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Electrifying Mission in Pennsylvania

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

All of the miracles I am able to carry out is because of our great God. Case close. It is only through God’s holy power. Throughout the pages of Holy Scripture we see God’s servants performing signs and wonders that brought souls to Jesus. 

In Acts 2:43 “Many signs and wonders performed by the apostles,” then in Acts 5:12, “apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people,” also in Acts 6:8, “Stephen…performed great wonders and signs,” moreover in Acts 8:13, “he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw,” then see in Acts 14:3 “Paul and Barnabas…enabling them to perform signs and wonders,” furthermore in Acts 19:11, “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul…”

God was pleased to carry out His mighty works here in Pennsylvania where I have been ministering to a family troubled by evil spirits. A month or so ago while conducting a public meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, a family arrived and witnessed the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in our meeting where so many souls were set free from evil spirits. This demonstration of God’s power deeply moved their hearts and urgently requested a private family meeting. Thus my traveling here to Pennsylvania. 

These past several days have been electrifying as I have conducted missions throughout the United States seeing the extraordinary power of Jesus freeing and curing souls. From our summer base in Southern California I traveled across the continent here to the Northeastern region of America. The miracles have continued. This time our services were needed for a desperate family who attended our Maryland service as I referred to. The entire family and even some extended members were gathered together as I taught from the Scriptures. After teaching I began to exorcise demons and perform miracles. Each family member was set free and healed. It was a spiritual battle. There were a multitude of evil spirits present as a result of the family’s participation in the following:

  • Shamanism
  • Witchcraft rituals, ceremonies & oaths
  • Eastern Mysticism
  • Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism practices
  • Sexuality immorality of all sorts
  • Idol-worshipping
  • Deep involvement in the occult including the practice of astrology, palmistry, seances, and so much more
  • Spirit marriages
  • International travels to visit pagan temples and to participate in spiritually dark ceremonies

As you see there were a number of major doorways that were opened up to this family for demons to gain access. However, our our great God is merciful and gracious. He desires to rescue and He did on this night.

For more than 12 hours we ministered and witnessed extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit. At one point I called fire from the Holy Spirit down and immediately it came upon my hand and I simply motioned my hand in the direction of a demonized individual and immediately the fire of the Holy Spirit flooded their being and greatly weakened the invading demons…the evil spirits groaned and moaned in great agony as they felt the Holy Spirit destroying their internal work. I also utilized my holy cross and this also greatly weakened the invading demons. I called forth the holy angels of God and once again they came and assisted me in the deliverance of these precious souls. At one point they drew their swords to strike the invading demons. This also helped in defeating the unholy spirits.

“We have been here for nearly 300 years because of occult involvement and participation of the ancestors,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We are here to destroy and to terrorize.”

Not only was witchcraft powerfully working among the family members as each family member participated in pagan religious practices and sorcery but there were powerful spirits of Jezebel and Baal at work also. Jezebel had even gone as far as to marry her victims –the two sisters– thus placing spiritual rings upon their hands. 

“We bring so many afflictions, we send fiery darts to the others,” the spirit of Jezebel, within the mother, shared under the command of Jesus.

It was discovered that this was so true. Jezebel had fired some darts into one of the daughters thus bringing some great physical suffering. More than 80 fiery darts were within her stomach that had been implanted by the spirits. We removed them and the pain instantly departed. Moreover, it was also revealed that many of these vile spirits had brought various kinds of viruses, sicknesses and infirmities into the family with the hopes of furthering the pain and destruction. In each case, with each family member, we commanded in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the pains and afflictions to depart. Almost immediately all the pains left. 

We were seeing not only souls freed we were also seeing so many bodies being repaired and supernaturally restored. In some cases hellish pains and afflictions that had been within the family for many years were being instantly healed by Jesus. 

One demonic spirit that surfaced during the evening revealed something quite interesting.

“We were able to gain access when she moved to Los Angeles, because she was a open door to us,” one of the spirits of witchcraft revealed.

One of the sisters recently moved out to Southern California in an attempt to start a career in acting. It’s been a disastrous decision due to her spiritual weakness to the power of sorcery. She fell into temptation and obtained a witch for a roommate. It is true; some cities are more hotbed for evil supernaturalism then others. For example, in North America, the city of New Orleans would be a good example. There are many others cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco where powerful satanic sects base their operations out of. Our public meetings in Hollywood, last weekend, reveal as much. 

We also encountered a human interject (a aunt) within the mother and the younger daughter during this exorcism. She actually surfaced (surfacing accompanied with a horrible burning smell; like the burning hair) and spoke to me.

“I sexually abused each of them when they were but babies,” the witch revealed with such glee, “I would sing to them the song Rock-a-bye Baby to them as I molested them.”

Horrific. By the way that famous English rhyme and lullaby that is still sung throughout the English-speaking world is quite pagan if you look at the lyrics. No wonder a witch would sing this song to them. The curses were already being implanted within the souls of these precious souls. Due to the sexual abuse and trauma this aunt was able to insert a portion of her soul within these little ones and I commanded all of these human interjects to depart in Jesus name. They quickly left. 

During the exorcism we also encountered numerous Hindu spirits –such as Krishna, Kali, Ganesha, and so many others. This was a result of the family participating in ancient Hindu rituals. They were commanded out in Jesus name and they aggressively departed with vomiting and deep heaving. 

While ministering deliverance we also encountered a number of dissociative heart parts that quickly surfaced including little ones that had been terribly abused. They were all guided to the Lord Jesus for healing. So many hearts were healed on this night also. 

This entire family was deeply touched by our ministry to them and profusely thanked me. They had genuinely been touched by the love of Jesus. It was beautiful to see each family member receive deliverance and healing. Their smiles produced such gratefulness. 

It’s been amazing mission here to Pennsylvania. I’m about to depart for Maryland in a few minutes for another meeting. Thank you for praying. 


Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come in Houston & Los Angeles

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 Where do I begin? The past several days have been STUNNING! I have been given an unusual amount of grace and power from the Holy Spirit the past few days. I marvel at the goodness of God in my life and mission for King Jesus! We are literally tasting of the “powers of the age to come,” (see Hebrews 6:5) in these last few meetings. Unusual Holy Spirit power being unleashed upon us. In fact, tonight may have been one of the most explosive Church of the Cross meetings we have EVER held and conducted in Houston. We have had some amazing services over the years however this one ranks right up there as God really made His presence known.

There were salvations, multiple souls being healed, many being cured from a broken heart, and dozens freed from evil spirits. So much more too…


~STUNNING Display of God’s Supernatural Power: Souls Saved, Hundreds of Thousands of Demons Cast Out, Souls Supernaturally Cured

~Jesus Cures: Sicknesses, Diseases, Physical Afflictions Vanish Quickly! 

 ~God’s Work in Action: Saints Equipped, Souls Refreshed, Hearts Healed

 ~Untold Number of Demons Begged Me Not to Order Them to the Abyss (I Sent Them Anyway…)

 ~Extraordinary Miracles & Signs & Wonders: Numerous Holy Angelic Intervention Events, the Fire of the Holy Spirit Defeating Demons & More!

 ~Demons Screamed in Mass Numbers, Departing from Many!

