Vancouver: In the Midst of an Exorcism Jesus was Teaching Her a Song!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


One of the most remarkable miracles we witness, consistently, in our Supernatural Jesus: Removing Demons & Healing Hearts Seminars is the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is still hard, at times, to fathom. Over the years, we have seen a acceleration of these encounters. I’m stunned to think back to the amount of people –numbering more then a thousand or more– who have testified of seeing the ascended Lord in our seminars, missions, and meetings.


I vividly recall seeing the risen Savior, in Lahore, Pakistan, more then 6 years ago, one very early morning. He appeared to me open eyed in His ascended state. There are no words to describe what I experienced in Islamic-dominated Pakistan that morning, except that I KNEW He is LORD and in that REIGNING ASCENDED state at very moment. He was and is Royalty –King of Kings, Lord of Lords!


During our most recent mission to British Columbia, numerous disciples described seeing the risen Savior, including one young lady, whom got saved as a result of seeing Jesus and being taken to a beautiful garden. Staggering, surprising supernatural Jesus encounters we are hearing about during our seminars.


Another young lady, who was able to SEE Jesus was Elizabeth (pictured with me above, post deliverance). She had attended a previous seminar but we really didn’t get to minister to her however on this night we had the wonderful opportunity to offer her Jesus –resulting in her miraculous healing and deliverance.


As I was praying for everyone in the meeting hall, during our Vancouver seminar, Elizabeth started sobbing like a little girl. A little girl, was indeed surfacing from within her, a tiny 4 year old. She surfaced and spoke to me with raw emotion.


“I’m scared of monsters,” the little one revealed to me, “The monsters appear to me in my dreams.”


This how many monsters (demonic spirits) are able to invade little children…through nightmares and scary dreams. This is why I call my family, every night, even when traveling on the other side of the globe, so I can pray with my wife for our three little children, to ensure they have protected sleep and dreams.


Elizabeth was demonized from childhood (and even beyond via ancestral curses) as a result of these monsters appearing to her and frightening her. The fear opened a gateway to the demonic. Those same demons surfaced and battled me with a viciousness in Vancouver. They screamed and contorted her body!


“We bring her a lot of pain and hurt!,” the demonic spirits boasted to me, “She pierces her body, in rebellion, which allows us to stay within her!”


We discovered that she had pierced various places throughout her body, in rebellion to her parents. The WORD tells us that rebellion and witchcraft go hand in hand. Elizabeth, as a result, was filled with rebellious spirits such as witchcraft, Jezebel, and hundreds of thousands of demons named Death! They compelled her to do horrific things but then Jesus stepped into her life and intervened.


I just love that part…when we are consumed with darkness and sin, Jesus steps in and rescues. Even with Elizabeth, as we were battling against the many demons within her, Jesus took Elizabeth and all of her broken heart parts far away. It was there, in that far away land….Jesus appeared to her and taught her a song. Jesus, literally, gave her the melodies and the lyrics for a new song. After the demons were cast out of her body and mind, Elizabeth sang for all of us —it was spectacular in so many ways!


“Jay, I just knew if I came to your seminar I would be set free!” she shared with everyone, “I just knew Jesus would help me get here and to free me!” 


Jesus, indeed, freed Elizabeth for His glory! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Many more surprising miracles took place, in her life, I need to share in my next update. I look forward to sharing more.

Healing the Incurable in British Columbia & Beyond!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Modern day medical science declares that certain diseases, ailments, disorders and afflictions are simply incurable. For example, many within the medical community have declared, confidently, that there is no known cure for those suffering dissociation or multiple personality disorder. What the Bible refers to as the “brokenhearted (see Isaiah 61:1-4).


I have encountered multiple thousands of individuals with this “incurable” disorder. Furthermore, I have encountered thousands upon thousands of individuals with other kinds of dissociative elements. For example, those individuals with foreign dissociative identities. In other words, broken heart parts of other people as a result of unholy soul ties and witchcraft.


Obviously, the secular medical (or psychiatric) community offers no solution or cure for those afflicted with these elements. They, generally speaking, resort to various kinds of medication. The medication does NOT heal dissociative identities. So, many in our world are left with medicated brokenness.


I have encountered thousands of individuals, on all 6 continents, with various kinds and types of mysterious incurable diseases and physical afflictions. People are left with a bag of medication and no hope.


This leads, obviously, those with these ailments -despaired. However, with Jesus there is GOOD NEWS! When the world tells you there is no hope –Jesus tells us there IS HOPE!


