Signs & Wonders Open Hearts to Jesus! More Heavenly Encounters!

January 18th, 2018

We have already quickly conducted a series of public meetings here in Southern California with much fruit. I’m amazed and in awe of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst. Souls have been saved, miraculously healed and set free from evil spirits. Moreover, many are having heavenly encounters –seeing holy angels, the risen Jesus, supernatural light and so much more. I’m believing for GREATER miracles, signs and wonders this week here in Southern California.

Last night, during our weekly Jesus Church service, here in Pasadena, we spent hours confronting the demonic and evil soul invaders. Even before the ministry time I was led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a woman in her early 60’s who sat in the back of the hall. I inquired about her inner children and she looked at me shocked.

She was stunned that I could SEE the little girl within her. How could I know this?

“Yes, I do have a little girl. Nobody knew about her except me,” she explained to everyone, “She is 4 years old and her name is Anna.”

Anna quickly surfaced and was able to be guided to the presence of God. She cried and cried after being comforted by the love of Jesus. She entered into the heavens and encountered the supernatural healing presence of God. The Savior embraced her and she was beautifully healed. Many evil spirits were expelled and a soul invader removed from her life.

Furthermore, after the demons were removed. She testified that she could not longer feel the hip and knee pain that she had been suffering from for many years. The pain was GONE! Already this year we have seen many miraculously healed by God.

That’s how our evening started off –explosive. Many others were impacted by the deliverance and healing ministry. I was also informed by a handful of disciples that I have been in their dreams —casting out demons in Jesus name! Very unusual miracles are taking place my friends for God’s glory.

After the service concluded, I continued on ministering to those held captive by devils. One young lady, pictured with me above, stayed and spoke to me. She confessed that though she prayed some “prayers” she truly had not been born again so I had the high honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ. She was so happy and peaceful afterwards.

“I was amazed at the miracles that were taking place and there was no deny thing these miracles were REAL! It really touched my heart!

Because we demonstrated the power of God in public, it touches the hearts of many. This young woman is one example. We are reaching into the up and coming generations with a superior power –the power of God! After she got saved, I began to minister to her and many demons were expelled. Moreover, heart parts were healed and a soul invader was driven out of her life. That’s a lot for a new believer to experience within minutes of being saved.

One of the Most Powerful Demonstrations of God’s Love & Presence: Many Entering Heaven!

December 25th, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Thus far in every seminar we have conducted on this British Columbia Jesus mission, in Victoria, in Surrey, in Vancouver and in Chilliwack, we have witnessed some spectacular miraculous wonders. In every single public meeting we have watched on as individuals have entered God’s Heaven and encountered stunning and astounding supernatural realities –seeing holy angels, seeing Old Testament saints, tasting heavenly foods, drinking Jesus water, meeting Abba, walking through the heavenly gardens and so many other wonders. I am humbled and honored at the same time as we are witnessing some of the most amazing miraculous wonders we have ever seen in decades of global Jesus ministry.

Yes, I have preached to larger crowds (upwards to tens of thousands of souls in one evangelistic setting) and I have appeared on international television and radio thus reaching millions. But in terms of quality ministry encounters we are seeing a higher level of heavenly signs and wonders taking place in our small meetings. I have never seen so many people, in so many seminars, in the past few years going to God’s Heaven and seeing Jesus then I am right now. NEVER! This is astounding if you think of it’s implications.

Even last night, in a beautiful downtown hotel in Chilliwack, British Columbia, we had a spiritually electrifying night like I have rarely seen, in terms of people seeing Jesus and encountering God’s heavenly realms. During our seminar, multiple people saw the risen Jesus and many were set free from demonic spirits. Moreover, many soul invaders were extracted out of many lives and many heart parts were miraculously healed by the Savior.

One highlight, involved a 14 year old precious young lady (must watch the videos below), whom is very spiritually mature. Though, she has been through some horrible challenges in life, she has been sustained by God. In fact, she shared during the meeting that the Holy Spirit has led her to fast upwards to 5 days in seeking God’s will. Amazing.

As a result of her spiritual maturity and calling upon her life, the demons targeted her! They were able to get to her because some terrible things occurred in her life. Many evil spirits surfaced from within her and angrily revealed much. However, in the midst of this deliverance, God quickly took this young lady to His Heaven. God appeared and spoke to her: “Daddy is here. Hi. They will not have you (speaking of her enemies).”

