In Belize where a little boy was healed of blindness!

od is so wonderful to bestow His miracle working power in our midst. Last night after walking more then 4 miles I arrived in the city to preach the gospel and along the way many were captured by the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, healed of various afflictions and delivered from demon powers. Moreover, a group of new converts desire for a church to be birthed here in Belize City!

Before sharing more details allow me to explain some strange things that have transpired prior to arriving to this beautiful small Caribbean Island-like Central American nation of Belize. A few nights ago, a dear friend of mine who publishes gospel tracts left some for me to pick up in a city outside of Dallas. I took the train, picked up the tracts, and headed back to the train station when suddenly God brought a young Latino man by name of Orlando, who was very receptive to the gospel and surrendered to Christ right there on the side of the road. What a beautiful victory for Jesus–the salvation of a precious soul! This is my heart–to see people drawn to Jesus and to experience His healing and delivering power! Satan then attacked me hours later. I experienced a horrible nightmare whereby Satan was reminding me of past sins and bringing general condemnation–it was terrible. I was seeing flashbacks of my past, then being put in a very eerie dark prison where grotesque creatures were following me, however, was able to escape and find a hiding place but knew I was being hunted down!

This nightmare stayed with me even while in transit to Belize. I couldn’t seem to get rid of it’s demonic effects. Then the loving Father began to speak to me at 2:07pm (the 7 is significant in a biblical sense).

“You are my son, you are loved, you WILL be my witness to the ends of the world.”

I was truly touched deep within my soul of these loving comforting words from our Father in Heaven, then the Holy Spirit began to interpret the dream that I was so troubled by.

“The enemy placed you in a prison of condemnation, you are being hunted down but you are free and hidden in Jesus!”

My friends, Satan is the accuser, he likes to bring condemnation but rejoice in that our living God has forgiven you (see Psalm 103) and set you free. Furthermore, those in the Son–are hidden in Christ–what a safe place to be present in! I was freed from the night terror!

As I mentioned while in Belize City I witnessed the power of God upon proclaiming the good news of the cross of Jesus on the streets and in the open air meetings. Some of the tremendous miracles I observed include:

~Seeing a young boy, perhaps 7 years of age, (just typing this brings tears of joy), was touched by the Savior. He was blind and being led by some of his little friends. I immediately laid my hands on his head, rebuked the spirit of blindness and then while I pulled out a gospel tract that had a “Toy Story” cover his face lit up! He could SEE the cover of the Toy Story characters and this brought him joy! Jesus healed him of this blindness!

~Witnessing a lady who had revealed she was suffering from serve pain, as a result of arthritis, was healed by Jesus! At first when I commanded the pain to go, it wouldn’t go! I remained persistent, a second time things didn’t get much better, so I continued to be persistent. On the third time of rebuking this affliction she was astonished! She couldn’t feel any more pain in her joints! God had healed her! She was then saved by the love of Jesus!

~Seeing a 61 old lady approach me while I was open air preaching and inquiring for deliverance. She even stated, “I have DEMONS in my body!” We sat by on a near by bench and she revealed that at the age of 12 an evil spirit had entered her body and had possessed her. This spirit then spoke to her soon thereafter and told her to “grab a machete and cut off your sister’s head.” For nearly– a half of a century– this dear woman had been tormented and no one came along to drive these tormenting spirits from her. My heart broke! I confronted these murderous spirits and before many bystanders, in the center of the city, I cast these demons out of her in the name of Jesus! The demons could be seen coming out! With tears in her eyes she testified of finally being relieved of the torment and demonic afflictions. Jesus had set her FREE! She even allowed me to videotape her testimony and she was so happy with tears in her eyes!

~Observing a number of Haitian young men (who came to Belize to look for a better life) gather around as I proclaimed the gospel in one of the impromptu meetings and see them surrender to Christ and renounce Haitian voodoo generational curses! It was truly beautiful to see!

~Witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit fall upon a dear Belize man who was then delivered from powerful demonic spirits that had been destroying his life and his family! This man had been addicted to alcohol and he couldn’t find a way to escape this satanic bondage. In fact, his family, had decided to kick him out of the house until he got cleaned up! Well, I am happy to report he has been cleaned up by Jesus–he was saved and delivered and he will be going back to his family!

Many souls have been won to Jesus Christ and more meetings are planned. Thank you for praying dear ones!

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