Jesus WINS Despite Death Threats!

My brothers and sisters in Jesus the King!

I’m very pleased to see so many souls finding liberation from the powers of darkness in the name of Jesus from our most recent meetings in Australia!

In fact, it has been recently reported that a precious believer, as a result of reading about our work at Catch the Fire Apostolic Center in Hallam, was moved by the Holy Spirit to seek deliverance and was liberated from evil spirits! God is using the work that has already been accomplished to move in the hearts of many –thousands have been impacted and this is but the beginning of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the land of Australia. He writes:

“I was merely reading up about Pastor Jay Bartlett (never heard of him before) and I felt the strong urge to visit my minister and get prayer. I was obedient and as my minister prayed for me I asked for help to read the bible (i had been struggling to read any of the bible and just couldn’t make sense of any of it!!!!) I’ve been a christian for 20 years!!! Anyway, I repented of my laziness and lack of obedience and as my minister put oil on my foreword in the shape of a cross, a demon departed from my body!!!!!! Since this deliverance, I have not been so angry inside and I can’t wait to read God’s word. I also can’t wait to pray for others and see them set free!!!!!!!”

Now, isn’t this simply amazing? The fruits of the deliverance ministry! Praise be to God!

Obviously, the enemy is furious with the work that is now ongoing. In the past several weeks I have been threatened by various demonized individuals who desire to murder me. These are evil spirits within these individuals that seek my destruction. We must be on guard.

“So you moron, ready to fight? That stupid idiot Captain (Note: Captain is a minister friend of mine who is also involved in the deliverance ministry) has made me so mad I’m ready to kill him and ill take you to! Oh yer and your precious families to! You are about to realise all this “freedom” your giving people is gonna have hard consequences for your family and you will have to give up sooner or later!! You really wanna save someone?? Then save yourself!!! Cos I’m gonna #&$@ing murder the both of you soon enough and oh the pleasure that will bring us all!!! Ha!!

We rest knowing that the shed blood of Jesus has defeated the powers of enemy forevermore and thus we are on the winning side with HIM (our holy Savior Jesus) for all eternity!

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