Tonight’s Crusade: Beyond My Wildest Imagination!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This Zambia mission has quickly become one of the most powerful ministry events we have conducted. I have held some equally powerful gospel meetings in Western Africa and the Caribbean in the past but the sheer number of people who are being saved is astounding! In every meeting we are seeing many hundreds come to Jesus Christ for salvation and earlier this afternoon we saw thousands call upon Jesus as Lord! The crusade tonight was beyond my wildest imagination!

After our day meetings I came to the hotel for perhaps an hour or so and was back on the road to the next meeting –Kaunda Square, Lusaka. The masses of people could be seen gathered upon turning onto the road that leads to the square. It was dusty–yes, it was dirty–yes, it was very dark–yes but God was there! That’s all that mattered anyway, I simply showed up to be an instrument in HIS hands! 

The numbers of people simply increased from last night! More then 2,000 jammed packed in this small town square area. The numbers of young people and children were staggering. In situations I like these it’s hard to gauge and you rely on the dear pastors to give you an idea but I would estimate 60% were teenagers and children who were present on this night’s meeting! I truly believe if I continued on with these meetings into next week we could easily have more then 10,000 people here nightly. It reminds me of my first trip to Haiti where we drew more then 2,000 the first night, 4,000 the second night and more then 5,000-6,000 the third night. The Haitian pastors begged me to stay as they truly felt more then 10,000 would be assembled in the days ahead. However, I do have a family and other ministry obligations. Same here. I’ll be back by God’s grace!

After the watching of the film I stood in the middle of the town square and preached the gospel! It was dark with very little light but it didn’t matter–Jesus was the light and the young people turned to Him in mass numbers! I shared how we could stomp on the devil as Jesus in us is greater then the devil and all of sudden many hundreds of young people began to stomping on the ground and jumping up and down with such incredible spiritual energy! Mind you I’m in the middle of this crowd and led the group in the defeat of Satan in the name of Jesus our King! I have some video coverage of this and I’ll be sharing the videos in the coming days! It will be awesome to share!

When it was time to call upon Jesus for salvation –hundreds, perhaps a thousand, only God knows–but it was a massive number for sure! The church will be packed this Sunday with new converts to be discipled. Now, we need more workers to help these babies in Christ! 

I also conducted a mass deliverance on those who had assembled and commanding evil spirits to leave those whom were present –you could really sense many scores were being delivered by the power of Jesus! Our mighty God has conquered the enemies!

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