Fire of God Descended on 8,000 in One Open Air Meeting!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus!

This afternoon at the New Soweto Market Square in Lusaka I ascended upon some wooden pallets in the middle of the market square where more then 8,000 people had assembled and preached Jesus! With my dear pastor friend Peter Mwansa and a few other pastors we conducted a spiritual special forces mission –to capture New Soweto with the overcoming power of the cross of Jesus Christ! 

I cannot begin to tell you of the electricity that could literally be felt with the enthusiastic crowd that had assembled, the thousands that received us and applauded the preaching of the good news of Jesus! They had stopped what they were doing and listened as we brought God’s Word! I recall earlier this year being in London conducting open air preaching missions and being verbally assaulted with the most vile disgusting things a man could possible say. In Times Square, New York City I was stopped by the police for open air preaching. In Zambia —Jesus is welcomed and as a result thousands could be heard calling upon Jesus as Lord in this one meeting we held this afternoon. What a incredible contrast! Speaks volumes!

Earlier in the day we obtained some high powered audio equipment so we could reach more with the gospel as the little audio equipment I had brought was not simply getting the job done –to reach the masses so this high powered equipment allowed us to reach many more thousands and they could hear us as as far as one could see in the open field! 

The shouts to Jesus, in the many thousands, was something every believer needs to witness in an open air environment. It inspiring trust me on that! 

We held two more open air gospel meetings with about 300 and 500 people assembled respectively. Many more surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior! The people are hungry and were receptive to the ministry of the Word!

Due to the fact of the impact of the gospel ministry many pastors are now joining together unified believing to hold a massive crusade in the tens of thousands in October! Pray that this become fulfilled in Jesus name!

As a result of the masses of people coming to Jesus Christ, I have decided to shorten my trip to South Africa but the rest of the journey remains on schedule. I look forward to tract distribution in the United Arab Emirates and the small group deliverance meetings planned in China and Australia (in Sydney and in Melbourne–for more information on these meetings please email). 

Tonight continue to pray as I will be preaching in another open air crusade meeting! 

God’s blessings to you my partners in fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION –to go into all of the world and preach the gospel!

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