Supernatural Thriller Like No Other, Some Say?

August 10th, 2020

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We are in awe. The miracles, signs and wonders we witnessed, in Omaha, in Kansas City and last night here in Lois Angeles, were phenomenal. For example, last night, during our weekly Jesus Church service, here in Southern California, we witnessed a woman, who had been in physical pain, for more than 50+ years, was powerfully healed and delivered. Moreover, she was supernaturally transported into God’s Third Heaven and met the Father and the Son.

Speaking of Third Heaven encounters. While on our Midwest tour, this past week, in each city, precious souls, were caught up into the Third Heaven and experienced the glories, the joys and the wonders of the heavenly realms. Perhaps, a highlight of our mission, occurred in Omaha, NE, during our seminar, when a young woman, was not only set free from demons but was honored to travel to the glorious realms of the Godhead and visited with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some disciples, who attended the seminar, mentioned, it was, perhaps, one of the most powerful and intense demonstrations of God’s power and love they have witnessed.

It was a battle, though, as the evil spirits battled me and fought for her soul. God prevailed –as the demons, the soul invaders and the satanic curses were broken in Jesus name. It was a thriller like no other, according to some.


Boca Raton: Golden Age of Heavenly Encounters Now!

July 10th, 2020

Some weeks ago, Abba spoke to me about a few specific things. Number one, He asked me to conduct a meeting, here in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, where a sizable Jewish community resides. We often conduct our meetings in West Palm Beach and in Miami, when I’m visiting South Florida. However, this time, he directed me, to come here, to the coastal city of Boca Raton –resulting in a supernatural thriller. Number two, while in Southern California, recently, God told me we were, currently, in the “Golden Age of Heavenly Encounters.”

Those were His exact words. We (the church) are in the Golden Age of Heavenly Encounters . In other words, we are in a supernatural era, in church history, where God desires, to transport, His children, to His eternal home . Because the world is increasingly dark and demonic, God is visiting upon earth in some unusual manners –which includes taking souls to the Third Heaven and to experience heavenly wonders and more importantly His love.

Earlier this evening, here in Boca Raton, Florida, we ministered to this precious disciple, pictured above, who had been troubled by evil spirits. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we expelled numerous witches, warlocks and other soul invaders. Furthermore, we removed numerous demons and satanic curses that held in bondage. As a result of her deliverance, we were able to reach her broken heart and her shattered soul was suddenly lifted off this earth, she was caught up into the Third Heaven . While in the heavenly realms she met God!

My friends, can it get any better than that? To visit the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in His eternal home, which she was honored to do, is the ultimate in the Christian faith and experience and we are on the forefront of seeing these supernatural thrillers. Many souls have testified of visiting God’s heavenly home. This woman, pictured with me above, was able to visit too. Some of the heavenly wonders she bears witness of:

  • embracing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • eating a delicious heavenly cloud
  • visiting a heavenly garden
  • observing “dancing trees”
  • danced with the Savior
  • encountering holy angels
  • hearing heavenly music and sounds
  • Danced with the Lord Jesus
  • receiving a gift of a cross, the cross of Jesus, to take to the world
  • many others glorious realities, joys and wonders…

After visiting with the Savior, she was guided to a massive golden door, with a golden key attached to it, while in the Third Heaven. She opened the door and entered into the glorious and brilliant light of the THRONE ROOM! She was in awe. Abba was there, sitting on the THRONE! My friends, can it get any better than visiting the Throne Room of the Heavenly Father to receive His love and healing.

You’ll need to check our the video testimonial and hear of the astounding heavenly wonders she experienced. Click here to see. I believe these heavenly encounters, are for REAL and vivid. She mentioned that she had never felt anything like it before. God’s love washed her clean. This transformative moment will live on for all of eternity. She was given a gift, by Abba, while in the heavenly realms, a cross of Jesus .

She was given a weapon for the cross will empower to defeat the enemies of the cross. For in the cross is the power of God! However, the greatest moment, was when she had a personal encounter with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It was an incredibly intense moment whereby, she had a deep experience with the Holy Trinity and encountered a love that she had previously never experienced before. By the way, she also testified of feeling no more physical pains –from physical pain to having zero pain. God was glorified!

