Demonic Powers of Allah Surfaced and Defeated by King Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus our Faithful King,

Stunning display of God’s mighty powers were at work this entire day (we had three different meetings today) to set the captives free. Again it’s after 4:30am and I’m still in awe of the miraculous powers that we were able to experience here in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of the beautiful things that I experienced was seeing supernatural intervention of the Holy Spirit at work.

I am currently in a predominately Islamic area of the capital city so I was not totally surprised to see that 35 different demonic entities that went by the name of Allah surfaced within a woman that I was ministering to.

“I’m the spirits of Allah and I AM the TRUE GOD,” the demons shouted at me, utilizing her vocal cords. 

“No! You are a demon that deceives millions of Muslims with this lie, is that true, in Jesus name!”

The Allah spirits immediately moaned and readily admitted their defeat by the one true God.

“Yes, Jesus IS Lord, we have been defeated by Him, we are deceiving many,” the spirits confessed upon being subjected by the blood of Christ.

The Scriptures clearly teach that every mouth will indeed confess that Jesus is indeed LORD!

“We are simply here because a Muslim occultist, by the name of Hadad, sent us through a satanic spell so that we might torment this woman because she was attempting to reach out to Hadad and he didn’t like it so he sent us,” the demons revealed.

So, essentially this woman was a victim of a satanic spell (she was deeply affected by the spell since there were already evil spirits within her) and was bound by these Islamic demons. 

As the lady broke off the satanic curse upon her life I commanded the Allah demons to leave her body and they quickly departed and immediately she felt relieved and FREE!

There other satanic spirits operating in her life:

  • Spirits of False Life –entered while she was in her mother’s womb as a result of her own mother cursing her prenatally. 
  • Spirits of False Light –entered her because she worshiped a satanic light manifestation.
  • Jezebel demonic spirits –entered the family more then 200 years ago because her ancestors killed humans, had issues with control, manipulation, and domination. 
  • Spirits of False Love –entered her due to sexual perversions. These spirits had been sexually assaulting her at night.
  • Demons of Incest and Bastard –these evil spirits had been traveling through the bloodline for more then 400 years due to incestuous encounters, perversions with children, and sexual fantasies.
  • Spirits of Lucifer –because she had been cursed by Satanists.
  • Spirits of Deceit, Betrayal, and Lying.
  • Demons of Saturn Worship –entered as a result of entering various altered states of consciousness by partaking of LSD, Opium, GHB, Ecstasy, and many other drugs.
  • Leviathan –was causing infertility, afflicting her ovaries, and general torment.  

All of these demonic forces and many others were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and many broken pieces of her heart surfaced (ranging from ages 2 to 26) and were reached with the healing power of Christ. This believer experienced a powerful healing of a broken heart!

Moreover in the last meeting of the day, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a 53 year old Swede to a full surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ for prior to this he had opened his heart to a “Hindu Divine Mother” (he testified of inviting her into his heart and she (the demon) entered him and brought some tremendous pain and torment into his life. After his conversion, we were united in aggressively commanding out numerous Hindu spirits such as Kali, Shiva, and others! They quickly exited his boy and unspeakable joy was shining off his face! He was truly a new creation delivered by the power of God Almighty!

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