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Sadistic Demonic Attack at the House, Jesus Prevails!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

In Genesis 19 we read of two of God’s holy angels visiting the wicked city of Sodom. Lot, a believer in God, opened his home to these holy angels. It was evening when they arrived and shortly thereafter they experienced the utter depravity of man. It is recorded in verses 4 and 5, “Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the houseThey called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

Sodom had descended to such filth and spiritual darkness to where “all the men” of this city surrounded Lot’s home and inquired where the angels were (the angels appeared to the people as men) as they wanted to have homosexual sex with them. You know you are living in a dark area if anything like this transpires. 

I experienced something like this earlier today. It was demonic.

As many of you are aware I live a life of adventure. Serving Jesus is an adventure. You never know what a day beholds. There are spiritual highs and some dangerous lows. Well, just a few hours ago I experienced a low. My wife and I had just arrived back to the house from having lunch. I noticed someone had dumped a bunch of trash on our property so I told everyone I would meet them in the house as I wanted to pick up the trash. I was, perhaps, outside, a minute, when suddenly a car comes racing down the road and pulls up alongside me. In the vehicle was a older man who introduced himself as Gary. We shook hands and there was this pull on his end as he tried to physically grab me closer to his vehicle and he instantly demanded that I get into his vehicle. 

Obviously, I was caught off guard in a sense, as I quickly wondered to myself who experiences such a strange (and I might add a very satanic) encounter. I looked into his eyes of this man and I knew immediately I was dealing with a sadistic spirit. Having encountered millions of evil spirits within human beings, over the years, I generally can read the eyes of those whom they have invaded. I can see the demonic spirits looking at me. It is something I see quite often in people. In fact, I see it increasingly more as the days are becoming evil.

Here I am minding my own business, on my own property, just picking up some trash, when suddenly a demon possessed man decides to confront me. 

“GET INTO the CAR” Gary demands of me.

I look at his eyes and they tell the entire story. My battle was not against flesh and blood but against very real evil spiritual beings. Demons that were within this man, that compelled him to attack me. 

“No, I am not getting into your car,” I responded to Gary.

“GET INTO the CAR,” Gary demands once again, “So, you can get worked on.”

I have never heard that expression before, getting worked on, but seeing the eyes revealed that it was a lust for sadism. 

So, I responded to this attack, with a spiritual weapon –the name of JESUS! 

Truth be told, I also thought of resorting to carnal means….I thought about resorting to brute strength to respond to this attack. I’m not a small man by no means and God has gifted me with a strong physical disposition so there was that thought but quickly it dissipated as I knew JESUS is what I needed more then anything else.

“Gary, I’m glad you are here as I want you to know that the LORD JESUS CHRIST loves you,” I told Gary firmly. 

You should have seen his face! 

Invoking the name of Jesus weakened the demons within Gary. 

“Oh, no!” he responded quite shocked with my response.

As he began to accelerate, I grabbed his window with my left hand and started jogging alongside his vehicle. 

“Gary, I need to talk to you about Jesus,” knowing in my heart that he was in grave danger and as the car continued onward down the street.

Imagine this scene! My neighbors must think I’m out of mind!

Obviously as he accelerated –a little more– I began to release my hand and off went Gary with his sadistic demons. 

I stood there on the side of the road baffled. What in the heck is going on here I wondered to myself. I knew deep down but still it’s quite a strange experience to have. It reminded me of Lot’s experience. Where the evil men of the city approached him, at his home. Same thing happened here. An evil man approached me unprovoked at my home and as the angels rescued Lot. I was also rescued by utilizing that all powerful name of Jesus!

When in danger call upon Jesus! Recall my experience last year when two thugs came to my home wanting to rob me. I mentioned Jesus and all of their demons grew weak and they responded by giving their lives over to the Savior. I have seen the power of Jesus in hundreds of such encounters. 

In recent weeks, a number of death threats have been voiced by demons to me. The kingdom of darkness wants to destroy me and murder me. I take these threats very, very serious. I am prudent. I am alert and on guard. I thought to myself what if my little children were outside when this man drove by. Would he have stopped and demanded that Ford or Ranger get into his car? Of course, he was a sadistic man filled with a lust for murder and perversion. That is why he drove by around the time some schools were letting out in the area. He was a predator. I spoke with my wife and we are going to take steps to further ramp up our security around our home as I know we are being targeted. Obviously we are taking spiritual measures to ward off these attacks but we will also take some prudent physical measures also. 

In less then a week from now I will be in Europe conducting another evangelistic and deliverance mission. I have been threaten by demons within someone in Europe that if I show up I will be murdered. That’s a pretty serious threat. To be honest even before the threat I wasn’t looking forward to traveling to Europe as I have found Europe very unwelcoming to the gospel ministry. I even considered cancelling the trip. However, the Holy Spirit prompted me to go. So, I go!

Jesus remains LORD!