Santa Clarita, CA: Crushing Witchcraft & Visiting the Abba’s Throne!

June 13th, 2020

I’m amazed at the sheer numbers of souls, we see consistently, being supernaturally transported into the Third Heaven and meeting the Holy Trinity –the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is my focus in ministry — freeing and healing souls so that they can have a personal encounter with the living God. A vast majority of souls we minister to end up being caught up into the Third Heaven ( just like the apostle Paul experienced in 2 Corinthians 12 ).

While in God’s heavenly home, the disciple gets to experience the most glorious heavenly realities –meeting the Savior, encountering holy angels, tasting of heavenly foods and drinks, and seeing the most astounding supernatural wonders.

Furthermore, disciples are actually able to enter into the very Throne Room of Abba and experience His indescribable lovingkindness. Can it get any better than that, my friends? Is that not the pinnacle of the Christian faith and experience? Can you encounter anything more glorious than that? Is not meeting the Heavenly Father, in HIS THRONE ROOM, the greatest of all experiences? I’m humbled and honored we get to see so many souls enter into the heavenly realms and encountering the one and true God.

Often times, however, spiritual warfare needs to be conducted, because the enemies of our souls, do not want us to experience God’s heavenly realities or taste of the powers of the age to come. For the enemy knows these powerful experiences will only strengthen us in spiritual warfare to defeat devils and witchcraft that is prevalent in our day.

Speaking of witchcraft, these kinds of wicked forces, were in the way, of a young woman, we ministered to last night, here in Santa Clarita, California. Legions of witchcraft, Santeria and voodoo spirits were trying to hinder and oppress her –trying to stop her from having a heavenly encounter with Abba. But, God prevailed, as the demons were expelled and she was able to enter into the heavenly home of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

More deliverance needs to take place, however, what she experienced last night was remarkable –numerous witchcraft ancestral curses broken, evil spirits expelled, soul invaders removed, and heart parts healed by Jesus! Moreover, she was able to visit with the Heavenly Father in His Throne Room! Beautiful healing took place as a result, as you can imagine!

Freed from the Violation of 1 Peter 2:17 then Entered Heaven!

May 5th, 2020

It was an amazing day of ministry here in Houston, Texas as another soul was set free and healed by Jesus. Moreover, not only liberated from evil spirits but also had the high honor to enter into God’s heavenly Throne Room. This is what I live for. This is the fruit of your prayers and support . We are truly rescuing souls and seeing families transformed as a result.

Not too long ago, a dedicated disciple contacted me, after hearing about our ministry, on the Omega Man Radio Show (many thanks to my friend Shannon Davis). He was wanting to learn more about spiritual warfare and desirous of seeing his wife set free from evil spirits. He eventually attended some of our seminars in the Houston area. He was astonished with the miracles. Furthermore, he was in awe of the amount of individuals experiencing heavenly encounters. Which led him to schedule a personal ministry session with me here in the Houston area.

Yesterday, the ministry session, was extremely powerful, as I ministered to his wife ( many thanks to the husband, who took authority, as the head of the wife, which caused everything to work smoothly ). The first demon that surfaced was named Jezebel.

“There’s 12 of us,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We torture her, we lie to her and cause her pain. We were able to enter into her bloodline, hundreds of years ago, because her family was treasonous against the King of Spain .”

This is very interesting. In 1 Peter 2:17, the apostle Peter tells the church, “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.”

We are to honor the king. In other words, honoring the governing authorities, as the apostle Paul taught in Romans 13. This woman’s ancestors committed treason and thus dishonored the King of Spain ( her ancestors are from Spain ).

This violation of Scriptural edict opened the way for demons to invade her bloodline. They took advantage of this spiritual legal right, entered the ancestors and were causing a host of physical, emotional and spiritual problems within her family.

Along with Jezebel was the spirit of Death! He was stronger than Jezebel. He spoke out of her:

“Her ancestors dishonored the king,” the demons informed me, “We punish her, lie to her and make her worthless.”

