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A Bat, Kali Demons & Appearances of Jesus!

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night was, yet, another powerful service in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, where many encountered the love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each night seems to get better as we continue this Jesus mission here in Western Canada. Every night, souls are being freed from evil spirits and supernaturally healed by God. We are also experiencing strange and bizarre events during our meetings. For example, last night, a bat (that’s right, a bat) flew aggressively in our meeting hall while I was driving out demons from a woman who had been oppressed by witchcraft.

That’s happened a few other times, over the years, in our meetings, but it’s been awhile. I couldn’t believe it. A literal bat flew in while I was performing an exorcism in the front of the hall. It freaked many out but we continued on with the ministry of deliverance and healing. Many demonic spirits were cast out including many from a first generation Christian lady who came from a Hindu family. Untold numbers (of Hindu spirits, namely Kali) were expelled from this woman. Not only were evil spirits cast out of her but she encountered the Lord Jesus Christ! He literally appeared to her, after her amazing deliverance and displayed His love and mercy to her. She was in tears and very grateful to God for the victory that He provided.

In fact, a friend of her’s who was also present in the meeting and witnessed this beautiful deliverance wrote me a kind email and testified of encountering the Lord Jesus herself. This takes place often…individuals come to our meeting and as they witness others finding deliverance and healing, they themselves experience liberation.

“Hi Jay, we are having an amazing time being in your meetings. So many people from our church being set free. Last night with our sister who was delivered from Kali demon and who saw the cross and felt the angel’s wings… I was overcome by the love of Jesus for us, the beauty of it, the Holy Ground under us.”

Another lady (pictured with me above), I ministered to who attended the service last night also encountered the power of God. As I began to pray for her, demons rose up from within her and positioned her hands in a claw-like position. It was horrible to witness. I commanded the manifesting demons to come up to the front of the hall so I could effectively minister to her. As the demons surfaced, a soul invader surfaced from within her –another WITCH! All night long, during the seminar, we ministered to those with not only demons but also these wicked inner witches.

The witchcraft demons were removed along with the soul invader –the witch– who had cursed her and her family. After these spiritual enemies were removed from her life. This precious woman stood before all of us STUNNED! She literally stood there with great amount of tears, publicly repenting of her past sins involving sorcery and witchcraft. She testified of the mercy and grace of God and rejoiced in her newfound deliverance and healing.

God visited with her as she stood before us. The peace that enveloped over her was astounding to witness. It was staggering actually to see. The Holy Spirit filled her, healed her and was transforming her before our very own eyes. She didn’t even want to leave the front of the hall because Jesus was pouring out His love in a very tangibly manner. It was incredibly powerful to witness.

“I have never felt this light before, never!” she shared with tears in her eyes, “I have been terribly oppressed for many years and knew this witch was attacking me but didn’t know how to find freedom from these spirits. Thank God I’m free and healed!”

Many other stunning miracles took place and I’m looking forward to sharing more very soon. ¬†Support this miracle mission today so we can offer assistance to many millions across the world!