Animal & Santeria Spirits Driven Out in Jesus Name!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Your many prayers have been felt in this recent journey to set the captives free. I left Dallas yesterday and found myself only 30 minutes down the road before running into the midst of a hail storm with marble sized hail battering my car, I must have passed by a couple dozen cars who decided to wait the vicious storm out. The extremely poor visibility was such that I literally had to slow down to a snail’s pace. This was but another personal satanic battle I had to fight through to get to the place where the ministry would take place. The enemy has been determined to hinder me the past several days —death threats, strange phone calls in the middle of the night, travel hardships, and guarding myself from the enemies of the gospel– however I am happy to report, once again, Jesus WINS!

It’s about 4am here and I just finished ministering about an hour or so ago to a family who has been terribly terrorized by demonic forces. A sadistic group known as the “Sons of Satan” have been targeting this family for some time now with spiritual attacks and it has been difficult for them to sustain the demonic assaults. These believers like so many believers in our day do not have the support of any church. By God’s grace we were brought together and we were able to see this family overcome these horrible attacks. The Sons of Satan, some years back, had viciously assaulted the son by breaking into his apartment while he was attending Graduate School and as a result transferred a number of evil spirits within him. He had been targeted for some time by this cult with the hopes that as a result of the intimidation and assault that he would simply surrender to their wishes and join them in their criminal activity. He refused to bend to their evil desires. He paid the penalty but in the final say of things– he WINS with Jesus!

For many hours I encountered and drove out demons of —Lust, Fornication, Fantasy Lust, Witchcraft, Blasphemy, Santeria, Infirmity, Mind Control, Fear, Doubt, Lying, Pornography, Sexual Perversions, Satan, Masturbation, and other demonic spirits. Moreover, I encountered and expelled animal spirits named: chicken, rat, pig, lizard, lion, donkey, and goat. All of these satanic forces were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! There was this one particular spirit that gave me a very difficult time…it was a spirit that referred to itself by a family name. This family had placed a demonic curse upon his life, some years ago, as a result of his stand for Christ. This family who practices sorcery had targeted him as he refused the sexual advances of their daughter because he wanted to stay pure for Christ. So, in retaliation, the family sends spells and curses in an attempt to harm him, to teach him a lesson, to not mess with the family. Since, this young man had already opened some doors to demons within his life, he was easy to demonize. We led him in prayers of renunciation and God honored the prayers.

By God’s wonderful grace and mercy, he was able to fight these forces with his father present and, again, hundreds of thousands of these spirits were commanded to leave his body in Jesus name! They departed and went to the pit! He was also healed miraculously of various afflictions and from a broken heart! God is so good to us!

Furthermore, this young man whom the Holy Spirit had been dealing with him, about entering into the ministry of the gospel, for more then 5 years, he finally surrendered to the service of God during the deliverance session. This surrender to the obedient call of Jesus, pleased the Father in Heaven, as we need more workers!

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