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Open Air Preaching, Exorcising and Healing in Jesus Name!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have finally arrived back to my room after a full day of ministry here in rainy Guatemala City, Guatemala. I’m joined on this trip with my pastor friends, Gene Smith of Ohio and John Crable of Arizona. We are also joined by a dear sister in the Lord, Sharon, from Houston, who served in the deliverance ministry with me back in Houston many years ago. An older sister who powerfully intercedes for those tormented by demons. All three are deeply involved in the deliverance and healing ministry and have seen incredible miracles over the years!

Earlier today, we were at Central Park, Guatemala City, conducting open air evangelistic meetings, preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, healing the sick, and driving out demons! Many hundreds were gathered around, in the park, when I stood before them and proclaimed God’s Word! Many were listening in attentively and with a heart open for the gospel. Interestingly, just prior to the open air meeting, people in the park were approaching me desirous of liberation from demon powers. One older gentleman came to me and immediately after commanding the demons of alcoholism to leave– collapsed to the ground as the demons departed. Another man was afflicted with numerous infirmities was also healed and delivered from demonic spirits. A young woman who had been bound to prostitution was freed from those vile sex spirits that had been tormenting her for so long! She even experienced a healing of her broken and sad heart. John ministered to many demonized individuals also commanding many demons to leave in Jesus name including one young man who had been bound with spirits of death and suicide. In fact, he had been contemplating about committing suicide this very day but God had other plans and rescued him –one of the evangelists within the Church of the Cross here in Guatemala actually handed him a flyer that led him to John which gave John the opportunity to lead the young man to Jesus and expel many spirits from out of him!

So even while the praise band was leading worship –people were being delivered of demons and healed of sicknesses. Then when I preached I could tell many were very interested in the gospel presentation and only God knows how many turned to Him, but many could be heard and seen praying to receive Christ as I led everyone in mass salvation prayers. I also led everyone in mass deliverance and simply commanded demons to leave those in listening to leave in Jesus name –again only God knows how many but I could really sense many were freed.

Speaking of mass deliverance. After the meeting while back at the church we were in conversation and one brother mentioned that when I was last in Guatemala preaching and conducting open air deliverance meetings, in one of the unreached Mayan villages, he had a vision, after the event, where he saw legions of demons marching out of his village as a result of the mass deliverance. I believe this occurred here at the park. Legions of demons had no chance as Jesus was being forcefully proclaimed as LORD so they marched on out out of the square. We claim Guatemala for Jesus!

Numerous miracle stories could be retold. I could be up all night retelling each and every one but suffice to say God has been good to us. It’s been rainy here but God granted us favor by giving us beautiful sunshine while we conducted this open air meeting! Moreover, we were able to purchase more then 10,000 gospel tracts for the evangelists that we have in the church and have them evangelize –perhaps more then a few thousands tracts distributed just today alone reaching thousands with the gospel message. Many New Testaments were also purchased. All of this possible by the small group of disciples who dare to serve the King with their resources and as a result thousands were reached…tens of thousands have been reached here in Guatemala since the church was birthed some 8 months ago. Amazing indeed, all praise to the King!

Miracles in Guatemala, Bellmead, and Home!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As many of you might recall I have been preaching and driving out demons in the small Central American nation of Guatemala where we saw numerous souls cured from demonic affliction, various infirmities, and pains. The Church of the Cross was strengthened and so was I. However, all of us who traveled down to Guatemala were attacked in one fashion or another –one minister friend choked on some food, another came under direct demonic attack in form of great condemnation, nearly all of us were attacked at night by demonic forces, and when I came back home I had to pull out at least 10 spiritual needles from my head that was causing great pain. As soon as I did I was healed. Jesus has been faithful! As the Scripture teaches, “…for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.”

I’m back on the road again this time back in Bellmead (where the Church of the Cross meets) for more intensive ministry with those enslaved to demonic powers. For hours I met up with a father and son who had traveled many miles to meet here. They have been battling thousands of tormenting evil spirits –more then 500 Insanity spirits, more then 500 Beelzebub spirits, and more then 500 Illuminati spirits. God bestowed upon us His holy power and these 1,500 demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and immediately he testified of feeling unusually strong in Christ!

