Catholic Retreat: Lady Freed After 60+ Years of Torment!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We have safely arrived back home after another remarkable day of ministry at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish outside of Orlando, Florida earlier today. As I shared in my last email update we witnessed Jesus overcoming the powers of darkness in our Friday meeting (including seeing a nine year old girl delivered from evil spirits) and that didn’t change in our Saturday morning training seminar where I taught the disciples on how to heal the sick and drive out evil spirits. I spent more than 2 hours teaching from the Scriptures the principles on how to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Moreover, I taught the believers how to minister to those broken in heart by public demonstration for another few hours. This is a quite effective means to equip the Body of Christ –to train by example. As I ministered to those enslaved by demon powers I also had the opportunity to reach out to those suffering from a broken heart resulting in stunning miraculous results. 

As soon as I stepped into the church building I saw the little girl we ministered to the previous night, her face shone that like of an holy angel. Her eyes were clear, bright, and filled with freedom! I asked how she was feeling and she said she was happy. Her smile said it all! In fact, she felt so good she wanted to stay around even after the teaching to be involved in the mass deliverance session (with her parent’s consent). Isn’t this beautiful my friends? This is why I travel as extensively as I do as I feel such a burden to reach those lambs who have been wounded. There’s so few in the West conducting this kind of ministry thus the dire need to provide intervention when possible. Seeing FREED souls makes it all worthwhile. 

Soon after concluding my teaching session a dear lady in her 60’s arrived to the meeting desperate for spiritual assistance. The meeting had already started more than two hours earlier. She shared with everyone she had debated about coming to the meeting, wondering if it would be worth it. No doubt it was the enemy wanting to discourage her from coming. She mentioned that her entire life has been one of torment and abuse. Horrific abuse and hurt. One look into this woman’s face revealed everything. A facial disposition that spoke to of her deep despair and hardship.

As I began to pray demons within Linda surfaced quickly. Spirits of death, rejection, and Jezebel battled me. Especially Jezebel. She was FURIOUS!

“No one in all of these generations [and there were many generations of demonic invasion] ever confronted me. NO ONE! She needs me. I am there for her. I make her strong,” Jezebel informed me. 

I mentioned to Jezebel that on this day he would be entering that abyss and he pounded his fists against the church pew.

“This must not happen! She’s mine,” Jezebel angrily told me but with a defeatist kind of feeling to it. 

I paused and thought of the spiritual implications of demons running through family bloodlines without ever being dealt with. Again this begs the question: Where’s the church?

Why didn’t anyone in her 60+ years intervene? I’m sure there a multiplicity of reasons. Fear? Ignorance on dealing with the demonic? Unbelief? Apathy? 

Linda suffered greatly with little relief for more than a half a century! I was determined to see this demonic reign of terror end! It did end in Jesus name!

I commanded the demons to release her heart (which they did as they held onto so many fragmented parts of her heart due to all of the years of trauma she had endured) and they were forced into the abyss. They flew out of her as she vomited and as the demons screamed!  

As the demons departed the various parts of her heart surfaced –ranging from baby parts to teenager parts– they had been held captive for many decades and were so relieved to be able to speak freely and to experience the healing of Jesus. In each instance the parts testified of seeing the risen Jesus and many holy angels. Jesus took the pain, the hurt, the bad memories away! It was incredible to witness the Holy Spirit at work in Linda’s life to restore her. After experiencing the healing of Jesus these parts were more than ready to merge within her heart so that she might have a unified heart. 

As soon as this occurred, Linda’s face also shone like a holy angel. 

“Jay, I actually feel GREAT! I feel so light! No more pain in my body and in my heart. Jesus truly healed me.”

This is the fruit of deliverance –peace, joy, feeling light, feeling whole again!

It was remarkable to see that while I was ministering to Linda others were being set free from demonic powers including one Jamaican lay minister who was experiencing some significant freedom simply by being present in the meeting! Others were healed and liberated by the power of Jesus!

I was really honored when the priest of this Catholic parish, that hosted this event, requested that I pray over him, as he desired for more of an empowerment to conduct deliverance and healing ministry –to master the miraculous. As I laid my hands upon him I felt the surge of the Holy Spirit running through me unto this precious servant. I am expecting great wonders to be present in his ministry to those in his community. We need more priests, pastors, teachers life this Catholic leader.

I sit here in awe of our wonderful and gracious Savior. It was wonderful to see some old friends and to meet some newer ones also.

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