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Power of Jesus Overcoming Mafia, Satanism, and Murder

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I am currently in San Antonio, Texas conducting meetings with those enslaved to the devil. God has been gracious to bestow His holy power upon us and we have seen some amazing miracles that I would like to report on!

The battle began at the airport in Dallas. I have been flying for more then 30 years and I have never experienced being stuck on a runway as a result of a fire alarm going off in the controller tower thus causing all of the controllers to evacuate the tower. I am curious to know if any of you have experienced anything like? The pilot, when notifying us of the delay, sounded astonished when reporting that the entire tower had to be evacuated. Was this simply a coincidence –here I was traveling to set precious souls free and now I was once again being hindered in my travels. No, it was NOT a coincidence this was the attempt of the enemy to stop me. The devil failed.

I safely arrived to Brian and Michelle’s home here in San Antonio and discovered that this dear family was much deeper in darkness then I had originally thought. Though on the outside seemed like this family was fine –she a nurse, he a federal law enforcement agent– Brian and Michelle had two precious children and a nice home however something nefarious was at work right under the surface of their lives and that is why God sent me to drive out these evil forces in Jesus name.

Michelle grew up in the Mafia in the Bronx, New York, where her father admitted to killing people and conducting numerous criminal activity in the underworld. Her childhood and home was filled with violence. When she was 3 years of age she recalls her father viciously attacking her mother and trying to separate the both of them (I can’t imagine how this would affect a little 3 year old). Having endured two rapes as a young girl her heart shattered and powerful demons moved into her life causing more problems. As a devout Catholic in the Bronx she vividly recalls as a 6 year old going to Mass one morning and hearing a demonized man sitting behind her spewing out vile profanities towards the priest. This further traumatized her life and brought such fear that she did not desire to attend any church from that point forward.

Through the years Michelle had experienced some intense paranormal activity in her life and home  –the appearing of phantoms, ghosts and monsters– at times these entities (demons) would even physically assault her and choke her in an attempt to murder her. She grew desperate for help but no one was there to offer any assistance.

Brian also grew up in the Bronx and for years experienced intense spiritual attacks, that at times seemed relentless. The attacks gradually intensified to the point where Michelle had to admit him into a psychiatric hospital as she did not where else to turn (isn’t that horrible that a family in such dire straits couldn’t feel they could turn to the church for intervention but rather an insane asylum). This also worsened the problems as the demons were not obviously dealt with and the forces of evil continued the attack –this time they took it to an entirely different level as they began to attack their two children –in one instance their little girl woke up petrified as she saw a man in their home who declared: “I am going to kill your family!”

At this harrowing point Brian sought ministries that are involved in deliverance and exorcism and came across our work which led me here. For seven hours I battled the violent spirits within Brian and Michelle (and within the children) and this entire family in NOW free and healed to serve Jesus!

Michelle within an hour of my arrival to their home strong satanic spirits hell bent on murdering me confessed –“We were the ones behind your travel problems earlier today on the plane,” –a spirit of murder revealed to me (this doesn’t surprise me at all, as demons will hinder the servants of the Lord in their travels).

Numerous spirits of Murder, Death, Fear, and Evil surfaced from within her and spoke to me.

“We entered a long time ago –more then 30 generations ago– as her ancestors, on her father’s side, worshiped our master Satan, they murdered animals, prayed to Satan, murdered humans, conducted rituals, wore cloaks as Druid priests,” the demons went on, “she was born with chains because of the ancestor’s witchcraft oaths.”

These demons battled me and her husband fiercely, growled, contorted her body in a grotesque manner and moaned. But this experience jolted her husband to the reality of what these demons were doing within her wife’s life. I called Michelle back from her demonic trance and explained to them what was occurring (they had never been through a deliverance nor did they realize to the extent the demons were actually operating from within their lives. After some moments of talking I realized that though these were good people who had attended church and desired the things of God they had never experienced that inner transformation of the Holy Spirit being within them –the mystery of Jesus Christ living within us –our hope of glory! So, I led them both to the Lord Jesus Christ and they miraculously saved!

