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We See It All the Time: Decades of Pain Gone within Seconds! Jesus is Able!

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

In many of our seminars, meetings and missions, skeptics show up curious about the supernaturalism we report of or hear about from friends. Many are wanting to see if I’m a fraud, a scam artist or simply a showman. Some simply are skeptical of the modern day miracles that take place in our ministry events on a daily basis. This is why I conduct meetings in public so everyone can SEE for themselves. We desire to demonstrate the power and love of Jesus Christ to the watching world so hearts can be opened to the gospel message.

Lori (pictured above) was kind of skeptical of me and the miracles I was reporting as she sat in the back of the meeting hall during a recent seminar in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She came with some friends and was curious about what I was sharing. I preached the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion then began to pray for those under spiritual attack. Lori mentioned she was under some form of attack and I began to minister to her.

Demons rose up and spoke, to her surprise. The demons named themselves and revealed how they entered her.

“We entered centuries ago through her mother’s bloodline,” the spirits of Fear confessed, “Her ancestors practiced satanic rituals and performed in demonic ceremonies.”

Well, think of it. All of us, I’m sure, have ancestors that indulged in idolatry and demonic practices at some level thus opening doors to evil spirits. The demons of Fear also revealed to her that they were behind her physical pains!

“Yes, we cause her pains –in her back and a myriad of other things,” the unclean spirits boasted.

At that very moment, Lori had a crisis of belief. She was staggered to hear of this. She was mystified. She looked at me in bewilderment, wondering if any of this was real. She looked at me with unbelief. I took that opportunity to seek her personal healing.

“Lori, I see you are struggling to believe all of this,” I said to her, “What if your lower back is healed, would you believe what I’m doing on your behalf,” I asked.

“Yes, that would cause me to believe in what you are doing!”

I called up Fear and told it to take all of the pains from her lower back in the name of Jesus! Lori, immediately could feel feel a difference. She was even in a greater degree of shock and awe.

“The physical pains are GONE!” she testified before the audience, “I don’t feel the pains anymore in my body. I have suffered for DECADES and have tried everything to alleviate the pain!”

Fear was driven out and she was beautifully healed of all of her physical ailments. These pains were removed within seconds –decades of pains GONE in seconds by the power of God! I still recall the look upon her face –she was still wondering if I was for real. I gave all praise to God, for only He could heal. She was still wondering about me. I praised Jesus for His healing power. She was still puzzled in what took place –years of pains disappearing after some prayer and command.

My friends, I realize the miraculous wonders we see constantly gets a lot of attention and some remain skeptical and some even resort to attacking me personally. I just trust God to protect this global mission and to keep on preaching, healing the sick and driving out demons in Jesus name! Thankfully, Lori, turned around and believed. She was grateful and gave me a hug afterwards thankful for her healing miracle.

We are seeing so many healing miracles! In every seminar, individuals are reporting the wondrous work of the Holy Spirit in their lives as sicknesses, pains, diseases, demons, curses, soul invaders are removed in Jesus name!