Omaha: One of the Most Powerful Missions!

June 21st, 2019

I’m in awe of God’s demonstrative power and might in our services. Wherever we go individuals and families are being transformed. As I look back, to our Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA, meetings this past week, I am in awe. I would, honestly have to say, those services, were some of the most powerful services we have conducted in the United States, in terms of individuals, reaching the highest level of the miraculous –that is being caught up into the Third Heaven! Numerous disciples were supernaturally transported into the glorious realms of the Godhead. Moreover….

  • Numerous souls supernaturally healed of various kinds of sicknesses, pains, torments and ailments. 
  • Numerous souls miraculously cured from a broken heart.
  • Many individuals were powerfully set free from evil spirits.
  • Many disciples were liberated from strong soul invaders –most of whom were inner witches. 
  • Many were were equipped and inspired to carry on the work of the Kingdom of God. 
  • Numerous souls were beautifully transported into the heavenly realms and entered into the Throne Room of God.

Speaking of individuals having heavenly experiences. What they encountered while in the glorious realms of the Holy Trinity was astounding:

  • The Lord Jesus
  • Heavenly waterfalls
  • Glorious gardens
  • Deceased loved ones (though they are very much alive)
  • Encountered singing butterflies (INCREDIBLE)
  • Guardian holy angels
  • Drinking of holy water
  • Consuming rainbow candy canes
  • Tickling by holy angels
  • Receiving divine instructions for life
  • Received God’s amazing love, peace and healing
  • Meeting the Heavenly Father in the Throne Room

And so much more. All of this as a result of this beautiful couple, pictured with me above –Gerson and Angela. These are minister friends of mine who were used of the Holy Spirit to invite me to conduct a series of seminars and meetings in their area. As a result of their initiative the gospel went forth in great power. Even in the midst of the services, Gerson, also received a powerful deliverance from the spirits of Lucifer that were rooted in his involvement in gang warfare –he was, actually, a gang leader, of one of the most violent, aggressive, evil gangs in the entire world. God rescued him and we give God all the glory. 

Multiple Souls Supernaturally Caught Up to God’s Heavens!

May 9th, 2019

Another beautiful day in Southern California –our base for our international mission and Jesus Church that meets weekly here in Pasadena. Last night, during our service, I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered for many hours to those afflicted by demonic powers. Not only were many demons cast out but also multiple souls entered God’s Heaven and encountered the joys, the wonders and the powers of the age to come! Stunning signs and wonders!

Where do I begin? Well, I can start with these two ladies. Both of them were miraculously set free from evil spirits and encountered the superior powers of Jesus! Both were, also, delivered from inner witches that were hiding within their lives. It’s staggering how many individuals are being bewitched and invaded by sorcerers, witches, occultists, and many others in the dark arts. All night, I encountered these witches and drove them out in the mighty name of Jesus! These ladies, also, entered the Third Heaven and met the Father and Son!

Along with being freed from witchcraft, they also encountered the powers of the age to come –heavenly powers, Jesus powers. It was thrilling to behold as I witnessed the superiors powers of Jesus overcome the inferior powers of the devil. God’s holy angels were very active assisting me as I warred against the demonic. Moreover, the weapons of the cross and the fire of the Holy Spirit prevailed time and again over evil. 

As souls entered the heavenly realms, such as these two ladies, they experienced the wonderment of the Third Heaven that caused everyone to be in awe. However, it was a battle. Case in point, the young lady. While I was teaching, she was sensing another presence within her life. 

“I have always had vivid memories of the early 1900’s and of World War II,” she revealed to me, “My family thought I was odd in this regard –having vivid and detailed memories of bygone eras that were, obviously, before my time.”

Sure enough, within her life, were some ancestral heart parts –one who was birthed in 1885 and another birthed in 1942. These were soul parts of her ancestors that had not experienced any healing and thus were passed down from generation to generation. They surfaced as the demons, that were enslaving them, were being driven out and commanded into the pit in Jesus name! 

The ancestral heart part that lived during WW2 recalled, being forced by soldiers, having to leave her home, under great duress that caused her soul to fragment. She was sent off to live somewhere else. All of this brought deep trauma and dissociation. It begs the question how many other individuals, statistically speaking, suffered soul shattering during WW2? Millions, no doubt. These heart parts, if not healed, will be held by demons and transferred to future generations as in this case with this young lady I ministered to. 

