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Open Air Meetings Leading Souls to Jesus, Driving Out Demons and Breaking Curses!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The past few days I have been on the road ministering and we are seeing tremendous victories in our open air gospel missions and deliverance meetings in various cities. Souls are being won to Jesus Christ and hundreds of thousands of evil spirits are being cast out. The devil is not happy. I was threatened yesterday by some demons, within a man, that I will be killed very soon. No! I reject that. With long life, the Bible tells me, will God satisfy me with His salvation!

In these meetings tears have also flowed.

I was deeply moved by the souls that were saved by Jesus as we carried out open air gospel mission work in Austin, Texas. Those whom we prayed with to receive salvation in Christ were shedding tears with joy in their new life with Jesus! Some of those whom were saved by love:

  • Oscar, a young Mexican man in his 20’s, was in tears as the good news was presented to him. A father to one son whom he had not seen in more then 5 years had been struggling with alcohol and smoking. I could easily tell Oscar had a sensitive heart to Jesus as he listened attentively. He had been searching for something significant in his life and was ready to receive Jesus as Savior. He did and continually thanked us for sharing. Isn’t that refreshing to see precious people with thanksgiving within their hearts!
  • Ramon, another Mexican man in his early 30’s, was also in tears as soon as we approached him for prayer. You could tell he was in deep emotional distress and longing to hear some good news. Well as a evangelist and an apostle I am bearer of good news. We shared the gospel and he immediately noticed the picture on the gospel booklet that I handed him. The picture was Jesus holding up, in His love and forgiveness, one of the killers who nailed him to the cross. What a powerful display in picture form of God’s amazing mercy and grace! That picture had an immediate effect upon Ramon as he teared up and said, “I wished I could be like that man,” pointing to the man, with the hammer in his hand, Jesus was holding. I shared Ramon that he could be by simply falling into the comforting arms of Jesus. He will hold us in His love. Ramon was ready for Jesus and he too opened his life to Him!
  • Willie, another Mexican man in his 20’s, was simply on the streets waiting for a bus when he heard us proclaim the gospel. He too was very interested and listened. On his face was written: I am desperate for Jesus! He was and readily received Jesus!
  • Cristina, a former prostitute and drug user, also was present and ready to receive ministry! She shared with us that her sister Natasha had been getting involved in witchcraft and the occult and she felt like she was the target of numerous spells, hexes, and curses. Cristina had never broken these curses sent her way and one could easily tell these were having a deep effect upon her. So, we led her in renouncing these curses and then I publicly drove out the demons from her in Jesus name!

Many others received ministry and prayer including a young Pakistani university student who is a follower of Islam. He was very interested in the gospel and listened as I gave the reason for following Jesus. He said he would consider surrendering to Christ! Many gospel booklets were passed out and I know many hearts were touched by the love of Jesus!

At the end of the evangelistic mission God visited me very powerfully with His love, goodness, mercy, and grace. He placed His arms around me and told me how much He loved me! I really felt good, peaceful and a heart that was content! Our Savior so loves us!

Not that long ago at 4:30, this morning, I finally went to bed after a very long day of conducting open air gospel mission work and travel. Earlier in the day, I ministered to a family that has been horribly demonized. One family member I ministered was indwelt with more then 250,000 evil spirits including spirits of lust, mute, sex, prince of darkness, children of pride, pornography, avenger, beast, destroyer, Jezebel, mind control, vanity, murder, white power, Vixen, revenge, sledgelock, zodiac, rhino virus, sinus infection, osteoporosis, cancer, rage, hay fever, bipolar, manic depression, agoraphobia, false Jesus, self mutilation, prostitute (this spirit merely entered him as a result of staying the night at a hotel that had been indwelt with these spirits), choking, Ur, Wi, and a host of Russian, Chinese, and Germanic spirits. One spirit, named Buddhism, had been passed down generationally from his father’s side as a result of their idol worship.

There were also a host of demons that had numeric names such as one-one, two-two, and so forth. There were more then 100 of these alone. Some spirits even went by the name of various Bible characters such as Moses, Abraham, the apostle Paul and so forth as an act of mockery and blasphemy. All of these were driven out in the name of Jesus!