Jesus does it all: 84 Year Old Miraculously Healed from a Distance!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

As I often say we are not only interested in reaching large audiences but also that one precious soul (or that small group) in need of Jesus! Tonight, I was humbled to reach a 84 year old man by the name of Clay. You might recall the ministry that took place recently with Marie, who was destined to be a Bride of Satan and who was formally married to the devil in a series of ghastly satanic ceremonies as a little girl. She experienced tremendous liberation and healing when we met with her last week. Well, I was on the phone with her this evening, simply checking in with her (she needs our prayers as the enemy is attacking her family). She had mentioned that her 84 year old husband, Clay, had two recent heart attacks and was now incapable of using his left arm. This was obviously very distressing for her as her husband was incapable of assisting her with a bad immovable arm that was causing him terrible pain. I just knew the enemy was hindering this dear man.

I was immediately moved with great love for this couple and possessed great faith. 

“Marie, we are going to pray right now for your husband to be healed in Jesus name,” I informed Marie.

I commanded Clay’s left arm to be healed and for every spirit of infirmity to leave the arm immediately in the Name of Jesus!

I just knew God was going to heal his arm! It was done!

So, I asked Marie to go into the other room where Clay was at and ask him to move his left arm. REMEMBER his left arm was immovable! 

To his surprise he was able to move it and Marie asked, “How’s your left arm now,” (not telling Clay that we had just prayed for him over the phone).

I heard Clay’s response as she inquired. He sounded shocked.

“Well, actually, it feels good! There’s no pain.”

From a immovable arm to a well functioning arm that is now pain free. Jesus does it all!

The amazing part is it was from a distance. I was not present but by faith I was supernaturally and God honored our faith! 

I just KNEW that Clay was going to be miraculously healed and he was.

Jesus is so wonderful to us. He is so forgiving and gracious. I praise Him!

Demon Warning: “I will kill you!” Outcome: Demon Sent to Pit!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 God was pleased to display His power over the kingdom of darkness. It is well after midnight here and I am rejoicing in the goodness of God.

 Just about an hour ago we ministered to a family including a 72 year old Christian woman by the name of Marie. She contacted me several weeks ago begging for spiritual assistance. My heart was deeply burdened for her as you can imagine. It really bothered me to see a precious 72 year old lady being tortured by evil spirits however I was extremely encouraged to see that she has some fire in her to fight these things. That made my decision even easier to travel to her small town, outside of Abilene.

 She had been fighting numerous physical afflictions that had wrecked her health. Moreover, she was battling many demonic spirits that were hell bent on making her go insane. They had been speaking to her non-stop for many months: “We want to have sex with you, we want to love you, we want you to come with us to hell, Satan desires you,” and so much more. Not only have they been tormenting her with these crazy voices but they are raping her at night. They appear to her in the most grotesque forms. She has been living in constant fear.

 While in the midst of an exorcism with her, many demons surfaced and spoke to me.

 “While she was a little girl, her mother, her father, her uncle, and others sexually abused her and offered her up as a sacrifice to our master, Satan,” the demons informed me.

 No wonder the hellish torment. This dear lady had a mother and father that tortured her. They were members of the Satan Orgies Cult in Washington State in the 1940’s. This sex crazed sadistic group abused her constantly between the ages of 1-7. They forced little Marie to participate in horrific sex ceremonies involving the marrying of Satan. She was a bride of Satan. Even writing all of this is difficult. It makes me so angry to hear little children being hurt and taken advantage of. Jesus protect our little ones!

 “We wanted her to start a prostitution ring right here in this town,” the demons revealed to me, “We are not leaving, she belongs to us, she wants to have sex with us, she married us, her ancestors gave us the right more then 1,000 years ago.”

 For more then one thousand years her ancestors, from one generation to the next, served Satan. There was incest. They offered animal and human sacrifices. They communed with demons. They drank blood. Sadly no one intervened until Marie met her husband -who was a Christian man- who was persistent in praying for her. He even remarked to me that the reason why the family generational curse was so strong was due to the fact that no one intervened and offered deliverance to the family. So sad to heart. May the church of Jesus Christ rise up and offer liberation to the captives wherever they may be found!

 I led Marie in some prayers of renunciation of ancestral Satan ceremonial worship and sacrifices. This 1,000 satanic curse was broken by the power of the blood of Jesus. She could feel a noticeable change from within her.

 The first group of evil demons I confronted threatened to murder me, “I will kill you,” the demons warned me.

 There were more then 500 of these murderous spirits.

 “We have all of her heart,” the demons boasted to me. Because of all the trauma Marie had endured as a little girl her heart fractured deeply and now the spirits laid claim to them.

 We battled the army of more then five hundred spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and all of them were driven out rather quickly and sent to that pit. I also prayed for the healing of her heart. Her heart was supernaturally healed and she felt a BIG internal change. She smiled with such joy. I was so happy. Jesus heals the broken hearted.

