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Exorcisms at the Hotel, then the Baptist Church

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I am pleased to report to you that the Lord Jesus displayed His wonderful power and grace once again in our most recent meeting.
Our little meeting area was jammed packed with those seeking deliverance and healing. We were literally standing room only. The people were thirsty for the liberating power of the Holy Spirit to be unleashed upon their lives. With great joy I report to you the Lord delivered and healed. We were even honored to have the holy angels of God visit our meeting and assist me in a deliverance of an African woman from demons.
After partaking of the Holy Communion~the body and blood of our Lord, we proceeded to minister to those enslaved by unholy spirits. We first ministered to a young lady who was present, who is a survivor of sadistic ceremonial trauma. In the name of Jesus she was delivered of an demonic spirit. While ministering to her there was an African woman who was sitting to the right of me who was experiencing horrible headaches. While anointing her head with sacred oil, making the symbol of the cross on her forehead, an evil spirit manifested immediately and reacted violently to my prayers and commands. These ghastly devils twisted her body and shoved her head against the wall numerous times in an attempt to injure her. I sprinkled holy water on the spirits and it weakened the demons almost immediately. Pastor James Beason and I were able to get the demons under control with our commands in the name of Jesus.
With VERY loud cries and groans, the spirits yelled at me, “We hate you!”
I instructed the demons to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
“We will fight you, we are not leaving, she belongs to us,” cried out the devils within her, utilizing her vocal cords. 
We discovered that this dear lady had been having sexual relations with these unclean spirits for years thus allowing them access to this precious saint who was now seeking freedom from these night attacks.
“What is your name spirit,” I inquired of the demon.
“We are named Lucifer and she belongs to us, she has sex with us, she loves us,” the demons revealed.
Again the spirits reacted violently and again they twisted her body. Through all of this they even scratched me a number of times. My friends, these Luciferian spirits were VERY loud, unusually loud to the point to where guests in the hotel began to pack up their bags and walk out of their rooms to leave. I asked the holy angels of God to assist us and within seconds they entered the meeting room and began to war against the demons within her, weakening them. The demons roared in sheer hatred for what these angels were doing as the angels of God had drawn their swords and pierced the spirits, causing them great pain.
Though things were gradually getting under control, the damage was done. The guests who had heard the loud cries, the groans and the violence made some complaints to the on duty manager. Within minuted the manager was at our door asking us to vacate the premises. These hideous cries no doubt startled the people (and I understand their concerns as they did not know what was occurring). We were forced out and the exorcism was hindered. The demons simply looked at me with glee knowing full well that I was not able to drive them out because of what had just transpired. I am convinced they compelled some of the guests to complain in an attempt to hinder the deliverance service as we have NEVER been told to leave a hotel meeting room despite some of the strange intense demonic supernaturalism that has manifested over the years in those who attended. The demons were bound though.
I was determined to fight on. So, I had everyone follow me down the street. I honestly did not know what to do. God is merciful, He led me to a small old Baptist Church. Though no one was present in the church we had everyone sit on the front steps to the entrance of the church with one little light above to provide some light. It was getting much cooler, darkness had descended, we were hours from entering Halloween (thus the spiritual forces would be that much more stronger) and we were determined to fight back in Jesus name.
In the open air, in front of the Baptist Church, I conducted a number of exorcisms and a number of cars passed by, slowed down and looked on as we ministered deliverance to the captives. We were a witness to the watching world. The power of the Spirit prevailed against the spiritual foes of the cross.
As the dear lady renounced her unholy unions with the devils whom she had been having sex with I commanded the demons to leave in Jesus name. They were forced out and entered that pit in Jesus name. They screamed in agony. The lady was FREE and relieved. She lifted up her hands and praised the living Savior who had just liberated her from these vile demonic beings.
This was but the beginning….
-A dear saint from France was loosed from a satanic curse of revenge that her sister had placed upon her. While praying over her head, I felt something from her skull attacking my pointer finger. This led me to discover she had a curse which she confirmed as she revealed that her sister had been cursing her for years. We broke the demonic curse and the evil spirits left this dear woman.

-A young man who had traveled a couple hours to attend the services was freed from over 500 spirits named, Satan, there were also a number of Incubi and Succubi sex spirits within him also who had been afflicting him with various physical, mental, and spiritual torments. There are a number of other demons within him that we will need to confront and expel but I’m thankful for the opportunity to see some of these satanic strongholds demolished in Jesus name.
-A dear man, in his 20’s, a saint of God, was also delivered from some powerful entrenched spirits in his stomach and chest. They were driven out in Jesus name as they vomited out of him.
Other miracles took place and I’m grateful to the wonderful Savior for His mercy, love, and forgiveness, that is offered to all who come unto Him by faith! A young man who is involved with the Mexican Mafia was also at the meeting and witnessed the power of God and immediately destroyed some pornography that he had on his cell phone. God was dealing with hearts and it was beautiful to see God’s love extended to everyone!