 ~Demons of Insanity, Baal, Moloch, Jezebel, Death, Incest and Many More Sent to the Pit in Jesus Name!

 ~Violent & Aggressive Exorcisms Resulting in Numerous Souls finding FREEDOM

 ~Spirits of Murder & Ritual Sacrifice & Satanism Defeated by the Lord God Almighty!

 ~One of the Most Explosive Church of the Cross Services Tonight!

 ~Supernatural Thriller: Using Consecrated to Cast Out Demons & Healing Hearts

 ~Numerous Dissociative Identities Seeing the Risen Jesus!

 ~Holy Cross Power: Numerous Incidents Where the Cross was Utilized to Defeat Demons

 ~Thousands of Years of Deep Satanic Bondage Broken in Seconds

 ~Holy Communion Drives Out Countless Demons & Supernaturally Cures Many

 ~Tens of Thousands of Hindu Spirits Driven Out in Jesus Name!

 ~Husbands Drive Out Demons from their Wives in Jesus Name!

 ~South America Lady Exorcised from Demons then Proceeds to Heal Many

 ~Training Numerous Saints in the Ministry of Deliverance & Healing; Now Many of Them Ministering Miracles


Tonight’s service was extraordinary, extremely powerful and thrilling on multiple levels, here in Houston, Texas, where we conducted our monthly Church of the Cross meeting. There were numerous miracles that took place on this night. In fact, the greatest of miracles took place tonight as precious souls surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ for the very first time! Seeing the amazing miracle of the new birth never gets old. What a joy it was to lead precious souls, for whom Christ died for, to eternal salvation! The mighty holy angels of God are singing and rejoicing tonight.  

I guess I must start in Southern California for that is where I was for the past few nights prior to traveling here to Houston, Texas. I have been a guest at the Temple of Salvation, in downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks from Hollywood, ministering to liberty to the captives. I have been leading a series of public deliverance services and will be at this Los Angeles church for a good portion of the summer. I have already reported of the many miracles that took place on Friday evening. On Saturday evening I conducted two more meetings. Our evening public service was well attended and numerous souls were delivered from evil spirits. Even as I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers souls were obtaining freedom and healing. It was astounding to witness! Moreover, souls were refreshed and encouraged by the teaching from God’s Word. 

I do not have the time to report to you of all the signs and wonders that we witnessed; except to say that the Holy Spirit unleashed His supernatural power in the sanctuary. One lady whom we spent considerable time ministering to was a South American lady whom I’ll refer to as Maria. This precious woman came with her husband and experienced the power of God. As we ministered, the demons within Maria caused her fall out. she literally collapsed to the ground like a rag doll. Crumpled up and unmovable in many ways. 

As Maria’s husband carried her to the front; she collapsed again to the ground and numerous spirits of Hinduism surfaced and spoke to me. They contorted her body violently and spoke to me wildly. They sought to battle me however they lost as the power of the Holy Spirit was too overwhelming for the armies of demons that had invaded her. 

“There’s tens of thousands of us; we are not leaving as we are here to stay,” the many Hindu spirits informed me boastfully. 

I have encountered numerous Hindu spirits on every single continent of the globe –in Africa, in South America, in Europe, in Asia, in Australia, and in North America. I have discovered and observed that these Hindu spirits are some of the most powerful spirits roaming the earth. We ought not to be surprised as Hinduism has literally enslaved hundreds of millions of souls (perhaps as many as 1 billion souls globally). Hinduism is being perpetrated by very strong and militant demonic strongman. Over the years I have confronted millions of these ancient beings such as Kali, Krishna, Ganesha, and Shiva within human bodies and have seen them put to flight in Jesus name!

On this night, not only did we encountered powerful witchcraft spirits but also numerous Buddhist and Hindu spirits hell bent on battling me. In Maria, I spoke to Kali, Krishna, Shiva and many others. They so desperately fought to keep her. They spun her around, contorted her arms and bodies and screamed insanely. However the power of the cross, the the blood of Jesus, the holy oil and ministry of God’s angels were too much for these spirits to contend with.

“We have been here a long time through the generations and no-one was confronted us until NOW,” the spirits informed me. I’m hearing more and more of this. So many demons I have encountered in California and in our meeting here in Houston have boasted this very reality –that they have worked largely undercover without anyone challenging their work. This is extremely troubling. Where is the church? Why is the church not conducting deliverance ministry to the masses? This must change in Jesus name or we will lose millions to deep demonization. I am determined to fight in Christ! Join us in this global war for souls.

“We hold her gifts; we must not allow her to activate her spiritual gifts as she has the gift of healing,” the demons revealed.

WOW!!! Well, you know me. I do not tolerate demons in people’s lives. So, I commanded the demons to release the spiritual gifts that they have been holding captive for so very long. They released her gifts and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I sent tens of thousands of these wicked demonic beings to the pit where they belong. Immediately, Maria feel to the ground and worshipped Jesus with such incredible peace and joy. She was FREE indeed! Then I had her minister, with her new found released gifts of healing, to those sick and hurting resulting in souls being made well.

I believe I was up until 3am then I slept for a few hours and headed back to the airport in Orange County and traveled onward to Houston where we conducted our monthly Church of the Cross gathering. As I mentioned, it was perhaps one of the most explosive Church of the Cross services we have every held in this city and we have held some pretty intense deliverances over the years. On this night, hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name including Jezebel, Death, Animal Spirits, Insanity, Incest, Satanism, Witchcraft, and so many others. I have the notes in front of me however there are so many it’s difficult to condense the information I have. For many hours, we witnessed the power of God being unleashed in our jammed packed meeting hall! Even well after several hours after the meeting had started people were still arriving to the service desiring to be set from demons. 

God did not disappoint. Numerous signs and wonders took place —legions of God’s angels came into the meeting hall and assisted me in picking the demonized (no human aid necessary) from the ground and striking the demonic forces. I always marvel at these encounters. We are unusually blessed by God with these interventions that are quite unique in the Body of Christ. They greatly assisted me in warring against the forces of darkness. 

So many dozens in the past several days were supernaturally healed and freed from evil. So many dozens equipped to carry on this work of deliverance to the masses. I had husbands, wives, and friends assist each other in driving out demons. Really remarkable on so many levels. So many heart parts surfacing, untold numbers being released from spiritual chains to being guided to the presence of Jesus. Many of the little broken hearts parts testified of seeing the risen Jesus and experienced deep healing.

We have seen so many cured from various strange afflictions, infirmities, and sicknesses. So many generational curses broken and souls ties renounced. God has truly bestowed supernatural power for us so that we might love others in His Kingdom. Really honored to serve King Jesus.

One young man was dramatically freed from 400+ years of generational demonic bondage of incest. Another man was freed from animal spirits from the sins of bestiality. A precious woman from delivered from militant spirits of Baal, spirits of Satan and witchcraft. Others freed from torment and fears. Even a handful were set free from ancestral sorcery and abuse. Some of the exorcisms we performed we’re quite a demonstration of the power of Jesus over evil –screams, strange contortions, demonic languages spoken, vomiting, and other strange physical manifestations. A number of souls were freed from Buddhist ancestral curses. Yet another young man was liberated from madness and insanity. 