 Then next large group of demons consisting of more then 110 spirits named Satan were confronted. These 110 Satan spirits were also driven out in Jesus name. Marie’s face changed considerably — a face that was joyful compared to a face that was filled with torment moments earlier. Her 84 year old husband was so happy too! He experienced a heart attack earlier in the day and one of the demons within Marie exclaimed, “We did that to him.”

 But I just loved his heart as he told me they couldn’t finish him off so he would just finish them off! I love it! Here’s a 84 year old man who is more on fire then many young pastors and ministers I know. Please know this: there are groups like the Satan’s Orgies throughout the globe. They are interconnected on many levels. I meet people all the time who have been victimized by such sadistic groups. From little children to 72 year old Marie. We need to fight back with spiritual weapons that God has so graciously provided us. The only power that will defeat them is the power of the cross.

 There on the cross Jesus conquered our enemies. His blood is alive and is able! Place yourself, as I do with myself and my family, under the spiritual covering of the blood of Jesus.

 We finished the evening with some teaching from God’s Word and prayer. They have the weapons to fight back and will be fighting!


Jesus Conquered VERY Violent Voodoo, Satanism, Witchcraft and Freemasonry Demons

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I truly enjoy reading the Scriptures. I came across in my reading this passage, in Mark 1, which sums our global mission work.

“Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.”

We follow Jesus in that we travel, we preach, we drive out demons. I just love this work!

On this last mission we held more then 10 private and public meetings that were held in two different cities resulting in many souls being supernaturally healed from various pains and afflictions and delivered from thousands of evil spirits. 

In Waco, Texas –where we hold our monthly Church of the Cross meetings– we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate everyone for our last small public service. In our last two public meetings there was a eagerness to learn and for a couple hours I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. After our brief teaching we began to minister to those in need of deliverance from evil spirits. The first lady I ministered to was from Nigeria, West Africa who shared that she had been a victim of generational witchcraft and voodoo as her ancestors were voodoo priests. As soon as I anointed her head with holy oil unclean spirits within her surfaced and convulsed her. 

She cried out with many tears, “Brother Jay, I’m in a bucket of snakes.” 

Pastor James Beason and I furiously fought these serpent spirits that horrifically tortured her. 

The heads of the snakes were even multiplying as we ministered. So James and I began utilizing our swords (the WORD) to cut off the serpent heads and as we did there are groans and moans from the snake spirits as they submitted to the SWORDS. As this dear lady renounced all of these generational curses and spirits victory was at hand and many demonic spirits were driven out of her body in Jesus name as she vomited out of these voodoo spirits.

After her deliverance she shared with me, “Jay, I really feel MUCH better.”

As I was dealing with this African woman another lady in the meeting was experiencing demonic attacks. She was literally being scratched by hordes of spirits that were from the inside out slicing her arms. While praying over her there were more then 16 snake spirits within her that surfaced. These were quite strong and violent as it took several men to restrain her.

“We entered her because her ancestors worshiped snakes in satanic ceremonies,” the spirits revealed.

James and I battled these demons and these were expelled also in the name of Jesus to the pit!

Then another believer in the meeting surfaced generational mind controlling spirits that had him believe a number of spiritual lies that affected his spiritual health. These spirits were quite violent and again I was assisted by some fellow warriors for Jesus. Again Jesus conquered the kingdom of darkness as these demons were put to flight and sent to the pit!

Still yet another attendee of the meeting, who had traveled more then 20 hours to be at the service, who had a history of being involved in the occult, manifested spirits of torment and fear. As she rejected these spirits James and I quickly drove out many demons from her. 

Not only was there teaching, worship, and deliverance there was also healing taking place as various saints were testifying of feeling relieved from various pains and afflictions. Moreover, we encountered numerous parts of broken hearts that surfaced during the various exorcisms we were conducting. Many parts were touched and healed including one man who saw an holy angel who held up a healing heart. It was his heart that the holy angel held forth to this dear brother’s joy. God was displaying his heart to show His healing power. He testified before everyone of this miraculous vision and encounter with God’s angel.

15 Hour Day of Teaching, Casting out Demons, and Healing!

On Sunday we held many private ministry sessions and a public meeting in the evening. In one of our first sessions we ministered to a believer that had more then 15,000 evil spirits including many generational spirits.

