Freed Souls in London

With great joy of the Holy Spirit, within my heart, I announce to you our mission to the United Kingdom was a success to the glory of God!

Thank you precious saints for interceding, for believing, and for supporting this trip to London to carry forth the works of the Kingdom of God.

Our hosts, the Living Word Fellowship, in London, were gracious in extending their love and financial support for this much needed ministry in Western Europe. As a apostolic overseer of the church I commend them in their faith.

We held five public meetings (my friend pastor John Crable spoke on Thursday night) at the church whereby we preached the Word and drove out thousands of evil spirits.

On the first night, after partaking of the Holy Communion~the body and blood of the Lord~ we made a public spectacle of the enemy as we brought forth a young lady, up the front of the church, who had extreme difficulty partaking of the sacred elements, but did so to my surprise as she had not been able to do so up to that point. God is gracious.

We began to publicly battle a number of satanic spirits within this dear lady. As her eyes began to roll back behind her head we forced the demons to the surface in the Name of Jesus.

“I’m Death,” the spirit revealed.

The Death spirits tried to physically hinder but we called upon the holy angels of the Lord and they quickly assisted us in ensuring her arms were restrained in Jesus name.

I urged the church to stand up and fight alongside pastor John and I as we drove out Death and host of other spirits from this woman.

Then God gave a word of knowledge to brother John, giving us some more names of demons and these demons were also driven out!

I’m pleased to report that this local body of believers were strong and not afraid, they commanded the demons to leave and the demons did leave in Jesus holy name.

Prior to the Saturday morning session I stood outside the meeting hall and prayed with people as they walked by. I even had the wonderful opportunity to lead a young man from Nepal, Ashir, to the Lord Jesus Christ. As he was being captured by the love of Christ he exclaimed, “I feel really good, this is what freedom must feel like.” God was graciously saving and delivering this young man on the side of the public street for all to witness!

On Saturday morning, pastor John and I held a training session that was videotaped (the church plans to place portions of the public exorcisms, the teaching sessions, and the preaching on British television). We spoke on the spiritual weapons God has so graciously bestowed upon us as His children. The people of God were equipped with weapons that they can now use against the devil and his demons. The teaching was very well received and afterwards we were involved in a exorcism in the stairwell with several ladies with Hindu backgrounds. God then gave me a word of knowledge about their grandfather being a focal point for these Hindu spirits and this was confirmed by the ladies and on Sunday morning we had the opportunity to minister to them extensively.

On Saturday afternoon, John and I spent a good portion of the time after the training session meeting with hurting individuals, children, and families. The very first lady I ministered to was delivered of hundreds of evil spirits. We also ministered to a little boy who was being afflicted and we trust the Lord for his healing. Several of the ladies seeking deliverance mentioned their concerns of being sexually assaulted by evil spirits. In Jesus name, we prayed and believed! What was beautiful about these sessions was that all of these sessions were not private per se but rather public as we ministered in a large room right off the main hotel lobby where we were meeting people. So I’m sure non-believers of all sorts heard and perhaps even watched from a distance the deliverances that were taking place.

Then later on we held another meeting where we performed mass deliverance, with loud cries and convulsions evil spirits, pains, and afflictions came out of many. During the public deliverance, I noticed a flying spirit enter a man’s stomach, this man from Sweden was brought to the front and I inquired about this and he said, “Yes, I feel pain in this area.”

The Lord revealed to me it was a spirit of “Appetite for Lust.”

I called the demon up and he manifested for all to see. He laughed and laughed as he boasted of binding this man with various lusts.

“We are five thousand,” the demon revealed.

“The body of Jesus Christ binds all 5000 of you together as one and command you all to leave in Jesus name,” I instructed the spirits.

All 5000 left in Jesus name to the pit!