I could go on and on….so many testified of feeling free and healed! The smiles and the peace found on the faces of those delivered spoke volumes. Even well after the public meeting I was still ministering, individuals approaching me and more broken heart parts surfacing. Some were obtaining quick relief and deep healing. As I said stunning. I must end this email update as I am getting tired. It’s been basically non-stop the past several days and many more private meetings this week through North America. Appreciate your prayers in Jesus name!


Encountered & Defeated Devil(s) in Los Angeles

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night we conducted another powerful public deliverance service at the Temple of Salvation, here in Los Angeles, California, where many souls gathered from to hear God’s Word and to receive the ministry of deliverance. I was honored to teach from the Scriptures for a few hours and then led everyone in partaking of the blood and body of Jesus. After partaking of the blood and body of Jesus we began to minister to the captives. Immediately, demonic spirits surfaced: spirits of sex, death, murder, Jezebel and Baal. This within a young woman named Jennifer. For over an hour I battled a number of spirits that were literally wanting to destroy her life. 

“We are not leaving. We love being in this body!” the demonic spirits screamed at me, “We just want to stay a little longer within her.”

I utilized a number of spiritual weapons to weaken the demons that were, at first, fighting me, with great intensity. 

“We have been within her family bloodline for more than two thousands years. We entered her father’s ancestors as they sacrificed humans and animals. They were involved in murder and killing,” the invading spirits informed me.

These powerful evil spirits had only gained strength by remaining untouched through the generations. Jennifer, was perhaps, one of the first believers in her family to confront these ancient curses and demonic beings that trafficked within the ancestral blood. This would be reason why the spirits fought back so fiercely because they held spiritual claim for so long and didn’t want to lose that opportunity to travel further down the bloodline to future generations. 

Moreover, many of these unholy spirits held captive numerous parts of her heart. Jennifer’s heart had been shattered because of her childhood abuse and trauma that resulted in her dissociating –little heart parts were created to contain the hurt, the trauma, and the pain so Jennifer wouldn’t have to carry all of this incredible inner suffering all her life. I commanded the demons to release the heart and they did. I spoke and communicated love and compassion to so many little ones that ranged from ages of 3 to teenage parts. All of them were sent to Jesus for healing and restoration and sent back to her heart to be unified. 

Though the demons fought me they were defeated on this night of deliverance and were sent screaming loudly to that pit in Jesus name! As the demons released this woman everyone could see the real Jennifer emerge from the demonic trance and the SMILE. This is a fruit of deliverance –the peaceful smile said it all. She finally found some hope and freedom. Everyone rejoiced with this precious woman who had just been freed from ancient demonic beings that had been hell-bent on destroying her life. Now this young mother can move on with life in the power of the Holy Spirit and not the power of demons! 

After this powerful exorcism; we encountered the devil.

This was only the beginning as we continued through the night. I noticed, while leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers, precious souls were being liberated from spirits. One lady in her 50’s, who was present was being terribly vexed by demon powers and said so. They were crawling within her body and generally tormenting her. I confronted these tormenting spirits in Jesus name. They surfaced from within Brenda and contorted her body horribly. With a wild demonized look the demons screamed at me with hatred for holy things. They were extremely upset they had been exposed.

“Our name is Devil,” the demonic spirits informed me, “We are here to torment her, to give her pain!”

Demons draw pleasure from giving God’s people pain as did this spirit named Devil. Obviously, this wasn’t the devil himself but rather a demon that was granted the right within Satan’s kingdom to take the name –Devil– no doubt as a result of faithful service to the kingdom of darkness over the generations. This devil spirit was destroyed as I called the holy angels of God to assist me in warring against this powerful devil being. I had the angels draw their swords and strike the invading demons within this precious mother. The demons groaned in agony as they were brought down low in defeat. 

I also used another weapon –the holy oil. I placed some on my hand and immediately felt the fire of God and then threw some of oil upon my hand in the direction of the demons and they reacted in great pain as God was punishing them and judging them. The fire of God was literally burning up the demons. It was also discovered that these devil spirits had entered through the bloodline because of ancestors sins of fornication and perversion. I had Brenda renounce these generational curses and immediately the demons were exposed to the fact that they no longer had anymore rights to stay. We continued to battle the devil spirits in the power of the Holy Spirit –at one point having them hold my sacred cross which drained them of spiritual power. It was amazing to witness these so-called powerful spirits cower at the sight of the cross. There is power in the cross of Jesus Christ! It holds the keys to victory. 

I had all of these tormenting and devil spirits take all of the curses and diseases they placed upon this woman such as bone cancer, high blood pressure, various painful afflictions and commanded all of it to come out of her body in Jesus name! The demons screamed out of her and entered the pit in Jesus name! Yes, we encountered the devil(s) here in Los Angeles however they were defeated by the all-powerful Lord Jesus Christ! 

Physically Attacked by Nazi Death Demons in Seattle

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a joy to be here in Seattle, Washington, once again to conduct another public deliverance meeting. For more than 7+ hours we confronted and expelled thousands of demons within many in our small meeting –spirits of Jezebel, All-Seeing Eye, Rejection, Abuse, Baal and so many others. Moreover, we witnessed Jesus healing so many broken hearts and bodies. It was also encouraging to see a few students who have enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center present in the meeting. One precious lady assisted me in driving out powerful secretive spirits from her own husband that were rooted in ancient Egyptian pagan rituals. In many ways there were some challenging exorcisms to conduct as several people in the room were battling doubt and unbelief which is always a recipe for spiritual disaster. 

The night started out with some teaching from God’s Word regarding our position in Jesus Christ. Many of the saints were encouraged and refreshed by the transformational truths offered from the Scriptures. However, as I taught, the demons were definitely being stirred up and were being provoked. They began to surface and glared at me. After partaking of the Holy Communion we began to minister mass deliverance to those in the hall. As we did, many were confessing that they could feel the evil spirits depart from their souls and bodies. This is a significant aspect of our ministry –seeing souls instantly delivered just being present and participating in our mass deliverance prayers. The prayers of a righteous man avails much

Though there were some receiving deliverance I did notice some were experiencing some inner opposition from the demons and needed intervention. The first lady I ministered to was a precious disciple with a background of witchcraft and idol-worship. While ministering to her she could feel the demons departing quickly from her body and soul. She renounced, in public, the idol-worship and the witchcraft thus allowing great liberation to take place in her life. Another lady we ministered to also experienced swift deliverance from demons. Then we ministered to a 52 year old lady by the name of Julie who was sitting towards the back of the hall that manifested very aggressive and murderous demons hell bent on fighting with me –literally and spiritually. Powerful Nazi Death demons surfaced.

As the powerful demons surfaced they attempted to get her to leave –as they approached the back door I placed some blessed water on the door handle thus keeping her from opening it up and leaving. I’ll be honest with you it was a tough battle. These were very strong demons. Jezebel surfaced and some Nazi rooted Death spirits surfaced. They threw a Bible, they threw down the holy water, they pushed me and were quite aggressive physically.

 “You have no idea who are messing with,” the demons warned me, “We have killed; helped kill many babies.”

