All for Jesus in 2012: 6 Months of Travel & 340 Meetings

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

After a few days at home from that last global mission, I got back on another flight, this time, however, with my family. We are currently in Florida resting and celebrating the Christmas Season with each other. In December alone there is family birthdays, our wedding anniversary, etc. As I look back at 2012 I am deeply honored and humbled by the miracles I have witnessed this year.

What a great honor it has been to serve our King in 2012. It’s all been for Jesus. He has saved me with His sacrificial blood, the least I could do is serve Him with everything. This has come at a cost as this year I was tested in a variety of ways –was physically assaulted, kicked, spat upon, punched, mocked, slandered, threatened (my kids and wife were threatened also) with death numerous times, and experienced horrific demonic attacks. Jesus sustained me and I prevailed with Him to see wonderful miracles:


  • Traveled throughout North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe –-conducting more then 340 meetings where the gospel was preached, the sick were healed, the demonized set free, and broken hearts healed. 
  • I spent 6 months of 2012 on the road away from my family, traveling to many various locations, crisscrossing multiple continents, throughout the globe, to reach SOULS for Jesus. 
  • Preached the gospel to tens of thousands of live audiences in various kinds of meetings throughout the world resulting in many souls turning to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior! This is the greatest miracle to witness.
  • More then 2,000 souls experienced deliverance from demons and supernatural healing in our more then 300 meetings we conducted. Millions of evil spirits were driven out of bodies and souls in Jesus name!
  • Various media outlets reached out to us thus allowing us to reach potentially millions of souls for Jesus!
  • Conducted dozens of LIVE radio presentations allowing us to reach tens of thousands with the gospel.
  • Thousands read our many volumes and passed the books on to others to reach many others thus equipping thousands.
  • Trained thousands on how to minister specifically in the areas of healing and deliverance. 
  • Responded to thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls with prayer, instruction, and ministry.
  • Administered the holy sacraments to thousands.
  • Experienced extraordinary miracles such as ministering holy angels, calling fire down from heaven, and other Holy Spirit empowered acts.
  • Many thousands viewed our many exorcism videos on our YouTube channel.

I marvel and sit here in awe of the power and love of the Lord Jesus! As I recall the miraculous wonders of 2012 I remember:


  • Preaching the gospel to more then 10,000 souls in Times Square, New York City. 
  • Watching a completely insane man in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, completely delivered from spirits of madness. Afterwards, preached to many hundreds in open air meetings throughout the capital. 
  • Seeing more then 700 souls delivered from evil spirits in a large meeting in India while leading the audience in generational curse breaking. 
  • Witnessing the power of God during a late night deliverance meeting in Europe. Nobody wanted to leave even after many hours of ministry. 
  • Being terribly attacked by hordes of demons in Melbourne, Australia the very first day I was to lead a deliverance meeting. I was out of commission with some strange illness. A few days later completely restored by God and witnessed many delivered from demonic powers. Extraordinary power of the Spirit of God.
  • Seeing precious souls healed of blindness in North America and Australia.
  • Proclaiming the good news of Jesus in open air meetings in the Caribbean and souls pleading for me to pray with them to receive Jesus as Savior! LOVE IT!
  • Seeing a precious lady healed of more then 10,000 broken pieces of her heart in Sydney, Australia.
  • Driving out millions of evil spirits out of a lady, in a meeting in Miami, formerly involved in Santeria.
  • Seeing souls arrive more then 10 hours into a public meeting wanting deliverance. That really touched my heart!
  • Seeing souls crammed into small meeting areas so that they might receive deliverance from demonic spirits.
  • Seeing more and more souls attend out small public meetings to receive ministry and to get trained. There is a immense need to train the Body of Christ!

I could sit here and go on and on making Jesus famous for everything was accomplished by His power alone! Never forget that. Apart from Him I can do nothing! May I just be an example to you, my friend, that God can use as an instrument to reach souls for His Kingdom!

There were some negatives in 2012. God knows. I have resolved to move onward by God’s grace and power for greater works to take place in 2013!

Thank YOU for helping me. There are some very special friends of the mission (they know who they are) –dear brothers and sisters– who make this all a reality. Your contributions allowed for the gospel to go forth in all of the world! The fruit in the here and now is astounding and for all of eternity we will enjoy the fruit of the gospel labor!

My friends, continue to assist us as though we are a small operation we are needing to move forwards not backwards for the sake of the gospel. Appreciate your love, prayers and support in 2013.

I send our love and Christmas greetings!

Jay Bartlett

PS–our ministry schedule is getting finalized for January 2013. Make sure you check back often. Hope to see everyone soon!

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