Jesus told 170,000 Evil Spirits to GO!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

I’m currently on the road with pastor James Beason visiting a number of families and individuals needing deliverance and healing. Currently, we are in Bellmead, where we were ministering to a lady with a deep generational background in sorcery and spiritualism. The demonic spirits we confronted were extremely violent and fought against us furiously –several times the evil demons lunged at me with murderous intent and wrapped around my leg in an attempt to pull me down to the ground. Jesus taught that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Much can be revealed by glancing at one’s eyes –for they are window to the soul. What I saw through the woman’s eyes was pure evil as the demon glared at me with total unholy hatred and murder. Once again, though, God proved His faithfulness and power by protecting me.

Jesus promises in Luke 10:19: I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

These were vicious spirits hell bent on harming me. For hours we battled against spirits of Jezebel, Kundalini, Suicide, Death, Rage and a host of others –more then 173,000 demonic spirits were identified and driven out in the name of Jesus– some of these demons had been causing various infirmities and afflictions. There were more then 170,000 of the Kundalini spirits within the woman. Since her adopted father practiced Eastern Mysticism for a number of years it opened a door for these Hindu spirits to travel down the bloodline passing on to his daughter.

Kundalini had even placed six spiritual darts within various parts of her body to torment her with physical pain. James and I removed all six satanic darts with the use of sacred oil and she immediately testified of feeling better.

In Hindu ideology the Kundalini is referred to as the “sleeping serpent” that is a spiritual force that is generally located within the base of the spine. Many will testify of feeling something like a serpent traveling within their body. I have actually seen these serpent spirits protruding upwards through the skin at times and through the power of the Holy Spirit removed these serpent demons. Over the past twenty years I have dealt with many thousands of these Hindu spirits with many hundreds of people from all over the globe –from yoga instructors, to devotees to some Hindu guru, to New Agers, to those dabbling within Eastern Mysticism. In nearly every case these spirits will reside within the back and the spine of the person they have invaded bringing along with them a host of infirmities and problems.

We have been able to capture some of the exorcism on video and will be sharing some of the footage in the coming days –the demons confessed their defeat and that Jesus is indeed Lord over all!

James and I are moments from entering into another deliverance session with a family who has traveled in from out of town for deliverance and healing. Later this evening we will be traveling onward to Houston to minister to another family affected by voodoo and Santeria curses. Appreciate all of your prayers in Jesus name.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

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