Oppostion to the Gospel and Deliverance Ministry, Jesus Prevails!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 I am currently in London, UK and we have experienced some great opposition to the gospel, which does not surprise me, as most of Western Europe along with many Western nations are in spiritual decline and resistant to the gospel message. That’s probably a understatement as the resistance is spiritually charged with demonic powers. Though there has been resistance the good news of Jesus has been proclaimed to the masses through open air preaching —many hundreds are hearing the gospel— in spiritually dark Europe and this I rejoice in!

 When I arrived I was involved in a small prayer meeting where we participated in Holy Communion and fellowship. I was told by a good friend, who ministers within the Salvation Army and who hosts a radio program geared at reaching Europe, that it was now illegal to preach Christ in public without a “license” in the UK. The saints shared their concerns of the spiritual state of the UK and of the mass invasion of Islam in this once strong Christian land that produced great evangelists such as William Booth, John Wesley, and Smith Wigglesworth.

 Less then 12 hours later I found myself conducting “illegal activities” in North London in front of the largest Islamic Mosque in the region where I preached the gospel in a open air meeting. During the day I proclaimed the message of the cross at a number of preaching points throughout the city. Armed with my audio equipment and Scriptures, I held open air meetings (along with distributing gospel literature), despite the threat of being arrested and under the watchful eye of the London Metropolitan Police (at one point I was under their close surveillance but God granted me favor and they did not intervene, surprisingly).

In front of the Islamic Mosque, in a predominately Islamic area of the city, I preached with power, and many listened on with great interest –from the streets, from the nearby parks, from the bus stop, from the store fronts, from cars, from buses– the gospel was grabbing the interest of many. I was told that conducting an open air street meeting was very rare and was not something many had experienced. The Londoners listened on however the Muslim Turks were angry at the message that Jesus is alive!

 “Jesus is NOT alive, He is dead.”

 That was shouted at me with great aggression and hatred by many young Muslim Turks. Not only did they disagree with the the fact that Jesus has been raised from the dead but they were determined to drive me out from preaching the gospel. During my down times of the open air preaching, in which I engaged the lost in conversations about Jesus, a small group of Muslim Turks approached me with demonic fury and yelled and spouted out profanities about our precious Savior. They cursed the Lord out loud for all to hear. They were so angry at the gospel being proclaimed even on a one to one basis. The dear elderly British lady that I had engaged in conversation with at that moment, was shocked to hear such rage and I could easily tell she was unsettled by these young Turks rage. This opposition got her attention though! So not only were the local police watching me but the Muslims were also. They would drive by slowly and stare with hatred trying to convey the message that I better watch myself or else…

Most of the Western church is asleep as most churches are unaware of the spiritual invaders that have surround them. There are enemies of the cross that seek to dominate and destroy. The only counter offensive is the love and power of Jesus! Only Jesus can melt hearts and capture souls! This what occurred within this precious British lady by the name of Jean. She had grown up in the church, attending many liturgical services but confessed she did not know Jesus personally, had not experienced the personal grace, mercy, and love of God within her heart! So I shared God’s wonderful grace and peace and her heart melted. This very reserved British lady invited Jesus into her heart for the first time and peace was seen on her face! This my friends is why I proclaim the gospel in order for people like Jean to experience PEACE with God!

More open gospel meetings are scheduled for today and we are holding a very small public deliverance service tonight in a small local hotel room. Thank you for praying! I also ministered to a young lady and her husband who are terribly afflicted by demonic powers. As soon as the husband and I began to pray over her evil spirits manifested and literally caused her to leave the meeting area. We remain hopeful that God will give us another opportunity to minister to her as this lady has come so far in her walk with Jesus but these last remaining demons are being stubborn and we need your prayers for her! Prior to my arrival many of these demonic spirits threatened me with death hoping I would not travel to the UK to intervene in this lady’s life. They have failed. The power of Jesus is greater! I arrived safely and was able to minister in Jesus name!

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