Yes, not only did her loving Heavenly Daddy appeared but also her kind Savior, the Lord Jesus. She was able to meet with the holy angels. Ate heavenly food, drank holy water, and flew around the heavenly realms. Moreover, was hugged by God, loved by the Savior and met Moses!

My friends, it was an intense ministry session that only glorified and honored God. This teenager was set free from demonic bondage (the demons confessed: Jesus is stronger then us!) as we commanded the demons to the abyss. Moreover, her broken heart parts were healed and a soul invader was removed in the mighty name of Jesus.

The tangible loving, merciful, caring presence of God was a supernatural rush and many were teary eyed as a result. I’m sorry in that I’m failing to describe accurately the majesty of these many heavenly encounters people were having in the meeting hall. So many miracles, signs and wonders. I’m grateful we were able to see this young lady and many others find hope and healing in Jesus name!

I could easily write a small book chronicling all of the miracles that transpired last night in the city of Chilliwack. Everyone was in a collective awe because the Holy Trinity was in our midst. Many were miraculously cured of various ailments, sicknesses and diseases. Many were freed from evil spirits and many other extraordinary and unusual miracles took place.

All, I know is this, I am EXACTLY where I need to be in God’s perfect will. I’m suppose to be in British Columbia conducting these series of seminars in these cities. Yes, there was some opposition from spiritual and natural enemies however Jesus conquered and came out glorified.

Seeing Jesus in Silicon Valley

November 18th, 2017

I am sitting here in a high rise hotel in Silicon Valley stunned at the heavenly experiences individuals are encountering in our meetings throughout the world. One of the most special aspects of our work is the astounding number of people who are seeing Jesus, holy angels and other extraordinary heavenly things during our ministry events. Staggering when you consider the mass number of individuals who are sharing their incredible experiences with the Holy Trinity.

Last night, here in the San Jose, California, area, during our seminar, I was able to minister to a young woman who came at the invitation of a friend (who received deliverance and healing in a previous meeting). She was open to receiving from God. As the meeting went on, she began to come under satanic assault as she started to feel various kinds of pains and afflictions throughout her body. She was bewildered and yet curious to discover what was behind these strange attacks.

I also discovered this precious woman had experienced some recent tragedy. Her baby boy died. Still grieving. Wanted to be able to see her little boy one more time. Wanted assurances he was in Heaven. God, in His mercy and grace, visited with my young sister in Jesus, during the seminar.

As I began to pray over her, many demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. I warred back in the name of Jesus and called forth the holy angels of God. They swiftly arrived and assisted me in battling these spiritual wicked beings. They struck the demons and poured fire from Heaven over these beings. They were greatly weakened and began to cooperate with my demands.

The demons released her heart and her mind. Moreover, they removed all of the pains, ailments and oppressions she had been experiencing for a long time. Spirits of death, Jezebel, witchcraft, who had been in the bloodline for thousands of years were shocked that I was able to locate them and confront them.

“We have been forever,” the evil spirits boasted to me, “You are the very first one to ever confront us. Her ancestors participated in witchcraft and when she was 12 she purchased a Ouija Board!”

Interesting. Obviously, the demons had generational rights but they also invaded her as a result of her purchasing a divinatory device –the Ouija Board! I wonder how many young people have received demons as a result of this cursed object? Millions, no doubt.

As I battled the demons and commanded them into the pit. I asked Jesus to appear to her with her little boy. Almost immediately, she was able to SEE Jesus and her little boy. Both were in Heaven and were smiling. Her little boy was moving around, very much alive with the Lord Jesus! Such beautiful healing took place.

Christian Skeptic Exorcised from Evil Spirits in Southern California!

October 18th, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Recall my sharing in my last update of a young woman who was rendered mute by a demon power in our last service in Pasadena? It was an extraordinary encounter with the supernatural –the demonic and the superior powers of God!

She came to the service at the invitation of a friend who attended one of my recent seminars in Orange County, California. This friend, a minister of the gospel, came to learn about the deliverance ministry not knowing she had demons herself and SOUL INVADERS! She was astonished to discover she had been invaded by demonic spirits and foreign soul parts.