In Psalm 103, the Holy Scriptures, declare that one of the benefits (and there are numerous benefits) in knowing God is that He heals us of all diseases (v.3). Moreover, He redeems (rescues) our life from the pit (v.4). There is life, healing, redemption, and deliverance in Jesus!


The young lady, pictured with me above, was miraculously healed of various “incurable” afflictions, while attending one of our British Columbia seminars. She was given hope in Jesus. Look at her smile –that smile says it all!


I vividly recall the seminar well. It was in the city of Surrey. There was some incredible enthusiasm with those who assembled to hear from the WORD and to receive ministry.


This lady, Koreen, was desperate for intervention. She stood for prayer and as I began to pray for her, numerous demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. They were physical and violent. They were also very loud. They screamed at me:


“HA! We have been here a long time,” a demon named Doubt boasted to me, “But, you haven’t touched the roots yet!”


This demonic spirit named “Doubt” was simply a pawn. He was protecting someone much stronger then he. I immediately confronted the strongman behind this spirit. Numerous ancestral spirits named witchcraft and death surfaced from within her and spoke to me.


“The jealous grandmother is here with us and we have her heart too,” the evil spirits revealed to me, “We also bring cancer, muscle pain, head pain, side pain and chest pain. We are also in her lungs.”


Horrible! Koreen had various ailments that the medical community has no solution for. Let’s briefly go down the list:

  • Her demonization. Koreen had many evil spirits residing with her body and mind. There is no known solution for this problem, except resorting to medication.
  • Her dissociation. Korean had little girls living within her (dissociative identities). Again, no known cure for this known disorder except resorting to medication.
  • Along with the demonization and dissociation, Koreen, also had what we term as “soul invasion.” She had her grandmother living within her (I actually spoke to her). Again, no known (in the secular medical community) cure.
  • On top of all of this, Koreen also had ancestral heart parts. I actually communicated with them and guided them to God. Once again, the secular medical community has no solution to these dissociative ailments.

Thank God we have the Lord Jesus Christ who heals from ALL diseases and afflictions. Nothing is impossible for Him! On this night, in Surrey, British Columbia, I guided Koreen to King Jesus for healing and she was miraculously cured from the “incurable.”
As I battled the demons, a soul invader surfaced! It was her grandmother. She was jealous of her and had been sending witchcraft spells and curses to her. Very specific curses too –curses of destruction and to bring poverty to her.
She was mean. I told her she would have to depart and to face God. She left and many little heart parts that were part of Koreen’s broken heart surfaced and spoke to me. There was so much pain and despair. All of them were guided to Jesus. They actually were able to see the Lord Jesus and hear His loving voice. He spoke words of reassurance, unconditional love and healing. Can the secular community offer anything better? Nope!
So many people in our British Columbia were able to SEE and HEAR Jesus. It’s staggering if you think about it. What an honor it is to serve God and hurting individuals like Koreen.
All of the demons were cast out of her, her broken heart was restored, the ancestral hearts part guided to Jesus and the soul invader removed –all incredible miraculous acts of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, Koreen reported of feeling no more physical pain! She had been in pain for YEARS! No more pain! Amazing Jesus! Look at that smile again!

Missionary from Taiwan Miraculously Cured of Pre-Natal Dissociation!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As I shared in my last email report, the miracles we witnessed in Abbotsford, British Columbia were stunning. As soon as I walked into the crowded hall I noticed some amazing faith and strength. Yes, evil spirits manifested, all night long, often with violence and brutality, but the fact is I felt the faith of the people who were present in the meeting hall. That faith opened up our seminar for the supernatural, resulting in many being freed from demons and miraculously cured.


How I would love for every meeting to be like that! The spiritual key is the faith of the people involved. Faith is an amazing key to the miraculous and supernatural.


As soon as I began to pray for everyone, multiple people started manifesting demons. In fact, to the left of me, two woman started, simultaneously, vomiting out demonic spirits. These were very aggressive demons being expelled from these ladies, perhaps in their 60’s. Both, were receiving some amazing deliverance and healing as a result.


One of the ladies, manifested ancestral spirits of sickness that was extracted from this woman. As the demons exited, deep guttural sounds could be heard from within this woman. Both ladies were pleased to encounter the freeing power of Jesus. As I continued with the mass deliverance prayers, many others were receiving incredible freedom and healing.


One lady sitting up against the wall of the meeting hall, to my left, was a young lady from Taiwan (pictured with me above, post deliverance). I soon discovered she was a strong believer in Christ, a missionary, who had traveled to 9 different nations to proclaim the gospel. She was in British Columbia to conduct more missionary work. Yet, the Holy Spirit kept on telling me to pray for her. She looked surprised but consented to the prayers.