It was discovered that the demons had been passed down through the generations as one of Julie’s family members served with the Nazis during the Holocaust and actually served in one of the infamous concentration death camps in Germany where so many children were killed. So, as you can see, we were confronting a very strong spirit hell bent on murdering.

Interestingly, these death spirits ended up within Julie and drove her to having a number of abortions thus furthering their claim to the ancestral bloodline and deepening their roots. It was a intense war requiring the usage of many spiritual weapons. I called forth the holy angels and they assisted me battling the demons with their holy swords. The demons however fought back in great numbers. They were greatly weakened as I turned to the Holy Communion cup (the blood of Christ). They were disgusted with the taste of the blood of Jesus. Eventually all of these weapons wore down the demons. 

“She’s ugly, she’s fat, nobody loves her; we are staying as she needs us, she needs the control,” the spirits of Jezebel and death told me. 

There were a few times Julie would resurface and doubted this was actually taking place –she was shocked to discover all of these demons were operating within her. She also questioned the love of God and her worth. So, I explained that God loved her so much that He was willing to supernaturally heal her of any physical ailment she was experiencing.

“Well, I do have intense left knee pain that has been with me for a very long time,” she revealed to me.

I explained to Julie that God was going to heal her and was willing to test this. I began to pray and Jezebel and Death resurfaced. They admitted to causing the pains in her left knee. I separated them from her body and brought back Julie from her demonized trance. 

She was stunned! You could see it on her face! 

“I feel zero pain, Jay. I’m serious, zero pain. This is incredible.”

She was utterly shocked. This miraculous healing literally rocked her world however it caused her to believe in God’s love for her as she experienced His love in a tangible manner –by receiving a rather swift healing. God loves us so much that He desires to display His healing power in our lives. We have witnessed this thousands of times over the years. 

Now with Julie’s faith strengthened we were able to deal, more effectively, with these very strong spirits of Jezebel and Death. They were cast out in the name of Jesus as Julie renounced all of the sins and ancestral curses that held them in place in her life. She was instantly healed of numerous afflictions and infirmities. Furthermore, many heart parts surfaced and they were also guided to the Lord Jesus for healing; some of them testifying of being able to see Jesus. 

This is how our meeting took off and from there we spent many more hours battling demons. There was yet another lady present that had Jezebel and many Buddhist spirits. Many thousands of these spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Moreover, we encountered a large amount of dissociative identities that were in great pain and hurt. They ranged from 3 years of age to her 20’s. They were all sent to Jesus for deep healing. Incredible inner healing took place.

There was one man present that was terribly attacked by demons. A powerful Illuminati spirit surfaced named, “All-Seeing Eye,” that was rooted in blood sacrifices from ancient Egypt. These spirits had been hiding through the generations. Many of these spirits were holding on to the ancestral curses and sins of orgies, drunkenness, and ritual sacrifice. Some of these spirits were even attached to the eyes thus causing him to posses sight difficulties. As the demons were expelled; his sight became somewhat better. However his faith needs to be strengthened to believe thus bringing about more healing into his eyes. He did reveal he felt much better and lighter. I could easily tell he was feeling much better as peaceful smile could be seen on his face. 

Mormon Calls Upon Jesus –God in the Flesh

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Still here in Southern California with the family. Heading to Seattle in a few days for a public meeting. Was able to travel to Saint Catalina Island the other day –some 20+ miles off the coast of California. Even many Californians have never taken 1.5 hour boat ride to the island that has a Mediterranean feel to it. Been enjoying the time with the family.

Before sharing the awesome miracle that took place earlier today; just wanted to let everyone know that we are beginning to utilize a mass email service to better distribute our weekly email updates so check to ensure these email updates are not in your spam folders.

As many of you know we are at our core –evangelistic. Yes, we are involved, extensively, in the healing and deliverance ministry however we are always centered in bringing lost souls to Jesus! When I committed to serving Jesus, more than a quarter of a century ago, one of the first tasks placed upon me by the Holy Spirit was to evangelize. As a young teenager I began to share the good news of Jesus on the streets; leading many to salvation. Months after my dramatic conversion God sent me overseas on a mission to the West Indies where I was first introduced to open air preaching. A older evangelist by the name of Jerry mentored me and sent me out to preach in Rastafarian dominated bars. I would literally stand in the middle of the bar, late in the evening, and share my testimony. I would then offer an invitation to surrender to Jesus. Many were saved on those nights. That hunger has never been lost. Seeing souls saved is my heart and nothing has changed in all of these years. We have seen tens of thousands surrender to Jesus Christ, over the years, on 6 continents of the world.

We preach in large open air meetings where tens of thousands are present and we preach to the individual on the streets. Our heart is for lost souls to find freedom in Jesus. It’s really that simple. One of our extensions of the mission is to those enslaved to false religions, cults and those in the occult. We have seen many Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, Witches, Satanists, Jehovah Witnesses, and many other cultists find salvation. One sect we have reached out to with great success is the Mormons. Commonly known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), the Mormons are evangelistic too. They are often found throughout the globe reaching millions with their false message. 

It’s been amazing to see, through the years, the Holy Spirit bring many Mormons along my path. Today was no exception. I received a urgent request for spiritual help on our mission toll free line and was able to contact the individual. Michelle, a twenty-something, young lady, was terribly afflicted with demons and wanted help. As I talked with her I discovered she had been raped, immersed in the Mormon church (participating in Mormon ceremonies), occult background, addictions, and so much more. My heart yearned to see this young lady find healing. I began to share the love of Jesus with her and her heart quickly opened up.

“I know you believe in God but have you ever been born again?” I inquired in love.

“No, but would like too,” she responded with a heart very open to the love of God.

I’m convinced many souls enslaved to cults, metaphysical sects, and the occult are wanting to experience the love of God and if we take a moment and channel God’s love to their heart; incredible spiritual shifting occurs deep within them that will allow the gospel to be planted. As was the case with Michelle with her Mormon background. 

As I spoke with her you could easily tell her heart was melting; you could hear her crying. 

“Finally, someone believes me. Someone understands. You are the first one to understand.”

I encouraged her to pray and she readily agreed. I had her affirm Jesus as being God in the flesh (note: Mormons deny the deity of the Lord Jesus thus the need to affirm this essential). She also renounced the Mormon beliefs. On this day, she peacefully entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! She was so happy and peaceful. She was extremely grateful too that I took the time to minister to her. There will be a time for the ministry of deliverance and inner healing but the first and most important step was taken –her decision to follow King Jesus. She will sleep well tonight in the arms of Jesus.

My brother and sister in Christ, we need to introduce lost souls to Jesus. I’m always being challenged by the Holy Spirit to win more souls to Jesus. As Proverbs teaches, “He who wins souls is wise…”

Inspiring Spectacular Signs & Wonders in Maryland

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday we spent nearly 12 hours involved in a intense ministry session with a lady who traveled in from Moscow, Russia, to our public meeting in Newark, New Jersey over the weekend. Numerous demons were confronted and sent to that abyss in Jesus name. While exorcising the evil spirits we also came across a number of ancestral parts that had been passed down through the generations. It was discovered that many of the broken heart parts were from ancestors that endured the horrific pain of being burned to death in an ancient pagan satanic ceremony more than 3,000 years ago. The heart fragmented and the demons took captive numerous parts of the heart and have passed through the generations without ever being detected; until now. These ancestral dissociative identities were released to go to Jesus and the powerful Baal spirits (along with many Jezebel and Death spirits) were expelled. As the spirits were being removed much of her body was also being healed from various kinds of physical torments and afflictions. 

