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Thriller in San Francisco, CA: Souls Saved & Jesus Appeared!

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

I’m currently in San Francisco, California, where the Northern California fires, have blanketed this iconic city, with smoke, like you wouldn’t believe. This beautiful, unique city, also has some of the most oppressive COVID restrictions in the nation. People are gripped with fear. That didn’t stop me from coming and conducting a series of meetings here. I’m grateful to God as we experienced a supernatural thriller, as I obeyed His calling to visit here.

After teaching from the WORD and leading in Holy Communion, I began to minister to those assembled. One of those I ministered to was this mother (pictured above) who had been victimized by witchcraft and sorcery –I encountered the sorcerers within her last night. They were cruel and determined to kill her.

“I killed a chicken and a rooster in a ceremony to activate the witchcraft against her,” one of the witches declared to me, “I am determined to see her destroyed. She prospering in her life and I have to stop it.”

But, as soon as I brought out my cross and the fire of God, in the form of the anointing oil, the wicked witch backed off and came out of her in Jesus name. These sorcerers had never encountered a superior power like this before. There is power in the cross of Jesus, my friends, to ward off evil. All of those who attended obtained our special wooden crosses and could feel it’s holy power. We have them available through our mission if you are interested in getting one for you and your family.

After expelling the evil spirits and the warlocks from her life, she was powerfully visited by the Lord Jesus and His holy angels. She needed this heavenly encounter with God. This mother had been through hell. Abandoned by her mother, as a newborn baby, in a local park, in Mexico. A barking dog found her and led some people to her. Life filled with abuse, trauma and witchcraft. But no more. She’s been saved and rescued by Jesus. Watch her thrilling video here.