Before ending this email I’d like to share a precious personal event that occurred not too long ago in my home. God has blessed me with three young children –Ford 5 years of age, Ranger 3 years of age, and Sahara 1 1/2 years of age. We are raising them to love Jesus! Not only to love Him but also to actively serve Him! Well, I was in the dining room and little Sahara bumped in one of the chairs and she fell. Guess what happened. My little boy, Ford, immediately ran up to his sister and prayed over her, “In Jesus name, Sahara, be healed. May the blood of Jesus heal you.” Sahara grew quiet. Then Ford asked in belief she was healed, “Sahara, do you feel better!” Little Sahara responded with a little baby noise that translated to me at least that she was okay! I was truly touched by this display of love. Without me saying one word Ford loved his little sister by ministering unto her. Isn’t that beautiful or what???

If little ones can minister healing then so should all of us –in complete faith in Jesus to save, heal, and deliver!

Open Air Exorcisms in Guatemala!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What took place here in downtown Guatemala City earlier this evening was simply spectacular and epic! Words will be hard to find to describe the stunning display of God’s power over the devil and his demons. Though I have been fortunate to be involved in many such public services but those minister friends of mine who joined me were amazed at the events that took place. Many hundreds– over the hours– was able to participate in a very unique outdoor exorcism meeting where dozens upon dozens were healed and delivered from demon powers in the name of Jesus! Better yet, many souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, many precious souls were encouraged like never before to get involved in this fight against our spiritual foes in the name of Jesus. We raised up countless soldiers for Christ to get involved in the work of the Kingdom.

I need to set the scene. We arrived to the main plaza where many thousands had gathered to enjoy another beautiful sunny afternoon in the city. As we began the service people started strolling in from all different directions to see what the commotion was about. To get sort of an idea of where this all took place click here to see the Central Park where we have held these public services:

Towards the end of the service –after Gene Smith preached the gospel– the floodgates opened as demons were surfacing within many in the crowd. Some were going into convulsions, some were collapsing under demonic powers, others were experiencing tormenting attacks. All at once people streamed forward with a desire to be healed and free from demons powers. One lady I ministered to, during the public deliverance part of the meeting, manifested some powerful witchcraft spirits. The spirits threw her down to the ground, she convulsed and rolled her eyes behind the head. They were there as a result of the anger and hatred she had towards her husband and her participation in witchcraft. As she renounced these sins the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus! She was so happy –no longer depressed but now liberated to walk in the joy of the Lord!

A number of young people approached me who had never renounced their involvement in sorcery. On this night they were given the opportunity as they confessed Jesus as Lord and repented of their sins! The signs and wonders confirmed the preaching of the WORD! Many spirits of witchcraft, alcoholism, infirmities, and pains were expelled as many hundreds –some out of curiosity, some out of desire to help in prayer– witnessed these numerous outdoor exorcisms. At times the people would break out in applause to see another soul saved, healed or delivered. Imagine being there…seeing five ministers out on this huge plaza, in the midst of a enthusiastic crowd, praying for the sick and driving out demons in Jesus name! You could see the utter amazement among those watching these powerful deliverances! Jesus was delivering and healing so many! Jesus was the TALK on this day in the plaza!

Many were healed from various pains in legs, arms, feet, backs, necks, fingers, heads, and practically every part of one’s body. Many were experiencing a healing from a broken heart –sister Sharon would simply sit in a chair while a line of people lined up to receive a healing touch from her prayers to Jesus. Mothers were even bringing their babies for her to bless them! This truly excites me to see the BODY of Christ coming together to further the reach of God’s power to those hurting. John was also involved in driving many evil spirits in Jesus name!

I recall at one point while we were surrounded by a crowd of people who were simply stunned by another deliverance– I began preaching the gospel–to a very attentive crowd who listened to every word spoken, calling precious souls to repentance and declaring the victory we have in Jesus Christ our King. The marriages that were saved, the backsliders that were brought back into the race, the souls that were unbound, the hearts that were healed, individuals that experienced salvation, to the broken bodies that experienced a supernatural healing –were indeed spectacular and glorified God!

The impact of these meetings will be impacting for many generations as entire families were deeply touched by the love and miracle working power of God!

More meetings schedule tomorrow….the fruit of conducting open air evangelistic and deliverance services is undeniable….

Jesus is ALIVE!

Battles in Bellmead, Jesus Wins!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We were up until 1am this morning battling the spiritual armies of Satan in the Name of Jesus here in Bellmead!

