Today in Zambia: Preached to 10,000 in 7 Meetings!

Dear Friends in Jesus the King!

It’s been a stunning display of God’s power today as 7 open air gospel meetings have been conducted with more then 10,000 reached with the gospel and to think I have another public meeting this evening is quite amazing –all praise to Jesus who sustains me– as I could NOT do this on my own strength –I can promise you that!

As like in my previous missions to Africa there is an openness here unlike anywhere I have seen throughout the world. This is a stark contrast to most Western nations which tend to be hostile to the faith. That is why you see the miracles as the people are HUNGRY AND THIRSTY FOR THE GOSPEL!

Allow me to share what just happened…while preaching in an open air setting where literally many thousands were gathered. I was BEGGED by the people to go to other areas to preach the WORD. I know most of us Westerners would think this is so bizarre to think that in a public place masses of people would beg to hear the gospel –this was the case here in Lusaka, Zambia. After each meeting I would be swarmed by masses of people BEGGING FOR PRAYER AND MINISTRY. Just this morning, within about thirty minutes I distributed more then 300-400 gospel tracts as the people were begging to know more about Jesus. I could have distributed more then 1000 within an hour but I ran out, thankfully I have more (perhaps 300-400 but that will be done with in about 30 minutes)! 

The streets are very dirty, the sewage was awful, and the pollution at some places unbearable but the ministry is precious and strong! The miracles have been numerous –so many have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ it’s been staggering! Dozens of people have been delivered from demon powers and healed of various afflictions! In fact, in one meeting under the shadow of a Islamic Mosque I preached in an open air setting and people everywhere –in shops, on the sidewalks, in buses, in taxis, in homes, from the Mosque came out to hear me preach the good news of Jesus. I literally felt the goosebumps and the chills up my spine as people earnestly stopped what they were doing and responded to the gospel. Amazingly, a devout Muslim man in his 60’s approached me while I preached (at first I thought he was going to attempt to disrupt the meeting) and just stood right by me and was quite attentive. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully that the Muslim responded in front of a thousand people by raising his hand to Jesus Christ when I called upon those to surrender to the worship of the one true God–the Lord Jesus–to raise their hands. THE MUSLIM MAN WAS THE FIRST TO DO SO AND THAT MADE MANY APPLAUSE! WOW! Allah is not alive and he does not possess the power of our Jesus!

Men, women, boys and girls prayed with me to surrender to Jesus! In marketplaces, on the street corner, everywhere people prayed with me to invite Jesus as Lord! This fires me up like nothing else–the POWER OF JESUS TO SAVE!

But of course the demons attempted to cause some disturbance –a man came up to me angrily and confronted me on the streets and called me a “demon.” I rebuke that in Jesus name!

Obviously, the enemy is furious with the gospel being proclaimed in such a open public fashion but Satan cannot stop the good news from going out —in fact, in about an hour or so I will be speaking at the Apostolic Bible Believers Assembly evangelistic crusade in Kaunda Square tonight where satanism, witchcraft, and the powers of sorcery are known to be active. They will witness the power of Jesus like they never seen before when they see us cast out demons in public in Jesus name! Joining me will be pastor Peter Mwansa, a man who oversees churches throughout Zambia.

This ministry is so unique in that we will not limit the work to large crusades like we are holding in Zambia but we will minister to smaller meetings like we did in Sweden recently…we are about reaching souls wherever they may be found for the sake of Jesus! Thank you for praying I really felt the move of the Holy Spirit where I just shook with joy and power! It’s quite amazing!

Pray TONIGHT as we confront the powers of devil worship with the conquering power of Jesus the King!

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