She was set free by the power of God and experienced a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit within her life. She was shocked by what took place in our meeting and decided to invite others to our services, including this young woman, pictured with me above (and her boyfriend).

She sat with her boyfriend, to my right, towards the back of the hall. She looked at me during the service very skeptical of what I was teaching and sharing. Moreover, her boyfriend, I could tell, had a difficult time believing too. After the service, they both confirmed what I initially observed –both were skeptical of me and the idea of them having demons. Furthermore, the boyfriend, considered me a “fraud.” However, both of their views about me, personally, radically changed, after an exorcism took place that involved the girlfriend.

I have seen many hundreds of people who have attended our seminars and missions, over the years, who came to our  services skeptical. Many outright believed I was a fraud, a fake, a showman, a false prophet and a scam-artist, only to leave believing that what they experienced was a true move of God because they themselves were liberated from demons and soul invaders, which they previously believed they did not have within their lives.

Well, this past Sunday, that’s exactly what happened. This couple came skeptical but left the service totally believing in the work we are conducting for Jesus. During the middle of the Sunday service, the young lady began to have difficulty speaking and praying. Not only was it challenging for her to speak but gradually her condition progressed to the point where she was rendered MUTE!

I inquired what was wrong and she couldn’t mutter a single word. I have seen this countless times over the years. Demons are known to make their victims mute. Incidentally, I was teaching from the WORD earlier on the young boy, in Mark 9, who was rendered mute by a evil spirit. Everyone was amazed that a professing Christian woman could not speak. The demons within her life, caused her to become MUTE! What transpired was astounding.

Powerful generational spirits of Jezebel manifested and surfaced. They were determined to keep her. They were willing to battle me. So, we battled back in the name of Jesus. The Body of Christ utilized their swords and commanded the demons to release this young woman. The spirits resisted and I called for the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me too in striking the inner demons with their holy swords.

At first the demons were effective in warding off our weapons due to the heavy spiritual armor they were wearing. We commanded the armor to be dissolved and removed. Jezebel was exposed and was vulnerable. We went on the offensive and warred against these spirits.

“We have been here for thousands of years, as her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices that involved babies!” the spirits confessed, “As long as humans have been around, we have been here within this family. All the women had us and no one has confronted us directly before. We bring all kinds of physical pains into her body too!”

Mind you again, this was the young lady, who was skeptical of me and the possibility of her having demons within her body, now manifesting some evil spirits and who had rendered her earlier in the service mute!

Fortunately, by God’s grace and mercy, we were able to intervene and and rescue this woman from a very long line of demonic bondage –from the curse of Jezebel. The evil spirits were expelled from her body and mind in the name of Jesus. She was wonderfully free and healed.

“This is amazing. I feel so light and FREE!,” she testified before everyone, “I had no idea that demons were within my life as I’m committed to Jesus and the gospel!”

These spirits were not present because of some personal sin issue but rather an unresolved ancestral curse issue. Many of you, same situation, you love God but you have demons within your life as a result of unresolved generational curse issue.

A Bat, Kali Demons & Appearances of Jesus!

September 3rd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night was, yet, another powerful service in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, where many encountered the love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each night seems to get better as we continue this Jesus mission here in Western Canada. Every night, souls are being freed from evil spirits and supernaturally healed by God. We are also experiencing strange and bizarre events during our meetings. For example, last night, a bat (that’s right, a bat) flew aggressively in our meeting hall while I was driving out demons from a woman who had been oppressed by witchcraft.

That’s happened a few other times, over the years, in our meetings, but it’s been awhile. I couldn’t believe it. A literal bat flew in while I was performing an exorcism in the front of the hall. It freaked many out but we continued on with the ministry of deliverance and healing. Many demonic spirits were cast out including many from a first generation Christian lady who came from a Hindu family. Untold numbers (of Hindu spirits, namely Kali) were expelled from this woman. Not only were evil spirits cast out of her but she encountered the Lord Jesus Christ! He literally appeared to her, after her amazing deliverance and displayed His love and mercy to her. She was in tears and very grateful to God for the victory that He provided.

In fact, a friend of her’s who was also present in the meeting and witnessed this beautiful deliverance wrote me a kind email and testified of encountering the Lord Jesus herself. This takes place often…individuals come to our meeting and as they witness others finding deliverance and healing, they themselves experience liberation.

