Victory in Orlando, Resistance was Present!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I recently returned from a ministry trip to Central Florida and God was gracious to many souls.

Prior to my journey to Orlando my wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to minister to a young woman bound by Satan. In the name of Jesus we expelled many evil spirits out of her. In Orlando, I held three meetings, two private meetings and one public meeting. Prior to traveling over to Florida I was informed by a number of demons that they desired to murder me the day before I was to leave. They failed obviously as our God is a Mighty One, more powerful then any demon power. Jesus conquers over all.

My entire time in Florida was filled with ministry, within minutes of me arriving I began to meet with hurting people. From the moment I arrived to the very last moments before I left I was ministering to the bound in Jesus name. I spent perhaps a total of 6 hours sleeping during my time in Orlando. God was giving me strength though and I praise Him.

In my first private session I met with a small group of people who needed prayer. This group had traveled many hundreds of miles to be a part of this mission. A young lady was present needing liberation. After partaking of the Holy Communion (which by the way, they had not participated in for some time) by the power of Jesus I confronted the evil demons binding her.

“We will KILL you Jay!” the demons forcefully told me as I confronted them. They acknowledged, though, they were weakened by her consumption of the body and blood of Jesus.

I reminded the demons that nobody was going to be killed.

“My name is Devin,” the demon speaking out of her mouth informed me.

“Do you have any rights to her?”

“The generational curse of her ancestors who participated in various sexual sins which they did not repent of,” the demons told me.

I brought Lisa (I changed the name to protect the lady’s identity) back up from this demonized trance and led her in a prayer of renunciation. I knew then that this spirit was doomed. He spewed out more hatred for me and for the precious holy Savior. He blasphemed, cursed, and continued his murderous threats against me.

Knowing they needed to think of a way to stall and hinder the exorcism, they used a young man that was present in the room to disrupt.

“You are a fraud” he told me. He continued on, You have no right to cast out demons. By what power do you do this?

I gently turned to the pages of Holy Scripture to remind him that we DO have power over the enemy in Christ. He didn’t want to hear anything of it though.

As a good Southern Baptist minister’s son he exclaimed, “It was the early apostles who had the authority, we cannot be attacked by demons if we are saved by Jesus.”

(Note: The Southern Baptist Church largely rejects the believer’s authority to cast out demons and heal the sick, however, there are fine Baptist Churches that do perform the works of the Kingdom. I know as I have ministered in many Baptist Churches over the years where demons were exorcised. I even graduated from a Southern Baptist theological school and have lectured on the topic in some colleges, even though I am not a Baptist)

Again I turned to Scripture to show him examples of believers of all sorts driving out demons and showed him that even the apostles came under resistance and attack by the enemy. Again, he didn’t want to hear anything of it.

“I’m not a Bible scholar,” he told me, “but I know this: you can’t be doing this, so says the Word of God.” At this time he was getting visibly upset with the fact that I kept turning to God’s Word to prove that I can cast out demons.

It’s interesting that I refer to Scripture but you have yet to quote one word of the Bible that would prohibit me from driving out demons.

The others in the room nodded in agreement.

Well, I don’t have a Bible to turn to, so, I handed him mine.

He simply placed it down and said he doesn’t know the Scriptural references like I do to turn to.


We asked him to leave the room as it was obvious he was simply being used of the devil to hinder a young woman’s deliverance.

It grieved my heart deeply to see a “believer” hinder the work of the Holy Spirit.

Upon leaving the room he said, “I hope you are a true believer,” then marched out.

The demons within the lady mocked him and laughed at him as they shared with me he was in persistent sin and controlled by unbelief.

My friends, I was reminded again by the precious Lord

-unbelief will hinder the miracle working power of the Spirit of God.

-in every move of God the enemy will raise up a Judas like individual to betray, to divide, to hinder the work of the Kingdom.

