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Over 100,000 Evil Demons Cast Out with Fire of Holy Spirit

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I was rocking my little girl to sleep and my precious wife was in the other room ministering to Alicia. While she was praying our living room was being filled with holy fire, I saw it on the walls and could feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit fire, the conusming love. It was a most powerful experience as I was rocking my little daughter. I was filled with this fire. Then my wife stepped out and we placed Sahara in bed. I began to pray for precious Alicia and within seconds a demon(s) manifested by the named of “Ashir.” He was positioned with Alicia, within the box she was placed back in. There were more then 100,000 of these spirits. That fire, dwelling within me, filled me with holy power and within MINUTES the 100,000 demons were driven out in Jesus name!

The other dissociative parts could feel and SEE these many thousands of evil spirits leave the body and to the pit! Glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Submitted by Jay