Last night pastor James Beason and I battled thousands of demons in a 26 year old man terribly afflicted by evil. Thousands of these vile spiritual beings –Mexican Witchcraft spirits, sodomy spirits , mind control spirits– were forced out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and this young man has testified of feeling relieved for the first time in a very long time. He has experienced some tremendous healing and we will continue to minister to him. The Body of Christ must wake up to the dire spiritual needs around us for multitudes around us are suffering from demonic attacks.

He is a victim of satanic ceremonial trauma and constantly being stalked by a sadistic cult that desires to capture him for their hellish purposes. He has been sodomized, brainwashed, and tortured by the members of this occult sect. His entire family has been a target in many ways and is terribly demonized. They are fearful. What is sad is that this entire family has been a church going family for years and yet nobody within the church they attend has offered any kind of assistance. Years have gone by and the church has yet to offer the ministry of deliverance to those held captive, so this family has languished in silence –enslaved, tormented, abused– by satanic forces. One night thousands of years ago, while having dinner at Matthew’s house, Jesus, again, clearly revealed His purposes, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick,” our Savior came for the sick, He is our doctor. Many are sick with demons. He is able to heal the wounds, to drive out the destroyers and tormentors and rescue, however, He needs to be declared as such or blinded people will not be able to see and experience his healing touch!

Earlier in the day, these demonic spirits had driven Lonnie up on top of the roof of his parents home with the hopes that he would jump off –thereby killing him! For days he has been awake with very little sleep and rest as the demons torment his mind and body for hours on end. The other day the demons drove Lonnie to get a knife from the kitchen and threaten his very own father with it. Fortunately, his father is a believer in Christ and understands that these were demons in control of his son and understands our battle is not against “flesh and blood.” Jesus is conquering and we are seeing His might!

Supernatur​al Acts: Woman Arrives on Crutches, Leaves Without Them!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus!

We have just completed another day of meetings with those needing healing and deliverance. Once again God was pleased to bestow His miracle working power in our midst. As often in our meetings people arrived from various cities believing for Jesus to cure! I’m pleased to report Jesus didn’t disappoint!

In our first meeting, James and I met with a young African woman for many hours who had dozens of evil spirits afflicting her. For years this dear sister in Christ, named Michelle, was attacked by the enemies of the cross. Within minutes of praying over her an evil spirit named, Succubus, surfaced and rolled her eyes behind her head. Succubus spoke to me and revealed much:

Was a generational demonic spirit with ties on both mother’s and father’s side. Entered the mother’s side in 1867, father’s side 1891. On the mother’s side it was discovered that her ancestors practiced “witchcraft,” having “sex with spirits,” and delving into “satanic rituals.” These opened numerous spirits to the family bloodline and have remained in the family over multiple generations. On the father’s side it was discovered that his ancestors had participated in “domestic abuse,” “abusing ceremonies,” and “ritual cutting” (Michelle started cutting her body as a teenager). That he was holding onto a handful of dissociative identities ranging from little babies to those in their 30’s. One dissociative identity was present soon after conception within her mother’s womb as a result of extreme spiritual darkness within the mother and father. Another dissociative identity was only 7 years of age named, “Amelia,” who loved Jesus. By God’s mercy, we were able to integrate and bring about a wholeness to her hurting heart. Jesus healed her!

After encountering 40 of these Succubus sex spirits we then find out there is a spirit named, Beelzebub, within her body. He also spoke and revealed the generational spiritual rights he was holding onto:

Entered the mother’s ancestors in 1897. The ancestors in the nineteenth century were troubled with “night terrors,” “infirmities” of all sorts, “tumors”, “diabetes”, “back pain,” “foot problems,” “mental illness,” participation in “Wiccan ceremonies,” “eating defecation” in sadistic ceremonies, communed with “alien beings”, “drank blood in rituals,” “pornography,” “fear of rejection,” and general “filth.” He reveled in the fact he had brought so much destruction in her life such as “poisoning her mind,” “controlling her mind,” and “cutting off her abundance.” Beelzebub boasted how he was able to gain access to “all of the men” through the sins of pornography.

