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Jammed-Packed Hall Witness Miraculous Healing Wonders of Jesus!

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

I’m currently in hot, humid, steamy Houston, Texas, where we are conducting a series of seminars with the hopes of reaching people with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ! Last night, here in Houston, before a jammed-packed audience we witnessed some phenomenal wonders of the Holy Spirit. All praise to God!

The evening started off very encouraging as a father stood up and testified of his son’s deliverance from demons from 5 years ago during one of our meetings. He shared briefly of the overcoming power of Jesus and how his son is now serving Jesus with all of his heart and living a successful and free life with God. This gives me deep joy and satisfaction seeing lives that were impacted, years ago by our mission, still serving Jesus. This is why we do what we do –to see lives eternally transformed.

After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to minister to those afflicted with evil spirits. Many demons surfaced including those within a lady (pictured with me above) that sat to the left of me. She was brought to the meeting by a friend of hers. She listened intently to the good news of Jesus and even responded to the call of God by repenting of her sins and calling upon Jesus for salvation. Moments later, she was wonderfully set free.

The demons battled me however. We battled back in the mighty name of Jesus! The demons boasted to me:

“We have beee here for thousands of years!” the spirits of death informed me, “Nobody has ever dealt with this us before! We have been in her bloodline for many generations causing sicknesses, pains and physical problems.”

Turns our this woman had been suffering for more then two decades from stomach problems. Moreover, she also suffered from a broken heart. Many little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me including a little 5 year old. She was immediately guided to the Savior for healing.

As the little girl approached Jesus, she could actually SEE Him and was healed by Him! It was beautiful to witness. Furthermore, we discovered she had been invaded by a few souls invaders. They wanted to control her and manipulate her. These invaders were removed in the name of Jesus.

All of these vile unclean spirits were removed from her life and this woman was miraculously healed of ALL physical pains. Think about it for a moment –DECADES of pain– GONE within minutes! Others encountered the supernatural healing power of Jesus including a young woman who serves God in the deliverance ministry. She was also manifesting demonic spirits. I had her come to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to her. Within seconds demons surfaced –a group of demons named Leviathan.

“We are the ones that bring physical pain in her back and in her spine,” the demons boasted to me, “We also caused her to be involved in a car accident which resulted in more pain in her body!”

I commanded the demons of Leviathan to release this minister of the gospel and she was powerfully set free. She was astounded! She smiled and jumped up and down, excited to encounter a healing of her back. She had been suffering a long time and now she was beautifully cured by God! LOVE IT!

Others were miraculously healed by Jesus during our seminar. It was amazing to see many physically healed and freed from demonic spirits.