Extraordinary Supernatural Jesus Power in Melbourne!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in cold and rainy Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, conducting a series of public meetings and a training seminar with the hope of reaching souls for the gospel. I apologize for not being able to send out a email update the past few days. The Internet connectivity at my hotel has been horrible. There’s much to report.


Last night, was STUNNING! Perhaps one of the most memorable exorcisms I have performed in Melbourne and I have conducted many over the years. It involved a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Julia. To be honest with you, I didn’t suspect Julia would need deliverance. She is a worshipper of Jesus, a prayer warrior and an heart for evangelism and yet she needed FREEDOM! She was sitting in the front row, to the left of me.

During the entire night of teaching and ministry I didn’t discern anything nefarious at work within her life. However, the Holy Spirit was at work powerfully in the secret recesses of her heart that would result in her freedom. What was to take place brought tremendous JOY to the Body!


After teaching from God’s Word and leading the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, before a jammed packed audience, here in Imagine Church, I began to minister to those held in captivity to the enemy. There were many I ministered to that were set free from demons. Many encountered a beautiful healing of their broken hearts. One lady encountered a miraculous healing of her eyes –she came in wearing glasses and left without needing them! More on that supernatural wonder in my next email update.


Demons screamed, they threw people onto the ground and some were violent. Many of the evil spirits were determined to fight me. I was determined to fight back in Jesus name! Towards the end of the service, I walked over to Julia and many demons surfaced. They immediately surfaced and SCREAMED at me.


“We are NOT leaving! Do you understand, we are not leaving her body,” the many demonic spirits confidently told me, “We have been here for so long and her body belongs to us.”


As they revealed to me their intention on staying, I revealed to them that Jesus would be setting her FREE! This provoked a violent response from the many spirits that were within her including Jezebel and witchcraft. They shouted and took her up against the wall of the church sanctuary and stomped their feet in protest. I swiftly called forth the holy angels to assist me and they came in power. I asked them to draw out their swords and they struck the invading demons, they shrieked in agony. I began to war against the demons in the power of the Holy Spirit.


“We see the Holy Spirit in your eyes,” the demons confessed.


The Holy Spirit fire also descended upon them and burned them. The supernatural power of the holy anointing oil was too much for them and they screamed out of her in great torment.


It was true, the demons had been in Julia a very long time. I discovered that many had entered as a result of ancestral evil due to her ancestors participating in idol-worship and blood sacrifices. They had been in her bloodline for thousands of years.


“There’s MILLIONS of us, we had all of her ancestors,” the strong spirits of Jezebel confessed to me, “We hold her gifts, her abilities, her destiny, her supernatural vision.”


I forced the demons to release her gifts. They obeyed. Furthermore, I discovered there were many evil spirits within her had been holding her broken heart. The demons were commanded to release her heart. They surfaced and were guided to Jesus.


The parts were able to SEE Jesus. By the way, you’ll be STUNNED to hear what happened with another lady I ministered to whom witnessed the risen Jesus in our service! Julia, mentioned after her exorcism, that she could see the glory of the light of Christ! It gave me chills as she spoke and shared her encounter with the ascended Jesus. Beautiful Lord!


The millions upon millions of demons, within their woman, as a result of her ancestral evil, were demolished last night. At one point I brought out my CROSS of DELIVERANCE (look above at the picture and she her embracing the CROSS) and the demons were terrified of seeing the CROSS. The cried out loudly and they spoke of it’s holy power. By the power of the CROSS of Jesus all of these demons were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. They flew out of her into the pit. Julia collapsed on the ground and allowed the washing of the living water of Jesus flow through her. She stayed on the ground as a few prophetic words were given to her by the people of God.


Julia testified of feeling lighter and freed. She shared with everyone how she encountered the glory of the Lord Jesus. God did a wonderful work in her and I rejoice in her freedom.


My friends, this Australian mission has been marked by incredible satanic resistance and opposition from individuals and groups that are, simply hell-bent on destroying me and this mission. Slander, lies, fabrications, false accusations and distortions. IT WILL NOT WORK.


By God’s grace I’m going to continue to come to Australia despite the protest of some who are determined to see me never come back again. I know some of my enemies read these reports, strangely enough, please know this –I’m not going anywhere. Jesus within me is GREATER then the demons within you. Go ahead waste your energy spreading lies and following me around…I’m just going to go about doing good –preaching Jesus, casting out demons and healing the sick.


If you want to help me battle back in Jesus name. Then consider giving so I can continue on with the mission to Australia! Thousands of souls, over these many years, have been impacted as a result of these many missions to Australia. In fact, when I return, I plan on bigger events to reach souls for King Jesus!

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