  • Fu 2,000 spirits as a result of reading ungodly books
  • Freemasonry 2,000 spirits as a result of ancestral involvement in the masonic lodge
  • Sue 70 spirits
  • Rupa and Popo 7 and 5 respectively
  • Mopar 75 spirits causing shortness of breath, morbid obesity, diabetes, strange ideas about God, and emphasis on logic
  • Sloth 2,000 spirits as a result of the sin of slothfulness
  • Self Destruction 7,777 spirits as a result of reading ungodly books and word curses
  • Ruga 7 spirits because he found the Bible “boring.”
  • Vuga 55 spirits due to ancestral sins of slave ownership from 17 generations ago
  • Self 17 spirits from grandfather’s adultery
  • Seamar 17 spirits from continual humiliation that he suffered under
  • Fury 7 spirits because he was mad as a kid and said, “God is not so”
  • Suga 7 spirits through prostitute
  • Mog 70 spirits
  • Ug 5 spirits 
  • Moose 700 spirits that were hell bent on destroying marriage
  • Rue 17 spirits
  • Slave Owner 70 spirits from 5 generations whose ancestors owned slaves
  • Pornography 55 spirits because of the sins of pornography
  • Racha 5 spirits causing autism, aspbergers disease, and lies
  • Nobody 6 spirits because of extreme shame
  • Rak 7 spirits
  • Joush 76 spirits because he read a science fiction book and believed it’s contents
  • You 7 spirits that brought mind control
  • Supa 7 spirits from the sins of Adam, fantasized about visiting sex tourism outposts
  • Rushee 77 spirits
  • Mungraph 14 spirits 

And there were others. These thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and various broken pieces of his heart surfaced including a little 3 year old boy that was sick and a 9 year old boy that was extremely scared. They were free and were allowed to see Jesus and experience His amazing rest and were integrated!

That was but the beginning of the ministry for the day. For many hours deep into the night we ministered and cast out many evil spirits. Not only was pastor James assisting me but a dear sister who is a part of the ministry –Sharon– assisted us with her amazing gift of words of knowledge and prophetic giftings. During our various meetings with those we were counseling many individuals were brought to tears because of the ministry our dear sister extended to those in need. One young lady even exclaimed, “You are reading me like a book and yet you do not know even know me.”

Sister Sharon, a dear servant of the Lord in her 60’s, has traveled with us through the United States and even into Latin America and has touched countless lives! I still recall the night we were holding open air meetings in Guatemala City and sister Sharon had a line of people waiting for her to minister unto them –many were delivered and healed by the power of Jesus! She is uniquely gifted. Please pray for her and her husband, would you?

We also ministered to two young women who were deeply involved in Satanism and witchcraft. We witnessed God’s holy angels assist us in restraining the violent demons. There were legions of angels that ministered alongside us. I spoke to them and they served alongside me in restraining the vicious spirits. More then 300 generational Jezebel spirits from an ancestor’s participation in Freemasonry opened the door for these spirits to invade. These were cast out in Jesus name! We also dealt with spirits called Raider that had entered because of involvement in blood rituals. These spirits were cast out too. We ministered to some parts of the broken heart also. 

Public Deliverance Meeting turns into Training

During our last meeting we were jammed packed in our small meeting area where souls gathered from all over to receive a miracle. During the ministry time, a young man surfaced very violent spirits of insanity, destruction, torture, and Freemasonry. What was interesting was that during our meeting while leading this man to take off the Masonic noose and renouncing the curse of Freemasonry, a lady in the meeting was also being delivered by a masonic curse and expelled a number of spirits. The power of the Holy Spirit was quite evident! 

“We torture his mind, we will destroy him, the spirits screamed at me in a deep guttural sound.

Like always Jesus prevailed and all of these hellish spirits were cast into the pit! While this man was being set free, his brother who came long with him to the meeting manifested spirits and we drove them out in Jesus name. Then after he was delivered I began to minister to another man who was manifesting violent spirits. While praying over him, a spirit within him shouted at the man who had just been delivered from evil spirits: “We hate him!”

Filled with the Holy Spirit the recently delivered man stood to his feet and with a powerful anointing rebuked the spirits and cast them out in Jesus name. The entire church felt the Spirit of God and immediately I knew in my heart he was confirmed to be a minister of the gospel –part of the five fold ministry. Today, I get an email from him and I am stunned:

“Hi Jay,

Didn’t get a chance to thank you for being such a wonderful servant last night before I left.  It was truly a blessing seeing God work so mightily in setting people free.  My brother was pretty tired on our drive home but we did spend time in agreeing praying for you.  We prayed blessings and protection over you on the drive home. Also it looks like God did call me out,  lol, and I am needing to start moving forward with his ministry.  I know deliverance is a part of it and also many other parts and now I will just need prayers in how to proceed.  Also being there seeing how you were operating in the Lord was a great encouragement to me.  Witnessing how God does deliverance using his servants was greatly beneficial to me.  If you also may help point me in the direction into getting more tools that God may be able to use with me in deliverance it would greatly help.  I truly am thankful to the King and the Father for you and what I got to witness and be blessed with last night.”

I am deeply humbled by this email and other emails I have received since these meetings. So many lives touched and precious saints are being trained and equipped because we are serving Jesus by casting demons out in public! This brings me great joy!

Others were ministered to also in the meeting who experienced liberation, release and healing. There is much to report on but suffice to say, Jesus conquered our foes and we walk with Him.

Just a moment ago my wife and I were reading Revelation 14 and I was led to verse 4, in speaking of the 144,000 saints who are sealed by God during the end of days: “They follow the Lamb wherever He goes…”

Tonight, I am deeply humbled. I know I have failed God in so many ways but my heart at this very moment is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. It’s a path of peace, joy, and love. Let’s follow the Lamb.