By God’s grace I was able to locate these ancestral heart parts and guided them to Jesus for healing –all of them requested to be released into God’s holy presence. They met the Savior and were healed. Moreover, we were able to reach many other broken heart parts of her own life that were present. As the demons were being expelled (along with the inner witches within her life), the little ones were beautifully transported, miraculously, into the Third Heaven where they were able to meet Jesus and the Heavenly Father! In fact, at one point, while in God’s Heaven, she was able to actually DANCE with the Father! It’s stunning, mystifying, staggering and extraordinary to see all of these heavenly wonders taking place before our very own eyes! All praise to God.

There were so many miracles taking place last night! Many were in awe and amazement at what transpired at the Jesus Church! I’m hoping you’ll attend one of our services soon –you might just GO to Heaven too! Love it! 

Demons Entered During War in Indonesia Now Expelled!

April 9th, 2019

For more then 4 years a tormented and tortured disciple tried to get to one of my seminars on the East Coast of the United States but failed in each attempt. Why did she fail? Demons sabotaged here, each and every time. However, she kept on fighting and she prevailed. She was able to make the trip –she traveled in to the Washington DC area for one of my recent seminars. I’m so happy she attended the meeting. God was pleased to display His awesome power and love in our midst.

As I began to pray for her, demons rose up and battled me. Some of the spirits that surfaced had been in her bloodline for more then a millennia. They spoke out and revealed much:

“We have been here for more then 1,382 years,” the evil spirits boasted to me, “We entered her ancestors while they were involved in a war in Indonesia, they touched the dead and we invaded them.”

Very fascinating. As a result of her ancestors being in Indonesia during war time and touching some of the war dead allowed the demons the right to enter the family bloodline. Indonesia, a nation I have visited, has been a country, historically speaking, plagued by various kinds of conflicts, invasions and wars. 

“We bring her torment and a persistent cough for the past ten years,” the demons revealed to me gleefully. 

It was true, she had been suffering from horrible pains and a terrible cough that wouldn’t go away. The demons caused it. As soon as these evil spirits were expelled, the pains and that persistent cough disappeared. We noticed she wasn’t hacking anymore. God cured her.

“We also have a brain disease we are about to afflict her with,” the demonic spirits informed me. 

Wicked. We are at war my friends with nefarious powers that are seeking your destruction, much of it rooted in witchcraft). The demons were not the only dark powers operating within her life, there were many soul invaders –inner witches.

I was stunned when I uncovered more then a half-dozen within her. They all confessed to directing spirits and spells to her. The witchcraft curses were working and she was getting battle fatigued. Thankfully, we were there to assist in Jesus name. We were there to intervene. The demons and witches were expelled and she was set free.Moreover, we were able to reach her broken heart and they had a heavenly experience in the Third Heaven! All praise to God!

Victory in Vancouver: Packed Hall Witness Lucifer Bow to Jesus!

February 5th, 2019

I’m currently here in Vancouver, British Columbia reflecting upon the many Jesus victories we bore witness of, last night, in downtown Vancouver. Before another jammed packed meeting hall, the Jesus Church, gathered to worship, hear the WORD and to see it’s power demonstrated. God did not disappoint, as all night long, we watched on, as Jesus destroyed the demonic spirits and comforted the broken and shattered. 

Our meetings have consistently been jammed packed these past few weeks and we believe even more souls gathering in the days to come as we continue to witness the spectacular signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit in our midst. We are even planning, as God leads, a second service during the week to accommodate the spiritual needs of those needing spiritual intervention.

It was also refreshing to participate in the leading of many souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, last night.As the WORD was preached, the power of the Holy Spirit touched many hearts and many surrendered to Christ and were saved. Moreover, the young man, who just found out about the meeting a few days ago, was also powerfully saved by Jesus –his story was astounding to hear.

“My roommate at the local hostel told me about you a few days ago,” he shared with everyone, “He said you perform exorcisms. I knew I had evil things in my life so I wanted to come and get cleansed.”

Not only does he gets cleansed by the holy blood of Jesus, he also obtains freedom from evil spirits and even some soul invaders –including a inner witch who had been casting spells upon him in an attempt to destroy him. Furthermore, his shattered heart is restored and supernaturally healed. Astounding miracles took place but it was an intense war to reach this young man for Jesus.

The demons rose up in anger. 

“How did you find us,” the demons inquired, “How did you find us? We hate you!”