They were punishing her in so many ways –pains, sicknesses and even CANCER! They were wanting to kill her! Death was also working with Jezebel and witchcraft. The spirits of witchcraft surfaced and spoke to me:

“We have bewitched her, blinded her eyes,” the demons boasted, “We have been within her ancestors for more than 7 generations –they were witches!”

Sad. For hundreds of years the demons were passed on because of the participation of her ancestors in the occult –one generation to the next and no one stopped them. He also confessed to something nefarious and sickening:

“We used a woman, when she was only a child, in preschool,” the demons voiced, “This woman kidnapped her and took her to a Satanist to abuse her.”

I have encountered hundreds of such cases. Doesn’t surprise me. That is why it is imperative that everyone stays vigilant and on guard. Our enemy is devious and ever looking for ways to attack God’s people, especially children. We must protect our kids. I know I’m constantly vigilant with my 4 kids. Pray for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover them.

The last group of demonic spirits I battled was named Lucifer. He had been there for 7 generations and he was the strongman. He told me:
“It was easy to get into her bloodline,” the demons gleefully explained to me, “None of her ancestors were born again, so we invaded.”

Obviously, without salvation in Jesus, you are a wide open door for demonic attack. This is, one reason, why evangelism is very important . We need to get precious individuals under the covering of the blood of Christ. So, at the very least, one’s spirit nature ( which has been raised into the heavenly realms as seen in Ephesians 2:6 ), is thereby untouchable, to the powers of darkness.

The demons fought me but the cross, the fire of God, the blood of Christ and the assistance of the holy angels were too much for the demons and they confessed to their defeat. They were expelled in the mighty name of Jesus and entered into the abyss. She was wonderfully set free. She even testified of feeling no pain –decades of various kinds of pains gone in Jesus name!

However, the highlight of the personal session , was the time, I was able to guide her into God’s glorious loving arms. She was caught up into the Third Heaven and met the Savior, Abba and the Holy Spirit . I’m looking forward to sharing more of this heavenly encounter tomorrow. She was in awe and in wonderment as she explored the glorious realms of the Godhead –God’s Third Heaven!

Omaha: Extremely Violent Demons Expelled then Caught Up into Heaven!

March 30th, 2020

What an explosive night of miracles here in Omaha, Nebraska, as thousands of spirits named Lord of the Flies were expelled from this young man (pictured above with his father). These were extremely violent demonic spirits that surfaced. They were physical, aggressive, murderous and hateful. They threatened to kill us and my family. Thankfully, God prevailed and were victorious in Jesus name.

“We came to one of our seminars in Houston, Texas, more than 5 years ago,” the father shared with everyone, at the beginning of the service, earlier tonight, “My son has been suffering a long time. During Holy Communion, during that Houston, Texas seminar, it was too intense and he walked out of the hall. He just found out about your meeting here, tonight, and we are here to see Jesus deliver!”

For 5 long years they waited for this opportunity. As the meeting progressed, the vicious demons manifested. At one point, they wrote down, on a piece of paper, some strange satanic symbolism –including the drawing of an inverted cross, the number of the beast 666 and other satanic symbolism. This young man didn’t even remember drawing these evil symbols. The demons surfaced and compelled him to write.

During the mass deliverance prayers, this young man named Stefan, manifested terrible evil spirits. The demons lunged at me with utter hatred. They were brutal. They were extremely violent. Several ministers had to assist me, as the spirits sought to kill me. They were incredibly strong and filled with insanity. They looked out of his eyes with death. The demons surfaced and spoke out of this young man.

“We desire to kill,” the spirits told me, “We bring him lung cancer, diabetes, and pain into his life. We hold captive his heart and his dreams.”

We called upon the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and assisted us in wearing the invading demons down. The demons were greatly weakened. The holy angels moved this man’s body to the front of the hall and sat him in a chair, so we could minister to him.

“We have been here for thousands of years, as his ancestors killed people,” the spirits named the Lord of Flies revealed to me, “There’s thousands of us!”

