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Stirring Deliverance Sessions in New York City

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I would have LOVED to have you witness the intense supernaturally stirring deliverance sessions we were involved in yesterday while in NYC. A precious family traveled from Boston to meet Gene and I for ministry. This single mom of 2 kids made the necessary sacrifices and traveled a long distance, with 2 kids (one 3 year old boy and one teenager). They met us in Chinatown and God honored her faith with a most POWERFUL deliverance from demonic spirits.

Sandy had spent years searching for help but the church was not present to intervene so she turned to the occult, witchcraft, physics, participating in pagan ceremonies such as lighting magic candles, visiting voodoo witch-doctors, Native American Indian Healers, delving into Egyptian witchcraft and so much more and yet found more bondage. Her life was literally spinning out of control and that is when the Holy Spirit directed her to me. We offered to help her and her young kids who also needed deliverance as even the little 3 year old would at times manifest eerie demonic behavior such as slithering around like a serpent,speaking blasphemy, and all kids of profanity –this from a 3 year old! Something was terribly wrong!

Also, a spirit of death had been following the little boy since he was in her mother’s womb. This death spirit had tripped Sandy when she was 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months old pregnant with precious Jaden in an attempt to harm the baby…however God protected the baby and now little Jaden (with his 17 year brother and mother encouraging him) was telling the monsters (demons) that were surfacing within his mother to leave in Jesus name! He was casting demons out at age 3. God really has something special in store for him. Amazing what little children will do for Jesus if just simply encouraged! Jaden was not even scared to tell the monsters to leave…he even went over to his mother, during this deliverance session, laid his little hand on her and prayed a simple heartfelt prayer to Jesus asking Him to help his mommy!

God answered that prayer!

Sandy agreed to be videotaped during the exorcism and we were able to capture some AMAZING video footage of various animal spirits surfacing speaking in demonic tongues and encounters with various kinds of generational African spirits. Gene and I battled more then 1000 evil spirits of Jezebel within her who boasted that they entered her ancestors to “destroy children” (Sandy had several abortions too) as a result of their participation in satanic blood sacrifices, rituals, and ceremonies that literally go back dozens of generations ago!

Many of these demons were also enslaving many thousands of broken pieces of her heart also that obviously great harm to her. These many demons were cast out and we were able to communicate with the parts and they were all healed in Jesus name!

Sandy’s face just supernaturally glowed like I have rarely seen before. Jesus truly set this woman free indeed!

We also discovered that there 4 evil spirits named Jezebel, Death, Failure, and Rejection within the boys also and they were all driven out in Jesus name! Her kids were so happy too!

Towards the end of the ministry sessions Sandy briefly saw something over my left side of my body –a holy powerful large sized SWORD! The SWORD of the Spirit truly protects me and was greatly encouraged by this vision!

Eastern European Demon and a Human Interject

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Not too long ago, I was involved in an exorcism with a lady and her husband that spanned a number of days. We encountered scores of evil spirits, including one demonic entity, that had entered the family in the 19th century, in a Eastern European nation, as a result of her ancestors sins. This particular nation was also well known for spiritism and these demons had been seducing the ancestors spiritually in a variety of ways. He boasted about how he had been tormenting this dear lady and how he was working in conjunction with a few people that were associated with her namely a witch that had been cursing this saint. Not only was this witch cursing her but was also visiting her (she astroplaned) at night, primarily.

During the exorcism, I battled this demon that would often speak in a Eastern European tongue.

“You will speak English in the name of Jesus,” I commanded the demon.

He began to reveal more information to me in English.

“I’m going to call forth Diana in her dream state and she is going to travel to battle you, man of God,” the demon boasted.

Diana, was this witch, that would astroplane to this saint in an attempt to spiritual attack her at night, all due to jealousy.

Within a few minutes Diana surfaced within this woman I was exorcising demons from. She spoke completely different from the Eastern European demonic spirit and the lady I was ministering to.

Before proceeding forward I tested the human interject to ensure I was not dealing with a demon masquerading as a human.

“Who are you,” Diana inquired of me, “Why am I here talking with you.”

Diana was totally shocked she was facing a minister of the gospel and was surprised when I issued a Elijah like challenge.

“I’m going to prove to you Diana that my Jesus is greater then the demons you conjure!” I go on with the challenge, “I’m going to prove before your very eyes that these demons will bow before Jesus.”

I then commanded the demons to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

They did.

I then commanded the demons to acknowledge that the blood of Jesus overcomes them.

They acknowledged!

I then told the demons to tell Diana their true intentions for her.

“We want to kill her, destroy her, and lie to her,” the demons revealed.

Diana was shocked and totally besides herself. She was saddened and scared as she realized these demons that she had been working with for all of these years were in reality tricking her in an attempt to destroy her later down the road. For Diana could see the demons bowing before King Jesus and were quite weak in the light of God’s holy power.

“Diana at some point, I will deal with you, but God does not permit you to invade this lady’s body and soul nature as she desires Jesus. So, I strip you of your powers in the name of Jesus. I also command you & the demons aiding you, to go now in Jesus name,” I instructed the human interject and the demons assisting her to astral travel.