Testimonies of the Miraculous

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

It’s great to be back in Dallas with my family and rest some before our next mission. I’m getting numerous reports from those who attended our most recent meetings. I am deeply humbled to see so many who were touched by the love of Jesus, encouraged, healed, delivered, and equipped. Here are some of the testimonies I have received in recent days:

Thank you and thanks for your gracious ministry in Alexandria! I’m still praising God and sharing the testimony! I was also set free from Leviathan as you may remember…and I was very hostile to you and first and would not take communion. Anyways my husband is especially thankful that Jezebel is gone. It is a day and night difference. Praise be to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you richly, refresh you, and keep you. May He repay to you and your family doubly for the ministry you gave to me. May you be free from any attempts of the enemy to infiltrate, corrupt, destroy you and may you walk in humbly before the Lord all your days. I know I’ll be praying for you! –Washington DC

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus.  I wanted to thank you and brother James again for ministering to me and my wife last night. I feel really blessed and privileged that I got to spend that time with you and James. I thank God for delivering me and I knew He would because His word is true and that’s what Jesus came to earth to do, destroy the works of the devil, hallelujah! –San Francisco, California

Thank you again for the time you took yesterday to share your experiences. This was also my first witness of a “live” exorcism. –Montreal, Quebec

I have been experiencing considerable joy and freedom since last evening. –Buffalo, New York

Keep the details coming! The Holy Spirit is using your testimony to enact further deliverance!! Every time I read an email like this, the Holy Spirit nudges me, and I’m freed from something else! Thank you dear brother! Just be sure to invite me to your mansion in Heaven because I’m sure yours will be one of the best! Ha!! –Birmingham, Alabama

Thank you. I am so glad I got the opportunity to sit with you to share and experience. I took notes. As I slept last night, I felt the peace of God. Which I have not felt in a very long time. You guys are the best, send me a coffee mug from the great state of Texas. –Buffalo, New York

I look forward to attending another teaching and deliverance meeting.  God has reminded me of a few things that I will look to you for guidance on. At first I thought you had to be wrong about the Jezebel spirit but then saw you were right.  You told the story of the ring.  Driving home I recalled how I would wake up each morning with my engagement ring off and find it on the bedroom floor somewhere. A couple of times I found it in the wastepaper basket in the bathroom under tissues. Finally I took it off being worried that I would wake up and not be able to find it.  Now I understand how it ended up in the trash. Again, a sincere thanks to both of you. –Los Angeles, California

Thank you very much for meeting with me. I felt so much better driving home the next day, I did not experience any fear driving. The last two nights I have been sleeping listening to the book of John and I have actually slept 8-9 hours both nights for the first time in six months. I do wake up a couple of times in the evening but I go right back to sleep.  Blessings to you and your ministry. God Bless!!!! –New York City, New York

It was a very informative and educational experience last night to participate in last night’s group session.  The small group setting was intimate and encouraged non judgement, openness and support as we come to hear other’s story and seeing the process of setting free.  It was very educational and exuberantly joyful to see MANY set free of the bondages despite some of the cases were very complexed and time consuming.  I admire your love and dedication to Jesus and truth…humbleness, patience, and focus and non commercial practice…your reliance and faith in the LORD.  Thank you brother for setting a good example!  I am very grateful to Jesus that I’ve met you right away at the beginning of my journey!  I am really lucky! Last night really helped strengthening my faith and reminded me again how much we need and must rely in God. –Los Angeles, California

As you can see lives are being impacted. I recall their stories and how God moved in their lives. I bless you dear brothers and sisters in Jesus! I love you dearly in Christ.

Driving Out Evil Spirits in San Francisco

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ ~

On this most recent mission throughout the North American continent we are seeing a powerful move of the Holy Spirit as many saints that we are talking with in our meetings are tired of simply sitting in a church building each and every Sunday never being given an opportunity to get freedom from demons first of all. Secondly never given an opportunity to be trained to serve Jesus by casting out demons, preaching the gospel, healing the sick and so much more. 

It is TIME to raise up an spiritual army for Jesus throughout the globe. Through our many meetings, our books, websites, radio broadcasts and other aspects of our ministry we are training thousands. I’m very encouraged. From New York City, to Buffalo, to Montreal, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco we are seeing many saints ready to move forward (and are moving forward) to capture a world for Christ.

The past few nights James and I were in San Francisco, California ministering to those enslaved by evil spirits. For many hours into the night we brought the hope and love of Jesus to many. On our first night in the Bay area we had a series of private meetings. Josh and Karen heard of our mission work from a Californian pastor who heard of us through someone we ministered to in the Washington DC area who had experienced a powerful deliverance and healing! Because of the miracle testimony that the pastor heard he therefore was proactive in reaching out to this young family for he knew they needed the ministry of liberation. Josh and Karen began to get familiar with this ministry by reading our many volumes and listening to our global radio presentations. These outreaches touched their hearts and attempted to locate us to attend one of our meetings. Think about this for a moment. See how God connected the dots to ensure Josh and Karen were present in our meeting. This once again proves how much God deeply cares for each of us.