I then proceeded, with her husband assisting, to drive out these unholy spirits that had been in her body and mind for many generations. The evil spirits were commanded to release the many broken parts of her heart (there was one little 3 year old part of her heart that was quite strong and actually during this meeting SAW the RISEN JESUS). We also prayed for her heart to be healed and she was healed of dissociation and delivered from these powerful Satan spirits.

My friends her face just lit up with relief, liberating light, and joy! It was amazing to see! Her husband just sat their astounded but overjoyed!

Not only was she delivered from demons but her husband was also –demons of fear, lust, greed, murder, and doubt. He was so powerfully delivered that he immediately entered a deep restorative sleep that brought great healing to his soul and body. The waves of healing presence of Jesus was quite tangible and powerfully in the room! I nearly fell asleep in the loving arms of Jesus! I enjoyed it greatly! Moreover, we dealt with numerous demons within their home that brought horrific hauntings as result of possessing Native American religious artifacts and Eastern Mystical books. These items were destroyed immediately. These spirits were expelled from their home and could feel a definite change in the spiritual atmosphere. Their precious children were also delivered from generational spirits of death and evil.

Prior to concluding the ministry for the night (it was well after 1am) they desired to be water baptized so in their backyard pool, in the early morning hours of Friday, I baptized these new converts to the Lord Jesus Christ in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen!

What more could be said?

Praise be to God!

Guatemala: 6 Souls Delivered in One Service!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

My Fellow Soldiers for the Cross,

I just received a POWERFUL and AWESOME report from the Church of the Cross in Guatemala City, Guatemala, from evangelist Adolfo Fong Luna who with his precious wife oversee the church we planted there back in February. The Holy Spirit is truly moving deeply in the hearts of many there and I rejoice in God’s sweet move among the the beautiful people. They have literally run out of room of the facilities they are currently in. It is common to have a standing room only crowd at their three services. To think that we started with less then an half dozen to now overflow crowds is amazing indeed! God’s glory rests upon this place!

We need to pray for God to provide the means to either build a church there in Guatemala City or relocate to another larger facilities. I can easily envision this church grow to many hundreds in the months to come which is phenomenal growth to think of it. All glory to God who’s Holy Spirit is converting precious souls to new life in Christ!

I dare to say you would be hard pressed to find many churches, in any Western nation, where on Sunday morning, they are casting out demons in public –this is occurring weekly at the Church of the Cross Guatemala City. Moreover Adolfo has reported six were liberated from evil spirits this past Sunday and one precious soul was saved by the Lord Jesus!

Please pray as we need to help Adolfo and his wife in furthering the work in this small Latin American nation that is truly doing the works of the kingdom. We should support those who are preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and driving out demons! If you are reading this and God is prompting you to GIVE then please do so! Obviously we are doing our part, along with the core partners who commit to this ministry, so I’m speaking to my other brothers and sisters, do your part for Jesus!

Here’s his report:

Dear Brother Jay:


We truly missed you Sunday, (Jay’s  hope to see you again, the Holy Spirit is doing a superb job here at the Church of the Cross in Guatemala City).  Sunday one person accepted the gift of salvation and six were liberated as demons are being cast out in the name of Jesus, here are the names of this precious souls.


1. Tomas Gomez Lopez  – accepted Jesus

2. Gregorio Acisclo Chun García – liberated

3. Pedro Perez – liberation

4. Walter Castillo – liberation

5. Miguel Vargas – liberation

6. Daniel Conde – liberation

7. Mario Arredondo – liberation


We need supernatural power to defeat Satan, and God has provided this by giving us the Holy Spirit, the lord says “on this rock I will build my church” and the gates of hell will not overcome it.  Oh there is victory in Jesus, I also perform the wedding, the newlyweds are Alber Adonay Gonzales Bardales and cindy Vanessa Oliva Orellana.  Praise Jesus I did it in Jesus´ mighty name.”

Adolfo: you are among many hundreds of friends here and we are rejoicing with you. To think that in February I traveled to Guatemala not knowing a soul but simply obeying the call of God and God intersected our lives (sounds like what happened at the beginning of the year when God miraculously intersected me with another dear brother and sister in Asia who are now close partners). I recall the day well. I was preaching on the streets in the open air with my inadequate Spanish (and here my own wife is Spanish go figure) and God told me he would bring an evangelist to help me (God was specific that it would not be a pastor but a evangelist –that was a month so earlier–amazing). Then out of the blue, Adolfo introduces himself to me and that Sunday I strongly felt a church needed to planted and the rest is God’s history and work unfolding as seen the fruit being borne. This work will impact many generations to come in Guatemala. Amen!

