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Epic & Extraordinary in New Westminster!

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

My friends, I have been trekking across British Columbia for years conducting dozens upon dozens of seminars, missions and services over the years proclaiming victory in Jesus Christ. However, last night was epic and extraordinary. Perhaps one of the best services yet? It was incredibly powerful as powerful manifestations took place that included miraculous physical healing (including one lady healed of being HIV-Postive), deep inner healing and demonstrative deliverance from evil spirits. Moreover, this entire week, we have seen people repent of their sins and turn to Jesus as Lord!

Speaking of demonstrative deliverance. Last night we witnessed many. Our meeting hall was jammed packed in New Westminster, British Columbia. God told me to conduct seminars in New Westminster some years ago and He has blessed our work here ever since. Our conference hall was so filled up to capacity that we couldn’t fit anymore people inside. We literally had people sitting in the hallway leading to the conference room. Sadly, some people who came late ended up leaving because it was so jammed packed. We are definitely getting a larger hall for our next British Columbia seminars in August 2017.

As soon as I began teaching the WORD –violent demonic manifestations erupted throughout the meeting hall. Numerous demons were surfacing form within their victims and throughout the hall demons were exiting and crying out loudly. Some of the manifestations were extremely violent and aggressive. I was clawed, pushed around and my Holy Bible was aggressively thrown across the hall in sheer hatred for me and God. We continued to stand our ground in Jesus and battled back.

All night long –for more then 7+ hours– we warred against very violent and strong demons. In fact, one young lady, manifested such violent spirits, that for the entire night, two of my ministry partners –Pastors Tony and Benjamin– had to physically and spiritually restrain the demonic spirits. The demons growled, hissed, groaned and moaned. They contorted her body grotesquely, twisted her limbs, sneered, and foamed with extreme vengeance. My friends, this was taking place all night long. As these demons manifested, many more evil spirits surfaced from within those who had assembled.

I was undeterred. I continued on with the teaching from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and led in mass deliverance prayers resulting in many being set free from demons. Many testified of being physically and mentally healed too. One lady I ministered to was a young Persian lady, pictured with me above, who manifested demonic spirits also.

“We have been here for many generations,” the spirits revealed to me, “We are powerful and have tormented her and brought pain into her life!”

These generational spirits were demons of Islam! There were many within her. I confronted the demon of Allah within her and his pawns. They submitted to King Jesus.

“We must declare that Jesus is indeed Lord,” the spirits of Allah confessed to me, “He is superior!”

Yes! Jesus is God in the flesh and is superior to all other gods and goddesses. In New Westminster we demonstrated before a attentive crowd this reality as the demons bowed to King Jesus!

I also called for the holy angels of God and they swiftly assisted me in dealing with the many demons within this young Persian. It should be said that this entire British Columbia mission had been marked with God’s remarkable power and the usage of His holy and mighty angels. They greatly assisted us all night long and this entire week. They have restrained violence and have assisted in ministry to the tormented. They have struck with their swords, upon command, the invading demons, thus bringing defeat to the kingdom of darkness.

Within this Persian were many heart parts. They were released, many little girls surfaced and were guided to Jesus for deep healing and comfort. Some of them, again, were able to SEE the risen Savior! She even had a pre-natal little baby part that surfaced and was gently healed by Jesus. Moreover, there were soul invaders within her sending her witchcraft. They were commanded out of her body and mind. Furthermore, there were ancestral heart parts that were released and guided to the Savior for healing. It was so wonderful to see God heal in such a deeper manner.

God set this Persian free! She was so grateful afterwards they she quickly bowed to the ground in worship of King Jesus –see her picture below. Also, as I began to pray for her, God gave her a NEW name (her previous name was a name of a ancient goddess). God told me and told her –her new name is now Heather! Thank YOU Jesus!

“This is what it feels like to be liberated! I’m truly FREE in Jesus!” she shouted to everyone! WOW!