Josh and Karen found out that within days we would be in their area and made plans on attending. James and I met up with this family and God was pleased to perform mighty miracles in our midst. However at the beginning I was concerned if we would ever minister to them as Josh wanted to debate me on the issue of the nature of God. As many of you know there are thousands of various cults, false religions, and occult groups seeking to undermine the essentials of the Christian faith. There are even some groups in our day that seek to take upon the label of being Christian when in essence they are not. 

One common thread you will see in these spiritual groups is that they all agree that God is not triune in nature. This is the heart of our faith –our God IS truine in nature. There is one God who reveals Himself in three persons –Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. While in theological school many years ago I determined in my heart to diligently study Biblical theology so that I could defend the faith as I knew many in our day seek to undermine the essentials. God blessed my efforts and has given me grace to be able to reach thousands of cult members –ranging from Mormons to Jehovah Witnesses to the Unitarians– over 25 years of ministry to share the truth thereby setting many free from doctrinal error and demonic bondage. Josh was a member of a group that sought to undermine the triune nature of God and deny that Jesus was indeed fully God while on earth. For eight long years Josh studied their materials and faithfully attended their meetings. By embracing their false teachings many demonic forces flooded his mind and held him captive. Though he genuinely came to Jesus at a early age he was deceived much later in life and now was seeking deliverance from the mind torment he was now enduring.

For hours I defended the historic Christian faith and from the Scriptures reasoned with Josh. Gradually the Holy Spirit opened up his heart and mind thereby humbling himself to what was being taught. He began to see he was in error and was then ready to receive deliverance (however he began to fully understand the truth after his miraculous deliverance from evil spirits). 

The first spirit that surfaced, during the exorcism with Josh, was a spirit named anger. He was quickly expelled in Jesus name. Then the next spirit that would surface didn’t at the beginning as he was hiding but because of the great spiritual pressure we placed upon him he too surfaced and was furious with me.

“Nobody knew we were here. Nobody! We had been hiding for so long. We hate him. We want to destroy him. We are so angry with you,” the demons said to me through his vocal cords.

It turns out the demon spirit speaking to me was named Leviathan. Though he boasted of great powers, he was defeated, as all spirits are by the reigning blood of Jesus. Leviathan revealed that he had been there because John had opened his life to doctrinal error –by rejecting the triune nature of God. 

“The Holy Trinity is TRUE!” the demons confessed. 

Because Josh was opening himself up to the embracing the Holy Trinity the demons stronghold was dealt a crushing blow. 

“So many ministers, pastors, and friends of his could not find us, how did you find us. We didn’t want him to meet you, we knew you would cast us out,” the evil spirits confessed to me.

So, you know me! I cast these demons out in the name of Jesus! Not only cast them out but sent them to the PIT! To the PIT they went as the spirits crushed a Holy Communion cup he was holding unto filled with holy water. 

Josh was surprised by his deliverance as he didn’t have any idea about a Leviathan spirit was within him. However, Josh is NOW determined to serve Jesus and desires to be a Freedom Fighter –he has read much of our training manual and looks forward to serving Jesus.

Then Josh emailed me after our meeting:

Brother Jay,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus.  I wanted to thank you and brother James again for ministering to me and my wife last night. I feel really blessed and privileged that I got to spend that time with you and James. I thank God for delivering me and I new He would because His word is true and that’s what Jesus came to earth to do, Destroy the works of the devil,  hallelujah!  I am so thankful I obeyed the Lord’s leading and went to meet with you. I know it was his will. I desire to be obedient and a faithful disciple. I feel that I will be more effective in ministry now that I am free from that foul unclean spirit and spirits. I know that leviathan came in from the ministry I was with for 8 years.

It had a hold on my mind and caused me so much confusion. I know if I had not renounced that ministry and any connections or ties I had with the teacher so many months ago, that I would not of been delivered of Leviathan. Doing so had weakened its hold on me. During the deliverance session I was using my will in agreement with you to to expel those foul spirits. I desire to be at the place where I can say as my Lord says, The enemy cometh but he has nothing in me.  

I feel God has given me a greater revelation of the God head. I now believe the begotten part is when God was manifested in a sinless human body of flesh referred to as the son of man. I realized last night on my way home from San Francisco that if an angel of the Lord and even fallen angels can manifest in a body of flesh. Then Father God can also and He did so in the perfect one Jesus of Nazareth. I knew that God had a triune nature because He made us in His likeness and we have those aspects in us. Thanks be to God he used you to help me to see it. Jesus is co-equal with the father and fully God, amen! 