All of these thousands of unclean spirits were bound up in Jesus name and forced to depart in Jesus name! The spirits groaned, moaned and screamed out of him. He was wonderfully set free. Then suddenly, little broken heart parts were released. The broken hearts were gently guided to the Savior and they encountered the Living God. You’ll need to watch the NEWEST heavenly encounter video here.

Jammed-Packed Hall in Houston: Awed by Third Heaven Visits!

February 4th, 2020

The hall was completely full –even brought in more chairs– and we were still jammed-packed. I don’t think we could have fit anymore people into the spacious hall. We will need to look for a much larger hall as many hurting individuals and families arrived, desperate for deliverance and healing. I experienced some amazing liberty, in the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus. I taught from the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion then ministered to those who assembled, many demons surfaced!

Many miraculous wonders took place that awed us all –inner witches expelled, hearts healed, demons cast out, souls saved by Jesus, and multiple souls entered the Third Heaven! Our hall was packed and all of us witnessed spiritual fireworks!

One of those I ministered to was this young beautiful lady, pictured with me above, who was invited to attend our seminar. She didn’t know if all of this talk about individuals visiting Heaven was for real. Could she be the one to experience this herself, she wondered? Well, our living God is a God of surprises . He not only delivered her from demonic bondage but also supernaturally transported her into the Third Heaven and encountered some of the most extraordinary heavenly wonders one could experience.

  • She received a piggy-back ride from Jesus
  • Entered through a door that ushered her into the Throne Room
  • Was given a golden key –eternal life
  • She was able to see flowers and holy angels (thousands of them)
  • Heard heavenly music, drank heavenly water & smell Heaven
  • Was able to touch the very face of God (WOW!)
  • Holy angels tickled her
  • Three holy angels appeared as her guardian angels
  • Was able to observe the very THRONE of the FATHER (noticed no marks on it)
  • Was able to sit on the lap of Abba on the Throne
  • Was given a gift, when she opened it up, it was a dove (the Holy Spirit)
  • She received divine instructions for life.

I could go on and on. Everyone was in AWE, very much awed by the public demonstration of God’s love and power. These heavenly encounters are extraordinary, thrilling and life-changing.

Vancouver Wonders: Freed from Islamic Spirits then Jesus Appears!

January 12th, 2020

The power of the cross was on FULL display, recently, in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, where we conducted our weekly Jesus Church service. In a packed hall, I preached the WORD, with great liberty. At one point during the service, I inquired about those needing to be born again. A few indicated to me their desire to be born again by the Holy Spirit, including a young man from an Islamic background.

Another soul that indicated their desire to be born again was a young woman that was sitting way back in the meeting hall. I had her come up to the front of the hall to pray with her. I tried to get her to say the name of “Jesus.” She couldn’t. The demons wouldn’t let her. Obviously, they wanted to hinder her from being rescued by our loving God.

I have seen this many thousands of times. Demons will cause individuals to suddenly become mute. To the point, where they, literally, cannot mutter the words like, “Jesus.” I wasn’t about to let the demons stop this woman, so I commanded the tongue to be loosened in Jesus name and for the demons to release her. Almost immediately, the demons released her tongue and she was able to call upon the name of Jesus! She was beautifully saved. 

Then I turned my attention to this young man. He also called upon the name of Jesus. He shared with everyone, during the service, that he was involved in a very serious car accident, as a teenager, where he was nearly killed. In fact, his car flipped over more than 15 times. While in the midst of this terrible accident, he said a man appeared to him, in white, with a beard (no doubt, Jesus). No doubt, God kept him from dying. This man has a destiny but the demons were trying to destroy him.

As I prayed for him, many thousands of evil spirits surfaced, including many Islamic spirits, that go back many centuries in his bloodline, due to participation in idolatry. When my cross was brought out, the demons submitted and obeyed the commands of Jesus. It was beautiful to see –as I called upon the holy angels, to carry this young man, to the front of the hall, without any human aid. The demons tried to freeze him. He couldn’t move however God’s holy angels assisted me and moved his body.