The demons lunged at me and hoped to attack me. They were greatly weakened by the cross and holy oil. Moreover, many holy angels were in the meeting hall – -they struck the demons with their swords and caused the demons, including the spirits of Lucifer, to bow to Jesus Christ. It was a very dramatic demonstration of the superior powers of Jesus over the dark forces of Satan!

Even the inner warlock confessed out loud as he held, firmly, the cross, that his occult powers were inferior to the powers of Jesus that he could tangibly feel upon the cross. He was astonished by it’s inherent powers.

“I’m surprised at what I feel,” the warlock confessed to me, “It hurts me, by holding it. I would like to break it but can’t.”

The power of the cross of Jesus can not be broken or stopped. The holy powers of the cross of Jesus Christ IS superior to all other powers in the world. All night long we witnessed these holy powers prevailing over the spiritual enemies. 

The demons and inner witches bowed to Jesus! Everyone in the crowded hall were deeply encouraged as the evil spirits were commanded into the abyss and lives were set free by the power of God. Perhaps one of the highlights of his spectacular exorcism was reaching his fragmented heart and seeing his heart travel upwards to the Third Heaven where he was able to meet the Savior –the Lord Jesus. His heart was healed and restored. During this miraculous healing, he fell to the ground and was under the power of the Holy Spirit as we worshipped and gave thanks to God for what He has done!

Violent Thriller in Pasadena: Jesus Conquered Illuminati Powers & Appears!

November 6th, 2018

All of us were in AWE last night, here in Pasadena, California (our mission base), at our weekly Jesus Church service, where souls were stunned at the incredible miracles that took place. This young lady, named Katie, pictured with me above, post deliverance, was beautifully healed and freed by the powers of God. It was astounding to watch as the Holy Spirit conquered over the powers of darkness.

It was violent, it was aggressive, it was intense but at the end, Jesus prevailed and crushed His enemies. Even His holy and mighty angels swiftly arrived into the meeting hall and assisted us in destroying the powers of evil that desperately held this young woman in satanic silence and captivity. The church, last night, stood it’s ground and commanded these demonic spirits out of her life and she was wonderfully set free. 

However, like I said, it an intense spiritual battle that required persistence and courage. The demons that manifested were furious that this young woman, came back to my meeting. Katie, attended a previous meeting but left without any deliverance. She came back determined like never before to obtain liberation. I’m so happy she came back to our service as God rewarded her richly with His mighty deliverance power.

The first group of spirits that surfaced was Jezebel. Along with Jezebel were a few soul invaders. One was a Illuminati puppet master who controlled the other soul invader. It was very challenging to remove these invaders. They viciously fought against me. The demons roared and screamed out of her. They made her hands into a claw-like manner. They contorted her body and she fell onto the ground like an animal. These were strong and aggressive spiritual forces that were determined to keep her in satanic bondage.

I called forth the holy angels of God and they, literally, hammered these demons. The holy angels struck them with their spears and swords. It was dramatic and intense. Jesus came out victorious as He conquered His enemies with His blood and resurrection might. All of the demons were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name. The soul invaders expelled and many heart parts miraculously healed. She even testified of being supernaturally cured of all physical pains that she has suffered from for many years.

After the deliverance, Katie, was immediately “caught up” into the Third Heaven where she immediately fell into the arms of the Savior, the Lord Jesus. What transpired will inspire you. She also had the honor to meet the Heavenly Father. She experienced the entire Holy Trinity in Heaven! It was astounding. It was a THRILLER!

Fireworks in Pasadena: Signs, Wonders & Jesus Miracles All Night Long!

October 22nd, 2018

It was a phenomenal night of ministry, last night, here in Pasadena, California, at our Jesus Church evening service, where numerous explosive signs and wonders took place. Our meeting hall was completely jammed-packed. In fact, in the back of the hall, numerous individuals were standing, watching as many miracles and spiritual fireworks took place. We might need to move into a bigger hall. I’m simply stunned at the amount of miraculous wonders we are witnessing in our meetings. Individuals from British Columbia and even Southeast Asia traveled in for our series of meetings this weekend here in Southern California.

Where do I begin? All night long, souls were healed, cured and delivered from demonic powers. One of the individuals I ministered to was this young lady, pictured with me above. As I prayed with her, numerous demons surfaced, including some stubborn, strong and aggressive Santeria (witchcraft) spirits. With loud cries and screams they surfaced. Not only many demons surfaced but also a soul invader –a Santeria witch. She had been cursing her with spells of destruction and control.