Moreover, while counseling this precious Russian disciple of the Lord we discovered there was a little baby dissociative identity. God granted the little baby supernatural ability to speak to me. Tremendous pain surfaced and was released. I found out that this little one was not part of this lady but rather a part of her aborted baby. For you must understand, that this woman in her 20’s took an abortion pill which obviously was affecting the little baby in the womb. As the destructive chemicals were being released within this woman; the baby experienced a measure of dissociation. Not wanting to lose her Mommy, little baby part frantically hung on to Mommy’s heart (obviously Mommy’s heart was willing to hold little baby while little baby was dying). The baby part cried and I was able to comfort baby and send baby to Jesus for supernatural healing.

“I want my Mommy, I miss Mommy,” little baby told me as I ministered. 

It was heart wrenching for sure. However, God healed little baby of the pain and received the little broken heart into His kingdom. 

Not only did we conduct many hours of deliverance; we also provided many hours of teaching on our authority of Christ and the transcendent truths of our “Hidden Life in Christ.” I really think my sister’s spiritual eye’s were opened like never before. She testified of feeling much better and her heart was healed. 

From Newark I traveled by car through Delaware then onto Maryland where I am currently. Here in the Baltimore area of Maryland where we just completed a powerful service. It was SPECTACULAR on so many levels. Stunning. Thrilling. Powerfully inspiring. 

Our past few meetings here in Baltimore have been well attended (we will definitely plan on being back in October, by God’s grace). Tonight was no different. It was jammed packed with hungry souls that traveled great distances to witness the demonstration of the power of Christ. In fact some of brothers and sisters from the Amish community attended also and were deeply impacted by the public meeting. It’s always refreshing to see that so many different Christian groups attend our meetings –Charismatic Catholics, the Amish, Anglicans, Messianic Jews, Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals and many others. The various members of the Body of Christ feel very welcomed in our meetings as we tend on to be very open to the whole Body of Christ not to certain aspects of the Body. This is a key hallmark of our global mission. We love all of the members of the Body. I want to unify the church; not divide it on petty items that seem to divide the Body so easily. We rather focus on the essentials, not on the minors.

In this public meeting I truly felt the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The power of God was quite strong with me and was able to display the inspiring wonders of God –employing holy angels in ministry, calling upon holy fire from heaven, transforming water into the blood of Christ, and so much more. After teaching from the Scriptures for a few hours we enjoyed the Holy Communion and then began to pray for those afflicted with evil spirits. 

Immediately, dozens of souls were being liberated from demons in some measure. Some were yawning out demons, others coughing out demons, yet others were feeling significant liberation as I commanded demons to depart from those in the meeting hall. I really felt strong in the Holy Spirit on this night and it was evident in the works of God among us. The first lady I brought to the front was a victim of horrific abuse and trauma. The demons intensely screamed in agony as I tortured them with the blood of the cross and holy oil. At one point (this occurred many times on this night), I felt the holy fire of the Holy Spirit upon me (specifically on my hand) and I literally threw the fire onto the manifesting demonic spirits and they groaned and moaned in agony. They had been defeated. Jezebel, Death, Incest, Insanity, Madness, and Baal all surfaced powerfully on this night. 

The demons were greatly weakened and confessed their defeat before all. At another point I called upon the holy angels of God; armies of them descended into our meeting hall and assisted me greatly. Dozens of disciples witnessed this reality. This mission has truly been blessed with the ministry of God’s holy angels. They truly intervene and battle alongside us. I called upon them and they helped me in restraining them from carrying out violence and destruction. As on this night I was threatened by these demons repeatedly –they said they would physically attack me and break my head open. They even stated they wanted to use my holy cross and jam it into my throat. A number of times, they closed the woman’s fists and were ready to pounce on me with murderous intent. The demons threatened me and specifically said they were go after my children to attack them. I rebuke it all in Jesus name. Many times they threw fiery darts into my direction and waged war with me fiercely. 

The demons failed and souls were set free from deep demonic bondage including this young woman who had spirits of Madness, Jezebel and Incest (among many others). On this night, we discovered so many demons were present because of ancestral blood sacrifices and raw Satanism. One group of demons surfaced and stated, “We have been here for thousands of years. We were able to invade because their ancestors practiced sorcery and offered babies in witchcraft ceremonies. In these ceremonies babies were burned to death and demons were able to invade into the bloodline as a result. 

Another lady we ministered to for many hours was a woman, perhaps in early 50’s, who surfaced very powerful Jezebel demons. 

They made her stand up to her feet and spoke to me wildly and aggressively. 

“We will make her leave. But before we do, we will physically attack you! Do you understand, we will attack you and then go after your kids,” the demons informed me. 

I didn’t back down one bit. I went over to the demons and sprayed the demons with holy water causing them to greatly weaken. I then had the holy angels of God carry this woman from the middle of the meeting hall, where she was sitting, to the front of the hall. This was done without any need for human aid, the angels simply carried this woman forward which allowed me to minister to her more effectively. I had the holy angels strike the invading demons with their swords and spears. It was inspiring to see the power of God in ACTION. So many disciples mentioned that they were deeply encouraged to see the love of God in action in the rescuing of hurting souls. 

There were times the angels struck the demons so hard they literally backed up 6 or more feet (a few meters) backing up into wall of the meeting room. There were times I merely motioned my Holy Spirit filled hand to them and they were struck with the power of God causing them to fall back repeatedly. 

Interestingly enough, while conducting these public exorcisms, others who were present witnessing these power encounters, were also being delivered from demonic oppressions of all sorts. This is a major reason why we conduct public exorcisms as it creates an spiritual environment of faith, authority and power. This was very evident on this night as many souls experienced supernatural healing. In fact one lady was testifying of experiencing a dramatic physical healing from a severe skin disease as she participated in our meeting tonight. She was so stunned so she went to the ladies restroom and discovered before her very own eyes the skin afflictions disappearing. When she returned to the meeting hall, she lifted up her shirt, to show everyone her mid section, so we could all see her body being healed. This is another aspect of our meetings —many souls, numbering in the thousands, have received significant physical healing by simply being present in our meetings. Our meetings are filled with miracles –signs and wonders from our Great God and Savior!

So, back to this lady in her 50’s. She manifested very strong demons who threatened me with great harm –they kicked me, they threw my Bible, my cross, and other items. These were murderous demons hell bent on trying to hinder me. They failed. Not only was this woman set free from numerous demons, she also experienced deep inner healing as her broken heart was healed by Jesus. I was also able to communicate to the various parts of her heart and they spoke back to me. They each experienced some amazing healing. All night long, we ministered to the broken hurting parts of souls –in each case they were able to see the risen Jesus and were ministered by Him with great compassion, grace and tenderness. 