By the power of the Holy Spirit we overcome Beelzebub who desired to harm me as several times he grabbed my arm with the hopes of twisting it and a few times attempted to bite me. God protected! At one point for over an hour Beelzebub, was told by Spirit of the God, to remove all of the sickness and tentacles that were intertwined within her reproductive organs and her womb (Michelle reported that at one point there were 11 tumors on her uterus that had to be removed. During the exorcism the demons boasted of having brought the tumors into her body). Over that span you could see the demons grabbing what seemed to be a very very long tentacle that had been placed within her to bind her and to torment her. Beelzebub pulled it out and God supernaturally healed her!

Dozens of others spirits were called up and out of her –self hate, night terrors, anxiety, pills, torment, harassment, fear of rejection, fear of disease, fear of being alone, isolation, cutting, confusion, chaos, hoarding, insecurity– and so many others. These were expelled in the name of holy Jesus!

The powers of the age to come are mightily at work –the Kingdom of God with it’s powers to redeem, to heal, to liberate, to restore, to create– are advancing throughout the globe– and we must taste of the “powers of the coming age,” and carry out the works of the Kingdom for the sake of souls. Obviously, since the powers of the coming age are at work there are enemy forces seeking to counter the works of God. We see this in every nation on earth.

On this planet we have various kinds of evil powers working seeking to dominate. One such power is the forces of the Illuminati. Much can be written but it is suffice to say these powers are at work and have been implanted within people primarily through generational bloodline curses –idolatrous sins that allowed demons access to the family bloodline, trigger words and spirits that are ready to be called upon at moment’s notice. There are millions in our day who have been inhabited with these Illuminati spirits from prior to generations that are seeking for the appearance of the Beast and the anti-Christ, whom will activate the mass number of these anti-Christ spirits within millions –to counter the works of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Michelle, we discovered had a number of secret Illuminati spirits, that were waiting to be called for, to be activated, by the forces of the Illuminati who are under the control of the powers of the Beast and the Anti-Christ. These powers were driven out by a greater power –the Lord Jesus Christ.

Supernatural Acts of the Holy Spirit in Public Meeting

During our Church of the Cross public service two ladies arrived from out of town to receive a supernatural healing and deliverance. One lady came on crutches and with a great amount of pain however she believed God would heal her. God did! As James and I commanded the pains to leave her body and as James laid hands on her feet, the Holy Spirit began to remove all of the pain and restored strength to her feet and legs. Minutes later she got up, surprised, but very happy, that all of the pain had vanished and she was able to walk without the crutches. She walked with using the crutches, she walked out of the meeting touched by God and without the crutches. Everybody in the meeting was rejoicing in the goodness of God to heal!

The precious saints were also healed of various of other kinds of pains and infirmities. Demons of Jezebel, control, manipulation, and witchcraft were all driven out in Jesus name. It was very interesting that during the deliverance session one 50 year old lady exclaimed, “I see a halo around your head and gold around you!” She really could feel and SEE the presence of God around me. I did feel the peace of God and God is pleased with our work so He is blessing us with His tangible presence and signs. Our meetings this weekend were filled with signs and wonders!

Deliverance in China Springs

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

My brothers and sisters in Jesus the Lord,

One often finds much demonic activity in those small out of sight hidden places on earth –China Springs was such a place–James Beason and I were in the small town on China Springs

We are seeing tremendous fruit being birthed as a result of the evangelistic, deliverance and healing work we are accomplishing globally by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. In recent days I have been receiving amazing reports, too many to recount all of them so I’ll just highlight a few to encourage you my friends.

Dad Casting Demons Out of Son in Texas: “Jay, I am trying to take a more active role in casting out the demons as you advised me at the deliverance session on Saturday.  Yesterday evening I called up more than 60 different demons such as Satan, snake, homosexuality, etc. and asked each demon if it had legal rights. If it had no legal rights, I would bind all  spirits as one in Jesus’ name. Then I would say all Satan spirits be cast out and go to the pit in Jesus name.”

Son Sharing with Dad About Miraculous Healing in Australia: “Jay, my dad is visiting us and helping us prepare for the move. We were able to share last night my incredible healing through your visit at the meeting at the house a few weeks ago. Dad, who is a traditional Anglican & 79 yrs of age, was so excited & open to hear the healing I experienced. (he was previously, many years ago, involved in Masonry.) We explained how this was broken off many people during the meeting & he was very open to what we shared.”

3 Souls Saved and Delivered from Demons in Guatemala: “Awesome news! Friday and Sunday Services we had fiesta, three people that came for the first time accepted Jesus as they were deliver from demons in the name of Jesus. The Devil is mad like hell, he´s trying to infiltrate this congregation they came to investigate us here and said atrocities about my wife and myself.