“I’m stronger then everyone here in this room,” the witch declared before a crowded hall, “I’m not afraid. I’m here to control and destroy her!”

Boastful, yet very scared of the presence of God. This inner witch surfaced with anger and yet fell to the ground withering in defeat. She contorted her body as the attentive crowd looked on as Jesus Christ was overcoming the powers of evil within this lady. At one point I brought out my cross of deliverance and the witch was petrified. Her eyes widened with fear. The cross was too much for her to bear. We forced this Santeria witch out in the name of Jesus and she departed.

The evil spirits surfaced –Lucifer, Jezebel, death and witchcraft. All of them battled me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and brought out their swords and spears. One holy angel even had some holy fire. The swords, the spears and the holy fire were utilized and defeated the powers of evil.

The massive volume of angelic activity and miracles we are seeing is astounding. I often run out of adjectives to describe the amazing and incredible angelic wonders that take place in our meetings and services. There’s that many. Last night, the audience was in AWE! In awe of the superior powers of Jesus. 

This precious disciple was set free from thousands of years of witchcraft curses and bondage as the demons entered the abyss. Moreover, she was beautifully physically healed and cured of various ailments and torments. We also, discovered, in the midst of the ministry with her, that there were many broken heart parts that needed the love, comfort and healing of Jesus. They were quickly guided to the Savior in the Third Heaven.

She was immediately caught up into the heavenly realms and encountered some of the most amazing wonders one could possibly experience in God’s eternal home. It was beautiful to behold. The highlight was, perhaps, when she was tickled by Jesus and His holy angels. I feel bad I didn’t video tape what transpired. She was tickled so much. It brought such healing and comfort to her shattered soul. In fact, God healed her soul.

Stunning Supernaturalism in SoCal: Seeing Doves & the Lamb in Heaven Despite Satanic Opposition!

September 22nd, 2018

God is blessing and empowering this global Jesus mission in extraordinary ways. Please pray for us and support us.

We are in awe of the majestic power of God in our midst as we continue to conduct missions EVERY DAY for the Lord Jesus Christ! By God’s grace and mercy, I will continue to punish our spiritual enemies and will direct them to the abyss in the name of Jesus! Last night, here in Monrovia, California (in the Los Angeles area), before a jammed-packed, crowded hall, we conducted our Jesus Church service and many demons were commanded into the pit and souls were freed from YEARS of demonic torment and bondage. It was astonishing to watch.

Even as the Holy Spirit was at work, powerfully, in our midst, the enemy was too. In the midst of the meeting, a young man, filled with demonic spirits angrily spoke out against me as I challenged him. Several disciples noticed that, during the service, he was communicating with the various demons we were battling and expelling in the name of Jesus. In fact, at one point, he yelled out, to the demons who were surfacing, within someone, I was ministering too: “Why are you talking to me?”

Obviously, I inquired about his communication with these demons and he was upset with my challenge and took offense. After explaining to him his need to be serious about this. He stood up furiously and shouted an accusation at me. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and he quickly left the meeting hall. He was in opposition to the ministry of deliverance and wanted to hinder the work of God. 

Despite the satanic opposition, the ministry continued. Many demonic spirits were being expelled as the meeting went on hour after hour. For nearly 6 hours we preached the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered to the sick and demonized. One lady, whom the Holy Spirit directed me to was a young lady, pictured with me above, who, seemed to be very peaceful and calm. She loves Jesus and yet within her were dark forces that were wanting to destroy her life. As I approached her, while she sat in the back of the hall, the demons rose up and manifested.

The demons shook her body and convulsed her. They screamed out of her. I confronted them with the superior powers of Jesus and demanded to know who they were. Spirits of Lucifer, witchcraft, Jezebel and others surfaced. Along with the demons, there were some inner witches within her. They had targeted her due to the fact she was dedicated believer in Jesus. All night long, we encountered soul invaders and in most cases these were witches.  

In fact, one 15 year old young lady, I ministered to, during the service, had more then 30+ soul invaders within her, including a 56 year old man, who sent curses and spells to her with the hopes of seducing her. He utilized witchcraft. Well, nearly all of these invaders, had resorted to sorcery with the hopes of seducing this young lady. It was sickening. More on her story soon.