At the front of the hall, I confronted the evil that tried to kill him. The evil spirits confessed to bringing him head pain. The pain was expelled in Jesus name! He, also, shared that for more then 16 years he had been having head pain –the pains were GONE! The demons revealed:

“Yes, we tried to kill him,” the demons admitted to me, “We caused the car accident with the hopes of killing him.”

These vicious demonic spirits were also cast out and commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! His divine destiny has been released and he will serve the Lord. He was wonderfully delivered by the power of the cross of Christ!

Moreover, we were able to reach his broken heart. A young inner child surfaced. I immediately, guided the little one to the Lord Jesus. Immediately, the little one, was caught up into the Third Heaven and met the Savior, who was dressed in a white robe and was smiling. His heart was being filled with God’s love. 

Furthermore, the Lord Jesus took his hand and guided him to the Throne Room where he was able to meet the Father! As he entered into the Throne Room, he noticed there were many kids in the room. As he passed the children….

There were some steps….steps that led to the THRONE! He was able to sit with the Father and receive divine directions for life. God told him to read His WORD and taught him some skills that he will be using in this life. It was astounding to behold. 

Blessed to Witness the Extraordinary in Orlando, Florida!

December 21st, 2019

It’s been an beautiful time here in Florida. I just concluded some ministry meetings, earlier this evening, here in the city of Orlando, where last night we conducted another powerful “Supernatural Jesus Seminar.” During the seminar we were blessed to witness the extraordinary powers of the Holy Spirit. In fact, someone reported this:

“Amazing deliverance performed by Jay Bartlett, at the Hampton Inn, in Orlando Florida. I feel more then blessed to witness what happened there yesterday. He was saved, reborn again and delivered by evil spirits. To God be all the honor, glory and the power!!! I am more than grateful!”

All glory to the King of Kings, I say. I stood before an attentive crowd last night (great turnout too) and proclaimed the victory of Jesus Christ! After leading everyone in Holy Communion, I ministered to those in the audience. Demons were expelled in Jesus name. Then the Holy Spirit directed me to this young man. He had been victimized by Santeria and the occult.

Last night, we discovered, many in the hall, had been targeted by witchcraft powers. One man, who attended our seminar, had been involved in more then 50 satanic animal sacrifices! This young man, named Manny, had been targeted by some witches who sought his destruction. They had invaded him.

These soul invaders were commanded out in Jesus name. Moreover, the demons attached to these inner witches were also expelled in Jesus name. The demons battled me and sought to keep him. At first it was a intense spiritual struggle. The evil demons were really trying to hinder his deliverance. At one point, he confessed that he had never been born again by the Spirit of the Living God (see John 3 about this born again experience). I shared the gospel. He was interested in repenting of his sins and turning to Jesus as Lord and Savior, he was gloriously saved and rescued by God.

Moments later, we ministered to him and many demons surfaced and revealed much:

“We came in because his ancestors participated in witchcraft,” the evil spirits confessed, “We have been in his bloodline and his ancestors for more then 50-generations! We blind him with lies”

My friends, we are speaking of thousands of years of demonic bondage. Centuries of evil, darkness and destruction. These satanic curses were broken, FINALLY, after more then 50 generations, by the overcoming power of the blood of Jesus. The demons didn’t want to leave, so we battled me.
I called upon the holy angels, utilized my cross and holy communion –the demons were agonized and were defeated by the blood of the Son. At one point the holy angels struck, these demons, numerous times, thus greatly weakening the evil spirits. 

The demons growled, twisted his body and contorted his face terribly. We pressed onward and commanded the demons to release him. Finally, after some persistence, the demons departed and his heart was guided to Heaven to the meet the Savior. What transpired in Heaven (watch below) was so real, not what he had expected. He was so happy, in fact the holy angels ticked him and they gave him a nice smile. The torment released him and God was glorified. Amen!

Extraordinary Signs & Wonders in Pasadena, CA!

November 5th, 2019

I’m stunned with the amount of astounding signs and wonders we witness, consistently, in our seminars and meetings. Last night, here in Pasadena, California, during our weekly Jesus Church service, more staggering supernaturalism. Just in the past several days, we have watched on, as multiple souls, have been supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and have encountered the most thrilling otherworldly experiences.