Do you see how God uses this mission? Jesus is worthy to be praised for HE IS GOD! There are so aspects of this work that the Holy Spirit uses to touch many thousands around the world. My heart is right now deeply humbled. I’m amazed God would use me –a simple person– to touch a world for Him. Does not the WORD say that the Lord uses the things that “are not.” Well, that’s me. Though the world sees me as nothing, I’m a somebody where it really counts –the eternal reigning Kingdom of God! I’m an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ by only the will of God.

In our last day in San Francisco James and I spent more then 12 hours in ministry. Saints traveled in throughout the Bay area to attend. Again we had to bring in some extra chairs for the meeting. After teaching for more then 2 hours in the Scriptures we began to minister to those held captive by the enemy. As soon as we ministered precious souls were being freed from evil spirits including a few people with demonic pains and afflictions. James and I were up until 3am and then by 4am had to catch a flight at 6am. Obviously, we were extremely tired and ended up going to the WRONG airport. We hailed a taxi and explained our predicament. Within 25 minutes we were in Oakland, California. God truly transported us quickly and safely despite the fast travel! Ha!

This has been a remarkable mission. More then 20 meetings from one coast of America to the other meeting so many friends. I really enjoy the work of the gospel. I really enjoyed meeting YOU! I even enjoy the extensive travel. I do not though enjoy the spiritual attacks –the evil people, the demons, the evil groups that seek destruction. Continue to pray for me and my family. We trust the atoning blood of Jesus to sustain us.

Illuminati Powers are Destroyed in Quebec and California

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

This has been an extraordinary mission -traveling throughout North America– where we have been able to reachmany thousands of souls with the good news of Jesus. We have held more then 15 public and private meetings in more then 5 cities in the United States and Canada, where we have seen dozens healed and exorcised from demonic spirits and witnessed incredible signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. To chronicle these miracles would literally force me to write a small book. Pastor James Beason and I are stunned as in each and every meeting we are seeing souls freed and amazing miraculous works.

Since our last report this mission has been non-stop. After departing Buffalo, New York we journeyed on to the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, where we held more private and public meetings. People traveled in from all over Canada. In fact one couple drove more then 6 hours to be present. I could easily tell that people were desperate for help. People were there to learn and to be equipped. In our small public meeting a dear Haitian woman by the name of Stephanie attended the meeting at the request of a friend. While in the midst of teaching from the Scriptures –demons manifested powerfully through her. With eyes rolling back in her head and her body undergoing terrible convulsions we began to confront the spirits in the name of Jesus. They were quite violent and angry for they had been exposed to the light of Jesus.

To set the background allow me to share some of her background. Numerous family members involved within Freemasonry. Father was a 33rd degree Mason. She was dedicated at birth to Satan. Suffered from stigmata phenomena (I saw with my very own eyes the stigmata) along with numerous physical afflictions such as bone deformities, sickle cell anemia, heart problems and so much more. Survivor of horrific abuse within the Masonic lodge. At 3 years of age endured a satanic ceremony in the lodge where the Masons inserted mind controlling programming that included the forming of 3 distinct dissociative identities that were named 666. Ancestral voodoo participation that included human and animal sacrifices. Stephanie had visited a number of churches and ministries with the hopes of obtaining some spiritual assistance but to no avail. The church is simply ill equipped to handling the demonized, the mind programmed, and the dissociative. During the exorcism we encountered more then 12,000 evil spirits including Legionnaire, Mind Control, Satan spirits, Mendoza, Voodoo spirits, Inner Transmutation, Lilith, Jezebel, and many others.

At one point we encountered a spirit by the name of St. Joseph –a mind controlling spirit. There were more then 20 of them. They had brought the following “no right to” curses in her life: no right to freedom, to succeed, to let go of ghosts, to breathe, to recovery, to heal, to provide, to love, to forgive, to surrender, to happiness, to peace of mind, to financial blessings, to constancy, to persistence. They also mentioned that they were there to confuse, to sabotage her liver, intestines, blood vessels, lungs, hearts, bones, gull bladder, and so much more.During the exorcism we encountered a Legion demon that spoke to me angrily.

 “We have been here a very long time,” he revealed, “On her mother and father side.”

 It was discovered that these Legion spirits had been on her mother’s side for more then 300 years and her father’s side nearly 500 years. The sins of superstition, voodoo ceremonies, white and black magick rituals, a mermaid ceremony, and numerous baby sacrifices opened the door for the ancestors to become demonized. We also discovered something very unusual –that the Legion spirit was holding unto a French speaking ancestral dissociative identity named Celestine that was born in Vichy, France, in 1912. In 1948 Celestine’s body died as a result of being poisoned by a older sister. Undergoing the poisoning caused Celestine’s heart to break thereby allowing an evil spirit to capture a part of her heart and thus traveling down through the ancestral bloodline all of these generations right into Stephanie. We spoke to Celestine however she only spoke French so a few French ladies in the meeting interpreted for me. Celestine was sent to Jesus. There were other ancestral dissociative identities and even human interjects within this dear lady. Moreover, many parts of her heart surfaced and were supernaturally healed by the power of Jesus Christ.