This precious saint, was not only delivered from legions of demons but also experienced a incredible physical healing—as her eyes that were once blurry (she was wearing glasses) were now clearing up (again another healing of the eyes from a varying degree of blindness). It was a war to get her eyes to clear up but she was beginning to be able to see where previously she could not. I tested this in the public service and testified of this supernaturally healing. I believe her eyes will only get stronger and clearer in the days to come. Amen! I also noticed as the meeting went on my sister didn’t put the glasses back on but left them off. Jesus our great Healer!

We also ministered to a husband and wife who have been under great spiritual oppression and attacks. The husband on this night was healed of prostrate cancer (the demons within his wife could see the cancer come out of his body). His body shook aggressively as the cancer was removed. He was delivered from many demons and healed of a broken heart. His wife also experienced incredible deliverance and physical healing also –various numerous mental, emotional and physical ailments. Many heart parts surfaced and were healed by Jesus! 

I could go on and on recounting the miracles of Jesus! These signs and wonders confirms the message of the gospel. Literally many thousands of Legions (numbering 2000 each) were expelled, numerous hearts parts healed, numerous ancestral dissociative identities were also healed by Jesus. Moreover, many were physically healed in a variety of ways –cancers, diseases, viruses, and sicknesses of all sorts were defeated by Jesus. Furthermore, disciples were inspired and encouraged. 

It was encouraging for me to see the enthusiasm of the people of God in this meeting. Many have been deeply impacted by our mission and our work. It truly humbles me to know this mission has impacted so many souls throughout the world. I look forward to seeing everyone in a upcoming miracle meeting.

Before I close this update allow me to share a unusual miracle. During a break time in our meeting tonight. God spoke to me about a young couple in the meeting hall that I felt like needed to come to Los Angeles when I’m there later in the month. I shared this with them and they received it gladly. Well, while riding home from the meeting, guess what they see? They see a license plate that reads this: LA-TIFF

The lady’s name is Tiffany! Is this coincidentally? I think not! I think they will be coming to California soon enough! 

I’m back to the airport again in a few hours…to head to another meeting. God has really been sustaining me. 

Battling Jezebel, Islamic & Witchcraft Demons in New Jersey

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For nearly two hours I taught from the Scriptures and then ministered to those bound by evil forces. For the past 5+ hours we have been battling very strong demons within those attending our public meeting here in Newark, New Jersey. Our small meeting hall filled up as the night went on and precious souls came in from various cities to be delivered from evil spirits. In fact, one precious lady from Moscow, Russia, flew in to meet us for prayer. Incredible! This is not uncommon though. People are desperate for freedom and are willing to make great sacrifices to obtain their victory. We have traveled the world and the world has traveled to us. 

Just a few minutes ago I walked out of the meeting hall and noticed one wastebasket filled with blood-soaked tissues as one Nigerian man, who attended our meeting, literally spent the night vomiting out demons. The vomiting sounds were intense and vicious. So many evil spirits lifted off of him as the night went on. For many hours, I dealt with generational Islamic, witchcraft and idol-worshipping demons from within him (his mother and her ancestors were Muslims). There were hordes of them. The waste basket was filled with strange substances that exited his body and much blood. They were commanded to enter into the pit in Jesus name! He was testifying at the end of the public meeting that he was feeling much better too.

That was just one case. Many others in our small hall experienced freedom and healing. One Korean lady that attended with her husband and daughter experienced physical healing from a terrible pain that had been afflicting her body. She testified of feeling no more pain. However, I’m very concerned as she struggles with doubt and is weak in faith. Others also experienced the removal of various pains and afflictions. Moreover, many hearts experienced healing too; in fact in one case one lady actually saw a vision of her heart being repaired and whole. While ministering to those broken in heart we encountered many broken heart parts that actually testified of seeing Jesus. What an honor to serve those broken in heart and seeing Jesus liberated hearts. 

One Puerto Rican woman we ministered to in the meeting had absolutely no idea she had dissociation or numerous demons until I started to place some spiritual pressure on them. Then Jezebel finally surfaced and admitted to causing numerous problems such as torment, fear and rejection. 

“Nobody has come along to battle us until now. You have been the first one who dared to confront us in the 200 years we have been in this family,” the demons informed me, “We have been hiding; she didn’t even know we have been here all along. But she does fight us; but we want to stay!”

Again another startling admission –no one has dared to stop the demonic attacks. By God’s grace, we will not shrink back in the midst of demonic adversity, we will press forward in victory. There were a few others in the meeting who had demons that boasted how they had never been exposed before and were willing to fight us. So as the night went on we battled many demonic spirits that were hell bent on fighting us. 

Another lady we ministered to also had no idea she had demons until we started battling them in Jesus name and immediately they surfaced and revealed they had been gaining access through her life by a variety of ways: submitting to unholy laying upon of hands of a pastor, unholy soul ties, taking the name of the Lord in vain (all it took was uttering one blasphemy resulting in demonic invasion), and receiving word curses. Some of the demons explained that they were also holding her gifts, her calling and her dreams. No wonder she was rendered ineffective; the demons had essentially neutralized her. 

Some of the demons revealed they had been keeping her from getting married and having children (she’s 40 years of age and wanting a family). The demons boasted– that nobody in decades of church attendance– ever took the time to minister to this woman. This is a spiritual crime. This precious lady whom I’ll refer to as Cindy was shocked and also dismayed that nobody ever took the time to conduct a spiritual test to determine if there were demons within her life. My heart hurts when I saw Cindy cry as she was baffled to why no one within the church ever took the time to intervene. She knew she had problems but nobody would take the time to assist her. Within a few decades of church attendance you would think at some point some minister would have intervened. Not so.  

Within a few minutes I conducted the test and there were more than 15 Jezebel spirits that surfaced. They were forced out in Jesus name and were told to release the broken heart parts that needed deep healing. Jesus was faithful to heal! After her deliverance Cindy was granted an opportunity to get a glimpse of the Lord Jesus. She was finally free after YEARS of demonic interference. 

Another precious saint was delivered from powerful spirits of death that had her literally in a choke hold. Some of the demons were even causing her to growl. They were driven out in Jesus name and she experienced a deep healing and freedom. There were others in the meeting hall that experienced deliverance and healing. Especially many witchcraft demons were expelled. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and was getting tired thereby having to dismiss everyone; even then souls pleaded with more deliverance ministry and intervention. 

Miraculously Healed of Blindness in Tennessee, Many Set Free in Houston

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Life is a blur at times for me. As many of you know I keep a very hectic mission schedule that keeps me wondering how do I do this? But by the grace of God, I say to myself. It’s staggering. Since January I have been on the road for nearly 90 days conducting more than 80 meetings. In fact, this week alone, while traveling and ministering in multiple cities, we must have conducted close to 20 public and private meetings seeing many dozens healed and freed from demon powers. 

Some of you might recall I was last ministering in Tennessee where I was conducting some ministry meetings for the Mennonite community. Our many ministry sessions were filled with the power of God setting the captives free. I would teach in the early afternoons and then conduct mass deliverance services in the evening. In each session precious Mennonites were liberated from evil spirits. We also held some private sessions resulting in more miracles including seeing a young 20 something year old lady healed of blindness.

