11 Hour Deliverance Meeting in Bombay

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Since being here in the heavily populated city of Bombay (Mumbai to the newer generations) I have rarely ventured outside as we have been in public meetings throughout the day –teaching, ministering to those bound by demons and making strategic evangelistic plans. Our day started off with a meeting with a small group of pastors that traveled more then 36 hours by train to be present in these meetings. 

Each of these pastors testified in these meetings of enduring great persecution for their stand for Jesus Christ! They have been physically assaulted by radical Hindu mobs due to their love for the gospel! It was an honor to hear their stories and to strategically plan for the gospel to reach these unreached areas of South India. 

In the pastor meetings I taught from the Holy Scriptures for many hours –teaching on our authority in Jesus Christ, spiritual weapons and on how to cast out demons in Jesus name. After the leadership seminar we led in Holy Communion and began to minister to those who assembled in our small conference room. God was pleased to visit us with power as precious souls were saved, healed and delivered. As we began to minister there were souls present in our meeting hall that opened their lives to Jesus including a precious Indian man who had been estranged from his wife who was also attending the meeting. While I presented the good news to him you could easily tell he was being deeply touched by the love of Jesus! His chest was heaving. He was being physically impacted by the gospel message. The Holy Spirit was descending upon him. He not only opened his life to the Lord Jesus Christ but he was also freed from many evil spirits that had him bound for many years –due to his violence and anger. Moreover, another miracle took place as he reconciled with his wife anew in their marriage vows before God! It was truly beautiful to behold as they stood before everyone assembled and dedicated their lives to Jesus and to each other! 

As I prayed with those assembled there were other demons manifesting within other precious souls. Within one young man many evil spirits surfaced that laughed and mocked me. It turns out this young man had not been born again, so we led him too to Jesus. Then we proceeded to deal with these demons. As we were battling these demons, another man surfaced demons. These vile demonic spirits were commanded to leave in Jesus name! Many of them departed quickly! Others were liberated from evil spirits, generational curses, and unholy soul ties! What a need for the Body of Christ to participate in the ministry of liberation and for the Body to be equipped! Our mission on this ministry trip is quite simple: doing the works of Jesus! Continue to pray for us we seek to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and drive out demons!

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