Brother in Christ Responding to Ministry Call in Chicago: “I will go into the ministry and I will be doing what you are doing (you beloved man) and I will do everything I saw you do. And I will raise up a church where my ministry will be to teach others how to do it.  People who are willing to live the life also. I cant wait!  My time is coming really soon.  Help is coming my friend. JESUS CHRIST will come back to a supernatural church, if its the last thing I do, with my last dying breath I will work hard on making that true! GOD bless you.  Keep up the good work!  Hurt Satan in every way! All glory to GOD ALMIGHTY!”

Pastor Friend Reports Deliverance from Demons: “Jay, I was blessed by your two friends who came over and prayed with me resulting in me being delivered of two strongmen – Worried and Anxiety, along with their companions – panicking, stress and ‘out of control’. The generational entity of ‘wild anger’ was the key that led to the expulsion of the lot. It was quite a process. I praise God for this new found freedom and continue to seek for his power and love to be manifest among his people and those he is calling to himself. Praise God for your ministry and your kindness in coming to us.”

Multiple Deliverance Sessions: Thousands of Evil Spirits Driven Out!

Town of China Springs: Battled Germanic and Hebraic Speaking Spirits

Bellmead Exorcisms: Sodomy, Death, Molestation, Occult, Illuminati, Mind Control and 1000’s of Others to the PIT

Houston Meeting: Psychic Medium Hears and Sees the Power of God over Satan

Haunted Home in Houston is Exorcised from Hundreds of Demons, Cursed Objects Destroyed

Houston Woman HEALED Immediately CURED from Intense Pain by the Sword of the Spirit

65 Year Old Saint Healed from Pain During Deliverance Session

God is concerned for every single soul on this planet. He desires to capture every single heart. He loves the world and will seek lost souls. Furthermore, He will lead His ambassadors to those whom are lost. Two weeks ago, a lady in China Springs, dreamt of a “traveling evangelist and exorcist” visiting her hometown to help her. God led her to my website while I was ministering in an neighboring town. Unknown to her she contacted me while I was minutes from her. Within hours pastor James and I connected with her after reading the below email from her:

“Hi –my name is Gabrielle from China Springs. I am a born again believer with serious demonic oppression. I pray myself all the time and have been aware of my condition for at least 5 yrs. I was saved in 2004 and have been under terrible attack since, i strayed away from. God but have turned my will back, i know that not everything is a demon but the nagging thoughts and self destructive behavior i know that they are. I have studied and researched this intently and love God so very much but and being hindered by these monsters causing much confusion and disasters in my case, literally my entire family and life have been ripped apart. Devastated really. I have been disappointed with some ministries already who either don’t think God works like that anymore or who is only doing it for show and is not serious. I can’t take anymore of that. I feel like this is a life or death battle and i don’t want to lose, i have been tormented, tested, pushed to the limit in every way you could imagine and almost given up at times but . God never lets that happen though i feel like death would be better than this, something inside keeps me afloat barely. I am desperate for help and worried sick all the time and almost have been driven insane, i am a Christian though the Lord never let’s me forget that. Thanks.

We met with Gabrielle and for many hours we battled thousands of Germanic and Hebraic demonic spirits that spoke in a demonic tongue and in German and Hebrew. It was very interesting in that these spirits had great difficulty speaking English (Gabrielle has never studied these languages) and largely spoke in these tongues, however, there were times the Holy Spirit forced these spirits to speak English so that we might be able to deal with them appropriately.

One demon named, Legion, surfaced and spoke to me through her vocal cords.

“Legion. We are many. Send us to animals,” Legion said with a great amount of difficulty as he was not very fluent in the English language.

“Where are you from and how did you enter her,” I wanted to know.

“Gerasenes. Gerasenes. Gerasenes, her sin, her compromise” as he twisted her body.

This Legion spirit had traveled from the Middle East within that small area that the  other Legion spirit had been in that confronted Jesus those thousands of years ago as recorded in Mark 5.

As we led our sister in the Lord in repentance, Legion surfaced again and he was driven out in Jesus name! This precious lady has experienced a new found joy and meaning to live so that others might be reached with the power of the Holy Spirit.

