Testimonies of the Miraculous

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

It’s great to be back in Dallas with my family and rest some before our next mission. I’m getting numerous reports from those who attended our most recent meetings. I am deeply humbled to see so many who were touched by the love of Jesus, encouraged, healed, delivered, and equipped. Here are some of the testimonies I have received in recent days:

Thank you and thanks for your gracious ministry in Alexandria! I’m still praising God and sharing the testimony! I was also set free from Leviathan as you may remember…and I was very hostile to you and first and would not take communion. Anyways my husband is especially thankful that Jezebel is gone. It is a day and night difference. Praise be to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you richly, refresh you, and keep you. May He repay to you and your family doubly for the ministry you gave to me. May you be free from any attempts of the enemy to infiltrate, corrupt, destroy you and may you walk in humbly before the Lord all your days. I know I’ll be praying for you! –Washington DC

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus.  I wanted to thank you and brother James again for ministering to me and my wife last night. I feel really blessed and privileged that I got to spend that time with you and James. I thank God for delivering me and I knew He would because His word is true and that’s what Jesus came to earth to do, destroy the works of the devil, hallelujah! –San Francisco, California

Thank you again for the time you took yesterday to share your experiences. This was also my first witness of a “live” exorcism. –Montreal, Quebec

I have been experiencing considerable joy and freedom since last evening. –Buffalo, New York

Keep the details coming! The Holy Spirit is using your testimony to enact further deliverance!! Every time I read an email like this, the Holy Spirit nudges me, and I’m freed from something else! Thank you dear brother! Just be sure to invite me to your mansion in Heaven because I’m sure yours will be one of the best! Ha!! –Birmingham, Alabama

Thank you. I am so glad I got the opportunity to sit with you to share and experience. I took notes. As I slept last night, I felt the peace of God. Which I have not felt in a very long time. You guys are the best, send me a coffee mug from the great state of Texas. –Buffalo, New York

I look forward to attending another teaching and deliverance meeting.  God has reminded me of a few things that I will look to you for guidance on. At first I thought you had to be wrong about the Jezebel spirit but then saw you were right.  You told the story of the ring.  Driving home I recalled how I would wake up each morning with my engagement ring off and find it on the bedroom floor somewhere. A couple of times I found it in the wastepaper basket in the bathroom under tissues. Finally I took it off being worried that I would wake up and not be able to find it.  Now I understand how it ended up in the trash. Again, a sincere thanks to both of you. –Los Angeles, California

Thank you very much for meeting with me. I felt so much better driving home the next day, I did not experience any fear driving. The last two nights I have been sleeping listening to the book of John and I have actually slept 8-9 hours both nights for the first time in six months. I do wake up a couple of times in the evening but I go right back to sleep.  Blessings to you and your ministry. God Bless!!!! –New York City, New York

It was a very informative and educational experience last night to participate in last night’s group session.  The small group setting was intimate and encouraged non judgement, openness and support as we come to hear other’s story and seeing the process of setting free.  It was very educational and exuberantly joyful to see MANY set free of the bondages despite some of the cases were very complexed and time consuming.  I admire your love and dedication to Jesus and truth…humbleness, patience, and focus and non commercial practice…your reliance and faith in the LORD.  Thank you brother for setting a good example!  I am very grateful to Jesus that I’ve met you right away at the beginning of my journey!  I am really lucky! Last night really helped strengthening my faith and reminded me again how much we need and must rely in God. –Los Angeles, California

As you can see lives are being impacted. I recall their stories and how God moved in their lives. I bless you dear brothers and sisters in Jesus! I love you dearly in Christ.

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