As soon as I began to pray for her, demons were exiting her. Then suddenly while in the midst of a deliverance with her, a few little dissociative identities surfaced. These were very tiny heart parts, I discerned. I asked the Lord Jesus to give the little ones the capability to speak and they did.


“We are baby, we are baby, we are in the womb” the little ones kept on telling me, “Mommy rejected us.”


So, due to the parental rejection (and a few other horrific things), the little baby, within Mommy, experienced dissociation –a soul fragmentation. The baby’s emotions were crushed resulting in pre-natal dissociation –heart parts being created while within the mother’s womb. We have encountered many, many cases where this has taken place.


I spoke to these tiny heart parts and they cried and cried. They were so sad and in darkness. I was able to rescue babies and guided babies to Jesus for healing and comfort. They were able to encounter the comforting presence of God as a result. It was beautiful to behold.


While the little dissociative identities were being healed, I was able to remove many more demons from within this missionary. She was so happy afterwards and thanked me for reaching out to her during the seminar. She mentioned she had no idea little heart parts were within her. She looked so relieved as a result of the supernatural healing of the heart.


My friends, in the work of the gospel, I have realized that the universal Body of Christ, generally speaking, have not come into proper understanding of the need to bring the inner healing ministry of Jesus to broken hearts.


We have discovered, most humans, have unresolved heart issues that need to be ministered to. As you delve into the lives of people you’ll discover a host of spiritual issues needing to be addressed. Namely, the need to communicate and to reach little heart parts –inner children that so desperately need release from demonic interference.


Moreover, the demons attached to these little hearts need to be cast out and the need to examine to see whether soul invaders are involved is also needing to be investigated. These soul invaders need to be removed too in Jesus name (more on these soul invaders in my teaching below).


There’s many churches, ministries and missions praying for the sick in body but very few ministering to the inner realms of the soul that need healing too! We are trying to make an impact in both areas –of the body and soul. The result? Multiple thousands of lives transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ!

Abbotsford: Jammed-Packed Hall Witness Jesus Conquer Satanic Brutality!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Our British Columbia Jesus mission was extremely powerful in so many regards. Each night phenomenal miracles took place that has impacted hundreds of disciples who witnessed the wondrous works of our God. I was, though, disappointed that the attendance, in a few of our meetings, were smaller then we had anticipated, however, that disappointment quickly disappeared as soon as I walked into our last seminar in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


I walked into the hall and quickly noticed it was jammed packed (I was even told that some had arrived more then an hour earlier). In fact, we had to bring in some extra chairs from the lobby of the hotel to seat everyone. Even then, it was a standing room only crowd. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large and enthusiastic crowd had assembled to witness and experience the love and power of Jesus.


When I walked into the meeting hall I greeted a few people and suddenly, very violent demons erupted, within a young lady (the younger sister of the young lady pictured above) whom I just greeted and said hello to. The demons rolled her eyes into the back of her head and she started foaming at the mouth. The demons growled and grunted. The demons threw her unto the ground and convulsed her greatly.


Full-blown violent demonic manifestation was at hand. We commanded some of the demons to release her. Some left however, many more evil spirits were in control of her and yet the meeting was about to start. So, I had her sit on a chair, next to me, while we began to worship and praise King Jesus! Again the demons erupted into violence. Actually, a better word to describe what transpired was demonic brutality.


The demons were physical and it took three men to control her, at times. After the worship, I stood up and welcomed everyone to the seminar. I could feel the spiritual electricity in the meeting hall as many were anticipating the powerful works of Jesus in our midst. Jesus was already at work and I was rejoicing in the victories we would encounter.


As I began to teach from the WORD, the demonic spirits surfaced from within the young lady and they erupted with even greater intensity and hatred for the gospel. The demons growled, foamed at the mouth, grinding her teeth, and withering in violent convulsions. At that point, I made the decision, to avoid the demonic interruptions, while I was teaching form the WORD, I would have Pastor Ron and a few other disciples carry this lady out to minister to her.


What transpired was beautiful. Pastor Ron, was able to share the gospel with her and she surrendered to the gospel. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit, lifted this woman, into the Heavens where she spent time with the Risen Savior and His holy angels. This woman encountered a powerful transformation and healing.


We were just about to take Holy Communion, after the teaching, when Pastor Ron and few of the disciples brought her back into the meeting hall and she testified of these supernatural experiences. It was thrilling to hear this woman’s testimony. Originally, from the island-nation of Mauritius (a nation drenched in the powers of witchcraft and Hinduism), this woman had emigrated, with her family, to Canada, for a better life. Jesus, no doubt, brought her here to experience HIM!