Now, if we can get other churches throughout the world to proclaim the gospel and drive out demons the world would be a much better place as the forces of evil are being driven back and souls FREED

In California: Can captives be rescued from the fierce?

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

In the Word of God, in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 49, the question is raised:

“Can plunder be taken from warriors,
or captives be rescued from the fierce?

 But this is what the LORD says:

Yes, captives will be taken from warriors,
and plunder retrieved from the fierce;
I will contend with those who contend with you,
and your children I will save.”

The resounding answer is: YES!  Captives can be retrieved from the “fierce.” The fierce are demons. In fact, my friends, the fierce can be removed, driven out, cast out, expelled, by the ultimate power that is found in JESUS! This is has occurred here in Southern California where Gene and I rescued the captives from the fierce, from the devil in Jesus name! Thus far in this mission we have seen incredible miracles of healing and liberation.

Here in San Diego we have driven out many satanic spirits. In one meeting Gene and I ministered to a family that had been enduring through horrible attacks from the enemy. Within moments of partaking of Holy Communion Anna manifested spirits that were afflicting her body with extreme pain. We confronted the pain and a spirit named Jezebel surfaced. She spoke to me and Gene and fully manifested. Jezebel is a sneaky spirit often times blending together with the human consciousness in order to make the victim feel that she is a genuine part of her. She’s not, she’s a demon and must be driven out. As often times with Jezebel she relished the opportunity to confront the men of God (in the Old Testament Jezebel put the prophets of God to death, a total disregard to the holy things of God) and this spirit battled….but lost! As the Book of Isaiah reminds us, “I will contend with those who contend with you…” Jezebel is no match to the Creator and she bowed before Jesus in this battle. Sure it was a battle but Jesus stepped in and told me “I will contend with those who contend with you.” Amen!

Jezebel had entered in Anna many years prior and brought manipulation, witchcraft, seduction and control. Anna grew accustomed to these satanic attributes and such utilized them to her benefit at times in her life which only furthered her hold on her. Anna really had to fight this Jezebel spirit but did. Gene and I encouraged her and her family to keep up the fight. More evil demons began to surface including a number of mind controlling spirits.

These kinds of spirits are often found where there is occult activity, witchcraft, Illuminati activity, voodoo, and Satanism. Since Anna’s grandmother was heavily involved in spell casting and other satanic activities back in Anna’s homeland of Puerto Rico this had brought a generational witchcraft curse into the bloodline. Even Anna’s own mother was involved and sexually abused her daughter and placed numerous curses upon her as a child in an attempt to destroy her life –her relationships, her job security, her health and so much more. Anna’s mother, early on collected her daughter’s hair, pictures, clothing and other personal items to be utilized in occult ceremonies so that the spirits can travel to Anna, to afflict great harm and to bind her mind, to control her mind for their sadistic purposes.

I’m sure your heart mourns hearing of this. Gene and I were saddened to hear that a mother would even do such evil. These things are quite real and do occur in our day in every nation on earth —that is why the ministry of deliverance is desperately needed in our day!

Along with these mind control spirits were actual objects in her body that these mind controlling spirits were holding onto to afflict her with control, pain and torment. These objects (and control mechanisms) were removed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ (Anna could feel the objects being removed and reported feeling no more pain).

Gene and I also battled spirits of Absalom, confusion, insecurity, rejection, loneliness and many, many others. These along with Jezebel and mind control were cast out of Anna in Jesus name! They were forced to the pit and immediately Anna reported total healing from all of the pain she has suffered through and liberation from the unholy spirits that had done so much damage to her. She was so relieved and praised God for this modern day miracle!

Amazing stories and a amazing God we have my brothers and sisters in Jesus! All praise to God!

