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Extreme Exorcisms with Violent Evil Spirits in Atlanta, Georgia!

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This Jesus mission continues on with power! We are currently in Atlanta, Georgia where we are scheduled to conduct public deliverance  services  and seminars! Earlier this evening, we had a meeting hall filled with individuals and families desperate for deliverance and healing. One family drove more then 4.5 hours to attend our services. The daughter, pictured with me above, was one of the first ones I ministered to.

After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those afflicted with demons. Laura began to violently manifest demons. They surfaced and SCREAMED out of her! They violently threw her back into her chair and with viciousness cried out.

“We are NOT leaving! We are staying with her!” a group of demons rooted in ancestral idolatry revealed to me, “We have been here for a very long time because her ancestors participated in idol-worship.”

I bound up all of the evil spirits within this woman and commanded them to release all of her broken heart. This caused a violent explosion from the invading demons! They were aggressive and screamed out of her. They didn’t want to let go of Laura’s broken heart. Eventually the spiritual pressure was too great for them and they released her hurting heart.

So many little heart parts were supernaturally healed. I then proceeded to confront the wicked spirits. The violent demons were cast out of her in the name of Jesus Christ! They flew out of her and she was beautifully set free (take a look at her picture, above, to see her smile). Laura will need some more ministry, however, tonight was a beautiful victory for her in Christ!

That was only the beginning of the ministry that took place on this night. Many others were set from demons. Even a number of people testified of feeling demons departing from their bodies and minds by simply being present in the meeting hall. In fact, several people testified of feeling released from demonic forces by observing others getting free from demons. Incredible!

After seeing Laura delivered, a young man, in the back of the meeting hall named Money started convulsing violently. Within him were many VIOLENT demons. Thankfully, I had about 5 or 6 strong men of God present who assisted me in restraining the violence and evil surfacing from within him.

Bloodshed, murder, rage, anger and hate all surfaced and they were very strong demons that could have torn up our meeting hall if it wasn’t for God’s people assisting me. Money was delivered from these demons and released from deep bondages. Moreover, he encountered some deep inner helping and many little heart parts were healed by JESUS!

It should have been noted that Money also had a soul invader –his grandfather. He surfaced during the meeting and I spoke to him. I guided him to Jesus!

Many others were ministered too including a few ladies who were victims of satanic ritual abuse. They, too, had soul invaders! This is becoming amazing the amount of people all across the world I’m encountering with these soul invaders!

One lady, we ministered to much later in the evening, had soul invaders. She was 64 years of age and had no idea to the extent of her demonization and abuse. We discovered that at the age of 2 she was abused by Satanists and at that time they invaded her consciousness. We also encountered a 5 year old dissociative identity who held on the horrific memories of people being sacrificed and ritually abused. These parts were sent to Jesus and many demons were driven out of her. We hope to be able to do more ministry with her later today at our training seminar.

Another lady we ministered to was abused by her grandfather who was a KKK wizard who participated in human and animal sacrifices. He actually surfaced and I commanded him out in Jesus name. This woman experienced some beautiful healing and deliverance and was relieved after her deliverance.