James and I led many in Holy Communion and witnessed the power of God in many lives. We are appreciative of your prayers and kind emails. These emails would be much longer if I retold all of the miracles stories so I will end here but know God touched so many others and I’m grateful.

Jesus told 170,000 Evil Spirits to GO!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

I’m currently on the road with pastor James Beason visiting a number of families and individuals needing deliverance and healing. Currently, we are in Bellmead, where we were ministering to a lady with a deep generational background in sorcery and spiritualism. The demonic spirits we confronted were extremely violent and fought against us furiously –several times the evil demons lunged at me with murderous intent and wrapped around my leg in an attempt to pull me down to the ground. Jesus taught that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Much can be revealed by glancing at one’s eyes –for they are window to the soul. What I saw through the woman’s eyes was pure evil as the demon glared at me with total unholy hatred and murder. Once again, though, God proved His faithfulness and power by protecting me.

Jesus promises in Luke 10:19: I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

These were vicious spirits hell bent on harming me. For hours we battled against spirits of Jezebel, Kundalini, Suicide, Death, Rage and a host of others –more then 173,000 demonic spirits were identified and driven out in the name of Jesus– some of these demons had been causing various infirmities and afflictions. There were more then 170,000 of the Kundalini spirits within the woman. Since her adopted father practiced Eastern Mysticism for a number of years it opened a door for these Hindu spirits to travel down the bloodline passing on to his daughter.

Kundalini had even placed six spiritual darts within various parts of her body to torment her with physical pain. James and I removed all six satanic darts with the use of sacred oil and she immediately testified of feeling better.

In Hindu ideology the Kundalini is referred to as the “sleeping serpent” that is a spiritual force that is generally located within the base of the spine. Many will testify of feeling something like a serpent traveling within their body. I have actually seen these serpent spirits protruding upwards through the skin at times and through the power of the Holy Spirit removed these serpent demons. Over the past twenty years I have dealt with many thousands of these Hindu spirits with many hundreds of people from all over the globe –from yoga instructors, to devotees to some Hindu guru, to New Agers, to those dabbling within Eastern Mysticism. In nearly every case these spirits will reside within the back and the spine of the person they have invaded bringing along with them a host of infirmities and problems.

We have been able to capture some of the exorcism on video and will be sharing some of the footage in the coming days –the demons confessed their defeat and that Jesus is indeed Lord over all!

James and I are moments from entering into another deliverance session with a family who has traveled in from out of town for deliverance and healing. Later this evening we will be traveling onward to Houston to minister to another family affected by voodoo and Santeria curses. Appreciate all of your prayers in Jesus name.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Call from Houston after Visit with Doctor: No Trace of Cancer!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus the King,

As many of you might recall I was in Houston, Texas, several days ago, praying for the sick and those afflicted with demons. One dear lady, in her 60’s, we prayed for was accompanied with her husband who requested, “Pray for my wife that she might be healed of the cancer she has, as she desires to serve Jesus.” We invited both of them to partake of the Holy Communion –the body and blood of our Lord– as she did she immediately felt the sensations of the Holy Spirit fire move in. Moreover we commanded all diseases, infirmities, spirits and afflictions to go in the name of Jesus. Pastor James Beason who accompanied me on this mission laid hands upon her back and immediately fire from heaven fell down upon her and we vigorously commanded her body to be healed in Jesus name. Well, guess what? She was healed by the Savior. She went to the doctors and they found no trace of cancer within her body! She immediately called me and gave me the good report –you should have heard her voice–it was filled with indescribable joy! Rightfully so as Jesus had healed her!

In 2011 I have seen many various people from around the world healed of various pains, infirmities, afflictions, and diseases including many with various kinds of cancers. Jesus desires to heal! However, it is critically important that the Body of Christ moves from petition to forceful command when dealing with demons and diseases.

When Jesus ministered to a woman with a “fever,” it is recorded in Luke 4:39, “So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them.”

Jesus did not petition the Father in regards to her healing…He commanded it to go and “it left her.”

We have the authority and power invested in the Lord Jesus to drive out demons and diseases. How do we utilize this power and authority? It’s so simple that people miss it. The answer is: we use it!

That’s what we did…we commanded her body to healed and it was healed in Jesus name! Sure, not everyone we pray with is healed (sometimes it’s unbelief, unresolved sin, etc that hinders a healing) but many are and Jesus is honored!