Mormon Confession: I do not have the power to cast out demons!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

The power displayed by our God was stunning few nights, as souls were delivered from years of demonic cruelty. High in the mountains (nearly 7,000 feet high), outside of Salt Lake City, Utah (incidentally Utah is the home of one of the fastest growing cults on the globe -Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons) Gene and I battled the powers of darkness and we are happy to report Jesus wins.

One of the souls that attended our meeting was Chad, a 29 year old who spent 7 years living in Beijing, China in order to satisfy his lusts within the underworld of drugs, orgies, the occult and Eastern Mysticism. After 7 years of:

* Continual drug usage including mushrooms, cocaine, marijuana, and a host of other drugs.
* Delving into Satanism (he would commune with demons), the occult (card reading, Seances, Bloody Mary, fortune telling, etc), black magic, and witchcraft. Strangely, a Jewish Fortune Teller “prophesied” that he would have a heart attack (he did experience one) and that he would be afflicted with diseases (which he obtained). Chad felt like this warlock sent curses to him in an attempt to destroy his life.
* Practicing Buddhism (i.e. embracing Buddhist teachings, offering incense in Buddhist Temples, allowing Monks to offer prayers on his behalf).
* Self mutilation (slicing his very own body).
* Numerous sexual assaults by evil spirits who appeared to him as dead people, as zombies and as African sex spirits.
* Indulging in numerous sexual sins and immorality of all sorts.
* Enduring the hell of seeing three young babies his ex wife carried in her womb being killed through abortion.

After seven years of this and much more Chad was desperate for Jesus and we were ready to intervene. Within moments of placing a small cross in his palm he could feel something burning in that exact place where the cross was placed and soon thereafter a demon manifested by the name of “Blasphemy.”

I inquired how he invaded Chad.

The demons spoke out of him and cursed God, the blessed virgin Mary and the blood of Jesus. In other words he spoke blasphemy.

“We entered him at age 18 when he indulged LSD, we tell him he is a god and he believed our lies,” the spirit boasted gleefully.

The spirit went on, “Not only did he believe our lies but she does too.” The spirit pointed in the direction of Cristi, a 24 year old young lady, who happened to be attending this meeting who was a Mormon (in many of our meetings we have those who are New Agers, witches, occultists, members of cults, etc attend curious about this idea of driving demons out of bodies).

I knew what the spirit was referring to…Cristi is a Mormon and Mormons deny the essentials of the Christian Faith, specifically, the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, in essence, she has believed a lie about whom Jesus is truly is.

The demon went on…”She is bound by mind controlling spirits as throughout the generations of her family they have believed lies about Jesus, she won’t believe as “false doctrine” is a stronghold in her life and we are here to stay,” as the demons laughed and boasted of the fact that they had enslaved her family for generations. For many generations, on both sides of her parents, Mormon theology was embraced thus opening doors to mind controlling spirits that had blinded her to the truth of who Jesus is–God in the flesh!

As I battled the demons, within Chad, it was quite clear who had the power- the true Jesus– the one is eternal God! The demons acknowledged as such and bowed to Jesus, God in the flesh. However, they would often declare loudly, “But she belongs to us, she has a false Jesus.”

At this point the Holy Spirit was dealing with Cristi as she could SEE first hand that the power (Jesus, God in the flesh) Gene and I operated in was far greater then that power by which she operated in. She started to cry and I could tell she realized something was terribly wrong and she knew it.

The demons railed against her, “We might not be able to stop you from preaching to her but the stronghold within her is set and see cannot hear what you are saying.” Yes there was strong spiritual blindness but there is no way out as she saw with her very own eyes the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit.

For more then twenty years I have evangelized among many various cults –from Christian Science to the Jehovah Witnesses to the Mormons — and I have seen many escape these mind controlling sects to gloriously being converted by the Lord Jesus Christ. I completely understand the mind binding spirits at work though I KNOW of the liberating power of Christ to set man free! The signs and wonders that Cristi saw on this night cannot be denied. Besides, she confessed with a distraught heart: “I do not have the power to drive out demons!”

I spent some time talking to Cristi and pleaded with her to consider what was at stake –go along with the demons, that were at this time telling her not to listen to “all the talk about Jesus being God, just follow us and we allow you to fornicate” or surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ (which the demons constantly refer to as being a “heavy load”).


Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28-30:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Sadly, Cristi said, while the demons were laughing insanely, as they ranted about controlling large segments of the population of Utah with Mormonism, that she was not ready to place her life in the hands of Jesus. The mind control was deep within her, as for generations, her ancestors, had denied the truth of the deity of Jesus thus opening many doors to the bloodline to satanic spirits! At least Cristi KNOWS where to turn for true LIFE!

We continued to battle Blasphemy in Jesus name and d the spirit was being overcome by the mighty wonder of God! More demonic spirits surfaced including:

1. Fornication
2. Loneliness
3. Abandonment
4. Lewdness
5. Python
6. Rejection
7. Self Hatred
8. False Doctrine
9. Buddhism
10. Religious Pride
11. Rage and many others

As I confronted the spirit of Buddhism, another young man in the meeting manifested demons that were violent and quite active at times. Gene began to deal with them. Aaron surfaced spirits of failure, depression, lust, jealously, pain, sickness, hate and others but they were screaming the fact that the demons of Buddhism within Chad were that much more stronger as the spirits of Buddhism has captured over one billion or more to false doctrine (billions more embrace Islam, Hinduism, Animism).

Both of these young men were quite sick and experiencing a number of infirmities. God was gracious and loving and He allowed us to minister to them leading them to repentance, healing and deliverance!

With God’s holy angels assisting in restraining the demons, I called them (the demons) to pronounce their doom,which they did and off to the pit they went in Jesus name! Chad was finally FREE and reported, “I feel peace, Jay, and I feel so much lighter. I am delivered by Jesus.”

You should have seen his face shine as those forces of evil were driven out of his body! He was radiating relief, comfort and the glorious presence of God!

Gene expelled many demons out Aaron and he was set free from the chains of bondages and exclaimed, “Why didn’t anyone tell me these were demons!”

I speak to the church: Do you reach out to those in darkness and offer relief? You should as we have the power of Christ to set the captives free! As a pastor, evangelist and overseer of churches I have responsibility to ensure hurting people have the opportunity to be delivered –is that not the responsibility of the church?

We have received numerous reports from these dear brothers. They are desiring to reach out to others needing deliverance and have already. They have many others lined up for us to minister to! WOW! Now that is New Testament hands on training!

Generational Spirit of Schizophrenia Driven Out in Jesus Name!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

God has provided victory! For many hours we encountered many different kinds of demons including schizophrenia, self seduction, anger, lust, inferiority, rejection and a host of others. After taking part of Holy Communion, the first spirit manifested within a young woman. He growled within the woman and stood against us.

“Why did you enter this woman’s life,” I inquired of the demon.

“We are here as result of her ancestor’s sin of idolatry and of her ancestor’s sin of having sex with us,” the spirit of schizophrenia revealed.

(note: this is a worldwide problem: human beings being seduced to have sexual relations with evil spirits. This is a common problem we have faced, in many hundreds, over the years)

We discovered there were eight of them working together (along with others) and after this precious sister in Christ renounced this generational curse (that passed through the bloodline from her father) of idolatry and schizophrenia these demonic spirits were all cast out in Jesus name! Many others were also expelled and we were also able to identify some broken parts of her heart, who also surfaced and they were touched by the love of Jesus! We have discovered in more and more cases of demonization that we are also needing deal with with pieces of one’s heart (people are experiencing deep trauma and abuse thus the heart is being broken) to bring inner healing.

(note: I believe we are playing an integral role in the realm of the deliverance ministry, as we are not only setting the captives free but also healing the brokenhearted, as a result of the demonic damage done by the invading spirits)

We have seen the beautiful wonders of God in our midst and this precious sister’s face just glowed the freeing light of Jesus! Her face was literally lighter and joy was radiating from her!

17 Hours of Wonders in Chicago: Lady Sees Jesus!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

The apostle Paul and the early church conducted ministry, “by the power of signs and wonders, through the power of the Spirit of God,” (Roman 15:19). We were honored to partake of the miraculous powers of the wonders of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, in this most recent mission to Chicago.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to minister deliverance to the captives in Jesus name! For over a course of 17 hours (with just a few breaks in between) pastor Gene Smith and I prayed for those tormented by Satan. We finally ended up concluding the deliverance meeting 4:30am this morning (and there was still people waiting in the lobby for ministry)! For many, many hours Gene and I battled many evil spirits that were afflicting God’s children and it was very helpful to combine our efforts in assisting those enslaved by Satan. At 2am Gene and I were both being targeted by witches simultaneously, as we both could hear the witchcraft spells & curses being sent to us, in an attempt to disrupt the meeting. They failed and the ministry continued on!