“Hi Jay, we are having an amazing time being in your meetings. So many people from our church being set free. Last night with our sister who was delivered from Kali demon and who saw the cross and felt the angel’s wings… I was overcome by the love of Jesus for us, the beauty of it, the Holy Ground under us.”

Another lady (pictured with me above), I ministered to who attended the service last night also encountered the power of God. As I began to pray for her, demons rose up from within her and positioned her hands in a claw-like position. It was horrible to witness. I commanded the manifesting demons to come up to the front of the hall so I could effectively minister to her. As the demons surfaced, a soul invader surfaced from within her –another WITCH! All night long, during the seminar, we ministered to those with not only demons but also these wicked inner witches.

The witchcraft demons were removed along with the soul invader –the witch– who had cursed her and her family. After these spiritual enemies were removed from her life. This precious woman stood before all of us STUNNED! She literally stood there with great amount of tears, publicly repenting of her past sins involving sorcery and witchcraft. She testified of the mercy and grace of God and rejoiced in her newfound deliverance and healing.

God visited with her as she stood before us. The peace that enveloped over her was astounding to witness. It was staggering actually to see. The Holy Spirit filled her, healed her and was transforming her before our very own eyes. She didn’t even want to leave the front of the hall because Jesus was pouring out His love in a very tangibly manner. It was incredibly powerful to witness.

“I have never felt this light before, never!” she shared with tears in her eyes, “I have been terribly oppressed for many years and knew this witch was attacking me but didn’t know how to find freedom from these spirits. Thank God I’m free and healed!”

Many other stunning miracles took place and I’m looking forward to sharing more very soon. ¬†Support this miracle mission today so we can offer assistance to many millions across the world!

Jammed-Packed Hall Witness Miraculous Healing Wonders of Jesus!

August 1st, 2017

I’m currently in hot, humid, steamy Houston, Texas, where we are conducting a series of seminars with the hopes of reaching people with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ! Last night, here in Houston, before a jammed-packed audience we witnessed some phenomenal wonders of the Holy Spirit. All praise to God!

The evening started off very encouraging as a father stood up and testified of his son’s deliverance from demons from 5 years ago during one of our meetings. He shared briefly of the overcoming power of Jesus and how his son is now serving Jesus with all of his heart and living a successful and free life with God. This gives me deep joy and satisfaction seeing lives that were impacted, years ago by our mission, still serving Jesus. This is why we do what we do –to see lives eternally transformed.

After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to minister to those afflicted with evil spirits. Many demons surfaced including those within a lady (pictured with me above) that sat to the left of me. She was brought to the meeting by a friend of hers. She listened intently to the good news of Jesus and even responded to the call of God by repenting of her sins and calling upon Jesus for salvation. Moments later, she was wonderfully set free.

The demons battled me however. We battled back in the mighty name of Jesus! The demons boasted to me:

“We have beee here for thousands of years!” the spirits of death informed me, “Nobody has ever dealt with this us before! We have been in her bloodline for many generations causing sicknesses, pains and physical problems.”

Turns our this woman had been suffering for more then two decades from stomach problems. Moreover, she also suffered from a broken heart. Many little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me including a little 5 year old. She was immediately guided to the Savior for healing.

As the little girl approached Jesus, she could actually SEE Him and was healed by Him! It was beautiful to witness. Furthermore, we discovered she had been invaded by a few souls invaders. They wanted to control her and manipulate her. These invaders were removed in the name of Jesus.

All of these vile unclean spirits were removed from her life and this woman was miraculously healed of ALL physical pains. Think about it for a moment –DECADES of pain– GONE within minutes! Others encountered the supernatural healing power of Jesus including a young woman who serves God in the deliverance ministry. She was also manifesting demonic spirits. I had her come to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to her. Within seconds demons surfaced –a group of demons named Leviathan.

“We are the ones that bring physical pain in her back and in her spine,” the demons boasted to me, “We also caused her to be involved in a car accident which resulted in more pain in her body!”

I commanded the demons of Leviathan to release this minister of the gospel and she was powerfully set free. She was astounded! She smiled and jumped up and down, excited to encounter a healing of her back. She had been suffering a long time and now she was beautifully cured by God! LOVE IT!

Others were miraculously healed by Jesus during our seminar. It was amazing to see many physically healed and freed from demonic spirits.

Epic & Extraordinary in New Westminster!

July 1st, 2017

My friends, I have been trekking across British Columbia for years conducting dozens upon dozens of seminars, missions and services over the years proclaiming victory in Jesus Christ. However, last night was epic and extraordinary. Perhaps one of the best services yet? It was incredibly powerful as powerful manifestations took place that included miraculous physical healing (including one lady healed of being HIV-Postive), deep inner healing and demonstrative deliverance from evil spirits. Moreover, this entire week, we have seen people repent of their sins and turn to Jesus as Lord!

Speaking of demonstrative deliverance. Last night we witnessed many. Our meeting hall was jammed packed in New Westminster, British Columbia. God told me to conduct seminars in New Westminster some years ago and He has blessed our work here ever since. Our conference hall was so filled up to capacity that we couldn’t fit anymore people inside. We literally had people sitting in the hallway leading to the conference room. Sadly, some people who came late ended up leaving because it was so jammed packed. We are definitely getting a larger hall for our next British Columbia seminars in August 2017.

As soon as I began teaching the WORD –violent demonic manifestations erupted throughout the meeting hall. Numerous demons were surfacing form within their victims and throughout the hall demons were exiting and crying out loudly. Some of the manifestations were extremely violent and aggressive. I was clawed, pushed around and my Holy Bible was aggressively thrown across the hall in sheer hatred for me and God. We continued to stand our ground in Jesus and battled back.

All night long –for more then 7+ hours– we warred against very violent and strong demons. In fact, one young lady, manifested such violent spirits, that for the entire night, two of my ministry partners –Pastors Tony and Benjamin– had to physically and spiritually restrain the demonic spirits. The demons growled, hissed, groaned and moaned. They contorted her body grotesquely, twisted her limbs, sneered, and foamed with extreme vengeance. My friends, this was taking place all night long. As these demons manifested, many more evil spirits surfaced from within those who had assembled.

I was undeterred. I continued on with the teaching from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and led in mass deliverance prayers resulting in many being set free from demons. Many testified of being physically and mentally healed too. One lady I ministered to was a young Persian lady, pictured with me above, who manifested demonic spirits also.

“We have been here for many generations,” the spirits revealed to me, “We are powerful and have tormented her and brought pain into her life!”

These generational spirits were demons of Islam! There were many within her. I confronted the demon of Allah within her and his pawns. They submitted to King Jesus.

“We must declare that Jesus is indeed Lord,” the spirits of Allah confessed to me, “He is superior!”

Yes! Jesus is God in the flesh and is superior to all other gods and goddesses. In New Westminster we demonstrated before a attentive crowd this reality as the demons bowed to King Jesus!

I also called for the holy angels of God and they swiftly assisted me in dealing with the many demons within this young Persian. It should be said that this entire British Columbia mission had been marked with God’s remarkable power and the usage of His holy and mighty angels. They greatly assisted us all night long and this entire week. They have restrained violence and have assisted in ministry to the tormented. They have struck with their swords, upon command, the invading demons, thus bringing defeat to the kingdom of darkness.

Within this Persian were many heart parts. They were released, many little girls surfaced and were guided to Jesus for deep healing and comfort. Some of them, again, were able to SEE the risen Savior! She even had a pre-natal little baby part that surfaced and was gently healed by Jesus. Moreover, there were soul invaders within her sending her witchcraft. They were commanded out of her body and mind. Furthermore, there were ancestral heart parts that were released and guided to the Savior for healing. It was so wonderful to see God heal in such a deeper manner.

God set this Persian free! She was so grateful afterwards they she quickly bowed to the ground in worship of King Jesus –see her picture below. Also, as I began to pray for her, God gave her a NEW name (her previous name was a name of a ancient goddess). God told me and told her –her new name is now Heather! Thank YOU Jesus!

“This is what it feels like to be liberated! I’m truly FREE in Jesus!” she shouted to everyone! WOW!

In Perth, Australia: Buddhists Saved by Jesus & More Miracles!

May 8th, 2017

“I could feel them rise up against you to battle you,” the young man revealed to me, “They wanted to shout out at you and fight you!”

This young man was honest with me as he shared how the demons were stirring as I preached from God’s Word. I could feel the demonic violence rising up too but Jesus prevailed and millions of demons within his bloodline were commanded into the pit! The spiritual conflict was amazing to behold as Jesus came out triumphant. More on his amazing deliverance and healing in my next update.

As you can see it was another extremely powerful service here in Western Australia last night! There were spiritual fireworks as legions of demons were expelled including some and numerous dissociative identities were supernaturally healed and able to SEE King Jesus!

Please pray for me as I am having some difficulty with my sleeping patterns due to all of the traveling in recent days. I’m up now but feeling fatigued. Will be going back to bed soon however I must share with everyone the amazing miracles taking place here in Perth, Western Australia.

Last night at the Concordia Lutheran Church I was able to teach from the WORD, lead in Holy Communion and pray for those terribly afflicted with demonic powers. God was extremely gracious and provided all of us victory in the name of Jesus!

Moreover, we are seeing a continuation of the amazing miracles we are seeing all over the world –people seeing Jesus and holy angels, powerful angelic miracles, hearts healed, soul invaders removed, demons expelled and so much more….

Again, I was honored to lead souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! A family attended our services who were Buddhists and during the meeting, last night, I had the honor to lead them in a salvation prayer to declare Jesus is Lord! This Australia mission has started off well with salvation miracles!

After praying for this family they were able to witness many miraculous wonders of Jesus, including the deliverance of a young lady (pictured with me above on the right) whom I’ll refer to as Jessica. As I began to pray over her, demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. We battled back and the demons bowed to King Jesus!

Little heart parts surfaced from within her as a result of some deep hurt. They were swiftly guided to Jesus for deep healing and comfort. Suddenly, a soul invader surfaced –her father. He was removed from her life in the name of Jesus!

Then many of the demons who had been afflicting her surfaced including spirits of murder that had been in the bloodline for 800+ years as a result of ancestral murder and witchcraft. The demons spoke out of her:

“We are not leaving!,” the demons warned me, “We are staying here! We really hate you!”

I called forth the holy angels and they quickly arrived with spears and swords. The demons could SEE the holy angels and these angelic beings brought out their swords and spears and the demons were terrified. They tried to back up as they stared down the angelic weapons. I asked the holy angels to strike the demons and they did with force, weakening the demons. They submitted to the will of God and were commanded out of her body and mind. Jessica encountered an incredible deliverance and healing. She was smiling and so happy afterwards.

In Tampa: Triumphant King Jesus v Asmodeus! Must Read!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently sitting high above the harbor in a high-rise hotel in downtown Tampa, Florida, where we just concluded our very last seminar of 2016! WHEW! It’s been an astounding year in so many ways –MILLIONS have been reached with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and I praise Him for it. More on a year review later but for now I feel compelled to share with you what transpired tonight.

I was pleasantly surprised to see our meeting hall at the beautiful Marriott Tampa Waterside Hotel & Conference Centre, here in Tampa, had filled up for our last public meeting of this extraordinary Florida mission. In Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami we witnessed good-sized crowds assembling to learn about spiritual warfare and encounter the SUPERNATURAL JESUS!

Sitting right in front of me was a young lady named Sabrina (pictured with me above). She had traveled all the way from Columbia, South America, to meet me for deliverance. Her story is utterly fascinating in so many ways. She discovered our ministry through a mutual friend.

This friend of mine who has attended some of our seminars and assisted me in ministering to his family, is a A-List international concert promoter who has worked with some of the top musical artists such as: Michael Buble, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Aerosmith, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Lady Gaga, Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac, Michael W Smith and so many others. This international talent service and concert promoter connected with this young lady, Sabrina, who was seeking work in the entertainment industry. She eventually connected with this friend of mine, who over time, knowing some of her spiritual challenges, encouraged her to visit me.

She made plans to visit North America and she arrived into Tampa today for our seminar. She leaves later today back to Columbia, South America. She was desperate for some spiritual assistance and intervention. I’m so happy she came and attended our service. God was faithful and set this woman free.

Demons rose up as I prayed for her, during the seminar, and convulsed her body and groaned. We discovered there were demons rooted in her ancestral bloodline from more then 2,000 years ago because her family participated in Aztec blood rituals. We also discovered there were many ancestral heart parts within her that had been terribly abused and traumatized as a result of being a victim in ancient Aztec ritualism. Horrific. They were guided to Jesus for deep healing.

We also discovered little heart parts of her own broken heart, that were swiftly guided to Jesus and some very powerful demonic forces surfaced as a result. They were willing to battle me and we battled back!

“There’s thousands of us here,” the demons boasted to me, “It’s us –Asmodeus!”

You might not be aware but Asmodeus is referred to in ancient texts as being a “King of Demons.” Asmodeus battled me, earlier tonight, here in Tampa, Florida. I fought back with a superior power –the holy power of Jesus Christ! The demons, early on, froze up this woman, so I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly came and assisted me in moving her off of her chair and up to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to her.

I brought out my holy cross and utilized it against the powers of Asmodeus. He could barely even touch my sacred cross. It greatly weakened him and he was easily defeated by the greater powers of Jesus! The demons screamed and vomited out of Sabrina and entered into the pit.

Also in the midst of this spiritual conflict we encountered many more demons such as witchcraft, Jezebel and a group of strong Aztec demonic spirits rooted in blood ritualism. We also discovered a soul invader with Sabrina –an ex-boyfriend. He was present within her and didn’t want to leave her. I commanded him out too in the mighty name of Jesus.

Sabrina was so happy afterwards and felt so much lighter and relieved. She was shocked to discover so much was within her life but gave Jesus all the glory for what He had done in her life! She was thankful to God. More work will need to take place in her life in the days to come however this was an critical step to victory with Jesus! Amen!

Miami: Jammed-Packed Hall Witness the Supernatural Jesus!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a beautiful day here in South Florida, where we conducted, yet another, powerful seminar. Every single Florida meeting has been well-attended. In fact, tonight’s meeting hall was jammed-packed. I believe every seat was taken in the spacious ballroom. There was some awesome enthusiasm and spiritual electricity in the midst of the crowd that assembled.

Prior to the seminar I was able to swim some time in the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach and enjoy the refreshing waves! I was able to clear my mind and prepare for the spiritual warfare I would find myself in. For nearly 6 hours we proclaimed the victory of Jesus, taught from the WORD, drove out demonic spirits, healed bodies and restored hearts.

Moreover, I had the greatest honor to lead a precious man to the Lord Jesus Christ! The man, pictured with me above, is named Pablo and he raised his hand to indicate his desire to understand more about the born-again experience. As I shared the good news of Jesus with him, his heart softened and he opened his life to receiving Jesus as Lord! As I prayed for him, I could feel intense spiritual energy flowing through my hands onto his heart. He testified of feeling this incredible spiritual power flowing through me too.

Pablo, before a jammed-packed hall, confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! He was beautifully saved and everyone rejoiced in this man’s salvation. This global Jesus mission is reaching souls all the time, in our seminars, ministry events and missions, with God’s amazing love! Our core is evangelistic –winning people to Jesus Christ!

Pablo came with his friend, Elizabeth (both pictured with me above). In fact, both were at my seminar the night before in West Palm Beach. Elizabeth just wasn’t ready to open her life up to deliverance. She left the West Palm Beach deeply distressed and hurting. She mentioned she had cried back all the way back home because she just knew she needed healing.

That night, when she went to bed, she had a “horrific” (that was her description of what occurred) nightmare that was terribly demonic. She was determined, with Pablo’s encouragement, to travel down to Miami for another opportunity to find freedom in Christ! I’m sure glad she came down here as God reached out to her with His love and rescued her.

The demons surfaced and they contorted her body and twisted her limbs. These were Jezebel demons hell-bent on hurting this young woman. They had terribly afflicted her with various physical afflictions. I commanded the demons out of her body and mind in the mighty name of Jesus and they entered the abyss. She was powerfully set free.

After her deliverance Elizabeth testified that she not only feel lighter and peaceful but also could no longer feel anymore physical pain –YEARS of PHYSICAL PAIN! GONE! She was so happy afterwards and testified of feeling transformed. She was so excited even after the meeting about her newfound freedom and miraculous healing.

Many other miraculous events took as the Supernatural Jesus healed and freed many souls tonight! I look forward to sharing more soon.