By God’s grace, the young lady, pictured above with me, was beautifully freed from the demonic and these wicked soul invaders. Moreover, we were able to reach her broken heart and many were healed. They were even transported to the Third Heaven and met the Lord Jesus. Furthermore, she was able to see doves, trumpets, harps and the Lamb. She was loved by the Lamb and received a DEEP healing of her soul. She was restored and is now empowered to live for Christ. 

Southern California: Teenager Sees Jesus in Third Heaven!

August 13th, 2018

God is blessing our work in extraordinary ways. We are seeing staggering amount of individuals entering into the Third Heaven thereby meeting and being healed by Jesus during our seminars. Moreover, many are repenting of their sins and finding salvation in Jesus Christ. In fact, that is what happened last night –salvation miracles and a precious young lady was caught up into the Third Heaven and met God.

I’m currently in Orange County, California, conducting “Supernatural Jesus” seminars and believing in mighty miracles! Last night, beautiful supernatural wonders took place. For example, a young teenager (Monica), was wonderfully set free from demonic attacks and encountered the risen Savior in the Third Heaven.

Even before we started the ministry I pointed to the young lady and told her that, I believed, she was would be given, on this night, the opportunity to enter God’s heavenly realms. God did not disappoint her. Young Monica was not only freed from evil spirits but she also went to the Third Heaven and encountered Jesus!

I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and then ministered to those in the meeting hall. One of those I reached out to was Monica. Before we even ministered deliverance to her I had the incredible honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ! She was beautifully saved by God. Soon thereafter, feeling threatened, spirits of death, fear, witchcraft, ghost and torment surfaced. They revealed how they entered:

“She played with the ouija board when she was young,” the spirits confessed to me, “That allowed us to come in and bring fear into her life.”

As I have mentioned in previous email updates, the ouija board, is yet another, means the enemy utilizes to invade, as it’s a divinatory device linked closely to the realm of the occult, that is that was birthed in the mind of Satan. Think of the millions of young people who have been invaded by evil spirits as a result of dabbling with this “game.” This is exactly what happened to Monica.

Thankfully, we were there to intervene. While praying with her it was also revealed that she had been experiencing some strange poltergeist activity and strange supernaturalism in her bedroom and in her home. It was directly linked with her involvement with the ouija board. The demonic spirits even admitted as such.

In the holy name of Jesus we (her Christian friend, pictured above assisted me) commanded all of the demons oppressing this teenager into the abyss and reached her hurting heart. Some little heart parts surfaced and they were swiftly guided to the Third Heaven. While in the heavenly realms she was able to meet the Savior. In the beautiful and glorious heavenly realms she was able to experience the healing and loving presence of God thereby expelling all of the fear she had been afflicted with for years.

After visiting God’s Heaven (she didn’t want to come back to earth) she was beaming with joy, peace and inner strength. God truly set this young lady free. I LOVE IT! This global mission is reaching the upcoming generations with the love and power of the gospel. We are seeing some astounding miracles as we conduct our missions throughout the world. We need your help and prayers. We love all of you in the name of Jesus!

Atlanta: Satanist Bows to the Cross of Jesus!

July 18th, 2018

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Special Note: Jesus Church coming to British Columbia over the Summer of 2018! More details forthcoming.

It’s utterly shocking to see the frequency of soul invasion in those whom we minister to throughout the world. I’m encountering thousands of individuals with soul invaders. Nearly everyone I’m ministering to has this spiritual problem. The church of the living God needs to address these pervasive issue. We are the ones with the answer to this spiritual complexity –the power of Jesus!

For you must understand, most individuals, who have soul invaders, have inner witches (or sorcerers, satanists, etc). This is a fact we are discovering. Last night, at the beautiful sanctuary of the Liberation Freedom Ministries, here in Atlanta, Georgia, I ministered to those with soul invaders. For example, the young lady, pictured with me above, had numerous soul invaders and a number of those were witches. One was a satanist who had befriended her (a common tactic to connect, to gain access to your life). He also referred to himself as a warlock.

“That’s right, I placed a witchcraft spell upon her,” he readily confessed, “I used all kinds of curses to control her and get what I wanted from her.”

He was boastful and arrogant. He also confessed to be involved in devil worship. I brought out my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and he was immediately nervous and shocked. He was stunned of the inherent powers of the cross of Jesus! As soon as he touched it, he bowed his head in submission to the holy powers of the cross of Christ. The packed hall watched closely and attentively as each and every witch I confronted, last night, bowed to the superior powers of the cross of Jesus.