In many of our meetings we see this occurring, where in the midst of a small or large group, false brethren, enemies of the cross, and demonized saints seeking to mock will be present. Even among the closest disciples of the Lord there was a Judas who the Scripture tells us was indwelt with the devil himself. The enemies of the cross seek to hinder. We must be on guard at all times, especially those of you who work in this area of ministry. The enemy desires to stop any church, any believer, any minister that seeks to drive out demons. Obviously the devil doesn’t want to see his fellow evil angels cast to the pit so he will do everything within his power to hinder. We must always be aware and wise.

I harbor no ill will towards this young man. I love him and look forward to praying with him at some point.

After the young man left the room I drove out the evil spirits from the woman. Her face shone with relief and release.

We continued on with the exorcism.

Another more powerful spirit surfaced and pushed the young woman from the sofa, she was sitting on next to her mother.

The demons continued on with the rant of wanting to kill me.

I called forth the holy angels of God who are ministering spirits sent to serve us. Within seconds they arrived and they assisted me in picking her up from the floor and placing her where I commanded the holy angels to place her without me assisting in any manner. I simply watched the angels pick the young lady up and ensured her arms were restrained to keep the demons from using her to harm someone in the room. I even had at one point had the mighty angels ensure the demons drank some holy water that we utilized to weaken their power. They hated with a passion the blessed water. It weakened them considerably.

The satanic spirits shared how they were enslaving a precious dissociative identity and informed me he would not release this part. In the name of Jesus the part was released and was so thankful and shared how much they loved the blood of Jesus. We prayed that this precious part would be comforted and touched by the love of Jesus.

After some battles with these spirits they were also driven out in Jesus name!

Then minutes later I welcomed the group of families and individuals who had traveled, in some cases many miles, to attend our public meeting. Our little meeting room was packed. Every seat was taken. After partaking of the Holy Communion, I led everyone in mass deliverance. I was alittle surprised that this group was much stronger spiritually then many groups I minister to. For several hours we ministered in the authority of Jesus Christ and drove out demons and healed those with pains and afflictions.

-One young lady from Africa who was present wasn’t even able to pray prior to coming to the service. Her parents had shared with everyone that they tried to lead her in prayers and she simply mumbled. On this night though she was able to freely pray as we told the demons to release her from being restricted in any manner.

-Another lady who had traveled from the northeast was attacked during the service with what seemed to me as spiritual chains around her neck. She was having a hard time breathing and feeling like she was being chocked. I confronted the demons head on and told them to stop and to release her. She was released from the pains and the chocking.

-One dear saint recalled a horrific memory of being held down as a little boy against his will and not being to raise himself up causing deep emotional trauma. This was displayed with raw emotion and we bagn to pray for healing and deep spiritual repair. The Lord released him of some minor spirits and was able to experience the touch of the Lord as he was released of some pain.

-Another lady was present who had been raped by sex spirits was freed.

We ministered to a few others and some of were delivered as they felt the demons exit their bodies.

I then had the wonderful opportunity to formally ordain a dear saint who had traveled to the meeting with his family from Maryland. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit he was released through prayer and fasting to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the meeting I perhaps slept for a few hours before being awakened by the most horrific headache, a migraine. It would not go away. Perhaps I was dehydrated but I think it was more spiritual then anything, I began to read God’s Word in Isaiah. Moments later the headache disappeared. Rested for alittle bit and then had another private session. In this session, I confronted a demon of murder who has deeply entrenched himself within a precious brother. For a couple hours he would not surface but I knew he was present as did this brother. I knew I would have to leave for the airport so I applied more pressure this time utilizing the elements of the Holy Communion–the precious body and blood of our Lord, the murder spirits hated the partaking the blood of Christ obviously and surfaced.

With claw like hands the demons growled, moaned, and other unearthly groans came from the mouth. He fell to the floor and withered and contorted. With deep compassion I continued on with the consumption of the sacred elements which the demons hated. The demons clearly told me their name was “murder.” We fought and fought and have the demons bound in Jesus name. Many minor spirits were expelled during this exorcism but the strongman remains as we literally ran out of time as I had to run to the airport to catch my flight back to Dallas. Please intercede for this saint. He will be partaking of Communion daily and he will be delivered. I fully expect this and will meet with again soon.

Submitted by Jay

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