It was interesting after dealing with this human interject in such a manner that in a the days following this encounter Diana never did come back and she was beginning to be polite to this dear lady I was helping. I think a holy fear fell upon Diana for she truly realized who was greater and I believe she was in a sense afraid of this saint whom God was working on.
Submitted by Jay

Demon Claiming to be a Slayer Bowing to King Jesus!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

This past weekend we held another public service in Dallas for those needing prayer to be released from Satan’s power. It was a small meeting but our little meeting area was packed with individuals coming in from out of town and as far as Southern California with the hope to find liberation from demonic torment.

We began the meeting with an opportunity to partake of the Holy Communion ~ the body and blood of our Lord. We then proceeded to provide a brief teaching on the Doorways to Demons. The very first doorway mentioned was, “Visiting Demonically Controlled Areas,” which include Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, drug houses, homosexual communities, etc…as I shared with the small group and invited everyone to pray with me, demons began to manifest in very subtle ways. A fellow minister noticed this right way and began to pray for a lady that was sitting right in front of me.

Within moments, a demon manifested by the name of, “Shamig,” he had brought a tormenting fear inot this dear believer and was also holding unto the spirit rights of visiting a demonically controlled area. For you must see that this dear saint traveled recently to the Orient and visited many pagan temples which allowed this Oriental demon spirit to enter her body. As soon as the rights were broken the demons were driven out in Jesus name!

The next doorway I covered was generational curses, oaths, and vows and immediately another demons manifested within a 40-something year old man to the left of me, who was sitting with his wife. The demons contorted and twisted his face and growled like a beast.

“I’m Danaka, I report to Chermos, who oversees large geographical areas, we are slayer of millions, we torment.”

He then began to boast how he could quote me God’s Word from it’s original languages and began to do so (I have studied the ancient languages in theological school so I picked up on it), I told him to stop and he did!

“It doesn’t matter what you know, Jesus is Lord.”

“Yes, Jesus is Lord, we have been defeated by Him.”

This slayer of millions bowed before the King Jesus and was commanded to leave in Jesus most holy name! He left with a loud cry and a beastly moan.

I also dealt with demons named, Death Masters (there were 48 of them), that had entered the body of this dear saint as a result of a generational curse of murder from his grandfather who had killed some POWS in World War II. These death spirits were also removed in Jesus name.

For 6 hours (we had ministered 5 hours prior to this public meeting in some private sessions with a severe case of demonization), we drove out many evil spirits from those attending the meeting and spoke to different dissociative identities that surfaced and they experienced healing.

Demons manifesting in Alien form and spirits of shamanism, witchcraft, satanism, masonry, Taosim, Buddhism, levitation, rape, abuse, trauma, Native American spirits, etc were all driven out during these private and public meetings in Jesus name!

Moreover, some were released from various forms of demonic affliction as they repeated prayers renouncing various sins, curses, and demons! At first, we didn’t think we would be able to complete the 15 or so common doorways to demons but we were given grace and were able to get through the list and people were FREE!

Jesus is wonderful!
Submitted by Jay

Victory over Evil Beings in South Africa!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

My wife was feeding our little one early this morning (around 1am) and we received a call from a young lady (she was calling from South Africa) needing liberation from luciferian spirits that had been tormenting her for many months and afflicting her body with various pains. She wasn’t able to get to the phone in time.

Well, in God’s mercy, she called again, early this morning. I had just gotten up and feeding the kids when the phone rang again. It was this precious lady from South Africa needing freedom! I was so thankful she called as I just knew God was wanting to heal and deliver this precious saint who was suffering from all kinds of spiritual attacks.

“My grandmother was involved in the occult,” she revealed.

I asked her to get some water and her Bible. We blessed the water (therefore we had some holy water present) and God’s Holy Sword!

I had her drink the water, the demon within her groaned! Then I had her place her Bible on her heart! I led her in prayer to renounce the generational curses of occultism, spiritism, etc and immediately the evil spirit surfaced and SCREAMED!!! This dear Christian lady began to choke and cough, the demon was attempting to hinder! The pains in her body intenstified! She was hurting all over! “I’m Lucifer,” the demon revealed to me.

Other luciferian spirits surfaced during the deliverance…

I continued to pray and she renounced the generational curses and commanded the evil spirits to leave her body. With loud cries, the demons were expelled and she began to weep on the phone, so relieved as she could feel the demons leave and felt so much lighter! I continued to pray for deep inner healing and it was taking place. She was not only delivered but instantly healed of numerous physical pains located throughout her body that were causing her all kinds of persistent troubles!

(though on the phone there are limitations, God, in His love, rescued this dear lady who couldn’t find anyone to deal with the demons within her in her country so she called me)

Then a few hours later another demon afflicted lady came to our home for lunch and she was delivered of 14 evil spirits. God is glorious and deserving worship!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

12,000 Evil Spirits Expelled by the Holy Spirit

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I went up to this young man who was attending our public exorcism service and after placing some holy oil on his forehead a demon violently convulsed him, shaking his entire body! A voice spoke out of him and said his name was “Satan.” We discovered there were 12,000 of them within his body. They had entered as a result of a generational abuse & sin from his Father. After the young man renounced the curse and sin, the demons were dramatically driven out, by the power of the Holy Spirit, as he vomited them out of his body. The small group was amazed at how liberated he LOOKED. He even said he felt lighter and had a big smile!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett