Ministering Healing & Deliverance in China


One of our ministry partners in China sent this report:


“Here’s an amazing testimony about Jesus healing a family (physically, and spiritually!) here in China.


Last night was the second time I’ve ministered to them.


Firstly, you may recall 15yr old Jenny that I ministered to two weeks ago.  She had really bad acne for 3 years, and had badly been bulled at school.  When we met the first time, she had come back from her first day at school, distraught and in tears, spending the entire day in bed.  She had been badly victimized. Her father had called and asked if I could come and minister to her as she was a big mess and hadn’t left her bedroom all day.  In the taxi on the way, the Holy Spirit clearly told me He wanted to heal her heart.  Within a few minutes of ministry with her, Jesus brought forward her 10 year old dissociation that managed all her other dissociative parts from years of bullying.. There was a LOT of emotion locked up in there, and the tears were flowing as the dissociations surfaced and were healed.  Within 20 minutes, Jesus completely healed her broken heart, and she felt all the hurt go away, and the pieces of her heart heal.


They are a solid Christian family (Jenny has a strong faith, and had already forgiven all the people that had bullied her), but haven’t been witness to dissociation/supernatural as their background is conservative.  Jenny’s father watched in amazement, as his 15yr old daughter had a 10 year old part speaking through her, describing in detail her encounter with loving Jesus, and His precious words to her (she also describing 3 angels that surrounded her in some detail).  After Jesus healed her heart, spirits of fear came out of her for more than 2 hours, and finally, a Jezebel surfaced (with the normal laugh and seductive looks) proudly announcing “I bring the pimples to her”.   We commanded Jezebel to remove the pimples in Jesus name, and Jenny’s hands started moving, and removed a spiritual mask (she was peeling it off her face), and then for 10 minutes or so, was aggressively wiping something ‘spiritual’ off her face that was bringing the acne.  Afterwards, she told us that it was such a weird experience to have her hands moving without her control, removing something she couldn’t see!  Also, she hadn’t touched her face in years because she was so paranoid about the oil on her hands affecting her acne, so the experience was very foreign to her.


With some simple instruction, her father ended up casting out the spirit of Jezebel (his first time casting out a demon), and the whole deliverance was finished within 3 hours or so.


Anyway… update; her father sent a picture a week after the deliverance, a RADICAL shift in her pimples (they were very severe when I first met her.. very inflamed etc). Except for a single lone new pimple on her upper lip, there are NO NEW pimples.. the other numerous pimples are the original ones, and are simply fading away. As you can imagine, she’s over-the-moon-happy and thanking Jesus.  She also said that for the first time, all the hurt and emotions are gone when she thinks back to the bullying.  She was often plagued by emotion and tears over these memories that made her very emotional and moody.   Jesus healed her heart and the emotional swings are gone!


So, last night, we ministered a second time to the family, this time to Jenny’s 16 yr older sister, Michelle.  Michelle is a strong personality that doesn’t show emotion (she started by informing me that she’s absolutely NOTHING like her sister!).  Minutes into the conversation, I realized that, unlike Jenny, Michelle didn’t know Jesus.  She was asking questions such as ; “how do we know Christianity is any more real than Buddhism, Hinduism etc”.  She had been brought up in Christian schools but was yet to know Jesus personally, or experience Him in any way.  I could see a strong spirit of doubt in her. Michelle also has skin issues (eczema on the arms).  Her life was full of fear, mainly centered around what university degree she was going to apply for.  The fear would keep her up at night.


Her father Thomas started in prayer for her, and then we asked Jesus to touch her and show His love for her.  The moment we did, tears started streaming down her face as a dissociation surfaced and experienced Jesus, and was healed in a matter of minutes.  Then for 2 or more hours she was set free of deeply ingrained fear, as spirit after spirit manifested and left her.  The manifestations were quite extreme as the spirits were leaving (their maid, who could hear what was going on, gave me a very strange look as I was leaving!), but she was able to communicate that she was with Jesus, at peace, and wanted it all out of her.


Finally, after the fear and doubt had left, the same generational Jezebel (that runs in her family, and I saw in her sister Jenny two weeks ago) surfaced (with the standard Jezebel laugh and seductive looks) also proudly announcing that she was bringing the eczema to her arms.  There were 9 Jezebel spirits, and they were stubborn, but the father knew what to do this time, and within a couple of hours, all 9 were completely out of her. 


Now for the best part, Michelle then gave her heart to Jesus !!  She looked completely different afterwards.. said she had an incredible feeling of freedom and lightness, and knew that Jesus was Lord!   Interesting that during the deliverance, I was suddenly led to have Jezebel confess who was bringing the lies about religion.  She said “I am!”.


Next week, we will be ministering to their son (he also has skin issues, and severe eczema on the back of his knees).  The skin issue is a generational curse from the fathers side, and is in all their children, manifesting as pimples or eczema, and also, very strange birth marks.  Please keep Thomas’s son (I can’t remember his name) in your prayers.  Jesus will heal him!”

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