 A common occurrence in our meetings is the ministry of God’s holy angels and on this night they assisted us. In fact, at one point I needed to move Stephanie from a uncomfortable chair she was sitting on to the comfortable sofa. Though she was in a demonic trance I commanded the angels of the Lord to pick her up and to sit her down on the sofa. Those in the meeting were simply STUNNED to see the angels of God supernaturally lift this lady up off the chair –without human aid– and place her in the sofa as directed. The angels did so much more –they warred against the demonic spirits and restricted them. They assisted me and they gave glory to Jesus!

 During the exorcism it was revealed there were many Illuminati spirits –numbering more then 500– within her that were present waiting to be activated by the powers of the Anti-Christ at some determined time and date. Recall what the writers of Scripture tell us? Evil conspires against the righteous. There is a global conspiracy of evil groups under the umbrella of the Illuminati (these elites refer to themselves as the “enlightened ones”). Their purpose? World domination in every sector of life. This is the aim of Satan to dominate and control souls in ever sphere of life. We are in a WAR with powerful global forces. Be of good cheer though Jesus is LORD! The enemies will do what they do however this does change the fact they have been utterly defeated and will all end up in the lake of fire forevermore.

 For hours I dismantled trigger words, destroyed Illuminati mind programming, and drove out voodoo mind controlling human interjects. We encountered and ministered to many dissociative identities also ranging from 2 to 36 years of age. They were all healed and experienced the love of Jesus. Stephanie even testified of even seeing the risen Savior.

 In the end the evil spirits battled and battled on furiously. Jesus and His angelic army fought back and defeated the powers the evil. All of these –more then 12,000 demonic spirits– were driven out and sent to the pit! Others were set free from demon powers in Jesus name including a young lady from Mexico from spirits of fear, stress, tension and many others. Her husband, also attended the meeting and as result of seeing the power of Jesus deliver Stephanie from demons I had the wonderful opportunity to lead him to Jesus. He was also liberated from many occult spirits. Signs and wonders confirm the message concerning Jesus.

 These public meetings are wonderful opportunities to not only minister to the tormented but also to train groups of disciples on how to cast out demons, heal the sick, and the brokenhearted. On this night which James and I though would be a shorter service turned out to be a nearly 10 hour service. The night was not over however. In the very early morning hours we traveled deep into the city of Montreal and held a private family meeting. We ministered to an Italian family that had been bound by demons for years. Another soul was led to Jesus and the mother in the home was delivered from many demonic spirits.

 From the private meeting James and I traveled onward to the airport boarded a flight from Quebec back to NYC where we then jumped on another flight to Los Angeles, California where we held yet another public meeting that was jammed packed with souls hungry for deliverance. The hotel staff had to bring in more chairs into our small meeting area as so many arrived to attend and to learn about the ministry of deliverance. God was gracious as James and I never got to sleep more then 1 hour. This should reveal to you my friends the great need of the people. Jesus gave us strength and for another 8 hours we ministered, taught from the Scriptures, and battled demons.

 The first person to surface demons was a believer in his 40’s. A spirit named Poseidon manifested and violently twisted this man. Another spirit called the molester also surfaced who declared, “We came into him because he was molested. We were in the molester and transferred into him upon sexual contact.”

 In the name of Jesus this dear man broke the soul tie and renounced the spirit. While ministering to him another few people manifested spirits. One young lady who manifested spirits during this time was being delivered by Jesus and over the next couple hours yawned out numerous demons. Another believer was also set free many demons and healed of two dissociative identities that surfaced and spoke to me –a 7 year old and a 9 year old. Many others experienced freedom and healing. I was also encouraged that many were now equipped to minister to others in the areas of deliverance and healing.

 After the public we held private meetings where more were delivered from demons including one 59 year old lady who was controlled by more then 100 Illuminati spirits. There were many others. James and I also battled more then 45,000 evil spirits named Destruction that held onto 12 parts of her broken heart. These parts were released and she experienced incredible inner healing. Moreover, there were spirits of Lucifer, sorcery, Jezebel, and other kinds of satanic spirits that also brought mind control within her. The demons even revealed during the exorcism that they had planned on her being a recruit with the hopes of recruiting many others into raw Satanism. There is much to this story I hope to share in the coming days. Suffice to say, she experienced unbelievable healing and deliverance. More then 45,000 evil spirits were cast out of her body and soul in Jesus name!

 Moreover, she was healed of blindness. She revealed that she could not see out of her right eye. She had gone to one doctor after another. Nothing seemed to help. Upon discovering the spirit that was causing the blindness and upon her renouncing the spirit’s rights, the demons were expelled out of her eye and immediately she could SEE! Jesus healed her!

 There is so much to share! I am so limited with time. I’m asking God to give us more hours so we can reach more souls. Time is short on earth. We need to resolve to reach people with Jesus! The miraculous testimonies we are hearing are staggering! I’ll be sharing these testimonies in the days to come.