This young lady whom I’ll refer to as Julie was terribly vexed by demons and was desperate to be cured of her demonization. Her life was mess:

  • Called upon demons starting from childhood
  • Offered toys to demons
  • Bowed before demons
  • Communicated with demons
  • Killed a little kitten
  • Drank her own blood as a result of her self mutilation
  • Worshipped a demon that possessed a buffalo head and duck feet

This was only the beginning. Her life was shattered. Much of her demonic issues were generational but not all; as many demons revealed they had entered because she actually committed the spiritual offense of idolatry. The first 6 verses of Exodus 20 is quite clear about worshipping other so-called gods (in other words; demons). We are forbidden to. These kinds of sins open doorways to demons. 

Julie spent a few days intently listening to our teachings and opened up her life to receiving ministry. It didn’t take long to discover the many demons had invaded her life. They spoke to me and battled me. There were spirits of insanity, madness, depression, suicide, Jezebel, Baal and many others. One spirit that surfaced was named, “I don’t know.” I faced this kind of demonic spirit before. A few years, while ministering at a Catholic retreat in Florida, I encountered a spirit by this name, that had invaded a precious 9 year old girl. In both cases, both young ladies had often used this phrase during their daily lives. It is a word-curse if you think about. Anyway, all of these evil spirits were removed in the name of Jesus. At the end of the exorcism, I discovered there was a group of Native American demons and they confessed to being behind the blindness that kept her bound to her glasses. 

“We began to afflict her eyes at the age of 3,” the spirits revealed. 

While ministering to Julie I took off her glasses and expelled these spirits behind the blindness. When Julie resurfaced she discovered she could SEE! Without her glasses. Mind you, she was incapable of seeing distinct images from a distance without her glasses. She revealed that could only see some color but that’s all. However, after the blindness departed she could SEE clearly and I tested her healing by asking her to read the front of a book that I had lifted up for her to read as I walked over to the other side of this small meeting room. She read the book without hesitation. What a beautiful healing! Not only was she very happy obviously but so was her mother who was present and witnessed this incredible miracle. As many of you know we have seen quite a few people healed of varying degrees of blindness in the past few years. It’s been remarkable recalling all of the miracles we have seen in this area. Oh, by the way, she left the glasses behind and the rest of my time there I noticed she no longer resorted to her glasses; Jesus healed her eyes and now she could SEE! 

There were so many ministry encounters so it’s difficult to recall all of the stories but I do recall ministering to a young couple that were being terribly vexed by demonic spirits at the meetings. The man, whom I’ll refer to as Ken, couldn’t figure out where the physical attacks were coming from as he was committed to Christ and couldn’t recall anything that could have led to the demonic afflictions. After spending some time counseling this couple I began to unravel the mystery. The demon attacks were rooted in his wife. Because of his oneness with his wife the demons were easily able to access him.

In particular Jezebel was hell bent on destroying Ken. She confessed to throwing numerous fiery darts that brought about the pains he had been enduring through. I had Jezebel remove the darts and all of the pain. Instantly, Ken was healed and testified of feeling no more pain. There was also a demon named Baal that entered through the ancestral bloodline many generations ago due to human and animal sacrifices that her ancestors participated in. These curses were broken in Jesus name and these demons were cast out in Jesus name! Though Ken had been following Jesus for some time, there were a number of animal spirits within him stemming from some bestiality that he had participated in as a young boy. These spirits were driven out in Jesus name. Speaking of bestiality during our series of meetings within this community we discovered quite a few of them had participated in this grievous sin. We uncovered sodomy, sexual contact and intercourse with a variety of animals including pig, goat, dog, cow, and horse. We are discovering more souls enslaved to this kind of perversion in our ministry sessions. 

From Tennessee I traveled onward to Houston for our monthly Church of the Cross gathering where many souls had gathered to hear from God’s Word and to receive ministry. I landed into Houston, Texas, exhausted. I had been up basically all night ministering the previous night. God was gracious and allowed me to minister for nearly 6 hours. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many experienced some measure of freedom. We ministered to some young people who were freed from demons. We also ministered to some who never realized they had demons until attending the service; as their demons surfaced. Astonishing if you think about it. What a divine wake-up call. 

One lady we ministered to at the end of the service, perhaps in her late 50’s, was having a difficult time and I knew it. I started to pray for her and immediately very strong spirits surfaced named, Deceiver. There were thousands of them within this precious woman. They contorted her body and spoke in very strange tongues (they confessed they were cursing everyone in the meeting hall in their own language). I called forth the holy angels of God and they stood around me. I asked them to strike the invading demons and they did with great force causing the demons to weaken. I also called upon the holy fire of the Spirit of God to rest upon my hands; which it did. I then threw the fire into the demons and again they greatly weakened. I eventually brought out my holy cross and used the cross and they weakened to the point where I could fight them effectively and drive them out of her body in Jesus name. 

This lady was so happy and rejoicing in her new found freedom. We also discovered many broken heart parts. I communicated with a little 9 year old and was able to send this part to Jesus who appeared to her. Moreover, many other broken hearts parts were able to run to Jesus for deep healing. This lady not only testified of her deliverance from demons but also of a inner healing that brought joy to her face. 

This powerful demonstration of Jesus over demons touched many in the meeting hall including some of the young people that were attending the service with their parents. One young man attending this meeting just wrote me a email describing his thoughts on this powerful healing:

“Hello Jay, I attended your open door deliverance. It was such a great experience as I saw people being set free from demonic oppression. The lady on the front row who had a demon named the deceiver related to witchcraft was such a powerful experience. I have never been in the presence and witnessed powerful demons like that manifest. It brought me great joy to see her become set free. It brings me a lot of hope with my situation.”

See how this works? Someone gets free but then encourages and inspires others in the process –this is a key component to conducting public deliverance ministry. I want to reach not only the one I’m ministering to but also the ones watching as many of them need encouragement and inspiration.

These past few weeks have been amazing –souls saved by Jesus, demons cast out, hearts healed, and bodies repaired. My vocals have largely held up but needing to rest them; so I’m here in Clearwater Beach, Florida, now resting and enjoying my family. 

In Tennessee: Teenagers Free from Demons in House Meeting

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a day! Had an amazing time of teaching of God’s Word and ministering freedom to the captives earlier today. I’m currently in a small community nestled among the large hills outside of the city of Nashville here in Tennessee. I have been invited to conduct a series of teaching and ministry sessions for a large group of families from the Mennonite tradition. Our teaching and evening deliverance ministry sessions was jammed packed (with a good number of teenagers attending) and we witnessed incredible miracles; including the salvation of a handful of young people who were attending our meeting. However, there was some opposition at the very beginning. A man whom I’ll refer to as Dave constantly badgered me with questions that sought to undermine the deliverance and healing ministry –such as questioning the need to break generational curses to mocking my usage of the cross in our exorcisms. It was clear the enemy had a infiltrator that sought to undermine. Quickly the Holy Spirit was quenched and I wondered to myself if I could continue on with the ministry in this kind of unbelieving environment. 

The Holy Spirit swiftly revealed to me the need to remove Dave from our meeting. He agreed to leave but the spiritual damage had been done. As I look back at 2014 I see that this is becoming a more common occurrence whereby I’m having to remove individuals from our public meetings that seek to undermine and to disrupt. Throughout North America, in Europe and in Australia thus far this year I have had to remove many infiltrators. I truly believe the enemy sees our effectiveness and in response attempts to invade our meetings with hopes of hindering our work for the gospel. 

