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Numerous Exorcisms, Victory to Jesus!

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Last night we held a chapel service at the Salvation Army in Dallas and we were pleased to see the Lord’s miraculous power at work in our midst. We had a very good turnout as people jammed in the main chapel floor area and the balcony was nearly full too. As I went around greeting everyone prior to the service I was confronted with some intense anger. I knew the Lord Jesus was wanting to doing some special as the enemy was already at work. I was determined to face down this anger with the love of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit moved in some very tangible ways during the proclamation of the gospel message, as even people remarked that they could feel the Spirit of God moving while the Word of God was being preached. I delivered a message on the “Back of Jesus” from Isaiah 50:6.
“I offered my back to those who beat me,
       my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard;
       I did not hide my face
       from mocking and spitting.”
The Messiah as revealed in the Book of Isaiah “offered” His very back! What did Jesus bore on His holy back? He bore our sins, afflictions, curses, our punishment, and our griefs and sorrows. The people assembled in the chapel were quite attentive as I shared these beautiful truths. I felt the liberty of the Spirit in an unusual manner. The blood stained cross of Jesus was proclaimed with incredible spiritual force and people were forced to face the truth of Jesus and His life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and second coming. I called people to turn from Satan to God, to turn from sin to holiness, from eternal hell to heaven.
In speaking of hell, I proclaimed the urgency to get right with God lest they find themselves in everlasting hell. There was an extreme quietness throughout the crowded chapel as I shared the truths of hell. I could really sense the people were ready to turn to the Lord Jesus!
I called people to Christ and many did throughout the chapel!
I then invited people to partake of the holy blood and body of the Lord in Holy Communion. There was a deepening work of the Spirit as we participated in the partaking of the blood and body of the Savior. Many were refreshed and encouraged.
Then I invited those whom were interested in receiving liberation from evil spirits and healing to stay after the main service to receive from the Lord. I was shocked, in a sense, the amount of hurting people, that wanted to stay for deliverance. For several hours, I drove out numerous demons, pains, torments, and afflictions.
One man from Kenya, East Africa, was instantaneously delivered from all forms of torment and publicly testified of his miraculous healing before all.
Several were delivered from generational Masonic spirits, many of these demonic beings were chocking the people as I was leading them in prayers of renunciation. Another man was delivered from homosexual spirits. There were so many people delivered from various pains, evil spirits and afflictions.
I did notice throughout the night people were having incredible amount of difficulty repeating prayers of renunciation with me. This is a common problem with those who are demonized but on this night there were many people having this problem. God was gracious as everyone that had demonic interference were healed and delivered from it and were able to pray with me with no problem!
There were probably twenty or so demonized individuals that were delivered from evil spirits and many were healed of various evil afflictions. God provided for the people, His salvation, healing, and deliverance!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Eastern European Demon and a Human Interject

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Not too long ago, I was involved in an exorcism with a lady and her husband that spanned a number of days. We encountered scores of evil spirits, including one demonic entity, that had entered the family in the 19th century, in a Eastern European nation, as a result of her ancestors sins. This particular nation was also well known for spiritism and these demons had been seducing the ancestors spiritually in a variety of ways. He boasted about how he had been tormenting this dear lady and how he was working in conjunction with a few people that were associated with her namely a witch that had been cursing this saint. Not only was this witch cursing her but was also visiting her (she astroplaned) at night, primarily.

During the exorcism, I battled this demon that would often speak in a Eastern European tongue.

“You will speak English in the name of Jesus,” I commanded the demon.

He began to reveal more information to me in English.

“I’m going to call forth Diana in her dream state and she is going to travel to battle you, man of God,” the demon boasted.

Diana, was this witch, that would astroplane to this saint in an attempt to spiritual attack her at night, all due to jealousy.

Within a few minutes Diana surfaced within this woman I was exorcising demons from. She spoke completely different from the Eastern European demonic spirit and the lady I was ministering to.

Before proceeding forward I tested the human interject to ensure I was not dealing with a demon masquerading as a human.

“Who are you,” Diana inquired of me, “Why am I here talking with you.”

Diana was totally shocked she was facing a minister of the gospel and was surprised when I issued a Elijah like challenge.

“I’m going to prove to you Diana that my Jesus is greater then the demons you conjure!” I go on with the challenge, “I’m going to prove before your very eyes that these demons will bow before Jesus.”

I then commanded the demons to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

They did.

I then commanded the demons to acknowledge that the blood of Jesus overcomes them.

They acknowledged!

I then told the demons to tell Diana their true intentions for her.

“We want to kill her, destroy her, and lie to her,” the demons revealed.

Diana was shocked and totally besides herself. She was saddened and scared as she realized these demons that she had been working with for all of these years were in reality tricking her in an attempt to destroy her later down the road. For Diana could see the demons bowing before King Jesus and were quite weak in the light of God’s holy power.

“Diana at some point, I will deal with you, but God does not permit you to invade this lady’s body and soul nature as she desires Jesus. So, I strip you of your powers in the name of Jesus. I also command you & the demons aiding you, to go now in Jesus name,” I instructed the human interject and the demons assisting her to astral travel.

It was interesting after dealing with this human interject in such a manner that in a the days following this encounter Diana never did come back and she was beginning to be polite to this dear lady I was helping. I think a holy fear fell upon Diana for she truly realized who was greater and I believe she was in a sense afraid of this saint whom God was working on.
Submitted by Jay