God blesses this tag team effort. A few weeks ago while in Hong Kong, China, a dear brother in Christ and I, were up all night, as a tag team for Jesus, in fighting back the advances of the enemy and driving out demons and we were greatly blessed by our loving God to free those held captive by the enemy. The same thing occurred in this mission in Chicago as Gene and I would take turns ministering to bound souls and God blessed our efforts. We were honored to serve those who came for deliverance and souls were miraculously healed and delivered. Moreover, other supernatural wonders occurred in our midst that I would like to share with you.

Supernatural Wonders: Lady SEES Holy Angels and the Savior!

A dear African American lady by the name of Brandy attended the meeting with her son (he was one of those we were not able to get to) with deep pain and bondage –sexually abused at age 2, raised in a environment of hellish violence, drugs, and prostitution. For many hours we ministered to this precious sister in the Lord and while in prayer with her, Brandy moved aside and a broken piece of her shattered heart surfaced, who exclaimed her love for Jesus and her desire to help. God had given this precious part extraordinary ability to see in the spiritual inner world and shared with us that one of God’s holy angels had appeared while we were praying for her –the holy angel then guided her to some indescribably beautiful healing water. She entered the water with the angel nearby and immediately she was healed of numerous wounds. This reminded me of the story located in John 5:2-4:

“Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had.

THE BEST was yet to come however…this angel then guided her, by her hand, to the loving Savior, Jesus (this is what holy angels with always do, point people to Jesus). While describing this encounter with Jesus, while it was occurring, was placing holy chills up my spine and placing me with a deep awe of God’s wonderful and amazing depth of His love. Jesus spoke affirming words of comfort and love to Brandy —that He would never let go of her, that everything would be okay, that He would always bless her and that He would always love her! Imagine with me, my friends, the powerful waves of intense liberating love Brandy must have felt from within as Jesus spoke to her –this would cause anyone to bow one’s heart in total love and worship of Jesus!

(note: this has been a special aspect of the private and public meetings we hold as many have testified of seeing Jesus and His holy angels in our meetings)

Then Gene and I received a WORD from Jesus….Brandy revealed that Jesus spoke these words to us, “Peace be with you, I will always love you.” I was truly comforted and felt amazing love at that very moment. Jesus our Savior LOVES US–He LOVES YOU!

After some precious moments with Jesus, Brandy exclaimed, “I feel so FREE and HEALED.” This is what happens when one sees Jesus –all of your pain just simply melts away. She could feel many demons exit her body and heart!

Demons of Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star Defeated by Jesus

A family who attended the small meeting brought their 17 year old daughter. With her mother and brother present we proceeded to confront many demonic spirits within her including some stubborn spirits of Freemasonry and of the Order of the Eastern Star. As some of you are aware I am quite familiar with these secret societies as my mother and father were involved in these occult groups at very lofty levels. As a teenager I attended many different functions of these groups. I was even present when my father was ceremonially empowered to act as the “Most Worshipful Master,” of the Blue Lodge in South Florida (my dear mother still has a picture of us, after the ceremony, posing for a picture behind the satanic symbol of the pentagram). I attended the closed door rituals as a young man and was present during the times when sadistic oaths and rituals were acted upon. I know of the evil that exists in such secret satanic groups. Jesus rescued me and we have seen many others rescued from these evil groups, like this precious young lady.

For hours, these vile spirits of Freemasonry and of the Eastern Star, surfaced and battled us and her precious family. What was really beautiful is seeing this young lady’s mother and brother participate in the deliverance and casting the demons out of her also in Jesus name! This dear sister in the Lord was freed from these evil spirits and was extremely joyful in her new found freedom from these dark forces that had her bound for many years (these satanic spirits were able to access the woman through her ancestors that were involved in Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star). These generational curses were broken and now another precious soul freed by the power of the Holy Spirit!