He disrupted. Yes. I pressed on with persistence and Jesus came out victorious but it required perseverance on my end to see this come to pass. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers a handful of souls experienced some measure of freedom and healing and testified of this reality. In fact, one 13 year old girl, with incredible joy bubbling from within, exclaimed, “Jay, I felt the demons leave as you prayed, they quickly left my body and I feel so much freedom and peace right now.” Others testified of feeling freedom also. 

Through the night, many broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me ranging from a little newborn baby part to much older adult parts. All of them were taken to Jesus for healing. Some even testified of being able to see the risen Jesus! Great amount of deep inner healing took place. God has truly blessed our mission in this area of ministry. We literally take this work of healing to every continent of the world and have seen many thousands of broken people find hope and healing through Jesus! What an honor to serve the King!

Towards the end of the evening, a 15 year old girl whom I’ll refer to as Ashley manifested very strong Jezebel spirits that were hell bent on staying within this teenager. I quickly utilized my spiritual weapons and the spirits agonized as a result of the weapons. They were clearly being affected by the powerful weapons of the blood of Christ and holy oil. At one point I asked the Holy Spirit to fill my hand with fire and I literally thew the fire into the direction of the demonic spirits and it cowered in defeat as the fire descended upon the invading demons. They groaned and moaned. I also called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me binding up the demons and striking the demons with their swords thus weakening them greatly. 

It was discovered there were 7 Jezebel spirits within Ashely.

“There’s 7 of us. We came through the generations from the father’s side. We cause back pain and extreme migraines,” the demons boasted, “But we are here because she desires us. She likes the ability to control. We give her this ability.”

Obviously, I had to explain to Ashley the need for repentance of this desire to be in control. Eventually, she saw the need to let go and she finally let go which resulted in this war for her soul I waged on her behalf. I had the 7 Jezebels take upon themselves the pain and afflictions which they brought into the family and all of them were cast into the pit in the name of Jesus! Immediately, there was joy on her face and a sense of relief. Jesus truly set this young teenager free from evil spirits. 

There’s some extensive ministry that still needs to take place however I’m encouraged we have started on the right path and believe we will see even greater miracles later today. I’m grateful for your prayers for this 3 day mission here in Tennessee. 

As usual, I’m still receiving some incredible testimonies from throughout the earth. Including some more fascinating testimonies of people seeing me in their dreams. I just received one this week from a family (a couple that I married last year while ministering in the Middle East) that currently live in the Middle East. Allow me to share with you:

“Hi brother Jay! I love the way you are sharing all these testimonies via email with so many! I learn so much from them and they remind me to constantly stay alert. I had a strange dream last night. Me and my husband were walking in some park I have not been in before and a crowd started gathering. We went over to see what the commotion was about and found you in the middle of the crowd, teaching. My husband went closer to listen but I could not move an inch. I felt anxious and afraid and turned away and kept on walking. What is this about? Are the demons attached to me even threatened by you in a dream? This is how loud your (healed) voice travels proclaiming the love and freedom in Jesus our Savior!. Keep it up!”

WOW! I do not see this as any random accidental occurrence. I believe there is something to this. Too many throughout the earth see me in their dreams preaching the gospel and casting out demons. Many times casting out their own demons and bringing healing. The Holy Spirit is using this very small global mission in some extraordinary supernatural ways. What an honor to serve you my friends.

One aspect of this mission I enjoy is leading souls into the sacraments such as Holy Communion, Holy Matrimony, and Holy Orders (ordination). Every year we ordain many ministers into the gospel ministry. Just several weeks ago I ordained more than a dozen pastors in Haiti and I just love hearing praise reports from those who we have ordained. Well, I received a very touching email from a sister in the Lord whom I ordained in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 that I would like to share with you:

 “Dear Pastor Jay, just want to thank God for giving you such a unique gift in the area of deliverance I was so blessed to meet you in person and to be ordained by such a humble servant in Christ. I do appreciate all that you have taught me about the enemy. I still haven’t found someone so unique and humble as you are. I am in total support of your missions and I know it is God who is giving you that desire to serve his people.” 

I deeply encouraged in my heart of hearts. I always strive to humbly serve God and YOU! Thank you all of my brothers and sisters for your great love for this mission. It means so much to me. More than you realize.

8,ooo Baal Demonic Spirits to the Pit, Now in Nashville

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The past several days have been filled with numerous flights, driving diversions, and ministry sessions. The other night we were back in Alabama ministering to those afflicted with demons. While we were praying, a multi-generational demon named Baal, surfaced from within a lady named Macy. 

“We have been hiding here for a very long time. Nobody has discovered us until now. We want to stay here and caused havoc,” the demon named Baal informed. 

In my mission journeys throughout the earth it appears the most common demons I encounter in exorcisms I conduct are the following: Death, Jezebel, Fear, Torment, and interestingly enough, Baal. In ancient manuscripts Baal is often being spoken of as a “king of the gods (demons).” Throughout ancient history the Middle Eastern communities honored this vile demon.  In 1 Kings 16:31, the evil King Ahab, after his marriage to Jezebel, began to serve and worship the demon-god Baal. Where ever there is Jezebel there is usually Baal. In Jeremiah 19:5 we see that even little children were given up as offerings to Baal, “They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal.” It’s been our observations that Baal tends to be a demonic strongman that is usually deeply rooted in those who he has invaded and often times is a generational spirit that holds on the spiritual legal rights of idol-worsip and blood sacrifices. 

I have expelled millions of these Baal spirits out of humans. For the One I serve is greater than this strongman. Baal falls down and bows to King Jesus. I have seen this on numerous occasions. I witnessed this once again while in a meeting, a few nights ago, when I encountered Baal in Macy. It was discovered that Baal had not only been hiding but was connected to many other thousands of evil spirits that were working in conjunction with one another to bring this woman great pain, harm, and torture. Having more than 8,ooo Baal demons within your body will cause some problems. Interestingly enough, these Baal spirits were able to access her life via rape. The one who raped her had these Baal spirits, through his generational bloodline, as they worshipped false gods and practiced voodoo. Through this sexual violation it was enough to access Macy and to invade her body and soul. 

During the exorcism I had Baal hold my holy cross and it greatly weakened him and he bowed before Jesus! As Macy renounced Baal and all of the other demons that had gained access to her life I then proceeded to drive Baal out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Baal on this day flew into the prison of the pit. Immediately, Macy testified of feeling so much relief and was experiencing zero pain. Remember this coming from a woman that had been racked with pain constantly. Jesus healed her of many physical and emotional ills. We also discovered during this 8+ hours of this exorcism that some of the Baals were hold captive some parts of her heart. This is another dynamic that must be mentioned. Baal is often enslaving little dissociative identities. So, when you confront Baal, be sure to investigate this. As Baal enjoys torturing little broken heart parts. 

Baal was forced to let go of the heart parts and we were able to speak to them. They were swiftly taken to Jesus for supernaturally healing. I then prayed that the heart would be healed. Our small prayer team rejoiced in the miracle of healing and deliverance that has taken place in this lady. There is much more work needing to be accomplished in her life however victories are taking place.