More Exorcism Services in Australia


+In Lithgow: Souls Wait for Hours for Deliverance from Demons

+Standing Room Only Meetings in the Village Prayer Gatherings

+8 Generations of Curses Demolished: 68 Year Old Saint Delivered from Demons in Public!

+Holy Communion vs Satan: Overcoming Evil Spirits with the Body and Blood of Jesus

+Mom Delivers Her Son and then the 12 Year Old Boy Surrenders to Jesus

+Generational Freemason Curses Broken, Nooses from Many Necks Cut Off

+Public Meeting: Pastor’s Daughter Breaks Free From Sin and Demons

+Many Healings: Back Pain, Leukemia, Cancer, Migraine Headaches, Arthritis Removed by 

the Power of the Holy Spirit

+Man Delivered from Many Demons then was Water Baptized

+50 Year Old Satanic Ceremonial Trauma Victim Attends Meeting and Receives Healing

+Elderly Polish Jewish Woman Exclaims to Me at Meeting: “You are a Jew, We need You to Help the Other Jews Here to Know the Messiah (Note: She had no prior knowledge of my Jewish 


+One Lady Waits for 2 Days for Prayer and is Delivered by Jesus!

+Predominate Demonic Forces in Australia that we Confronted: FEAR, JEZEBEL, AND FREEMASONRY SPIRITS

Again the above highlights are just a few that I have experienced in recent days!

You might have noticed I mention SCREAMS. I heard many SCREAMING! Saints have approached me with troubled hearts as they now recognize that many hearts need healing!

There are silent screams. Traveling to Buchenwald –the ghastly death camp in Germany–I could hear the hideous screams. Drawing nigh to abortion clinics, in America, for example, the same could be said. These are screams one hears in their inner man. 

There are also screams that one hears with their ears. I have heard them all over the globe. These are screams from enslaved souls that are seeking liberation from the powers of Satan.

I can still hear the screams. It’s something you quite never get used to. That’s a good thing too, as these are screams of desperation, deep pain and utter despair.Followers of Jesus should be very sensitive to these screams. We should hear them and respond to them. As these screams come from the depths of tormented souls. 

The past few days I have been immersed in non-stop ministry in some mountain villages in Australia that has required me to stay awake all night. How could I sleep? How could I sleep knowing precious souls were  waiting for hours for deliverance? I have rarely seen this kind of desperation but it is here in Australia.

For nearly two weeks I have driven demons out of numerous people in public deliverance services and private sessions in various locations throughout Southern Australia. I have been asking myself where has the church been all this time? Why are so many precious saints suffering so greatly? Why has not the church confronted these powers of evil and cast them out in Jesus name? I am determined to do something in response to these screams.

Exorcism Services in Villages of Cullen Bullen and Lithgow

After a week or so of intense ministry in Melbourne I took a flight to Sydney where I was driven to the Blue Mountains region. I had been invited to hold some public deliverance services and was told the people were hungry for the power of God. They were not kidding!

Upon my arrival I noticed that the little town hall was filled with people who came in from all over the area to receive deliverance from evil spirits. There was a sense of expectancy that overjoyed me. 

I preached a message on repentance and within minutes demons manifested in this hall. A woman in her 50’s manifested strong spirits of “Hate.” She began to convulse and demons spoke out of her.

“We are not leaving!” the demons screamed at me, “She belongs to us.”

As you can imagine the audience was stunned by this demonic manifestation but stood ready to battle. These spirits were driven out and for the next 6 hours or so I drove out demons. As the demonic spirits were confronted they cried out loudly, many were convulsing. Often times because of the  great spiritual pain these dear people were under they cried out. The screams, at times, were chilling and unnerving. 

For hours precious saints screamed as they were being attacked by demon forces. Even the pastor of the church whom sponsored the event howled (or should I say it sounded like roar) very loudly as demons were being driven out of him. A very large percentage of the audience were manifesting unclean spirits from within them. The screams, the screams…

We could have easily gone through the night there at the hall. I simply needed some rest as more meetings were planned for later in the evening.

Souls were being healed and delivered by the power of God. Numerous infirmities, pains and broken hearts were miraculously cured by Jesus! 

After more then 6 hours of public ministry I was driven to a house meeting where I met with more souls needing freedom from the devil. Again I was up until very early morning assisting with those needing healing from a broken heart and deliverance from satanic spirits. I observed that most of the time the invading evil spirits quickly surfaced and expelled! 

For many hours we battled demons in the power of the Holy Spirit in these various meetings, led Holy Communion, taught from the Scriptures, equipped the Body of Christ, and led those in attendance in mass deliverance! 

There was a strange phenomena that occurred while ministering in these villages that I have not experienced in Western nations and that is the desperate hearts wanting deliverance in mass numbers. I was literally swarmed by those wanting personal ministry even when taking breaks. I literally could not eat or rest for long periods of time as a result of the needs of the souls that attended the meetings. In fact, there were many that we were not able to minister to. Nothing like this has been seen in these places as reported to me by those  older saints in the church!

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