  • Face to face with the Holy Trinity –Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Entering into the highest of Heavens –the Throne Room of God
  • Encountering the deepest of loves one can experience
  • Meeting holy angels
  • Eating and tasting of the most wondrous heavenly treats and drinks
  • Encountering the unique powers of the heavenly realms that stun
  • Experiencing sounds, smells, sights and sensations that mystify and cause wonderment
  • Riding heavenly rides and heavenly creatures
  • Being introduced to animated trees, leaves, waters, fruits, flowers, atmospheres, that touch ones core in deepest manner
  • Encountering loved ones, friends and others who passed on (who are now in these heavenly realms)
  • Receiving heavenly directives, instructions and information that empower, encourage and bring joy
  • Receiving heavenly gifts
  • Obtaining new powers, new capabilities that will empower ones service to God on earth
  • Encountering biblical saints

I could go on and on. I’m in awe. Our last night, in Atlanta, GA, multiple souls entered God’s heavenly home. One disciple (watch the video below) encountered the most astounding of miracles –Face to face with the Holy Trinity. Experiencing His love, peace and joy in a deeper way. She actually entered His Throne Room.
Speaking of the Throne Room of God. Another disciple (this mother & wife, pictured above, with her husband) entered His Throne Room. This couple attended, last night, desperate for deliverance and healing. She shared of the terrible pains, sicknesses and afflictions. The enemy tried to kill her. Witches (some whom we encountered while ministering to her) were plotting for her destruction but God sustained her and prevailed. I’ll share more in my next email update. God rescued this woman ( and her husband surrendered his life to Christ and was born again), the demons were expelled, the curses were broken and her broken heart was guided into the heavenly realms.
While in the heavenly realms she met God! She encountered His amazing unfailing, unfathomable love and healing powers. Watch the video below to hear more. I’m astonished to see so many souls entering into the heavenly realms. More to come. God has spoken so clearly.

Jesus Cures in Orlando: 50+ Years of Pain Vanished!

October 10th, 2019

Been enjoying my time here in Orlando, Florida as we conduct a series of meetings to free souls from demonic bondage. We are also witnessing, during our meetings, souls being miraculously healed of various kinds of pains and torments. Last night, during our seminar, this mother (pictured above with her son), received ministry, including some incredible physical healing — she was beautifully healed of more then 50+ YEARS of pains, torments and afflictions.

Despite these incredible miracles we have been witnessing here in Orlando, I have received a number of reports of individuals, who attended our first meeting, who were fearful. Some couldn’t handle it and couldn’t come back. Some left and didn’t return. 

Our first night was indeed explosive as we conducted three exorcisms simultaneously. A family being affected by the ancient spiritual demonic beast named Behemoth. The demonic brutality was off the charts –physical, violent and in your face. However, at the end, Jesus prevailed and brought tremendous healing and restoration. Yes, the demonic warfare was dramatic and intense but God protected everyone and cured. On the second night, more works of the Kingdom.

A highlight of last night was seeing this mother, come with her son and receiving a powerful deliverance and healing ( I’m very proud of her son who is enrolling in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center to receive training on how to carry on the works of the Kingdom). The mother had been suffering for more then 50+ YEARS! Decades of emotional, mental and physical pain. The demons boasted:

“No one has ever encountered us before,” the demons confessed to me, “We have been here for thousands of years and no one could find us!”

This was the spirit of Lucifer boasting to me. He wasn’t alone. A witch was within her –placing death and destruction spells upon her life. The witchcraft was broken in Jesus name and witch was expelled! The demons named Lucifer were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! As the demons departed, so did all of the physical pain! She was very happy afterwards as ALL of her pains disappeared, Jesus healed her.

Along with the physical healing, she was experienced some deep emotional healing as some heart parts surfaced. One was only 5 years of age. I gently guided this little one to Jesus for healing and she entered into the presence of God. Jesus told her He loved her and embraced her. This woman was wonderfully cured and liberated. I’m so proud of this family for fighting in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards.