

I need to be honest I was alittle shocked to see our small conference meeting hall, on Saturday evening, filled to capacity. In fact, it was a standing room only crowd that had assembled to be equipped, to experience freedom from demonic attacks and to receive healing! Precious souls traveled many hours (even a family from Canada) to be present at this public deliverance service. For a few hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” and was astonished to find out many whom had assembled had never heard of this revolutionary teaching.

Not only did I teach from the Scriptures, I led the precious people who had assembled in Holy Communion. Partaking of the sacrament brought about demonic resistance. One precious believer was incapable of drinking the cup of the Lord as the demons within her were attempting to prevent her from doing so. Many have noticed that this is the case in many of our meetings –where precious people have great difficulty partaking of the Holy Communion. It’s because we view the sacrament of the Holy Communion as a very sacred event and the demons within those in the meetings can pick up the sacredness of the Communion that we facilitate thus many demonic manifestations.

I approached the precious lady who was clearly demonized and commanded the demons to be subjected to the blood of Jesus!

“We are not leaving,” the demons informed me as they spoke out of her.

These were the same demons keeping her from partaking of the cup of the Lord.

They contorted her body and several times caused her to slump over dramatically. They even publicly mocked the Communion and the Lord Jesus!

There were many spirits within her including spirits of Lucifer and Mockery. There were also many Legion demons within her. These were expelled in the name of Jesus! We also encountered many dissociative identities that were brought to Jesus for healing. This precious saint experienced deep healing and deliverance. As we were ministering to her one of the Luciferian spirits communicated to some other Luciferian spirits within a young man who recently surrendered to the Lord Jesus after a very violent lifestyle. We prayed for this man and he experienced great release and relief in the name of Jesus!

Many others were manifesting spirits including a young Palestinian woman whom we ministered to in the meeting. She was set free from many evil spirits that were twisting her body! Moreover, while we were ministering to her a young 7 year old child was violently manifesting spirits. As I approached the young boy the demons reacted within him and with his mother and father restraining him we prayed over the little boy. He was being horribly attacked. Sadly, we didn’t have the necessary time to minister to this family as we would have liked as there were so many souls who had assembled that were needing spiritual assistance including a 58 year old survivor of satanic ceremonial trauma. She was highly dissociative and demonized.  We offered hope and some specialized teaching to her.

Many evil spirits were cast out of bodies and many parts of broken hearts were healed however since there so few workers to assist me many were not able to receive prayer. After nearly 6 hours of teaching and ministering I was merely scratching the surface as there that many demons within those in the meeting. Nearly everyone was still present even after 6 hours of ministry. In many churches most people are ready to leave within 30 minutes! God is truly blessing this work!

To get an idea of the work I do on these missions allow me to shed some light into our ministry.

On Friday we ministered deliverance to a family until, I believe, was 2am. I get back to my room and asleep by 3:30am after some personal praise and worship. I’m up early in more meetings. By the afternoon, I’m involved in a strong spiritual battle on the behalf of a young woman indwelt with many Jezebel demons. Her mother and father assisted me in casting many out in Jesus name. Towards the end of the exorcism, the demons in a last attempt to hinder her freedom, tried to kill her. While she was going upstairs to retrieve a cursed object that a demon had revealed she had in her upstairs bedroom, I saw with my very own eyes these unseen spirits throw her up against the rail of the 2nd floor balcony with the hopes of throwing her off the balcony in an attempt to kill her. I shouted for her parents –who were upstairs with her– to assist, they had to physically restrain her as these unseen evil forces wanted to throw her off the 2nd floor with the hopes of killing her. A few times they caused her to literally collapse unto the ground as she ascended the stairs. These spirits were expelled in Jesus name and she was rescued from these murderous spirits. Please continue to pray for her as there is a war for her soul. I know God has a call upon her life and the enemy wants to see her destroyed but it won’t happen –as she has Godly parents who are dear friends of mine that are warriors for Jesus! I should also add she also experienced some deep inner healing too!

So by this time it was 4:15pm and we needed to rush over to the public meeting.

We arrived around 5pm and the meeting room was already becoming full! By 5:30pm the room was full and more chairs had to brought into the small meeting hall. We ministered for another 6 hours in the public meeting then we held some private sessions until nearly 3am. Since the city had a number of special events occurring during the weekend I could not easily locate a room. I finally was able to locate a vacant room and was in bed by 4am and was up early again for a meeting and then traveled back to Dallas. As you can see –alot of beautiful powerful ministry, not much sleep and hardly time to eat. God is good and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Him and serve His people!

I am disturbed by the amount of individuals who were suffering from satanic bondage. It seems to me the evil is increasingly becoming more aggressive and yet the church is increasingly retreating in the face of the enemy. Why? Does not the church truly believe we are on the winning side –our great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ has conquered the kingdom of darkness! We should advance not retreat! We have the blood on our side. Who can conquer the blood of the King? No one! Jesus wins!

I mentioned in passing that we ministered to a family on Friday. In this very late night session we encountered many strong demonic spirits such as Horus, Zulu and many Death demons. They tried to choke her, they failed. They tried to battle us, they failed. For you must understand they wanted to stay within her as they laid claim to her soul and her ancestors for more then 12 generations –nearly 500 years– that would explain why they fought us so vigorously. This satanic curse was broken in Jesus name!

Horus and Zulu revealed they had gained access to the ancestors because her ancestors participated in various blood rituals including particular human sacrifice. This dear lady renounced all of these generational curses and was set FREE. There were many spirits of infirmities upon her also that brought great suffering into her life to where she could no longer even stand going to church. The demons confessed to me they had been causing her all kinds of physical and emotional pain. We commanded these demons to depart and to take all of her infirmities. She was miraculously cured of many illnesses and afflictions. To prove the healing I had her do some things she could not previously do without great pain. She was able to move her limbs and body around and testified of feeling zero pain! Our God is truly a healing God. This saint also experienced deep inner healing as many parts of her heart were integrated and healed supernaturally in Jesus name!