Jesus Wins: Ancestral Demons from Ethiopian Paganism Driven Out!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

I’m currently in Waco, Texas, conducting our monthly Church of the Cross meetings, praying for those afflicted with evil spirits in the name of Jesus. It was a very unusual day for me. Though as I type this message out to you it’s really not that strange after all. I go through these tests often and see the hand of Jesus sustaining me through it all. 

I board a flight from the Miami, stop in Houston then onward to Waco for our meetings. While in transit the general manager of the hotel where we utilize their conference rooms for our ministry meetings calls me and notifies me that our group is no longer welcomed on their property. Here I am just hours from our meeting and he tells me the hotel –without even inquiring with me– made arrangements for our group to be at another hotel. I was furious especially since I’m one of their Diamond Elite members (due to all of the extensive global traveling I do) and have been utilizing their facilities for years. I don’t even get a courtesy call prior to these arrangements being made. The decision was made. This was a satanic attack upon the mission –directed towards in dismantling our meetings. I press onward for Jesus!

I was more then an hour late to the meeting and precious souls were already waiting –a few traveled in as far as from California and Louisiana– who needed deliverance and healing. Mind you, I had little sleep the night before, traveled all day, and now quite discouraged because we had been banned from our usual location. God granted me strength and I briefly taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion which brought forth demonic activity in those in the meeting. One man was terribly vexed by evil spirits to where the demons were reacting violently as he convulsed just as he was partaking of the Holy Communion. At one point I had to excuse him from the meeting hall as his demons were affecting others.

During our ministry time, a precious Ethiopian believer, was being attacked by demons and was needing some relief. I began to pray for her and some mermaid sex spirits surfaced that revealed they had been having sexual relations with her for many years. This precious lady shared ever since from childhood she had been approached and assaulted by these mermaid like sex spirits. These were cast out in the name of Jesus. We also encountered untold numbers of ancestral spirits within her body that had been there for more then 3,000 years. Her ancestors delved into raw paganism. The demons had every right to this family due to the sins of idolatry, blood sacrifices, erecting pagan altars, and their embracing pagan religious ideas. I led this precious saint to renounce the generational curses and these spirits were driven out in Jesus name. As many of you know Ethiopia is a ancient culture and these demons were deeply rooted within her ancestral Ethiopian heritage. Last year I traveled into Ethiopia on my around the world mission trip and could feel the ancient demonic spirits hovering over this nation. These are the demons I battled on this night.

Not only were there many generational spirits there were also many Jezebel spirits within her life that we systematically dismantled. These spirits had placed some jewelry around her neck and and we battled these spirits to remove it. However in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ these necklaces were dissolved. I might add not only did we remove these Jezebel like paraphernalia we also commanded various pains and afflictions out of her body in Jesus name. She was healed from these quite quickly –pains in her stomach, head, chocking pain, chest, etc– God was pleased to show His power in her life. After sometime of battling these spirits these Jezebel spirits were forced out of her and she collapsed dropping a cross I had her holding unto. Jezebel was gone and her freedom from these spirits had arrived as she even exclaimed, “I’m FREE!” Now after the public meeting a minister friend of mine and I continued to pray and minister to her and a few others. In Jesus name many more evil spirits were expelled and sent to the pit in Jesus name!

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