While she was sharing her testimony, her younger sister and her mom (pictured with me above) were deeply touched. I brought them to the front of the hall and discovered that though the mother gave her life to Jesus, her younger sister had not. I shared the gospel with her and she readily opened her life to Jesus. She was dramatically saved! Then moments later, just before taking the Holy Communion, as a result of her opening her life to Jesus, demons surfaced from within her.


Here she receives Jesus Christ before a jammed-packed meeting hall and now the inner demons manifest from within her. We begin to battle them. These wicked Hindu spirits surface and yet they were defeated by the greater powers of Jesus Christ! They were cast out and were commanded into the abyss! She was set free by Jesus.


That’s New Testament power encounters –leading souls to Jesus and then casting demons out of them! Love it!


All night long, in Abbotsford, we conducted public exorcisms. Souls saw Jesus and His angels. Many miraculous signs and wonders take place and all of us we in awe of the superior powers of God.


We will be returning in January 2017 for a series of seminars and public meetings in Surrey, Abbotsford, Vancouver and New Westminster. We will posting more information and details in the days to come. Please pass the word out and we will believe in greater crowds and participation for the glory of God!


Continue to pray for me (picture of me in beautiful Vancouver). Pray over the picture and pray for sustained health and strength. I’m in awe of the supernatural health and strength God has given me to travel the world and to conduct these powerful seminars. I don’t think I have canceled any meetings this entire year due to poor health. In fact, my vocals feel pretty good (as some of you know I had MAJOR issues with my vocals in the past). I have been prudent and have taken time for proper rest. God has been very good to me.


Looking forward to sharing many more miracles we witnessed in British Columbia: including the miraculous healing of a pre-natal baby. Incredible Jesus miracles!

Miraculous Wonders of Jesus in Vancouver, British Columbia!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


God has been displaying His superior powers this entire week of ministry. He has overpowered His enemies and have caused evil spirits and soul invaders to flee. Hundreds of thousands of demons have been expelled in these series of seminars and have witnessed the salvation of souls, healing of the broken-hearted and curing many bodies of various ailments and afflictions.


Last night, in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, I proclaimed the WORD, led everyone in Holy Communion and ministered to those bound by the powers of Satan. Many were set free. Towards the end of the service, a young man, pictured with me above, with his parents, was standing up while we were breaking the generational curses from the father’s side when suddenly he had difficulty renouncing death and cancer.


He literally could not utter those two words –death and cancer! No doubt, the demonic spirits within him were restricting his vocal abilities and were attempting to stay within him. Pastor Ron and I in the power of the Holy Spirit, walked towards this young man, named Ryan, and confronted the demons.


The demons growled and tensed his body up. His body posturing spoke of desiring violence and aggression. The demons surfaced and spoke to me. They boasted how they brought death into his body including cancer. We have seen an incredible amount of cases on this mission that involved spirits of various forms of cancer. In every case, these demons were driven out and bodies were miraculously healed.


This global Jesus mission is preventing death! We are literally stopping cancer. We have the cure for cancer –JESUS! For He heals us of ALL of our diseases. I speak to those who have cancer within their bodies, right now, in the mighty and holy name of Jesus Christ, through the healing power of His atoning blood, I command the spirits of sickness and cancer to release you and to come out of you now! For Jesus heals you.


The demons in Ryan, were physical however God restrained the violence and the demons were driven out of him in the mighty name of Jesus. Not only were there spirits of death and cancer, there was also a strongman named Lucifer. That demon spirit was the orchestrating all of the attacks upon his life. He was forced out too in Jesus name and commanded into the abyss!


Ryan, was so happy and relieved afterwards. God stopped the cancer and healed his body. All praise to King Jesus! He came up to the front of the meeting hall and testified of feeling freed! Mind you, Ryan, had attended some of our seminars in the past but no manifestation whatsoever…until tonight. This is why encourage everyone to keep on attending our seminars as you never know when that which is in the darkness rises up and is exposed to the light of Jesus!


Not only was Ryan powerfully set free, many others. I just love being here in British Columbia (see my view from my balcony below –snow-capped mountains to the right, harbor to the left) as we are meeting new friends in each and every service and we will grow upon what has been established.

Victory in Vancouver: Battling Soul Invaders & Violent Demons in Teenagers!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Another extremely powerful seminar here in Vancouver, British Columbia. This report could easily run 40 paragraphs. There were that many supernatural events that took place. I’m trying to condense these reports so they are readable. HA!


The past few nights we have conducted meetings in Burnaby and Surrey but we are now focusing our attention to one of the most livable cities, according to many global studies, in the entire world –Vancouver. For many years we have witnessed some phenomenal signs and wonders here. Tonight, was no different.


