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Multiple Souls Supernaturally Caught Up to God’s Heavens!

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Another beautiful day in Southern California –our base for our international mission and Jesus Church that meets weekly here in Pasadena. Last night, during our service, I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered for many hours to those afflicted by demonic powers. Not only were many demons cast out but also multiple souls entered God’s Heaven and encountered the joys, the wonders and the powers of the age to come! Stunning signs and wonders!

Where do I begin? Well, I can start with these two ladies. Both of them were miraculously set free from evil spirits and encountered the superior powers of Jesus! Both were, also, delivered from inner witches that were hiding within their lives. It’s staggering how many individuals are being bewitched and invaded by sorcerers, witches, occultists, and many others in the dark arts. All night, I encountered these witches and drove them out in the mighty name of Jesus! These ladies, also, entered the Third Heaven and met the Father and Son!

Along with being freed from witchcraft, they also encountered the powers of the age to come –heavenly powers, Jesus powers. It was thrilling to behold as I witnessed the superiors powers of Jesus overcome the inferior powers of the devil. God’s holy angels were very active assisting me as I warred against the demonic. Moreover, the weapons of the cross and the fire of the Holy Spirit prevailed time and again over evil. 

As souls entered the heavenly realms, such as these two ladies, they experienced the wonderment of the Third Heaven that caused everyone to be in awe. However, it was a battle. Case in point, the young lady. While I was teaching, she was sensing another presence within her life. 

“I have always had vivid memories of the early 1900’s and of World War II,” she revealed to me, “My family thought I was odd in this regard –having vivid and detailed memories of bygone eras that were, obviously, before my time.”

Sure enough, within her life, were some ancestral heart parts –one who was birthed in 1885 and another birthed in 1942. These were soul parts of her ancestors that had not experienced any healing and thus were passed down from generation to generation. They surfaced as the demons, that were enslaving them, were being driven out and commanded into the pit in Jesus name! 

The ancestral heart part that lived during WW2 recalled, being forced by soldiers, having to leave her home, under great duress that caused her soul to fragment. She was sent off to live somewhere else. All of this brought deep trauma and dissociation. It begs the question how many other individuals, statistically speaking, suffered soul shattering during WW2? Millions, no doubt. These heart parts, if not healed, will be held by demons and transferred to future generations as in this case with this young lady I ministered to. 

By God’s grace I was able to locate these ancestral heart parts and guided them to Jesus for healing –all of them requested to be released into God’s holy presence. They met the Savior and were healed. Moreover, we were able to reach many other broken heart parts of her own life that were present. As the demons were being expelled (along with the inner witches within her life), the little ones were beautifully transported, miraculously, into the Third Heaven where they were able to meet Jesus and the Heavenly Father! In fact, at one point, while in God’s Heaven, she was able to actually DANCE with the Father! It’s stunning, mystifying, staggering and extraordinary to see all of these heavenly wonders taking place before our very own eyes! All praise to God.

There were so many miracles taking place last night! Many were in awe and amazement at what transpired at the Jesus Church! I’m hoping you’ll attend one of our services soon –you might just GO to Heaven too! Love it!