Street Deliverance!

I am currently in Guatemala City and God has been pleased to work miraculous wonders in our midst as the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has gone forth. Just earlier this evening, a very troubled man in his 30’s, approached Evangelist Adolfo and I while we were ministering in one of our street meetings. It seemed like the demons were hovering over him and you could easily tell he was terribly tormented. So, even before praying over him, he fell to his knees in spiritual desperation, evil spirits began to surface within him and before many hundreds we commanded the demons to leave his body in Jesus name! They caused him to go into minor convulsions and were chocking him however God’s grace was extended to him and he was liberated from these dark forces. He then surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ! 

“I have never felt the presence of God like this before,” he shared with us, “I really feel good.”

It was thrilling to see a precious soul so touched by the gospel, to go down on his knees, in the middle of a public place, in desperation to find freedom. Jesus freed this dear brother and he will be joining the church! 

It was equally thrilling to hear God speak to my heart so clearly about a 11 year old boy that was in the midst of the crowd we were preaching to. I just KNEW he would be getting saved. He reminded me so much of my little boy, Ford, as he had this spiritual disposition that you could tell that was very open to the things of God. So, we ensured we were able to reach him. You could tell he was ready to receive Christ! Upon introducing ourselves to him, he exclaimed, “I want to pray for Jesus to enter my heart” with such innocence and purity. We must come to Jesus in such manner, like little children. I’m telling you my friends, children and young people, around the globe, are looking for authentic love found in Jesus Christ. It’s just our responsibility to proclaim this unfathomable love to the hurting masses. Unfortunately, the church, in many places are cold and young people are turned off. Our love must be passionate, real, and compassionate. This young man was captured by God’s love and it really touched my heart deeply as you can tell God the Holy Spirit is going to do a wonderful work in this young man’s life!

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