At the very beginning of the meeting was supernaturally explosive. A young lady sitting in the middle of the hall manifested demons and a witchcraft-infested soul invader. The soul invader (a witch) was furious with me for exposing her to the light of Jesus. She exploded with rage, which led her to swiftly run away and exit the hall. The soul invader –a witch– had complete control over this woman’s body and was able to drive her from our seminar.


All night long….we battled soul invaders and the evil spirits attached to these invaders! Again, it’s astonishing to recognize the global spiritual problem that faces the Body of Christ when speaking of this issue. The fact is humans create soul ties and bonds, so, obviously, soul invasion is always a potential concern.


Those young ladies, pictured with me above, encountered the power of the Lord Jesus Christ too. In fact, a few of them, had soul invaders. They surfaced and spoke to me. These ex-boyfriends wept and and pleaded with me. One boyfriend, that surfaced, desperately wanted to stay as it was his first love.


All of these soul invaders were removed in the name of Jesus along with the many demons attached to them. These young ladies were so happy afterwards. One of them, to the far left, had never witnessed an exorcism before. She was stunned by what she witnessed. Because she witnessed the miraculous power –she opened her heart. When I began to pray over her, waves of tangible love fell upon her and she could feel supernatural joy. It was beautiful to see. Through that process, she was experiencing deliverance from demonic spirits too! Amazing Jesus!


The spiritual battles that took place, last night, were intense and aggressive. In fact, at times, very violent. At the very beginning of the meeting, one of these young teenagers, manifested very powerful demons. They threw her onto the ground, she convulsed and scurried, very quickly, across the meeting hall up against a wall in a frenzy. These demons went ballistic. They SCREAMED loudly as they were being confronted with a superior power –the power of God.


We were able to command the demons to release this young girl and able to speak to a 12 year old dissociative identity who was gripped and drenched with fear and terror. She was sent to Jesus and she received His love and comfort.


Others during the service encountered the RISEN Savior. Some of them heard Jesus sing to them, others could SEE Him! All night long, young people, received deliverance and a miraculous healing. I love it as many of our Vancouver seminars are filled with young people desiring to be set free from evil spirits. Many demons were expelled and many soul invaders removed.


Speaking of soul invaders –this has been a troubling spiritual phenomena that has deeply disturbed me on multiple levels as I have discovered most humans have these invaders within their bodies and minds. Most people have no clue to what extent of the influence these soul invaders have over people’s lives.


You might recall during our recent Surrey meeting, a young lady named Phoebe, who I led to Jesus recently, surfaced, from within her body and mind, a few soul vicious soul invaders. One was a “friend” of hers that has turned to witchcraft and Hinduism. She actually surfaced and confessed to having sent witchcraft curses and spells to Phoebe with the hopes of destroying her life as she was secretly jealous and envious of her.


That witch wanted to war against me, so I responded in the power of Jesus and commanded the witch to submit. The demons attached with this specific soul invader was hell-bent on destruction and kept on boasting how she had afflicted her with so much pain and hurt. So, I asked Phoebe’s two friends, who arrived to the meeting to support her, to help me fight the demons and the evil soul invader. They walked up and I placed the fire of God upon the palms of their hands –the fire of God fell upon them. The demons went berserk and were frightened of these young ladies.


The soul invader was baffled and mystified. As, no doubt, she never encountered anyone, before who had this kind of powers.


“What’s going on?” the witch asked me, as she attempted to rub off the fire of the Holy Spirit, “I can’t get this fire off of me. It’s burning me!”


The soul invader was now encountering a superior power and it puzzled her. In fact, she recognized she could stop the fire of God.


“Since I can’t get it off,” the witch sadly told me, “I’ll just chop her arm off!”


Her witchcraft couldn’t stop the powers of God. Jesus prevailed and was victorious. It was beautiful to witness.


In fact, these young ladies, who were helping me, had just come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, earlier, in the seminar, so, they were just little babies in Christ. Yet, they had the authority of Jesus upon them. They utilized their authority aganist the soul invader along with the demons attached to her. This Hindu invader and the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus!


Furthermore, Phoebe had a Muslim soul invader within her too! It was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who was very jealous and vindictive. She desired revenge thus her invasion and her persistent spiritual attacks via witchcraft upon Phoebe. This invader (and many demons attached) was also removed in the mighty name of Jesus!


Everyone was so happy afterwards! LOVE IT! Look below! We are seeing some phenomenal SMILES of JESUS JOY!

