400 Souls at the Kaunda Square Crusade, 300 Saved by Jesus!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I just arrived back from our evening crusade in the Kaunda Square area (a place of filth, little outdoor lighting, and demonic oppression) of Zambia and we saw a tremendous harvest of souls that were brought into the Kingdom of Heaven! It was quite cold this evening and was shivering but my heart was truly warmed to see the response to the preaching of the gospel. We showed the “Jesus” film first and at the beginning there were perhaps 50 or 60 in attendance however by midway through the film more then 400+ souls had arrived and were captivated by the film. After the film had ended I was introduced by pastor Peter Mwansa, of the sponsoring church who hosted the evening gospel meeting. After the introduction I preached the gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit fire and more then 300 LOUDLY called upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. The church had prepared a number of counselors to provide some follow up for the new converts!

This area where we held this open air crusade is known for being a place of deep darkness and spiritual resistance. The gospel was such a powerful force (the film and the preaching) that Satan had no chance! The power of God had manifested itself with great power to where the powers of demons were disarmed by the Blood-Stained Cross of Jesus Christ! It reminded me of my own personal deliverance when I was confronted with the powerful message of the gospel nearly a quarter of a century ago and by simply responding by faith in Jesus –I was immediately liberated from years of torment (I understand that for many deliverance is an issue that needs to be worked on in the subsequent years after conversion however there are times God works in this mysterious way to deliver completely those previously in great bondage at conversion). 

Jesus did it all! Though my vocal cords were torn up from the preaching earlier in the day –God healed me and provided me the strength to preach. I’m so thankful for Jesus aren’t YOU?

More meetings tomorrow! Thank you for praying!

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