On this night I was told the loud cries of the thousands of demons that were being told to leave people could be heard outside on the city street! The power of Jesus was being broadcasted for all to hear! The demonic realms were shaken on this night as the Kingdom of God was forcefully moving forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Later on, back on my hotel room, I was personally comforted by my guardian holy angel. I truly felt comforted (and I might add strengthened) by the angel as he put his arm around me. He literally put his arm around me. Praise God for His Holy Angels who are “ministering spirits,” (see Hebrews 1).

A couple visited me after the public sessions for more ministry and prayer. Instead of sharing using my own words I’d like to share the report from my dear brother concerning his wife. Read and rejoice in the goodness of God:

“As some of you know, my wife Nataley is receiving ongoing deliverance and has been for a number of years. Over the last weekend Jay Bartlett was in London and undertook some ministry with Nataley. Over 700 were cast out in the name of Jesus over the weekend but this is the story of the deliverance from two Psycho demons.

Nataley has been suffering with Schizo Affective disorder since the birth of our first child. This caused her to have Schizophrenic hallucinations and seriously bad psychotic episodes which resulted in medications being prescribed and social service intervention which almost resulted in our children being taken away. They were put on the Child Protection register tho.

When the demons came to attention, Nataley saw one of the hallucinations, George standing next to Jay. Through conversation allowed by Jesus to gain information it was established that George was a demon but within the demon was an ancestral part from Nataley’s grand father who was a doctor and had come to Nataley to torment her.

Nataley saw angels come and on command escort the ancestral part out of the hotel room as it had no rights to Nataley and no right to be there.

This then left just the demons to deal with. George the hallucination was burned with the fire from heaven and then dragged out of the room by its neck by one of God’s Holy Angels, never to be seen again.

The demons within Nataley confessed that there purpose for being there was to make Nataley mad and to get the children taken away. These demons suffered the full wrath of God as the fire from heaven burned straight through them before being sent to the pit.

In my authority as head of the wife, I then laid my hands on Nataley’s head and prayed for Nataley to receive a sound mind. As my hands laid there I could feel movement within the skull as if the brain was moving back together as God restored her.

Praise God. Nataley has no more mental illness of this kind tearing her life apart and she has a sound mind and continues to praise God for this.

This though is ongoing as one of Nataleys parts has demons of depression to be dealt with. please pray for us as we continue to claim the victory in Jesus over these demons and establish Nataley’s freedom in Christ.”

What a wonderful report! I might also add we also dealt with a spirit named, “Abortion.” He boasted of having killed thousands of babies, through the centuries, by attaching himself to the morning after pill. He was driven out Jesus name.

On Sunday morning, we held another service and this time the enemy infiltrated the meeting. I was notified of a infiltrator after the service by a dissociative identity by the name of Charlie who loves Jesus and His blood. He is such a good helper! Charlie revealed that there was a woman there who was operating in unbelief and thereby placing spiritual walls to hinder. I have to be honest I felt some hindrance in my preaching and even a hindrance to minister deliverance but it was short lived as God granted liberty towards the end of the service and we were honored to minister to those 3 precious sisters from India with Hindu grandparents. I had asked the ladies to renounce the ancestral curses of idolatry, Hinduism, and demonism. As they did so Hindu spirits manifested and with shrieks and loud cries, the demonic spirits departed in Jesus name.

Later Sunday afternoon my dear friends took me a brief tour of Buckingham Palace, the River Themes, Big Ben Tower, the Parliament, and 10 Downing Street. I have made a handful trips to the UK but have never made a trip to see these significant national monuments. I just never had the time.

Then late Sunday night after the mission was completed I was approached by a number of demons in my hotel room. They came to assault me as they were furious in the ministry that had taken place over the weekend. For hours I battled them, I slept, perhaps, a few hours on this terrible night. I tossed and turned and could hear the demons outside my room. I then began to get really sick. In the morning I allowed for a time of Holy Communion and the intense physical attacks and spiritual attacks broke over me as I consumed the body and blood of Jesus! I am now at home resting and recuperating.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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