Spectacular Supernatural Surprises in Surrey!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We have begun our British Columbia miracle mission! Our first seminar was in the city of Burnaby where we witnessed a number of souls being freed from demonic spirits. However, tonight, was explosive, in the city of Surrey, where many were surprised by the spectacular supernaturalism that occurred!


I just absolutely love this picture above! Look at their beautiful smiles. These three nurses are great friends and all three encountered the power of Jesus Christ! It will be difficult to describe to you what transpired as some of the thrilling moments of the night were that incredible.


We were, once again, at the Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre, in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, where we held another dramatic seminar. I have been traveling to Surrey for many years and have been astonished to see so many phenomenal miracles take place there. Some incredible signs and wonders of Jesus –we have seen the crippled walk, the demonized set free and many lives transformed by God. We have tasted of the WORD; we have also tasted of the powers of the age to come. Consider what we encountered earlier tonight:

  • Tens of thousands of evil spirits cast out in the name of Jesus!
  • Many souls immediately being released from satanic oppression!
  • One woman was cured from 20+ years of physical pain –was miraculously healed of decades of pain!
  • Soul invaders –demonized witches– driven out!
  • Dissociative identities supernaturally healed and restored!
  • Ancestral dissociative identities sent to Jesus!
  • Those we ministered to were able to SEE the ascended Jesus!
  • Many incidents of angelic intervention and assistance!
  • Souls surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ and were rescued from their sins!
  • Other extraordinary miracles took place such as utilizing consecrated objects such as my cross to remove demonic spirits and ailments. 

That was only a sampling of what transpired earlier tonight here in British Columbia. I’m going to need to break these stunning miracles down to a series of reports for the sake of limited time and space to report. One of the marvelous aspects of the service occurred when I had the wonderful opportunity to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and both of these young ladies pictured with me above responded by giving their lives to Jesus Christ! They were saved by God.
What really me proud was that the young lady pictured with me above to the far right, sitting down, was also saved in one of our meetings, some weeks ago, in New Westminster, and powerfully set free from demons. Well, Phoebe, came back for more deliverance and healing. This new Christian, has such a beautiful open heart to the miraculous that is so refreshing to me. I love it!
Not only did Phoebe come but also two of her friends –all three are nurses. They thought they were simply coming to support Phoebe, they had no idea what would be taking place during the time of ministry. Both were saved! Then God used these new converts to assist me in battling demons that had surfaced within Phoebe, during the course of the seminar.
I actually brought these new converts (they had only been saved for an hour) up to the front of the hall and they were actually driving out demons in the name of Jesus! This is true New Testament discipleship –come to Christ then moments later be introduced to the ministry of exorcism. HA!
These young ladies were very effective in casting out demons –the demons screamed in agony and were groaning in defeat as they commanded the demons to release their friend. Now, during this dramatic exorcism many spiritual forces were surfacing –soul invaders and many aggressive demons. In my next update, I will report to you what transpired as it will shock you. Suffice to say, these powers were driven out and this woman experienced an amazing transformation.
She was miraculously healed of more then 20+ YEARS of constant physical pain and afflictions. Phoebe testified before all that Jesus had healed her and set her free. She even moved around some to test her new healing –everything worked and felt ZERO pain! Everyone, in the large meeting hall, was shocked and astonished. Jesus healed this woman and she was so happy afterwards —take a glance at that gorgeous JESUS smile.

Witch Boasted: I Can Fly!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been a hectic few weeks of intense traveling criss-crossing the North American continent. The past several days I have been conducting a series of seminars in Baltimore, Maryland. Those meetings were explosive and fruitful. I’m now in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the opposite side of the continent, about to conduct a series of extensive seminars and services, in multiple cities, with the hopes of reaching many for King Jesus. Be sure to join us starting tomorrow in Burnaby (Vancouver area).


While in Baltimore we witnessed incredible supernatural acts of God. We witnessed the superior powers of Jesus at work. We were able to taste of the powers of the age to come ( see Hebrews 6:5 and the new teaching below on this subject). We also observed that the enemy has some power too but nothing like our powers.


While ministering to a young lady who traveled in from Massachusetts we discovered not only did she have many demons within her but also many soul invaders including some witches and warlocks who were hell-bent on controlling and destroying this woman. They surfaced and boasted of their supernatural demonic powers as if their powers were somehow superior to ours in Christ.


“HA! I have many powers,” the demonized witch warned me, “ I CAN FLY! HA!”


She jerked her head backwards and laughed hysterically when she mentioned this spiritual capability she possessed. No mistake about it –witches do fly. What she is, probably, referring to, is the supernatural ability to soul travel. Perhaps she was also boasting of the ability to translocate in the body. Irregardless she was boasting of these abilities in an attempt to impress me. She picked the wrong person to try to impress.


I have seen the DEAD RAISED BACK TO LIFE! Multitudes, in our meetings, have SEEN the RISEN JESUS! I have witnessed tens of thousands of demons being expelled from bodies and minds! I have SEEN multitudes being cured of various diseases and infirmities. I have watched the lame walk! I have seen blind eyes opened, the mute speak, the defeat hear! Moreover, I have seen objects and animal parts removed out of human bodies. I have seen holy angels pick people off the ground and pin them to a building, levitating off the ground and so many more extraordinary feats of Jesus!


Moreover, I have seen Jesus forgive sin, grant eternal life, bestow joy, peace and love to hopeless people. I’m not, at all, impressed when a witch boasts they can fly—compared to what I have seen– it’s nothing. Jesus IS superior. He is God.


However, the witch did battle me. I calmly told it –this soul invader– to leave. It resisted and said: “NO! I’m not leaving!”


I didn’t get nervous or doubted the power of God. I just simply understood I needed to battle some more with this demonized soul invader who gained access to this woman years ago when she participated in witchcraft and sorcery. So, I placed some anointing oil on my hand and felt the fire of God and placed it on the witch’s hand.


She SCREAMED in AGONY! The Holy Spirit fire that was placed on her hand was clearly having an affect. She didn’t know what to do. She tried to shake it off and tried to wipe it off. I laughed and told the witch it wasn’t coming off. She was shocked and confessed the powers of Christ were in fact superior! HA!


She departed along with the many demons inside this woman! She was powerfully set free! Another woman freed from dark powers was the young lady pictured with me above. She came to our second seminar and she manifested some powerful demonic spirits. They screamed so loudly, I thought for sure we would be removed from the conference hall by the hotel staff. Thankfully, God protected us.


Many demons surfaced and aggressively battled me. I fought back in Jesus name! They froze her body and tried to hinder her from coming to the front. I called upon the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and helped me move this young lady’s body to the front. Demons rose up within her and spoke to me.


“It’s me…JEZEBEL!” the demon power revealed to me, “I keep her bound in sickness and pain! I hinder her and hold her spiritual gifts!”


I discovered that this young lady had been in physical pain for years –the pains were all over her body. It was as a result of this indwelling evil spirit named Jezebel. We discovered that Jezebel had entered her generational bloodline and was causing havoc from one generation to the next. Fortunately, we were able to intervene and drive these demons out of this woman and she was freed and miraculously healed of all physical pain! She testified of feeling no more pain! 


Furthermore, we located some little heart parts within her –little girls that were hurt and in deep pain. We were able to send them to Jesus and they were comforted and healed by God. She had no idea that within her were little children. Most people don’t have any clue about these other realities within their lives. I am grateful to God we were able to intervene and this young disciple of Jesus was miraculously healed by the Savior!

Spectacular Victory in Baltimore!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We were extremely blessed to be a part of another spectacular service where we witnessed Jesus prevailing over the powers of darkness. Moreover, we were honored, to encounter the strong tangible presence of God in our midst. He was present in His power and love.


Many evil spirits were driven out, hearts healed, soul invaders removed and ailments cured. Moreover, a new church was birthed here in Baltimore as a result of these meetings. Pastor Simone, originally from Guyana, South America, whom I was honored to ordain into the ministry, some years ago, will lead the new mission. We are really excited about this new Jesus mission.


Tonight, as souls assembled, I preached the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion. Afterwards, we ministered and souls encountered the deliverance and healing power of Jesus. Moreover, the Holy Spirit began to work in our midst in some mysterious ways.


In fact, towards the end of the service, my precious sister, Felicia (to the right), began to prophesy and the Lord Jesus took complete control of this woman and the Holy Spirit began to encourage the crowd and speak to many lives. Many were weeping as a result and were deeply moved.


Felicia’s spiritual gifts were released as a result of her deliverance a few nights ago and she was, now, utilizing them. Mind you, this young woman was just powerfully set free from demons 2 nights ago. She was wanting to jump off a bridge just days ago, now being fully released to serve Jesus Christ and to lead all of us in worship. It was incredible to witness.


Speaking of worship, Hazel (to the left), was dramatically set free last night and tonight experienced more freedom which allowed her to freely lead us in worship. Hazel’s public deliverance was stunning to watch. However, allow me to share what transpired last night.


Hazel is exorcised from many demons. She goes home and an evil spirit manifests in her home as a giant. She gets up this morning determined to attend our service. The Holy Spirit leads me to her, during the service, and this giant surfaces from within her and speaks to me.


“I’m the one who appeared to her,” the spirits reveal to me, “There is strife in the home so I am able to invade and appear!”


Because the demons have the spiritual right, they invaded and appeared to Hazel. Fortunately, Hazel, is a fighter and was determined to obtain freedom in Jesus name! Just a few hours ago, this spiritual force –the giant– surfaced and was expelled out of her. Also cast out of her were spirits of sabotage. They had entered her due to some jealous individuals in her life that had been sending her word curses. Furthermore, these word curses brought forth trauma to her heart. Her heart had been broken due to these word curses and I prayed for her crushed heart to be supernaturally healed by Jesus.


Suddenly, as her heart was being restored, two soul invaders surfaced. These invaders were some individuals within her church that had cursed her. These two individuals were within her hoping to control her as they were very jealous of her, of her gifting. I spoke to these soul invaders and removed them in the name of Jesus. They left and Hazel experienced a beautiful healing and restoration.


As a result of her continued freedom, she was able to lead all over us in worship and the tangible presence of God fell upon us and all of us were deeply touched by the love of the Father! The meeting hall was filled with praise to King Jesus!


Both Hazel and Felicia spoke of God’s mercy, love and power in their lives and their appreciation for this gospel mission. We are seeing so many lives transformed and changed.

War in Baltimore: Screaming, Contortions, Violence & Jesus Freedom!

January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Baltimore is one of my favorite cities to minister deliverance and healing in. Such liberty to minister in our seminars here –no unbelief, doubt or lack of faith. People believe and powerful miracles take place here all the time! Love it! It’s so refreshing to always visit my friends here in Baltimore.


Our meeting hall was jammed packed this evening and many individuals and families traveled in from Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York and throughout Maryland to receive healing and freedom. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and many miracles, signs and wonders took place.

  • Multitude of demonic spirits were expelled in the name of Jesus
  • Many broken heart parts were miraculously healed and experienced the risen Jesus
  • Many soul invaders were removed in the name of Jesus
  • Many physical ailments and torments were cured by Jesus
  • God’s holy angels, all night long, greatly assisted me and ministered to those held in captivity
  • Many disciples were equipped on how to cast out demons and heal broken hearts
  • Many other extraordinary miracles took place in our midst
  • Demonic violence and aggression was restrained as Jesus power prevailed

Even during our mass deliverance prayers –souls were being instantly freed by Jesus! Demons were coming out of many bodies and minds, all night long. Moreover, precious people were experiencing the presence of God. In fact, one Korean lady mentioned that she could SEE holy fire all around me, all night long. I felt the fire of God all night long as we battled demons and soul invaders.
It was WAR in Baltimore! Demons viciously fought me however they lost to the superior powers of Jesus Christ! Take for example, this precious woman, pictured with me above, the demons SCREAMED loudly and twisted her body as they surfaced from within her. I commanded the demons to move upfront to the meeting hall but they resisted the commands. They tried to freeze her body, in the back of the hall. So I called forth the holy angels of God and they gradually moved her to the front of the hall so I could minister to her.
All night long the holy angels assisted me and intervened on my behalf in the various battles we were in the midst of. This precious woman had evil spirits of death, torment and fear. They had been holding her in captivity for a very long time. They held onto her gifts, her dreams and her destiny. The demons even boasted how he had been giving her nightmares.
“We appear in her dreams as ants and we give her dreams of her hair falling out of her head,” the tormenting spirits revealed, “We do this to torment her and it works!”
These vicious demons were desirous of destroying this woman however God brought her (and some friends of hers) to our seminar so that they could experience freedom and healing. Many of them were miraculously freed from evil spirits tonight.
We also encountered a little heart part within her who was only 5 years old. The little one was filled with fear. She poured out her broken heart to me.
“I watched scary movies and I became very scared,” the little 5 year old revealed to me, “I’m so scared!”
I guided this fearful heart part to Jesus and suddenly Jesus appeared and this little one was instantly healed of fear and torment. Along with the little inner children within her we also encountered a soul invader within this young woman –her mother!
“I want to stay within her because I feel such comfort from her,” her mother told me, “I feel like to need to be within her to control her!”
Obviously, I didn’t allow her mother to stay and sent her out in the name of Jesus Christ! This woman, within minutes, was miraculously healed of dissociation, soul invasion and all of these wicked spirits within her body and mind that brought such torment and fear were cast out in the mighty name of Jesus! She was so happy afterwards. Look at her smile above!
ALL NIGHT LONG BEAUTIFUL SMILES AS SOULS ENCOUNTERED JESUS FREEDOM! Life is good my friends here in very cold Baltimore tonight!