Delivering Souls in Belize!

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit manifested wonderful power to proclaim the gospel, to drive out demons, and to heal the infirm. Again, God gave me strength to walk many miles and along the way led many to Jesus Christ. By the time I reached the center of the city I had already led 12 souls in repentance. Upon arriving downtown I held a number of small open air meetings and the miracles were amazing!

Upon praying the prayer of salvation, a lady, among the group, was not only immediately saved by the holy blood of Jesus but also experienced instantaneous deliverance from demons! She shouted for all to hear, “I needed that, I needed that!” God had set her free! Another man who was present to hear the gospel was also saved and exclaimed, “I felt the demons leave out of my head,” he was astonished and joyful in this new found liberation from the powers of Satan!

(I know, often times, deliverance from evil spirits is a more of a process, as strongholds and evil spirits are confronted and expelled. I have assisted people through this process thousands of times. We have seen, though, in evangelistic gatherings in the Third World, precious souls are being delivered quickly as God is confirming His Word with signs and wonders so that unbelievers can witness His power over all other pagan powers)

I also ministered in front of the historic Anglican Church, in Belize City, by the harbor. A grandmother surrendered to the Messiah and she asked if I could pray over her little granddaughter who in the past 12 months had two close encounters with death. She believed a demon power was trying to kill her. We prayed over her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

As I was walking back to my motel room God directed me to a home where a number of little children were present, many of whom were sick. I led these precious little ones to Jesus and laid my hands upon their hands and prayed for their healing. The dear mother was there and she opened herĀ  life to the love of God! She was born again by the Holy Spirit. Then she revealed she had been sick for awhile with horrible migraines and liver disease. You could see she was in intense pain! I commanded the pains and the infirmities to leave her body and they immediately did!! She testified before her children that God had healed her! The pain disappeared! Praise be our amazing healing God!

One of her little boys then pleaded with me, after seeing her mother healed, to come into their home. So, I entered their home and the little boy led me to his grandfather, who was blind, with a cane in his hand. I asked the grandfather if he wanted to be healed. “Yes, I do.” So, I spent the following few minutes rebuking the blindness in the name of Jesus. He was able to see! But not clearly though but he was able to see where he wasn’t able to see before! Again, I commanded all the blinders to come off his eyes and again he testified he could see but again not clearly! I trust the Lord to complete the healing that has already begun in this dear man’s life!

(I have discovered long ago that healing is quite mysterious. Not all get healed and many do not receive their healing instantaneously however God does heal, sometimes through a process and sometimes through medical care. We are honored, though, to partake of these beautiful miracles! We believe nothing is impossible with God. Amen!)

The Spirit of the Living God led me later in the evening to a 38 year old man named George. While praying over him God spoke to me so very clearly. George had been called to the ministry and yet something was enslaving him–sexual sins–God was being gracious but he needed to repent! I asked him if these things were true. He bowed his head and said YES! He confessed that he had been involved in adulterous relationship. I led him to break the unholy sexual bond and recommitted his life in service to King Jesus. Also, he destroyed before my eyes a Jehovah Witness magazine that someone had just given to him. He said he was curious about the literature and was reading it but knew it was not of God! I believe George will be assisting us in the future in the gospel work here in Belize.

I had a wonderful time of ministry with the House of Refuge Church and experienced a personal prophecy, when the elders joined me in prayer, that confirmed some marvelous things that God was going to perform in the ministry in the coming years. Praise be to God!

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