All of the witches were amazed and marveled at the superior powers of God. I have discovered many sorcerers have never been challenged with a superior power. Jesus is the difference-maker. He is superior for He is God in the flesh. Do not retreat, go forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Last night, the church stood her ground and we battled the witches with the superior powers of Jesus Christ and they were expelled (along with their demons). Moreover, many heart parts were reached with the healing of God. Some of them were able to be access the Third Heaven and meet the Lord Jesus. One lady we ministered to was able to get a hug from the Savior and many ancestral heart parts were rescued too.

Furthermore, a few individuals in the sanctuary had open eye visions that were quite similar. It consisted of the Father in Heaven, on His throne, pouring an abundance of brilliant light down from Heaven into me while I preached. He was gracing me with His divine favor. He was well pleased with what I was doing for Him. This is something I’m receiving from individuals, all over the world, God is pleased with us and this global mission that is focused on Jesus!

 The young lady who had the satanist was beautifully rescued. She was so happy afterwards and exclaimed: I’M FREE! I’M FREE!” Obviously, she will need some follow up and more healing and deliverance but what transpired last night was amazingly beautiful to the glory of God.

Toronto: From Being a Sacrifice to Satan to Entering the Heavens & Meeting Jesus!

June 14th, 2018

This Toronto mission, has been, perhaps of the most fruitful missions we have ever conducted in Eastern Canada. We have travelled here numerous times over the years leading many meetings and yet what we have experienced the past two nights have been spectacular. Both nights the meetings have been well attended. Last night, before a jammed packed hall, I preached the gospel and proclaimed victory in Jesus Christ! I equipped the Body of Christ and led in Holy Communion. Moreover, I spent hours ministering to the afflicted –many demonic spirits were expelled, hearts were beautifully healed and soul invaders driven out in the name of Jesus Christ.

There were so many spiritual highlights, it’s difficult to pick which one to share with you. One man was set free from demonic spirits named King of Destruction that were rooted in ancient generational witchcraft. It was a physical and very intense war with the powers of evil. Many holy angels assisted me in battling the demons and they were driven out of him in the name of Jesus. Immediately after his deliverance, as he testified of God’s power, many demonic spirits within a woman in the audience, manifested demons and he ministered deliverance to her. Now, that’s the fruit of one’s deliverance!

Another highlight was a young woman, pictured with me above, who came to the seminar, last night, here in Toronto, who was wonderfully set free by God. Interestingly enough, she prayed to God the night before that she would be granted the opportunity to enter the Third Heaven. She attends the service and numerous demons start surfacing from within, including spirits of Buddhism, idolatry, witchcraft and spirits of Satan. They surfaced and battled me.

They confessed to having brought pains and torments in her body and mind. Furthermore, they admitted to holding her heart in captivity. I commanded the demonic spirits to release her heart. Her heart was released and her inner children surfaced desperately wanted to be healed and to be with Jesus. In fact, one little heart part that surfaced was a little pre-born baby (who encountered dissociation while in the womb as a result of a family member dedicating her to Satan).

God granted the tiny baby the ability to communicate with me. She was so sad, despaired and in pain. She shared:

“My family, dedicated me to Satan when I was born,” the little conveyed to me, “I was suppose to be a sacrifice unto the devil!”

The demons manifested and boasted about this reality. They also revealed how they had been in her family bloodline for thousands of years –many of her ancestors performed dedication rituals to Satan thus their presence in her family.

God rescued this woman and we were able to drive out these wicked spirits from her life and they entered the abyss in the name of Jesus. Moreover, her body was miraculously healed from ALL physical pains and her heart was “caught up” into the Third Heaven where she met Jesus, God in the flesh! It was incredible to witness. She experienced the glories and the joys of Heaven! She had been wanting to go to Heaven and God granted her request. You’ll need to watch her testimony below.

My friends, so many disciples are entering the Third Heaven and are now traveling great distances to our seminars and missions with the hopes of developing a greater intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by going into the Third Heaven. Even last night, disciples pleaded with me to guide them to the heavenly realms. Yes, I have been graced with this unique ability, however, this is not directed by my will but by God’s will. I follow the unction of the Holy Spirit and guide people to God’s Heavens as He leads.