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The power of your words – an unexpected result

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Two years ago, I was called by man in our homecell group to assist his wife who was having a series of severe epileptic seizures. She had a history of epilepsy and was also a member of our homecell group, but something was particularly serious about the attacks that day.

 A bit of her history: She was born into a Hindu family and claimed to have been born again a few years previously, yet still had the Hindu shrines and artefacts in their house. Although she regularly attended homecell and visited my wife and me often to learn more about christianity, she often dominated meetings yet seemed to learn nothing.

 On the day in question, I went up to their house and sat beside her in the sitting room. The was incoherent, sweating profusely and unresponsive. I began to pray, but received no discernment regarding her condition. She started having another seizure and I placed my hand on her forehead. As a rule I avoid touching people, but I laid my hand on her to get a better idea of what was present.

 There was abosultely no response. It felt like I was touching a plastic dish. I could not even discern any lifeforce in her. I prayed that the Lord would reveal what was behind this strange phenomenon and He showed me a stage with a large purple curtain drawn shut across the front. This was coupled with the discernment that there was a deceiving spirit making out as if there was nothing there.

Annoyed, I said: “Get out of my way” and the curtain opened immediately to reveal seven demons in her. One was clearly a Hindu demon and, as I knew of her choice to hold onto Hinduism, I chose to counsel her husband and her when she had stabilised rather than cast out demons that she would allow back.

 After counselling, I went home and, as I came through the door, my wife was attacked by the epilepsy demon. With no history of any disorder, her neck started to pull stiff and her tongue felt like it was swelling. A called another believer and we prayed for an hour while my wife continued to resist.

 The demon released her and was banished from our home and family.

The believer and his wife went through three days of demonic visitations in their house and yet the lady chose to revert openly to Hinduism.

 Although this may not be viewed a s a successful deliverence, there is a lesson to be learnt about the power of our words and the need to be vigilant and careful when dealing with demons.

Whether you are in the deliverence ministry or not, constantly protect your home and family against demonic attack using the Blood of Jesus and establishing authority over your home and family.

Yours, in Jesus,


Provincial Pastor, Christ the King

Western Cape, South Africa

Cursed Animals Expelled from Lady

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Note: some of this information may upset those who are spiritually vunerable so please do not read any further. This information needs to be made public so people can know Jesus is ABLE to heal those tormented in unusual manners. –Jay

We met for nearly 10 hours, last night, at the Mt Olive Free Methodist Church and conducted two intense exorcisms. I urged many of you to pray as I would be performing spiritual surgery on one of the ladies possessed, within her body nature, two literal animals–parts of animals that the cult spiritually surgically placed within her belly. One was a part of a lizard, it’s tail, scales, and fragements of it’s skin. These pieces of the lizard were cursed and placed inside of her. There was another animal part within her also, a rabbit’s foot, that had been cursed and placed within her stomach area. As you can imagine this lady has been experiencing, for many years, all kinds of stomach problems and issues. No wonder, she had animal parts within her. This isn’t unusual, though, the church is ill equipped on getting cursed objects out of bodies. I have seen all kinds of cursed things removed from the the demon possessed. The late German Lurtheran pastor & exorcist Blumbhardt of the 19th century writes of animals being inside the demonized (including a bat & a turtle) and being removed by the power of the cross of Jesus!On this victory night, a demon surfaced by the name of Jackinas who was holding into place the lizard. Melaco was the other evil spirit who held unto the rabbit’s foot. The power of Jesus is greater though and can remove cursed things from the body!

For a couple hours the power of the Holy Spirit was evident and assisted in the surgery with the Father & Son!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the animals and to depart with it via the mouth. We witnessed parts of the lizard being expelled out of her mouth into a wastebasket and other gunk! It was disgusting and vile as the parts of the lizard were being expelled. But, I was reminded that after these animals were removed, this dear lady was going to feel so much better!!! And she did!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the rabbit’s foot, and the foot of the animal came out immediately from the mouth as she heaved into the wastebasket! It was covered with blood and other gunk! God is so good and delivered this dear lady whom we love so very much!

The spiritual surgery was successful and this without having to take her to the hospital!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett