In Sweden: Generational Witchcraft Demons From 1422 Cast Out!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus!

God graciously provided a smooth flight from NYC to Iceland onward to Scandinavia.  

While in Iceland the powers of Norse paganism is evident. It has even been reported there is a revival of Norse paganism in the small nation. Even on the Iceland Airlines flight they had seat covers dedicated to various demons such as Thor, Odin, Freya and others. I couldn’t believe it! I have dealt with these kinds of Norse spirits before and have seen Jesus conquer over them!

Well, my friends, it’s 4am (and light has arrived, kinda strange for sure, dark late and light early in the day) here in Stockholm, Sweden and have been ministering since I arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s been pretty much non-stop ministry and I’m seeing astounding miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have not slept more then a few hours for a few days now. God is providing supernatural strength as I have battled many hundreds of evil spirits within a family and have driven them out in the most powerful name of Jesus.

The dear lady, Faith, has been on a demonic journey of sorts that has landed her in various regions of the globe taking part of some serious demonic rituals such fire ceremonies in South India, entering deep altered states of consciousness while in communion with Hindu gurus in San Francisco, attending occult meetings in Northern Europe, and offering sacrifices to the Hindi demon goddess Kali. A life of immense emotional pain, spiritual torment, and various infirmities that have left her basically spiritually disabled at the age of 36. Her husband also a former devotee of various Hindu gurus having lived in India for extended periods of time also found himself enslaved to dark spiritual forces.

In the midst of their great spiritual darkness God rescued these dear people and saved them in 2010 and now they were determined to deal with all of their demonic garbage that had opened numerous doors to demons to invade their lives that brought some intense satanic bondage!

For months they had been searching for someone to help them and sadly no one offered to assist them in the area of deliverance. My friends–there is a tremendous need within the Body of Christ for the ministry of deliverance. Yet, there are so few churches offering this much needed labor of love –the ministry of liberation! This is a global problem!!

God connected me with these dear people recently and really felt the need to travel here. After leading the family in the Holy Communion–which really refreshed them–a demonic entity by the name of “Hate” surfaced. Growling and cursing me, he said that he wasn’t going to leave as he wanted to “keep the hate in her heart.”

Faith confessed this hate and claimed the forgiveness of God. These 4 Hate spirits were removed and driven out in Jesus name!

A large group of more then 200 demons named, “Lust” soon thereafter manifested, contorting her body and having her body go through some strange sexual motions as if the demons were molesting her while ministering to her. They were and she was fighting it as she didn’t want any part of it. Her husband at this point was lying on the ground in utter shock (this was taking a toll on him) as he had never seen anything like it before –evil demons surfacing from within his wife and raping her. 

“We entered her ancestors back in 1422 because of witchcraft rituals they has participated in, they were our slaves. They were lustful.”

Faith revealed that indeed there was witchcraft deeply entrenched in her family bloodline and she was a practicing witch for a number of years. I had led Faith in a prayer of renunciation and spirits cried out.

“No! Do not sent us to the pit. We want to stay in her body!”

 No mercy for demons! These vile unholy beings were also cast out in Jesus name!

Many of these demons were holding a handful of parts of her broken heart including a 2 year old and a 3 year old.

The little 2 year old broken part of her heart surfaced and was so terrified as she had been held for so long. We reached out to the little one and commanded the demons of terror and fear to leave. They quickly departed and immediately healing took place within these broken parts as Jesus comforted the little ones with His holy love!

The little 3 year old was holding onto some horrible memories of sexual abuse by a family member and was also held captive by a satanic force. This little one was released from her long captivity and experienced beautiful healing from Jesus!

Truly our Lord is a Healer of the Brokenhearted! Amen!

Other demons confronted and forced out: False Jesus, False Christ, False Light and host of others. Another meeting is planned within a few hours (pray I find some sleep somewhere!) Then more meetings later in the evening!

Another amazing miracle took place! Faith had been complaining of experiencing great pain in her feet as if there was needle in her left foot. A demon, during the prayer session, admitted he had been holding a needle there to torment her. That needle my friends was driven out of her body and she can longer feel the needle or pain. It was removed by the power of Jesus!

Faith’s face just glowed after her deliverance and we are believing more wonders to occur as we continue with the ministry! She had testified she has not felt this good in a very long time! God also healed her of numerous physical afflictions that the demons admitted they had been bringing into her body!

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